Top of the morning to you laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to dad of boy. We I just came back from Muspelheim. I spent some time in there. I did the next arena It wasn’t anything special It was like oh the enemy’s health regenerates very fast, so I just had to punch them and then R3 them to death. So I didn’t show any that because none of it was anything new, but I got a bunch of smoldering embers. So I should be able to let’s just see if there’s anything I can upgrade. What do they need smoldering embers for? I can’t remember. Might have been to craft some of this stuff. Amulet of Kvasir that’s what I need. I’m less than 200 coins away from being able to upgrade then. I don’t use it so why am I upset about this graph chest armor. I got the mythic pauldrons of protection They look like somebody just ate a bunch of garbage and then shit that out Aidid and then vomited that back up In other words. I don’t like it. We also have this the pauldron of the true warrior dwarven forged metal embedded with ogre teeth Favoring strength now what I’m holding out for is not only a hero until the morning light It’s also I’m holding up because these guys if I do all the side missions. They said they were gonna craft something for me, so Sindri seems to be more on the armour side brock seems to be more on the weapons side maybe I’ll get a really good Parent of each I don’t know so I don’t wanna. I don’t to make anything right now You want to get this off my screen oh oh? Look how cute you would look you would look so Greek in that especially with the leaves coming off your you’d look very Roman So this is these are all the exact same things. There’s just stronger versions of each 60 grand Increases health some potent C. Bought after using a runic summon arrows will deal additional status damage for eight seconds But I need hardens valve and steel Okay blades problems this one smoldering ember, but this is bad grips have forgotten flame That’s not even that good anymore. The one I had from the other guy was better. I do want to sell some artifacts They’re gonna give me two grand I need more Salt as far as the thing you always get the stuff that you don’t need just wanted you stare into my eyes Yep that was it You you know me we head back to Midgard anyway So what I might end up doing is headed for my blue marker because let’s face it There’s lava inside here. I knew what this came to end just yet. I don’t want things to be over I don’t want my dad and boy journey to end Any time soon Cuz I’m just enjoying it way too much, so what I want to do is do the blue means Warden is excused make Lebanese Nearly as clever as he thinks he is and he’s a collector of prophecies about the future He adds it to his collection. Not some style himself as all-seeing and all-knowing The idea is Control of the future control of his feet he control every realm of every land in every world if he could Every potential pocket of resistance he seeks to eliminate Even if you’ve never posed a threat before you may think one day you might so you see Oh Got another favor – YouTube you have a mission there was Allah What do you want to us? I got another lead on my old pal on Bari? Meet me at the lawn Suter mines. There’s some fancy dancing looting We already found it well found his hand anyways I’ll explain it the mines These ones is just south of the river pass now you do want something Are you just gonna stand there all dad scrapped and slack-jawed, you’re the one who okay fine Whatever Where are we going all the way down here do I want to see if I have a Dornier that I do I? Could get in my boat Take my boy out in a journey again forked I Could also go to this gateway right here, which is cave lower level Okay Maybe I can’t fly no no gods two must stay on the path. I promise you I’m here. What else did the serpent tell you when you spoke? Kinda sounded important. I’m sure it’s nothing. He just said the boy seemed familiar to me That’s impossible though. I quite agree unless perhaps. He refers to something yet to be It is said that when your man Gander and Thor battle at Ragnarok their clash So violently shakes the tree of life that it splinters Casting the serpent backward through time even before his own birth what that is madness. Well. I did say not to concern yourself How is that madness also? There’s a? circle here We jump really oh dear Wait what what you said you died if you jumped what’s happening I just clicked the button They just died You were warned and I strayed from the path I Mean at least the option is there to do it Also, I love that credo said that time travel was madness like that is madness When Kratos himself has time traveled? He killed the sisters of fate He went back in time Even got a thing that controlled time It’s not impossible Kratos. You’re just old and Demented you can’t remember anything No no story time for the boat lads Amir yes a giant lady lots of books Ah Knowledge do hmm? She was a gifted sorceress who gathered every tome of arcane wisdom she could find in the realms all in the hopes of Augmenting her powers of prophecy that she might find her lost husband Alvin deal But it was not her husband she would consider business For it was draw seeing longer and farther than any before or since Witnessed Ragnarok the end and the beginning Would’ve called word of our ultimate prophecy. He maneuvered to obtain her knowledge and Hortonville himself New Odin is a longtime patron of her services, and so she welcomed him into a library as a friend What he did not know is that Odin himself was behind her husband’s disappearance Having used his enchantments to conceal his death and Thor’s hands from her sight smiling jealous Borden took her by the throat With his very hands and stole her lively and her life I always knew old man Dash’s Useless barbaric heartless that’s Orden in fact We would do well to sit here in silence for the next few moments and a fight on Odin’s capacity Also and so It was it took me longer to do it my way going through the gate, I would have been faster Just going out and getting straight into the boat. Whatever. We’re here the land see their minds Yep That was a great story lads a great story for the lads the unit’s out and their boat on an adventure with a biiis These mad lads Excuse me coming through fists of fury here Kratos I Want to find more spider webs to punch made me feel like a big strong, man Ha Yep take that you damn pot boxes and the God of War and the dad of boy Hello oh I think if I get 25 of these I get more XP from it like a big chocolate. I almost have half of them I Swear to god of war what’s up? Don’t do this here II uh what I can’t hear thoughts from rings Brock It’s talking to me. It’s a glory Huh do it what he says he went to the vendor mines to observe his mistake But then the Soul Eater attacked so as he was being earth depart he cast a spell that removed his soul and put in this ring and Then he what about always stop huh I’ve already had a workshop here with all sorts of posh Doodads and ornate eree tools and one beaut of a hammer you make mention of it’s still in there You’re upset your point You fellas take on guard with your and go have a look-see If you find this hammer, I’ll whip up something real nice for you Hmm hey now don’t go forgetting your injury stone? Thanks appreciate it But also I’m a big strong dad, and I mean business I do not care I’m not gonna tell him that I Like the kratos doesn’t even he’s just like I do not care It’s whatever I’m just here for my shit, ooh Tattle whoops Tatsu taxol asses worms Hustle boys Yeah Yes yes yes We’re going to hell You got pounded just like you’re mad Okay, I did sick it was frozen Dead impellers I’ll be the god of I’ll be the dad of boy you two make quite a formidable dude. Oh, hell. Yeah, we do Mamere We’re a trio now. You’re part of this team Amir I gotta call you man from now on I’m dad of boy and the boy could be god of boar Sounds good to me. I don’t know why we changed that at all. That’s awesome. I like that Invoice says this dwarf was part of his crew dad. He died because of his mistakes he Sounds sad the Rings grief is of little importance boy Come on hit it from there, will ya what about from here what? Am I not supposed to be able to hit it from here or something do I have to go get some some SAP Maybe I should just pull the thing that it’s telling me to pull Okay that works You a clammy boy, sorry boy. That’s a the same time every time doing crazy hosts does oh? Now you can hit it. Oh now, you can