Religious Jewish Israelis: Do righteous gentiles go to heaven?

Religious Jewish Israelis: Do righteous gentiles go to heaven?

Will righteous gentiles go to heaven? Yaakov
Jerusalem Of course Like the Jews? Yes No matter what religion?
– Yes A person is a person Do…
– Ya English?
– No Tal
Ramle A righteous gentile
will he go to heaven? Let's say a Christian that
lived a moral life I hope so
I don't know I believe he will Just like a Jew? Yes because there is order in the world and there is a leader of the world
(God) and whoever does good things
will receive good things whoever does bad things
will receive bad things but I haven't met the
the guard at the entrance (to heaven) so We will ask when we get there Righteous gentiles, will they go to heaven? Shimon
Jerusalem Yes The same as a Jew? No but on the way, they will be there What on the way? Is there a hallway? They won't be accepted quickly,
[but] they will be accepted They are Jews, right? Who? I don't understand Righteous Jews? No, Christians or Muslims who are righteous No They won't go to heaven at all?
– No What happens to them? I don't know How do I know? How do you know they
don't go to heaven? I believe the Jews do Only the Jews?
– Only the Jews Yehuda
Efrat (West Bank settlement) I don't know, I think so I don't know who goes to heaven or not You're religious
you wear a kippa I think so You have never heard anything… Yes, I have heard What have you heard? I heard that that for the righteous gentiles
there is a place in the world to come I think it says something like
that in the Mishna in tractate tractate Avot I will trust you
(checked: Sanhedrin, not Avot) Yedidya
Maalot Righteous gentiles
Gentiles that did good things like those that saved Jews do they go to heaven? Of course Sure they will go to the world to come According to what? Is there something in the Torah? According to the Noahide laws If they're doing what the Torah
requires them to do They will receive reward for that Moti
Jerusalem Righteous gentiles, will they go to heaven?
The same heaven as Jews? I don't now if it is the same heaven but I think they do There are levels of heaven,
what is the Garden of Eden,
what is the world to come but I think they do Does it matter what religion they are? What?
– Christian, Muslim, does it matter? Does it matter what religion?
– No No Shlomo
Beitar (West Bank settlement) Righteous gentile (his wife) Let's go Righteous gentile
– Ah, yes Do they go to heaven? That is the question I think so If they are Christians, is that the same? I don't think there is any
connection to their religion It's more connected to doing good If someone does good deeds…
– Yes There is reward for good deeds Do righteous gentiles go to heaven? Jerusalem I don't know
– You don't want to answer? No, difficult Let's say during the Holocaust
a Christian or Muslim That did good deeds?
– Yes Righteous gentiles Jerusalem The question is if they will go to heaven They will, they will
Let's go For sure they will
Unequivocally Leah
Bat Ayin (West Bank settlement) Oh yes, they do I don't know at what level There are levels in heaven? I am not good at talking I am an artist I don't know how to express myself For you, as for as you know
they have a place in heaven Oh yes, for sure They also have a place in Israel They have a place in the holy temple They will bring sacrifices Elam (Leah's husband)
Bat Ayin (West Bank settlement) Yes, 100% First of all, there are levels of heaven? I thought there are levels of heaven I said there are levels They must be at one of the highest places Righteous gentiles Are there levels in heaven?
I don't know this I don't know So they have a place in heaven? For sure Is there a difference if someone
is Christian or Muslim or does it matter what kind of
gentile they are? No, if they are doing what
they are supposed to do in their role of helping to fix the world and understand that the Jewish nation
has an important part in doing that Saving Jews lives What are we talking about
when you say righteous gentiles? Are you talking about people who save Jews? Are you talking about people
just keeping the 7 Noahide laws? What are we talking about? People who saved Jews I assume
you obviously will say yes Let's take people who didn't save Jews they are just nice good people Why did God give us the 7 Noahide laws? Nice good people who are keeping keeping the 7 Noahide laws But yes, good people, sure Will they just go to heaven? Why not? What about atheists? Will atheists go to heaven? So depending how they conduct their lives Someone who is an atheist
that had known better or had known… An atheist that keeps the
7 Noahide laws An atheist that keeps the
7 Noahide laws Interesting because one of those
laws is to believe in God To believe in the Jewish people
as the chosen nation I don't know
It's a difficult question I would say most probably yes because most people, if they
conducted a good life there is no reason to take heaven away from them The real question I think would be why did God want them
to become atheists? Obviously God is playing a big part in it in making a giant part of
humanity atheist I think it is Rabbi Kook that talks about it Even within the Jewish nation there are a lot of people
who become atheist God is setting it so to take away from the world
with the old ways that people thought about
God and religion in the first place and start fresh to have a fresh start so people are conducted
spiritually away from God to come back with a more fresh real deal That's what I think

You don't have to be Jewish to go to haOlam haBa, the World to Come. That's why we have never sought out converts.

The seven Noahide laws
1. Not to worship idols.
2. Not to curse God.
3. To establish courts of justice.
4. Not to commit murder.
5. Not to commit adultery, bestiality, or sexual immorality.
6. Not to steal.
7. Not to eat flesh torn from a living animal.

for outsiders is a sad question because the is no god nor any deities nor allhs nothing only on life live now try not to fool the religioes after now more than 2000 years of dumbing they believe about anything prpbaöy no brain left to think god vorbit they stop praying then they may snap out of this nonsense

In German there is a word: "Jein" which could answer it.
There are laws for Non-Jews, too. You keep them then you have a place in the next world.
And yes, there are different "Places" in the next world.

P. S. To be a Jew isn't equal to going to the next world.

6:01 ooooh, he's on to something! Why did God make people atheist? Perhaps because it's the default state of being for anyone who isn't born to be brainwashed by fairy-tale brainwashed daydreamers like yourself?

