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Okay, so besides history, mythology has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. And boy have I been waiting to do this topic for a while. As a function of popularity Roman mythos isn’t nearly as popular as its Greek counterpart. Since the Romans were more preoccupied with empire building and Caesar killing than their work with the oral traditions. But, they did name the planets after their deities which is nice. Okay so the Romans borrowed heavily from the Greek pantheons, and also appropriated many of their homegrown deity’s into Greek equivalents. The Italian peninsula had been in contact with the Greeks for centuries and Greek colonies were spread throughout the Mediterranean so this was somewhat inevitable To get some of the bigger famous gods out of the way the Roman pantheon corresponded mostly with a third Greek dynasty called the Olympians Zeus, Hera, and Athena became Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva respectively the three patron gods of Rome. Ares, Aphrodite, and Poseidon became Mars, Venus, and Neptune Hermes with his cool winged shoes became Mercury, the god of communication, transport, and commerce The famous titan equivalents are the 1st gods Uranus of the sky and Gaia of the earth who through their marriage bore Saturn one of the oldest and most famous gods of Roman mythology. Saturn was hugely important to the Romans as he reigned the supreme deity and father of Jupiter corresponding to his Greek equivalent Chronos the Age of Latin dominance over Italy is said to be attributed to him and his name lives on in the planet Saturn and 6th day Of the week Saturday. The winter solstice festival became dedicated to him in the month of December as Saturnalias or Saturn Festival and Christmas was later moved to December 25th to coincide with it illustrating just how important it was to the Romans Hades the Greek god of the underworld would become Pluto Hephaestus the Greek god of fire became Vulcan, where the modern word volcano comes from The odd one out was Apollo who seems to have blended over time with some other deities Classic Roman mythology places him with Greek Apollo the son of Jupiter, but Apollo was also worshipped for many other things And it’s hard to pin down He’s portrayed as the patron god of Troy which would later make him very important to the Romans The Trojans worshipped him as the Sun God, which seems to correspond with the Italian Etruscan god, Sol But also at various times been associated with Helios who is not an Olympian But a Titan like Saturn who is famous for drawing the Sun across the sky in his chariot all these inconsistencies Were hand waved somewhat as the customs festivals and worship mattered a lot more to the Italians than the myths or the stories But don’t take my word for it. I wasn’t there. Of the stories there are some good ones Hercules was adopted from the Greek hero Heracles the son of Zeus and a mortal woman Heracles was an immensely influential character in Roman times and his stories feature heavily Besides the well-known 12 tasks Heracles also has stories featuring him in the Roman Empire Such as killing Vulcan’s son Cases the fire-breathing giant. Or when he visited Germany with some of the locals identifying him as Thor Hercules is said to have visited a town on the southern shores of Gaul and chased away the gods that were terrifying the locals In honor of him they built the temple of Hercules Moniokos which I’m sure you’ve pieced together eventually became Monaco Many of these stories were compiled into literature the most famous of which was the Aeneid an epic saga containing the founding myths of Rome Virgil the poet and writer was commissioned by Caesar Augustus to write an epic poem about himself in his glorious life to which Virgil said sure and then immediately began work compiling a Historical epic on the history of Rome to stick it to Augustus who he didn’t like very much Virgil compiled several stories and sources relating to Rome’s history into one epic saga spanning three continents and many years Initially meaning to serve as a sequel to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, but also heavily borrowing from both The Aenied, much like The Odyssey picks up soon after the Trojan War with Aeneas a Trojan warrior and son of Venus Tasked with taking the Trojan survivors and finding them a new home either that or he ran away sources disagree The Trojan refugees took a fleet of ships began the epic quest to find their prophesied new home of Italy This being far too mortal a quest the gods couldn’t help themselves by getting involved in Aeneas’ journey was interfered by competing gods who either did or did not want the Trojans to find a new home Juno Jupiter’s wife or Nice depending who you ask was Particularly ruthless in her attempt to stop Aeneas from getting to Italy since it was foretold that his descendants would one day destroy and conquer Carthage her all-time favorite city Neptune the god of the sea helped the Trojan fleet by halting a storm sent by Juno But not before it had blown them all the way to Libya with some more divine intervention Eventually Aeneas is made it to Carthage where he stayed for six years married the queen of Carthage Dido and generally became content Before a strongly-worded suggestion from Jupiter via mercury who told Aeneas to get off his butt and start sailing again The Trojans would quietly sneak off one night and Aeneas would abandon his wife Angering her so much that she cursed Aeneas and vowed that Carthage will always be an enemy to his descendants This is what those in the writers business call foreshadowing After a brief stop in Sicily Aeneas finally arrives on the shore of Italy and after a visit to the underworld he learns of his destiny to become the father of the Roman Empire, so No pressure Hopping on his boat again the Trojans settled the Italian kingdom of Latium and immediately started a war Seriously the rest of the book is just war between competing suitors to the Latin princesses hand Tiberinus, god of the Tiber River and son of the Titan Oceanus helped Aeneas in the war He once again assured Aeneas that Italy was to be his home and that he should found a settlement and become father to the world’s Greatest empire Aeneas that founded the city of Alba longa in Latium and became its first king His descendants would rule the city until the birth of the princess Rhea Silva rear became pregnant with the sons of the Roman god Mars eventually given birth to twins she named Romulus and Remus Their grand uncle the king of Elba saw them as a threat to his rule and ordered them killed Whereupon they were thrown into the Tiber River to die. Tiberinus then rescued the twins and a she-wolf found the boys and suckled them to keep them alive the boys grew up in an area of seven hills and became great warriors and After learning who they were they led a revolt against the king their uncle who had himself usurped the throne from Romulus and Remus his Grandfather Numitor. With Numitor back on the throne and the twins returned to the Seven Hills they were raised on. A disagreement on way to settle down led to a fight between the two and Romulus killed his brother Romulus then created a settlement and named it after himself Rome and reigned as its first king and That is how the Trojan refugees would live on to become the legendary founders of the Roman Empire. 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Big errors in this video.Other than the 12 Olympians and some of the Titans the Romans had their own Gods that weren't Greek.Yes they were influenced by the Etruscans.