hit it Mmm. He did not like that. He’s warning us not to go down there stop listening to the ring boy Nice that attack is so strong, okay, I see how it is We are very strong together right now his attacks are so beefy. I like it. He’s really becoming up boy Can I get down there we go come on my child oh Wait can I go right here ha ha I used my boy brain What’d you get sauce far the things he’ll Sick always wanted that after that last Christmas. You know I got soft stainless steel hated it Didn’t make good weapons. I wish I could just jump off these So unnecessarily slow Boy I know they do go fine, it’s that bringing way Didn’t even stand a chance Boy Sorry I’m getting a little too into it now Sick got me some good hack Silver. I think we have to go that way, but there’s a bunch of different ways to go And I’m all confused and have too many options Let’s go this way oh This is just to a chest up there shoulda came this way already Give me them treats give you those goodies Solids – science – you know and the world serpent scale Where do you go? What are you? Oh, you’re here, thought I might have left you downstairs. Wow you come back up here Thanks look here boy Nice I Live to serve the god of thunder and I bury my greatest treasure right we’re all inhabitants of Midgard should dwell at the feet of the god of gods So I owed and statute Or Thor statue aeneas I don’t think Odin has a statue out there Whatever anyway. It’s not a statue outside at the lake on the beach And about down in the valley eel High Noise oh There be battle ahead yeah, I don’t need that I’m already full of rage Full of rage for my boy Well, I don’t have rage towards your boy. I think you’re cute and I also like that He like motions the boy to go in first And a traveler lured up We can take him boy we have the power Not gonna be able to hurt him boy No boy I’m trying to watch out, but he hit me already Fucking tap the worms wait even so many enemies up against me at once You know what Oh time for dad mode? He watching boy deserve dad beats up bad guys I Wouldn’t see them they killed for those guys. I’ve never seen it That’s okay Sometimes we’re not always ready for the things that are right in front of us But you did it boy you tried your best you did it in the end Let’s fight it so later now Being dead Tonight have your heart. It’s very valuable I’m just hitting it to see if there’s one or more Maybe from down here we can hit all of them. Hello. Yeah, my dude It was only two, but you know, I really pulled it out there in the end I Like traps, I like danger I live for it I’m on the edge of my seat right now because I don’t believe in sitting fully down oh No the traps I see no traps Sounded so sure about it whoa 12% resistance to all status effects That’s gonna be a yeah Peru from me. What do I have on here? Raging control reduces the cost of rage customers okay that one’s actually kind of useful German decreases strengthen runic by three okay, you can go Twelve percent resistance is a lot of resistance I also have a lot of XP that I can’t really put in too much I can get these maximum number of targets no I Mean I could get those and I probably will if I end up having spare Right now. I don’t need them. I have all the boy stuff How about these attacks That’s already upgraded Could upgrade them, but I don’t know if I’m gonna use them, and I probably gonna get one for here soon But you upgrade it I Can upgrade you fury of the ice troll Nice and that was all great okay hold on to my XP until I get upgrades again, and then I can upgrade my Blades and everything fully eventually, I think I’m gonna end up with enough XP to be able to upgrade everything fully Especially if there’s like more He said something about Selena You don’t step to the wrong house fool. Oh Glad we settled that Take that too damp boxes Hey, I got him. No. Don’t worry boy. I got the boxes. We don’t need to worry about them anymore They’re not gonna hurt you anymore We should be looking around shouldn’t I owe you a bunch of secrets everywhere that I’m not even seeing which again is fine cuz I’m not here to get every single thing but I might as well get them if I- if they’re around. ya know I mean? Okay, this just goes back to there. What do you do? ooh. We can actually go further there right so what’s back this way then Treasure? It’s a bunch of flies that are making a lot of noise That was fun wasn’t it trey? You wanna do it again boy you want to play with Daddy again, Trey Trey want to play with cray cray okay k Awesome we have fun us on our boy adventure There’s so much smashese oh that’s a big baby oh cant block it its ok cuz he cant block shit either nanio! whatever It’s playtime bitch It’s cool because now I can combine the cooldowns So my- my ice has one set of cooldowns, but then my blades have another set of cooldowns So I can essentially just combine them switch between weapons and get two sets of attacks Okay, it’s fucking hard see where you’re going Is he not dead? fucking kill em niuto! Hate these guys The boy got him nice Whoo eight years protection epic talisman Create a small defensive zone that prevents Kratos attacks from being interrupted and reduces the amount of damage he takes When upgraded it restores a small amount of health as well Wow And it has a socket oh That’s got to be the way to go I can’t equip it right now Holy crap that’s an amazing one It defends me. I take less damage and It gives me back some health when I fully upgraded I know if I trust him he’s still a ring and can I clip this thing yet. Oh I don’t know Hawaii the cooldown on combat is ridiculous in this game Boy oh boy Date first time we’ve seen one of those in the game so convenient Say Removing an ancient soul and Domesticating it handy monetizing It as a beasts of burden was surprisingly easy they followed my every command and appeared to possess No free will sense of self-preservation or even hunger well not until it turned poor lit into ashes Not even his soul remained oh the truth name was lit give it also a friend named AB a Lack of their own must be what drives them to immolate the soul of others my soul eaters are an abomination Several were sent to Muspelheim at the request of Surtur What will he use them for I should have to consider another mutt signior Conan’s guard That fool can burn for all I care my immediate concern is the dwarves at the Val undermines, I pray I’m not too late to undo my mistake Look at his hammer. This is a fine hammer nice enviros. Thank you That was the greatest enemy so far in that part part of boy who imagine a part of boy? Boy Unbar II Was so badass I loved that attack Craters didn’t say no either. He said we’ll talk to the blue one that’s basically like saying we’ll talk to your mom Nice that was successful also didn’t take up too much of her time boy. Oh You squished a rat When the animals walk into you in this game they die Even if you don’t walk on them, or you don’t press any buttons or anything they just die Yeah, the only was ever his spirit is a nuisance yeah. I’m very always was an asshole Element Alchemist Oh hand them over here And I’ll melt him down what you’re going to melt down your friend a trapped Souls what I need to give your reward some extra You don’t want it father. We can’t do that here you walk onto it. He’s really useful. I promise Fine so long as he proves his worth Epic enchantment and vari soul very hyper activation chants gets a bit of a softy, yeah Well, he’ll grow out of it Grunts ahoy perk activation chance to grant a health burst on any successful runic attack. He’ll That’s also actually very useful wait what can you craft for me now with that? Okay Wow pure essence of rounds and dust of realms I Can operate great they emulated kvasir now, but? This thing actually has sockets in it, so if I equip it I can equip the thing that I just got from and vari Okay, I’m still gonna wait i’ve 85,000 coins. I’m gonna wait. Yeah, cool. Whatever show Here So this thing protects me might give me some health back and also I have a perk on a hyper activation chance that if I kill somebody with a runic attack magic attack that I might get some health back anyway damn I gotta be a beast Right I want to do the next Search from where Valkyries head to north three stronghold is this force injury I Don’t know oh Cool pigs bones explore the air ends at the lake yeah. That’s a different one the realm of fog nifflheim Forget the language safe okay this one Okay come boy We’re away if we go on another adventure crazy crazy Trey Trey a Third