Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden iPhone Gameplay Review –

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden iPhone Gameplay Review –

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck
and it quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden is exactly
what it sets out to be, a Zelda-like; and to perfectly frank, it doesn’t do a bad job
of it either. Despite walking a line that straddles originality and shameless parody,
Gameloft’s latest title remains engaging despite some questionable flaws. Jumping in to the game is relatively simple,
especially for those familiar with similar 3rd person action titles on the App Store.
A camera lazily chases behind your character while you control the movement with a virtual
stick and switch between weapons, block and attack with buttons and touch menus. Much
like any Zelda-like you’ll collect new items in each major dungeon, granting you access
to new skills that unlock additional areas. You’ll get plenty of practice with your new
item thanks to boss fights based around its specific mechanic, though this often involves
selecting the weapon, tapping targets on screen and activating it for an effect. The game’s simple visuals are tempered by
flashy special effects that don’t go so far as to cover the limited animations in the
game. This kills a lot of the fun of fighting enemies as you slide around the screen and
perform strikes that lack any weight. Furthermore, without the ability to lock on or effectively
block/dodge after performing a combination attack, battles turn in to repetitive brawls
that test your ability to spam the attack button instead of your tactical skill or reactions.
Combat aside, the dungeons do a great job of tying the game together, with multiple
puzzles to solve in each one and incentives to explore side-paths for bonus collectable
items. Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden is far from
a masterpiece, but it’s still a hard game to put down once you’ve started on the quest.
If you don’t mind a bumpy ride and you’re after a solid action adventure title, this
is for you.

@AppSpy yah, i was wondering?? isn't this sacred odyssey?? thanks for correction….unfortunately i have an iphone 3g that this game is not compatible with 🙁

I was really hoping you were gonna say this game was a duck. I wanna a new duck.

Still, it sounds like a fun game. I'll have to find out if it works on my 8gig 3G iPhone and buy it if it does.

The game looks bad, like the controls don't seem that responsive and it looks like dungeon hunter 2, just without the aerial view

@5Aces1010 do we splinter cell conviction was shit and thats made by the same people so how do we know rainbow six will be good?


Yeah, I saw someone make a comment about it not working on the 3G model. Now I'm sad, figuratively speaking.

THIS GAME IS FREE?!?!? HAHAHAH i searched it and there was only 1 title and it was not a lite version lmao i just got this free!!! most likely you all did to, but hey don't hate

THIS GAME IS FREE?!?!? HAHAHAH i searched it and there was only 1 title and it was not a lite version lmao i just got this free!!! most likely you all did to, but hey don't hate FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- only a portion is free lmao

Ehmzzz, anyone agrees with me when I say this looks a bit like Darksiders? Smashing the ice with your fist and the horse ride looks ALOT like Darksiders. But nothing wrong with that, cause I loved Darksiders.

@TheOverlord1 nothing like darksiders because darksiders was amazing (beat it on apocalyptic on my first play through…WHO PUTS THE HARDEST DIFFICULTY AS THE FIRST CHOICE?!?!?!)this is not im afraid, horrible camera controls mind numbing easy to learn controls…and average storyline don't buy it man please! geet dead space of your itching for an app.

yo I'm stuck at the ice temple place. I just got the big green stone thingy and now I'm back in the room with the mirrors and I dont know what to do. Some help please.

i have screen shots of the mirror part in the ice dungeon i cant put more then 4 photos up here so just get me there cuz im on alot or email me and il send the photos to you and im not finish the game yet but as i play the hard parts il take screen shots.

Somebody help me! I am stuck for hours at the part where I have to move the block on either yellow, green or blue. I don't know what to do!

Okay, after beating the ice demon, what do we do? I can't find the brothers who take care of spring of niflak. What's the next event?

Gotta love AppSpy for giving review, although I find it annoying that the reviewer speaks so quickly that I can't catch what he is saying.

@AppSpy Huh…so it's extremely similar to LoZ? Well…it may be a blatant rip off but if done well, it's definitely worth my money. How long is it?

Hello Gameloft, i unfortunately do not know if you answer my question but here it is. Can u please make a game like World of Warcraft where we can play online in an mmorpg world? I would gladly appreciate it.

@vaibhav402 sorry mate but no I just tried to download it and it said this app is not compatible with this version of the Ipod and I also have a 8gb ipod touch 🙁

I'll have to get this. I don't expect Zelda "clones" to be amazing, but they tend to do that. I'm playing Darksiders right now and I'm actually surprised. The game is really awesome, and I guess I should check into Sacred Odyssey as well.

I enjoy all of your reviews; short, sweet and to the point, no extra crap and bullshit! I love it! Planning to make a few purchases just based on your videos + reviews alone, you've really helped, thank you.

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@appspy hey man when i got a yellow gemstone i was confused for the second mirrors part 2 maybe you can give me some hints because i'm getting stuck with just help


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