Sacred 3 – Official Announcement Trailer [EU]

Неужели Серафима научилась использовать крылья по прямому назначению? О_О

Let's see how big an audience they get.  If it's halfway decent it should get good numbers.  It sucks that Diablo 3 initial launch burned so many people on ARPGs.

So Seraphim and Dragon Mage are back? Sigh, I Wish Dark Elf (from 1st one) or Temple Guardian (from 2nd one) would return as well…

Seems interesting but the characters all look kinda…well…gay. Maybe it's just the trailer. The orc was the only interesting looking thing in the trailer. Is this based on the power rangers or something? Looking at Sacred 2, I'm hoping this isn't a weak top down game.

I hope it is more similar to Sacred 1, rather than the Sacred 2 which I completely hate, and played just about couple minutes, which resulted in uninstall. Sacred 1 I can play forever, and it never gets boring. Completed it multiple times with different characters.

I understand that because of the Citadel-Spin Off we've got the same game characters visualized in this trailer, but I've got to say that in the Citadel-Comic-Look they fit much better than in this (trailer) engine. I'm a little bit concerned. :-/

Please make it like sacred 1, sacred 2 was so garbage not even my garbage can wanted to have it. I know Sacred1 was a cheap ripoff from diablo but it was really good to play. So give us what we want!

Its bad animated, i mean look at the long hair from the women. Wow so my hope for this game is already dead. You guys will give us shit like sacred fallen fuckers

I loved the first game soooooo much! Didn't really like the 2nd one.. But seriously what's up with all the colorful guys (girls w/e) here? What is this? Power Rangers?


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