there are themes up right. Where is it? It’s not actually gonna show up here on this is it Oh there it is Okay, that’s actually fucking miles away Let’s go through there I Don’t know I’m gonna go here anyway, and then we can get a boat from there around else where there are so many Vibes from other games in this game. Okay. They’re gonna start talking some militia, Sh Well they did not take me into their confidence about that ordens convictions to the contrary, but I know this if I’d spent the better part of sixty winters seeing my best and brightest cut down by Thor and that damn hammer I Might very well go home to lick my wounds Let’s do bad. I was fond of every giant ever met. That’s why they destroyed the bridges to Jotunheim So the a sir can follow Is that why there’s no tower on the link? I don’t it’s a coincidence So you think we will get to your nan we might find Giants there anything’s possible I Was gonna say I see lots of whites from other games at this game like Credo Senate races relationship reminds me a lot of Joel and Ellie Which I’m sure a lot of other people are seeing as well And I’m sure it was very much influenced by that And then the open world earnest and the traveling around and the combat and everything reminds me a lot of Dark Souls and you even Get being able to travel from one place to the other now freely through the doors instead of having it be a one-way system That’s very dark souls because you got that later in the game and Dark Souls as well and Then the over-the-shoulder camera and the pacing and the world exploring and all that kinda stuff reminds me very heavily of Resident Evil 4 So this feels like because this is technically God of War for a forgotten city Me Stop that stop that right now That is also a place that I need to go to though I have a question in there was the first John Did he go no what? tell this one later I Don’t know what the idea though this Oh big boy So fucking throw bitches at me That did not really do a hole I did it Maybe switch to these maybe do your bores Damn What’s up everybody else You can’t attack the other guy, so I guess Neither is this guy Thank you boy This sucks sit down bitch and you die at home But since this is God of War 4 and Resident Evil was resident even for It feels like there’s a lot of parallels with what’s going on Like it feels like this is doing forgot of war What Resident Evil 4 did for the Resident Evil series which I am all about? because Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games ever made Where is it? There’s – hey Would you close the door behind me come on Ok sounded like you closed the door over here me. That’s all that’s all I caught Come on be a better dad. Oh boy. I Want to do this one though because we haven’t gotten any like Apples or meat or anything in a long time Right there alright heat Ok I got it on the way back. It’s so nice that they added that Okay so got the item geez What’s nice it to knock them though I was at the urn boys where would I be hanging out? Probably somewhere else, so let’s keep exploring Like this music I’d love to see a completely fully open world God of war game. I mean I guess this is it oh I think it’s something like fun along the lines of The Witcher Oh, I see it it’s gonna be a tough fight in this one. Yeah, oh hi Don’t feel cell phone this is Okay cam down Mamere. Okay? We’re the ones fighting here can have your say in a little bit What that’s a way for the boards to disappear left boards So I didn’t have to do anything to get this so this is probably gonna be a fight right I Guess not ghosts of realms Those are very very useful hello Up and up and up we go where we stopped no one new Copy times just stay open please, thank you appreciate it What scale-out I Don’t want it have it back. Yeah piece of shit These guys are number six they’re just chewing through them now Even the boys able to kill someone who’s level six Very like Okay, so now we’re getting into this Jam Got it fair enough all over it like peanut butter on jelly hey boy What are you doing up here? Okay, where do we get a crystal? Might be more stuff down this way. It’s a little trick see little xplory area So many of these are wait we were already here, and there was nothing down here There’s so many areas in this game that remind me so much of Ireland the green grassy cliff sides Like this one over here all of that area over there reminds me so much of Ireland It’s awesome I wonder could I knock a chunk off that? This is crystal right there wasn’t right behind her. I just was and I didn’t see it It probably was It more than likely was and I’m a blind Oh Yep Hey pesto for crate oh Nice All right, I’m gonna go this way Cuz I can’t climb with the crystal and I had to get up top Music it’s great I Mean don’t get me wrong the music has been fantastic the entire way through the game some of the best I’ve ever heard in a game, but just this little area so Unexpected I like this. I like these brakes away from the main story cause you get to dictate the pace of the game yourself Finish them boy Still have to find a final ruin thing not yet You can go down that direction yet? Oh yeah, that’s where I came in I’m all turned around So this whole area is just getting that last earn thing oh Is it I also want to hit this thing I can’t read it Thanks. Oh Fish boy do you want some fish? Oh there it is Sweetness Really nice, let’s you know that that chest is open ooh treasure Yay unyielding cinders legendary unquenchable fire from the depths of mooseville Heim used to upgrade pommels with burn damage effects found in treasure map caches founded johnny cash’s So that was one of the the maps that I got Sweet and now I’m back to where I was right Yeah Cool I Like it when I feels like I’ve completed a whole area I Mean it’s not that hard. You just have to be diligent as you explore through it, but just Older bloater blinnder See you guys trying to shoot fire at me, and I’m not having any of it come on boy Wait I’ll break it for you oh come on That works oh no Mine one’s better We both got hit, I kept trying to dodge it, but it wasn’t working I should use my new thing What I’m afraid of wasting it I also didn’t check what the cooldown time on that one was So it’s a cool-down time on it is really high, then it might not be worth it No need to go back down there yet, okay? Are you one that I have to pick up yep I Think I’m walking on Windows I don’t know where you go buddy boy, but I’m just going to bring you over this way It’s map is cool They just drop you down anywhere Okay, there you go. That’s where it works That’s where I was supposed to bring it all along up and there Don’t know what it does, but I’m happy to do it Okay, I hear treasure not Ravens Okay good job. I Have no idea what that did I Mean I’m sure it did something sure did something amazing aah Oh no oh no that jump scared me Okay to me use this Fermi should be oh my god. They’re so fucking strong. Oh, No They are like soup really strong It’s definitely incentivize to do the animation during that mode Because it gives you More time, and it also gives you more range meter To complete it I’m worried about this fight do something Give me Huff’s oh boy. I love you. You’re my favorite boy The carnivals in town Oh Oh god no no no no no no no give me this give me this give me this no no Okay, this is scary my boy is picking a for. No yes Okay, it’s not giving me back any health if it is it’s very very little. I don’t know if that’s worth it Well give me something good don’t be just just of realms those guys were difficult Whatever we did it I’m proud of that one how did my boy? Summons a spectral squirrel is the greatest video game ever made to an earth consumables Look at him go Rat at dusk err on Earth’s and extra consume. Oh, uh those two extra consumables Okay, so he’s not actually useful in battle pristine scales of the realm Let’s see what he finds Why do you hate me yeah, jerk is that the school is joking Okay he unearths some consumables for me Not very useful ones for me right this second, but I appreciate them, bundle s What a cute little boy. He also sounded like Nolan North Could have been nolan north or troy baker again. They do everything right I need to head back down There’s my fastest route back to my main area Maybe this way I Need to go get my blood meat or my rage fill or my health or man Yep, those are the words I decided to stick with on that so I’m gonna stick with them Will be a language cipher Yeah Yes, look at them all That’s all the apples right