Sacred 3 – Official Gameplay Trailer [US]

Deep Silver help screw up X Rebirth, I worry about Sacred 3 being screwed up after Sacred 2.

2 player multiplayer shown in trailer seems limited in MP Mode.

Please, make it more like first Sacred because Sacred 2 was misunderstanding. Do not make it for sunday players :<

The pc version is coming out sooner i think. and it looks alot better. but ill get the console version because my computer cant handle gaming. 

Dear god deepsilver you only needed to do one thing… make a half decent ARPG with graphics appealing to people older than 12 year olds. Your only competition is Path of Exile, who people are getting bored of after being 1 shot by offscreen Invasion bosses. Grim Dawn isn't coming out until the year 3000.

Why the fuck would you use this kiddie art style IN A HARDCORE GENRE THAT ONLY APPEALS TO NOSTALGIC VETERANS OF DIABLO 1/2?

I dont believe how bad your management had to be to NOT VETO this monstrosity during development. Even Auction House 3 is going to faceroll over this game.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

What have they done to Ancaria? Not passing judgement until until I see PC gameplay, but right now, I am not impressed. (insert sad face here)

Where is the Seraphim? Sacred isn't Sacred without the Seraphim. Bloody hell, this looks awful, it looks like they took out the charm and quirkiness of the series and replaced it with generic Diablo3-like crap.

Sacred 1 was far superior because of the cool level/world design. It was wasnt so flashy like other hack and slash games but delivered a medieval looking fantasy. This on the other hand is just your average flashy hack and slash game. Lost a fan.

First they took away the open world concept and now the game looks like this? This is just terrible … and I can't shake off the feeling that they're trying too hard to please the d3 crowd with those stupid design decisions while completely ignoring what made the original games so special. Is it too early to say R.I.P Sacred?

I sure hope this gets a Ps4 release as well as a Vita, I can put a lot of time into this especially as a handheld.

"Unleash Deadly Skills" AND IT SHOWS 3 REGULAR ATTACKS…

Sorry, but this game looks as shitty as the previous 2. NO IDEA how this series has sold ANY COPIES. Probably false sales data.

I agree with everyone… Looks to childish… To cartoony, to Asian MMO, and has nothing to do with Sacred… :(… Looks just dumbed down for children… Gonna skip this I think… There is alot better games coming…

I made a serious mistake, this is a cartoon for children. I thought S3 from a grapichal point of view could compete with this game…

Lineage Eternal

This is a very bad trailer, doesn't make the game look interesting at all. Maybe take a look at Blizzard's RoS trailer to see how it's done?

Hold your judgment till the game released. If its bad after then talk shit.

We at least have to be fair and give them a chance first.

To be honest, this looks alot worse than sacred 2… They should keep artsyle as it was…. Also character skills/spells looks very boring, lets hope that this is good and skill/talent system is same than in sacred 2 or at least as good as it was in 2….

Guys I had a doubt, why the warrior is always without armor (chest, shoulder, helmet, etc )? But in this game there are armor ? Or this game is the most big shit of all time ?

если на двоих с одной консоли то будет прикольно с женой порубится,больше повода не вижу(((((

Well, I am dissapointed. To be honest it looks worse than Sacred 2, which I really love despite the fact that Sacred 2 is not as great as a Sacred1…

Такие они мы выпустим свое дьябло с блэк джеком и серафимами. Прошлые  то части не фонтан были , а это просто клон. Надеюсь они додумаются не закручивать карту в спираль как в прошлых версиях.

I'm not drawn in by how flashy skills look on a video,it's whats behind the mechanics of them that draws me in.I'd sooner play a game with 8bit graphics with interesting mechanics than skills that are all flashy but one dimensional(no modifiers,passives).

Well…there are a lot of colors and the shiny things are falling off every time an enemy dies. Power rangers?

Sacred 3 Delayed too far and now its dead… a game of 2011 will going to release on 2014 thats a pretty bad dissapointment for players… such as "2008" diablo 3 RoS the biggest fail of the year.

Are you kidding me? You are making Diablo 3 clone? It looks just as colorless, grey, the art… it's Diablo 3 clone. I stay with Sacred Underworld

Sacred 3 будет полный отстой,уверен на 100%.Чего стоит мультяшная графика,комиксы при новой главе,да и измененный геймплей в сторону экшона…блевать хочется.

To fix your game:
*Stick to a theme for christ sakes, nobody will buy generic stuff unless its got a major following
*Drop the overly cartoony colors, instead try to make each place look like a real location
*Don't use skill trees, instead let players earn skills by doing stuff, theres a reason why Elder Scrolls series is the towering giant of RPGs
*Give players/NPC unique backstory and characters = make an emotional connection with the player, nobody is going to buy this game if nobody cares
No need to thank me once its start selling. I'm just doing what i can.


THIS is laughable , truly laughable, PS3 and xbox 360 GOD what is this, If those two console's are anything to go by, it means the Graphics of this game are going to stink if and if any where near the future of this game will come back to the loving PC!!!, Why did it have to be CONSOLE before PC ?.

Serephim/ High Elf/ Dragonmage(Maybe Temple Gaurdian) Sacred 2 is better in every way especially since THIS DISSAPOINTING THIRD INSTALLMENT left out ALOT of these important character classes. Lets not forget that in the 3rd game your spells require energy to work, while Sacred 2 only had short/medium recharge timers depending on your armor. Try it out guys and don't waste your money on this threequel shiz!


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