Root Your Life in Jesus

First of all, Happy New Year. For staying up till
midnight, you look good. So this is what we’re going to do. It’s a brand new year,
and a lot of people, when they get to a new
year, want to refocus their life on spending
more time in God’s Word. And that’s what we’re doing this week. But we’re looking at just two verses in the middle of Colossians. Here they are. So then, just as you received
Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in faith as you were taught and overflowing with thankfulness. All right, I totally admit it. Yesterday was a little bit vague. Paul told us to continue to
live our lives in Christ, but what does that even mean? Thankfully, he cracks the door open to our understanding,
with the next section. He says, “Continue to
live your lives in him, “rooted and built up in him.” Now we’re getting somewhere. With two simple metaphors, you can almost visualize what Paul is talking about. As a tree sends its roots down for strength and nourishment,
the same thing that we do. We find our identity in Christ, the source of our identity. We find strength in his word. And it only makes sense, once we have figured that out, we start to build our lives on him. So my question is simply this: If you look back on the last year, would you say that you
built your life on Christ? Or maybe ask it a little bit differently. When you had confidence, and hope and courage during this last year, was it because of your life in Jesus or was it because of a new job, or a relationship, or because you’d finally saved up enough money? Imagine with me just for a second. What would your life look like if, this next year, you
truly built it on Jesus? What would it look like to have all the hope in the world, because you know that God is working all things out for your good? What would it look like to have the joy of knowing your sins
are completely forgiven? What would it look like to know that, even in the bleakest of circumstances, God has a mission for you? That’s not vague. That’s not confusing. That’s called living your life in Christ, rooted and built up in him. Let’s pray. Dear Lord, give us a chance
to imagine the future and look back a year from now. What would our lives look like if it truly was built on you, rooted in you, rooted in your word,
rooted in your promises and built on those very things, as we live out our every day? We pray that this is the year that we root our lives in you and we build it up in you, a source of our identity. We ask this in your name. Amen.

It will be a great year, with a new Resurrection interest in the Holy Bible. This will be the year of the Bible. God bless!! 🕊🙏👼


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