The loop grade three James or twice I Think I might have actually gotten all of it If so hell, yeah, all right moving on boy I wanted to equip some different stuff I miss having This is really good It reduced you matter, but the thing I thought it was is that it put a bubble around me And then as I was walking around I had a bubble army that was protecting me from everything But it just puts a Steve down at the ground Where’s that one just gives me straight-out vitality, which is really really nice Is in the heat of battle that’s what I need more than anything oh, I see a really cool thing over here to the left I Think that’s gonna increase me forever Get it boy Again for a far at all we hadn’t begun to discuss the origin of amia the famous giant Yes in the beginning There was kanuda god a great boy There were no realms yet only primordial Forces that was flying and there was ice and there in the boy. They met and produced I’m gonna interrupt you guys again, sorry Ruins of the ancient Okay boy sir read that while this guy walks around cuz he’s not gonna attack us yet Hey What do you know I? Wish to make a contribution to 5 News collectible of relics I arrived to find the door locked and Reavers bucket the way I came I quickly buried by trash ran it as fast. I could if I managed to escape I’ll return to this spa Ok whatever Baby boy I know that’s why I’m blocking it I’m doing this to try and get as many hits in as I can when he’s vulnerable I can probably get a few more in but Yes, that’s all good, this is gonna feel good Trevino you Nice got a lot of nice damage in there Things almost dead Please tell me I can do this it’s outs not going down What I know what where our city taking damage And that’s it nothing I’m gonna weigh the other air attacks didn’t do anything that was super weird. I think I glitched it Say their sigil of protection increases the resistance to poison I don’t care about that I Do care about everything else that comes out of this area though hmm, and I do care about the XP and the resources so that’s Ready traveled to Niffleheim the realm of fog, that’s a hack gooo big bones these bones pulse with magic Hold on to it, maybe we’ll find the rest How would you know I have known many spirits they are all liars I know you know very little Okay start your story again Right there we were in the middle of a story wearing weight when I got here again eeeh Primordial fire and ice met in the great void producing water water more than water the mystic lifeblood of something entirely new from this water Amir took form and became a being of pure creation and chaos mother and father to all that came after even the Aesir Every god man and beast came first from a mere flesh Though it was a a seer who thought themselves so superior that they should hold dominion over the rest of creation It was Odin who took arms against his creator and spilled Amir’s lifeblood with his spear Unnecessary evil he would say to bring order to the realms from in years torn flesh Odin would fashion the realm of Midgard for his own Called himself all father as if he was the creator and not the creator’s destroyer Covetous Yeah, oh Sorry my boy. Ah you know. I think it best me just ended there actually That’s a common theme when it comes to God’s is that they’re always killed by their lessers Arthur So their offspring to keep its word is foolish boy. If there’s even a chance She is gone betrayus You must accept this I do but to see her again. Just one more time Why do you believe it’s Eagle you do not know him or who he was All of this is sinister. He wants to see somebody loved again I I understand how that feels I Don’t think there’s anything sinister about it. Hope is blinding your instincts boy I Was gonna say that like Greek mythology is all about what song is killing dads. Oh? My god. I have to listen to that once more from Lila’s relic after all yes. I’ve heard that like five times And I guess Norse mythology is no different fire Suns killing father I don’t know why I’m here cuz I don’t really have anything to sell you upgrade or anything, so I’m moving on again. I Still can’t believe the son would kill his own father. That’s crazy, right Yeah, I only got one side of the story But come on his own father. I mean I get angry at you sometimes. Do you I mean? sometimes yeah a little But I’ve never stabbed you in the back no, I imagine not That’s because you’re good at Reyes this clan really didn’t want anyone coming in How are we supposed to get there there must be a reason? There’s the gate? maybe with the big water with my thought as well I Like these let go I sometimes get mad at you do you Like you you actually get it mad at me. How dare you? That’s the combo I want in the plan it’s so good Did you heal on cool, man Who’s a sick death metal, bro Shit I need to change this world What’s he gonna find me I Almost got her Than what you said, but I don’t like it So ratatoskr keeps getting me random shit I Saw one in the grill in the rocks just there. I saw some rage stuff Need to remember this change that all my bores back, they’re really good they stood everyone Must bore sounds like boy, and I like that a lot Give me a little sploosh as I went through Do any of you out there when you’re watching games like this or watching movies or something well movies I guess more so than anything watching games and watching them go through like the ice and stuff did it make you feel cold Kinda makes me feel cold wait what am I do? Hey, it’s lifting Just like I do at the gym that Was a cool sound come on. That’s funny, though Nice still gotta go oh No boy what’s this boy? My hey how do we get in here? Oh you thought that that was easy Nice Okay, maybe it’s up further than I can get in So honey if my boat was just there There’s an up B way here, what are you Lee – friend usual evening – some damn birds? And some silver You know what Trey Trey I think it’s about time that you grow up and do these things in your own you know Okay Okay, I don’t think I can hit it from here unless a wind open. Just goes further So I can’t do it are you angry? When I Guess Sometimes when you don’t think I can do something, but I can it is not always easy to know what okay. I get it I’m little where’s that? What stone, I wonder uh And it’s awesome it took longer to come back That wasn’t fire incoming it was a giant rock and it hit you squaring your fucking ass oh My god that took half a tell Come on over boy Shrek I’m looking down Yeah, that’s a nice. That’s a nice one I wouldn’t want to happen if I took him down with these equips What if he would still just take out oh wait I have this Get over here That’s a lot of stuff You doing okay boy. Did you okay that boy? All right, I want to see if I can equip this I Never thought it would be so simple, but I found a way I found a way the reason I like the Boer Stampede as well as because it only takes 15 seconds to cool down so I have it within a minute Which sounds like a long time, but that squirrel takes 177 seconds So it’s almost three times as long actually it’s over three times as long here boy Oh Yeah – no the racela farm mother is to know the brutal history of these lands before the great fluid before the desolation men lived peacefully in Midgard some men came after Ragnarok Ragnarok happened and then the men took over from the gods I can’t remember um the dead stay dead Draaga were a rarity and the use of Seder magic was considered deeply Shameful the Rays were found the eyes of the old ways when a man’s worth is measured by how well he swings a blade Strengths are highest virtue These are harsh lands And they are no place for the weak the strong will prosper in life and in death join the ranks of the Einherjar Einar er in Valhalla the week was scrape and suffer a meager existence joining the ranks of unworthy in the depths of Helheim such as the cycle of life till Ragnarok comes harsh. They sound about as friendly as a pack of wolves Harsh, bud brah wait where the hell am I supposed to go in here Oh Sorry misplace my axe Could be worse could misplace my boy I’d never do that he’s my trade trade great-great needs a straight trade Listen I would have liked a sitcom called crayon Trey and I like back-to-back in cartoon form You can just drop Kratos, you need to make a big fucking song and dance about it Come on Trey Nice What do we get some solid steel Always nice to have so many pots hanging around here Oh these are the ones that Makes a lot more sense. I thought you were calling the nightmares wolves Okay, this