The part about the killing of Remus isn't accurate. It was during the building of the Walls of Rome that Romulus said "No man shall pass over these walls without my permission, I swear to the Gods." and moments later his brother Remus who had not over heard this walked over the barrier he was building to get to him. Romulus then threw a Javelin and killed his brother to honor his vow.

In Greece we call the planets with the Greek gods: Mercury-Hermes,Venus-Aphrodite,Mars-Ares, Jupiter-Zeus(Dias),Saturn-Kronos, Neptune-Poseidon,(Uranus and Pluto(Ploutonas)are Greek gods)

Vulcanism, the process of making rubber elastic, discovered accidentally by Charles Goodyear (1800-1860), was also comes from the name of the Roman blacksmith god Vulcan.

soo romans are Trojans and Trojans are greek soo the great roman empire is a great greek empire with greek mythology culture and science isent this  logic!!!!!

So… if Greek religion was compared to Christianity in Israel, Rome would be all the mentally unstable Muricanites with end-times websites who push that America is the new Israel and where all the apocalypse stuff happens… for some reason. Basically they just copied someone else and made themselves the special ones.

Romulus had already begun the foundation of Rome when his brother was killed. Romulus made a rule that no one vault the wall and Remus, laughing, jumped it. Thereafter he was killed by either a guard enforcing the rule or by Romulus himself, depending on the source.

The planet names didn't originate from the Romans, the Romans took the Greek planet names like Ares which is the god of war in the greek pantheon and renamed them to their Roman counterpart i.e Mars , also the Greeks themselves had done mostly the same with the original Babylonian names.

Caelus was the roman equivalent of Ouranos (Greek)Terra was the roman equivalent of Gaia (Greek),And Saturn/Kronos was a Titan

Yeah im a citizen of the Remis empire… which never fell… and my original Gods Deptune
Fosiden god of lakes
And Mercules a strong guy totally original

Yeah our Remis Republic was so advanced we has martian colonies by 1800 And now we’re traveling multi universe

Ehm. Jesus was born around July, the roman's made the first church around 300 years before Jesus, and then another 300 years before taking in Jesus. The first thing they did was changing it to December to make the celebration fit Jupiter.
It was basically the roman's last "f you" to those pesky rebels

What about SOL INVICTUS? He's rather mysterious. I don't see many historians talk about him. Didn't Constantine use to worship him?

Badly done research. No mention of Quirinus or Vesta, no mention of the fact that Mars was originally god of spring and agriculture, not war, etc.

Romans: Man we don't like our gods should we randomly take someone else's and start worshipping them as if they were there the entire time?
Fellow human who decides stuff: Sure why not
copies greek gods
Romans: wowwwww this is cool
Greeks; yOu CoPyRiGhTeD us
Romans: oof

Mr.Z a alternate history youtuber had made a few videos depicting alternate scenarios relating to Rome such as developing steam powered vehicles, using gunpowder (which they may have gotten from China since they knew of each other and traded) which would also led to the discovery of the Americas beating Columbus by a few millennia and building a world empire which will result in them eventually travel into space to expanded even beyond the stars to the very planets that they named their gods after

The ancient Romans also had their own gods that weren't Greek related but they didn't have stories that went with them…They borrowed from the greeks after they came in contact with them.

Hello…. May I ask?? What are the good topics to tackle with the lesson Roman Mythology??

romans were lazy so they incorporated and merged literally most mythologies in their territories together than writing unique mythologies


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