Ronald Dalton & Judah Macc debate William Bell on Preterism – SPIRITUAL COMBAT

Ronald Dalton & Judah Macc debate William Bell on Preterism - SPIRITUAL COMBAT

This William Bell is incorrect of John 8:51,52 ..Yahshua is speaking of the plan-A of Yahweh in the book of daniel 9:24:25 if the Negro Jews would have anointed the Messiah, then the fullness of luke 1:68-75 luke 4:18 verse 19 The acceptable year of Yahweh which is the precept to Isaiah 61:2. the acceptable year with vengeance to bring in everlasting healing to the negro jews with no death John 8:51,52… Yahshua displayed resurrection powers with Lasarus.. the Book of Daniel had 2 prophecy plans, Plan-1 for Messiah to never die John 12:34, Plan-2 for the messiah to die after not being anointed by the negro Jews John 18:14..Check our youtube Israel Tempo Church of Deuteronomy 28:68….Yahshua Jesus Christ did not have to die…Subscribe, I'm Rabbi Israel Ben Yahuda!! I'm willing to debate

Paul represents only ONE (1) WITNESS / AUTHOR, now where is the necessary 2ND (2) WITNESS AUTHOR Scripture / Precept to support Paul's Writting. Paul can't be a witness of himself, especially in a court of Law, there must be at least two witnesses to build a case, and prove what is true. They must use more than just Paul's writting.

When they crucified Christ, they put on his boards nailed to the tree, "king of the ivri" (Ebru) . So they were calling him king even in mockery

Where he talking about bodies and blood all over the kingdom, the historian specifically included that they were Negroes and the skull were so many that they were walking on them still in his time.

WOWWWW, just coming on break. Ronald Dalton Jr. You CUT him with the symbols. Awesome job Ron. Lol Bro I I agree with you, they are paid agents. Truly the seeds of satan.

When you debate with this type of doctrine people can be mislead.its misleading and satanic! I hate what god hates and I hate this doctrine that pink headphones and lying old man is bringing!

Bell is so rude. This is my first time on this site and I am flabbergasted at the ignorance of this man bell and why did he keep getting up. And dummy with the pink headphones.. what was the point of him even being there?? To take up space?

Shalom Family. Were in the world did yall find theses idiot's. Bro I got the same look on my face that you have. They sound more stupid than dummy rump. Theses are fools of their own understanding. I pray they are not teaching. 2 stupid dogs. Wow they are in their Kingdom. Put a millstone around their necks and throw them in the sea . Bro you is so right. Theses are doctoring of devils.


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