is the way forward again. I don’t wanna be going forward I Want to be going to ways of treasures this place seems like a place full of them And I still haven’t gotten around to that one that I saw through the gate But I do need to come back through the place to get out so whatever How much hax silver do I have a hundred and sixty seven thousand? What Trey ain’t gonna be able to upgrade you like fully after this This is the place I just was I went in a big giant circle just now Neat I’ll get back to that one later This way right this is the way forward oh Yeah this mall turn around oh, this is a changing one. Can you change the XP? I don’t need the other ones? 32 XP not a lot, but can’t complain Nice these hanging pots All those hanging boys oh Is this it oh My blades have purple eyes in the mouth pink eyes guy This is the sudden Olson how you know the sigil it matches the dagger we found in his father’s back He stood his ground but it was not enough damn He betrayed him betrayal baguettes betrayal my guess young one muddling has died and said well with yours He thought himself ready to lead it cost him his life, I guess look there lad by his feet The whetstone Convenience we’re used to smash his face in Hmm Hey, that’s close that Unique Oh fucking travelers goddamn it okay daddy’s coming down Oh Daddy’s out to play now Daddy’s had a few beers. He can’t stop happy Okay, I’m gonna keep beating this guy down. These are free disappeared damn it No, I don’t want to kill him, I want to figure out what they want to figure out what his attack is Ending thing is I’m gonna end up killing him anyway damn it Who shattered gauntlet of Ages an ancient relic of hell deemed too powerful to remain hold fragments of its former strength And I scattered throughout the Rose Dam replaces my healing though Good job boy Damn upgrading at Reyes is like one of the first things that people should do he’s so useful Syndra wants it you must be really useful Well our dreamers have very specific Priorities if it’s not shiny and you can’t come to drink it may as well use it as a blunt object Hmm good point I See them boy that was cool they bounce everywhere That’s not anything Ha ha beat him straight into the fucking ground again You telling me my thing didn’t work on the guy or on the crystals The course of digits Sweet But also how do I get off the chest back there? Is this the one I saw before Yeah, this is the one that was behind the grey it’s all connected The world is all connected. It’s one Jane told me : it’s on a proper place. That’s awesome The Dark Souls I love it I Love when game worlds do that when stuff is actually all connected that way especially when sometimes it doesn’t feel connected Oh Boy Humming essence and then Sherman that increases look by 13 whoa oh also, boy Read it This is false leader, I’ve seen it written all over this place. That’s all the same False leader is this what van Dredd wrote about his father, or what the crew wrote about van der it after they mutant need Who knows Chest back up here that I want nobody get into you I Mean I know I have to destroy this, but how do I I? Could just shoot straight through and the boy can go in and open it got it X over Here a bird there he is watch this first try Parse it first try So awesome a time so awesome I get in a first try Oh I don’t have to wonder how I get over there Okay through that area mate No, we’re not lost you know what I will give this game props for it doesn’t do that whole like hey father What about this place over here? Like if you get lost after a while it doesn’t give you any hints. It’s just like hey You know what fucking figure it out, man. It’s not that hard and I will say that I have an itchy eye, but also that Betrayus is the best video game companion that I’ve ever seen ever He’s just he’s good for the story. He works well He actually has like a decent character arc. He’s important to the story He’s very valuable in that regard which Ellie and someone like Elizabeth from bioshock infinite, or as well over here But he’s also very very useful in combat Which Ellie was as well but not as much? to the son Dad while you were off hunting and pillaging grandad raised me thought and cared for me I loved him and you stabbed him in the back I hated you but time has a way of changing things the clan celebrated They spat on his kind spirit. Saw it as proof of weak Leadership when as much as I hate to admit it the racela faraman faraman Thrived with you at the helm as a boy I made an oath to the nor near that I would avenge him My skill with a blade grew and you finally began to notice me We grew closer, but the nor near do not suffer broken oaths Not even those made by a grieving child their chests outside far from your storeroom it reminded me of that oath So the cycle of bitch trail continues, you kill the only father I ever knew but even now I regret my actions And I’m filled with remorse Forgive me, so you didn’t want to kill his dad. He just made an oath to the nor never Had he thought before taking action there would be no need for regret yes Maybe we should bring this to his father back at the store Again kratos with that sage advice he knows all too well All right, I want to explore this place a tiny bit more. I think there’s some stuff that I missed You open that yeah Maybe that was one of the ones that I thought I missed at the Lord just going through these areas it doesn’t feel like I’ve Scoped them out as well as they could have okay, white that way There’s nothing else over that way Then down there okay? Yeah, I actually think I got everything Neat Cleaves it plain down was that a thing over there to zipline me and Missing zip planes all because I just wanna have fun with my boy You don’t need to claim that just fall off the edge All right, let’s go boy I Go this way will it’ll let me with me get all the stuff that I feel like I was gonna miss oh Yeah, we’re going this way now nice I see it you got it stick your hand in that glow Hey, you didn’t pick this one out There you go, thanks boy Yeah, they can get off here actually we have to get off here, so Get us some treasure Because when I played like The Last of Us Ellie’s a cool character, and she’s very vital to the story, and I love her I know if their dynamic and the way they act together Or in battle she doesn’t feel as useful as a trace because she’s a passive character That with a trace I actually have control over him I have a boy button I have a dedicated square boy button and I love it because it makes me feel like he actually has direct input on what’s happening And he doesn’t do stuff contextually he does it based on how I want him to do it. He does do some stuff Contextually, but most of his actions are all based around what I want And they love it I Heard a bird you gonna keep your ears peeled for those Ravens sneak Some of those are gonna be more goo bigs bones You know which way shut up Boy You okay there, okay? What a boy am I right boys will be boys It’s acres gold again Sorry I’ll bake now. I don’t have to listen to your stupid shit again story for the channel complaining. Sorry Stronghold and we’ll pick this up later cert the brave. I’m gonna pick this up later. We found you whetstone Oh Wonderful this staining is unusual the Reavers used it to smash another rivers facing Oh Wonderful here for your trouble. You’ll do well with that Please Laverne mother is grip low pork and I can’t wait to test out the new whetstone See, it’s just worse. I mean maybe if I upgrade it. It’ll get better it probably should get better I Think the higher the the higher level the item the more it gets upgraded I’m so my balance itself out after a while hyperactivation chance to grant a health person any successful executioner’s cleave That’s actually not that good But this is a high a low activation per chance on any successful axe hit so Annie hit at all Might trigger it and then I get health back It may not look like much, but it’s practically humming with magic I saw him spit on it a little bit You really do hate the whole Bodily fluid thing so if I get an oblivion storm to upgrade that and then manage to upgrade it twice then I might be in Good standing to get some good stuff. What? Do that right now oh? No we can’t forget you okay, Harden’s firing the famous deal, I need what’d we miss? shuddered gauntlet of the ages This brings my defense up to 13 after this Neither dragon tear though an ancient relic of Hell deemed too powerful to remain whole fragments of what does it do We’ll see it replaces my health guy, but I mean if it’s really good. Then it might be worth getting Purchase a legendary enchantment that offers a random stat bonus along with increasing the damage inflicted by the breath of thermal runic attack These are all just enchantments Whoa Whoa What do we need to get this Smoldering ember crest the flame greater cress, okay? I’m assuming you have to do all the stuff and mu Stroheim to get this No those are awesome. I didn’t know you sold these Look a fucking cool that isn’t it does full damage. I Want it so badly it blocked it Okay Yeah, well you guys were gonna give me something marvelous Whatever okay, we’re out of here Let’s actually get back on the beaten track and do some of the story stuff Okay, tell me the story of cert the great brave fire sword boy boy No no stories we can you start that story again hey you got four wasn’t it super calibrate Course we’ve spoken so much of the franchise. It’s about time. We instead methanol’s fire deej is Back when Elia across the nerve from denuded on it was He came from Moose pool hide the fire realm putting heat to the young cosmos Thundering the son from his primordial plague Of ice come back to that flaming sword so Sook the brave forced his sort of claim for one purpose award to burn down a scart when right a lot comes and was His destiny mr. hands of Strike the blow that leaves their realm and passion ruin The world can be born on you until they Bar holding is fire deeply Generous who knows he lives to his doom All because he chooses to serve a grand cycle so much bigger than himself To truly embrace your purpose and the patience and sacrifice it demands is to ensure your day welcome Do you think we’ll be there well that day comes I’ve seen enough of war between the gods, but you little brother We can say That story Gonna hate that I have to get off my boat to stop listening to them I mean it makes sense, but I like listening to them Are you okay My goods are underwater The men are drowned and yet their bodies continue to walk the beaches fellow workers They played these lands. I was the captain They died because of me These abominations sully their memories I Will find a way to free them from their tortures something pointless. I am determined Till the hell Walker Pro thunderstorms scattered all three and my ships across the lake okay another side mission tour And fine boy relax Nice Yeah, boy He’s gonna say something is letting out a huge roar somewhere, but I realize it was dead It’s the world serpent breathing up top Okay, I know I said I was going to go back to the story, but this thing was right here, okay? It doesn’t seem like it’s a big area, so I wanted to do Some heavy breathing, man. You should get an inhaler or something something keep asthma What will you say to her to go meet your mother What have you left unsaid all right? I guess I? Just want to know if she’s okay. She’s dead boy. I know that I You don’t understand neither. Do you that is so awesome? Just gonna give you a little trim, it’s gonna give you a little beard trim. Is that okay sir oh? Man I thought that that was getting a lot closer than it actually was it wasn’t close at all boy Symbol of bounty the coconut chocolate bar Artifact Oh resent it Surely you’re gonna make me fight something right? All right been here before whoa Jesus Alright, let’s see what this thing does Holy fuck Now put his face off Oh jesus these guys are tough Get up get up yes, I Can’t believe it either we almost died Wait Need to poke in just hear a controller boy Aha Okay, but the problem is now my health is really low And if I had that other talisman my health have you going back up whatever There’s nothing left to say That man coming to the house Talking to the world we’ve done so many amazing things I Just want to tell her about them That’s cute, don’t you? What else would you say to her? I tell her that we’re both, okay? Not to worry about it Betrayus I I miss her too no this Little Cretin was this a hard time opening up. That’s okay. I Want to equip oh you have two sockets on you I Mean don’t get me wrong. It’s very powerful. It didn’t knock the dude back and do some damage Boyd Being able to heal is just so nice Does it not heal me a lot this Is where we were and freaking older bloater leaned or came in and bought boarded my ass read it To spring forth life tomorrow oh I like that one I wonder if I wrote it What’s the answer? Boy Earth Is that the answer there yeah, mm swallows death brings forth life makes sense right oh I got it before I even had to do go looks like it says pork Wish I’d known I was it got an alpha. I wouldn’t have felt so bad about killing so many out well I’m not sure that’s the lesson You’ve done Nothing to regret the elves cores their affairs upon us no I get enough we had God things sitting and they were on the way Dragging us into their little problems again. We just leave in that there Maybe you feel a little too good right now with pom comes a big choice Lad you can either sell yourself or put your godhood in the service of others like TM dead people really loved him huh I the God of War the one who fought for peace Had a reputation for being a heroic and lawful using his power and knowledge to stop wars rather than stop them So there are good gods Once in a moon. It’s been known to happen. Yes I Don’t like the tone of the boy all of a sudden It sounded like a bit of a little shithead This one matches places. I’ve never heard of it Seems to really like to travel Do you believe the mind not might was key to preventing war and chaos and he also knew visiting other cultures would give Ships in Japan tears could not well olden always supported knowledge guarding it jealously Tear was open and sharing his wisdom for this mortals adored tear Showing their love by bringing him gifts the world over So whatever happened it’s here Odin came to regard him as a threat to his rule He suspected tier of collaborating to aid the Giants instead of helping to steal their secrets with Asya same thing He accused me of frankly though in tears case I believe he was right you think Jared helping the Giant I do He felt responsible for the suffering visited upon them by Odin. I suspect he had something to do with helping them cover their tracks the missing Yamato correct Whatever happened to it. I believe it could only have been done with Tia and the Giants working together Damn cheer is awesome That him building the the world free like travel room Because you see the guys from Alfheim the elves and other people on the left the Giants maybe So he built the The traveling room that we always use or actually no he built this snow never mind, yeah Whoa I’m trying to make the camera all cinematic Sunjai Tring old to giant rings So it’s three giant rings is there a fourth? No, okay It’s kind of hoping I Took it now. I don’t know where to put it. Oh right here right here right here right here Okay, I know where to put it now. I know where to put it now in the book Great Oh sweetie you slow down just keep running a tough speed Oh Wow look at this place Full of Awesome treasures ah that’s nice The fact that they animated a gold thing to pop up when you smash it, it’s so dynamic. I love it, what’s this ah Skiing do from my homeland you still have wonderful and back in the day you should take it boy Yes, boy. Take it we might need to butter bread somewhere on our travels This is why no one likes you It’s a it’s a knife Skeinduubh or in Irish would be skeindubh which means black knife Skien is a knife and dubh is black Dubh Bh, and Irish makes a V sound. Oh, sweet Jesus Oh, God of War Okay these are giant plays this reminds me so much a Pandora’s temple from the first god of war That’s good, it’s playing like the metas of gamers and everything also Could be just taking a minute to appreciate the artists in this game Not only for how well they create stuff for how good all the artistry in this game looks because it’s fucking It’s perfect But somebody had to sit down and like Artistically craft this deer antler head and That guy over there And is that something that you see? Like everywhere in the game no Just kind of littered around in different areas And somebody had to people had to like handcraft all of this for these sections of the game I Can’t imagine how long something like that takes? I didn’t know some of them are repeated here, and they’re like the skull is back there, but this is just really dense It’s phenomenal Look Oh looky boy I Can line them up Oh I let them up perfectly It’s so satisfying. Oh, it’s good. Me. It’s good me kept getting over it ah there we go Treasure Don’t turn into a dragon Look at that. Oh, this is like Egyptian stuff Or does a Greek Parkwood crate house on it look behind him What’d you find enough distraction do not forget why we are here He’s not stupid Kratos don’t treat him like he is he’s not a regular kid That’s from a great different land very far from here the gods live there Oh My yes many many gods Good or bad, and not as simple as that I’m afraid That would be cool if Kratos went to Egypt and had to take on Horace and Anubis and those guys That’ll be badass I Know what they’re hinting at right I Know they’ve basically confirmed what I was talking about before that all these gods actually do exist in the same world At least to some degree What are they doing waiting apparently That was so cool Let’s throwing the axe and having it go through a bunch of enemies is my favorite attack I clicked I click walk and you didn’t block And did it again you still up lucky no boy boy boy Okay, okay. This is happening. You wanna lock on. We don’t know I Accidentally double clicked again, so I’ve brought me out of it now. It’s after wasting some What did you see in that fog, that’s that you are it is not important It was a rash impulse you need not dwell on my failings Well I guess you do like to smash pottery I Love this I love my boys going at each other in a nice cam friendly way Betrayus to me it stands to reason the second rain should behave like the first just need to capture the wind yeah I know. I just don’t know where to put it after I catch it Where is the second thing coming around? Really you don’t have to make me that accurate with it ooh. Can I climb this I can’t? Wait Screw the second ring I own here getting treasure Also makes sense the kratos would be on the pottery because he did become the god of war So to appease him they would have made stuff about him What are these God is faster than with something to be solved without heads rather than our feet suits me Don’t go down You know there’s someone so lunch here sure was paranoid all right, thanks to Orden What do I do that I keep thinking it’s gonna give me these hack silver All right, that’s what the next one goes Now we just wait for it to come around When I come around Got it so don’t use my quick turn around ever You almost made me lose that you piece of shit Let’s do smack design don’t do that game developers, that’s annoying Who you’re the one had spinny plays this one has Slammy blocks I want to learn just cuz you hate being a god doesn’t mean I have to The boys right, okay, which one is the proper way forward ah That’s what we’re working towards Yeah, there’s one right there Got it Okay luckily the boy can just escape all of this candy Stupid war small passages. I can’t watch brother. Good luck. There’s the last one Go back to get this Dang Hey, I don’t want to do it yet, what is it just straight out right kill me I mean it would make sense Would meet Symbol of consideration that Were you considered that I don’t want that I Want better things like a mountain bike Sneaky hold See this is the site that the whole that kraid host needs to get through it the boy can go through tiny little gaps kratos needs a big dad hole And I thought those solder scary those saws are scary That’s right the bringers have day and night Ragnarok begins when they catch the Sun and Moon right Dear Newland. I don’t know light them well enough to cover a massive wall in his vault with them though. That’s cool That’s so cool guy Don’t you enjoy it at all being a God on an adventure in some amazing place the other one doesn’t come down Maybe your mother wanted us to have a little fun Everything we’ve seen and done Maybe those were gift Maybe but also shut up. How do we get this? Let’s go up top to get it, but I don’t have enough time to run down and back into that place Now Your Biggie’s I say ten seconds after they’ve already gone Every idea Dance man I actually did feel real covered Okay, where was the room over here? In the lenders ended up in Underland, and then I almost missed that I Need this help Yeah boy oh shit oh Shit it’s a big thing off me that the witch gave me Focus Schools go chases brags not to happen. They have to eat them these are out of order Good boy, so the moon goes I know what Sun on the right with mid go to the middle Shit that doesn’t work dammit This is not right Quickly Okay, what about this I? Hate when you fucking do these things times quickly that is not gonna work because the things gonna be blocking that shit Crap or drown cray-cray The right boy okay this innocent gonna work Left this is a lot of pressure I’ve no idea what I’m doing right? Man Oh Whoopsies I think this is it I think I did it Then when the right goes up we’re doing yeah, okay, we did it Yes nailed it Good job boy Oh That’s bad Oh Boy boy boy boy boy You gonna save me? boy good have to stop that chain I Do not know I’m using your knife in it What’s that gonna work Oh Your God a war Both a god. Oh, sweet Jesus. Oh Mother of God, but it’s a view that was coming boy Say thank you, say thank you and put your arm on his back and give him a big reassuring hug Hey what Oh Oryx Did we get it retreat the black room Yes, let’s go see what tears gone for us tear my bastard We keep going That’s always gonna say their protection rune on his neck rubbed off so now Odin’s gonna be able to see who he is Don’t you don’t have the knife anymore to stab it boy Yeah While the day you were born I made two knives missing metals from my own and from this land One for myself and when you were ready one for you Today is that day So momenta like you know We are not men we are more than that the responsibility is far greater And you must be better than me it is that Say it you will be better Fowler this weapon in you–even comes from here But only when tempered by this I’ve discipline the self-control of the one who wields it that is where the true strength of a warrior lies You must never forget that Good then Come Oh You guys are so cute Looks like a heart like All right fuck oh Dude Okay, are you certain? Grendel or the ashes As always Or the spindle of the ashes and Gretel of the frost oh They share health oh That’s interesting, but also fuck you So one of them is going to be more damaged by my frost axe then the other one is going to be more damaged by my blades That’s cool We’ll keep waiting on one of them Or. I guess I could do this That’s it fuck you shake a baby knees yes Okay Yes one of them’s eight you guys he’s so talking oh yeah here we go So much damage and the cooldown is so quick. Oh you guys need shit Yeah, I’m turned around which way is the sand ball back up? At Reyes is getting a bit cocky heavy rooinek attack nice. I actually have this now oh Cool that’s kind of one of the terrorist rage, I think that’s one that was in the old games Cool that’s fully upgraded immediately 36 seconds is to cool down on that one, and it’s so strong Awesome I like how creator said I’ve beaten bigger Yes much much bigger. Oh hardened steel. I needed that Okay cool like Oh chest What have you got for me Chester, ooh? Wait in the scripts of protection Oh Would they do a lot of defense, but my Runa can look go way too far down to consider them moderate perk activation chance to grant protective barrier preventing damage from enemy attacks and successfully landing rising fury on an enemy yeah Don’t remind okay, I’m going to leave this episode here We’re gonna exit tears vault and we’re gonna head off with our rune, and that should be able to get us to Jotunheim Maybe I don’t know I’m sure something else is gonna get in her way cuz every time we’re like hey We’re at the mountain. Oh wait. No we’re not at the mountain We got to get to Jotunheim instead of actually being on this mountain, and then you get somewhere else. It’s like oh This guy attacked instead of you actually being able to do the thing you’re supposed to do and now he’s six your ass go all The way across here into hell and then come back so instead of a roundabout way of doing things But thankfully I’m still enjoying myself And thankfully me and my boy are still having to go time even though you’re turning into a little bit of a shit So I don’t know about this anyway Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it boy that like button in the face like a boys and my boys are out oh Thank you guys know new dads They’re broken into an outro when you’re yelling okay, but you’re still my boy

I don’t know much about god of war so don’t judge me, but if the reason kratos is gray is the ashes of his family, what’s the red? Is it lambs blood?

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Atreus hides in a chest
Kartos:look a chest
*Atreus pops out*atreus: BOO
kratos punchs the chest
Kratos:don’t hide in chests or swear boy
Kratos picks up Atreus
Atreus:dad where are we going now
Kratos:in the direction of the Hospital
Atreus:*mumbles* I hate you

Jack is an ass😂 it took me like 30 minutes to beat the Grendel’s after dying hella but then jack just beats them in like 1-3 minutes god dammit😂

As u can see I was in Egypt

Egypt has a lot of God's

God of the son God of the moon God of underwear God of food God of weapons and so forth

Someone needs to make a mod that replaces every single line where Kratos addresses Atreus with "Boy" – but not just "BOY," but "Boy" at various different pitches to match the tone of the situation.
For example:
Angry Kratos: "BOY!"
Normal Kratos: "Boy."
Sad Kratos: "Boy…"

it's fustraiting because ik why the world serpent finds him familiar, it's his son. Just like the 6 legged horse, the giant wolf and the decaying girl

jacks hair had a bad day all i can imagine is

"BOY , you have changed your hair "
"yeah do you like it ? i played around with it this morning "
"no change it back"

The day that he realises that its the cooldown on the item and not combat will be the day that I can finally leave this earth

Mimir: That’s Odin. In fact, we would do well to sit here in silence for the next few moments and reflect on Odin’s capacity for cruelty… And so-
Kratos: Reflect longer
That’s a phat mood every day

This video was 90% exploration and 10% story. It's so fucking annoying. Please do more story instead of being a shithead and searching for treasure all the time.

I think I know what the next games and final boss gods will be
God of war 5: Egypt with Horus and Anubis
God of war 6: Japan with Sukuyomi (I think that was the moon goddess)
God of war 7: Christianity
God of war 8: Gabe the dog, Asriel Dreemurr, Sans, and the many mighty shibes

I think Kratos is Tyr! When Ragnarok comes, he is sent back in time at the same time as Jormungandr was sent to. Being immortal, he walks through the ages and puts his godhood to the service of others, and becomes the wise and kind Tyr in the end. He travels and discovers other lands with gods, like how he once discovered Norse mythology. If you look at the panels, Tyr looks a lot like Kratos! The long redemption arc of a once ruthless killer driven by bloodlust, to a peaceful, kind, wise god who everyone loves. This would also explain why they are both gods of war.

Everybody sleeps on the music I’m this game, did none notice how the music went from loud and angry to soft and calming when kratos smells the bottle to show how home calmed him

Y'all this episode is making me cry 😭 I had a dog named after the god Tyr.. And he died a fee months ago.. He would've been 7 months old today 😭😭😭😭😭😭

…..umm.. anyone notice how jack has missed 3 different ravens of odin..?
XD they are so hard to spot on the first time watching XD

Jack: [compliments Atreus as a video game companion and character]
Me: Ohhhhh, no…

Anyone else remember the mistletoe arrow in his quiver strap that’s holding it together mistletoe can kill balder and Frey’s is balder’s mom that’s why she got so upset about the arrows it’s the one thing that can kill her son

ya bois atreus is loki father if the world serpent and he kills baldur with a dart of holly from inside his quiver strap that is baldurs only weakness also freya is tecnically baldurs mother so that is why she burned the green arows

Jesus he hadn’t learned why he can’t change out enchantments and talismans sometimes yet? Did he ever figure out it was because they were in cool down themselves and had nothing to do with battle?

Honestly, we’ve only just gotten started with the insanity of the Norse gods, we could do with at least one more game there. He doesn’t have to leave Asgard decimated, though, maybe.

Kratos is basically Sun Wukong A.K.A The Monkey King because they both killed Gods and went to war with the heavens…. and since other mythologies exist there just imagine their battle 🤯🤯🤯🤯

The squirrel Ratatoskr is a vile being that wants to tear apart the world tree it constantly runs hate messages from the eagle at the top of the tree to the dragon at the bottom, and why does it do this???Because it wants to see who destroys the tree first


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