Don't you have anything better in all these Abrahamic religions to think about in your life? What a load of shit…

God,heaven,hell- all human made fantasies. To be allmighty, perfect,omniscient,immortal is all a human desire.

So God is perfect and all he does is without failure but his male human creation with foreskin has to be cut to go to "heaven"?

Yeah,makes totally sense… if you religious brainwashed.

Corey, I have a question for Zionists, if you dare.
Do they support the statement –
"The Jew is a hideous distortion of the human character, something unspeakably low and repulsive…We'll breathe more easily, having got rid once and for all of these people who, with furtive shame, we were obliged to treat as our fellow tribesmen…" Theodore Herzl

Yes righteous gentiles can go to heaven/olam haba. To be righteous they must observe the 7 Noahide laws. If they don't know what they are and have no way of finding out they are judged by God based on their level of understanding of right and wrong, good and evil. This does not include rationalization. If they believe something is sinful but do it anyway their sin can be very severe depending on what it is. If they learn later on in life and regret and repent for their immoral/wicked actions and change their behavior they are forgiven and may be given a place in the world to come. They are rewarded based on the actions and choices they made in life. If it is God's Will they may be reincarnated again in this world to earn more reward in the next world.

Those who know it is wrong to steal/kill/rape and so on but purposely reject and deny God out of rebellion to follow their own evil heart and fancies will be denied a place in the world to come after they are punished in the next world. Those who blaspheme God's Name will also have no place in the next world. Those who know about the reward promised to the righteous Noahides for observance of these 7 laws and choose "death" i.e. do not choose to reap the the eternal reward and life in the next world will be shunned and denied association with the righteous. He who denies God will himself be denied by God. He who says "I do not know God" will not know God and His ways and will not be recognized on the day of judgement. Like animals to the slaughterhouse will be their destination.

There are two Gan Eden's (paradises). One for Jews and one for non-Jews. A different reward is given to the nations of the world in contrast to the nation of Israel. Just as God separated Ishmael and Isaac so too will God separate the nations of the world from Israel. Just as Ishmael had His reward so Israel will have his. Israel's connection with God and His special covenant with Israel will unique to the nations. In this world a servant who is favored by the king is given much, in a similar way in the next world there will Israel who is called God's children who will be given a reward far superior to the nations of the world because more is expected of them. To those who are asked of much, much is given and those who do not ask do not receive or receive little.

We are the nation that has found a great treasure – the Torah. God says to us – take and take My children! But if you do you must earn it. The nations do not respect or desire the Torah so its ways are hidden and far from them. It is not that God has favorites but God wanted to give the Torah to all the nations of the world and each one refused it except Israel. Why? When God presented the Torah He said: "The Torah says Do Not Steal" and the nation which loved to steal rejected it. To the nation that murdered out of hatred or sport He said do not murder. Every nation on earth rejected the Torah except Israel who said "We will do and understand, we will practice and listen". God said if you accept I will make you My own precious possession. When the nations condemn us God will condemn them. When the nations declare war against us, God will declare war against them until they are destroyed. Even today the nations of the world deny God because what is written in the Torah goes against their animalistic and evil behavior. If the Torah permitted their own desires they would accept the Torah but eventually would rebel against it anyway because they do not desire to serve God and hate Law. Each nation challenges the rule of law to suit themselves until the law has no power. Euthenasia, abortion, marriage on the basis of prostitution and adultery are become normalised and legalised throughout the world. Yesterday pedophilia was illegal but tomorrow pedophilia might become legal if the child is bought as a slave or wedding gift to an older man for money.

They have been programmed from birth to think they are better than everyone else. This is why nobody else likes them and chases them out of their countries. I will never submit to the noahcide laws. Any sane person can see that Israel is a curse upon humanity.

Considering the Jews having the law and the covenants, and the Talmud, they sure are pretty ignorant. They don’t seem to know anything. Are there levels of heaven? Do righteous gentiles go to heaven? Uhhhhh I think so. Or, no they don’t. Make up your mind. If they had a foundation of truth, they would have absolute answers.

Correy is very biased. He is a zionist himself so will only ask certain people and edit where necessary when he is interviewing his people.
Ask them if they have similar interests to Hitler? Since they have created this illegal settlement.

Why are all videos double subtitled?! It’s so annoying! But your interviews are great – keep up the good work!

I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am he, you will indeed die in your sins." John 8:24

What we really forget is that the Jews have lived almost all their history under somebody else s rule. The Assyrians, the Babylonians,the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, then the Diaspora to uncivilized lands. All this bad present had created a "Tomooooroooow" mentality. Now we are shit, but "Tomorooooow"(song from Anny) you will see. From this, the stupid idea of the Messiah has sprouted. He will lead us to bla bla bla…not now, Tomorow.
It was a way to help them survive and keep their identity. Whenever a Messiah appeared, Bar Cohiba, Sabethai Zvi, etc, it was a disaster. Only Jesus (if there was any, perhaps he was a totally ficticious character) succeded, for some reasons.
The truth is that ,when in decline or slavery, all nations and people construct such an imaginary friend, to keep them happy. Greeks under Ottoman occupation had the myth of the last King who did not die but became a marble statue waiting to resurect and regain the Empire, the Welsh had similar myths, the danes, etc.

If there are Gentiles in heaven, they are there to serve only Jews. Judaism is pretty clear that the only role for non-Jews is enslavement, ie the "hewers of wood and the drawers of water". Many state-sponsored rabbis in Israel have made that point crystal clear……which is why it is open season against Gentiles in Israel, esp Arab Palestinians.

05:18 Atheism is a "belief"/"religion" of non-"belief"/"religion", therefore they might be"treated" as any other Goy religion.

02:47 by his clothes (Kafte'n), you "disturbed" him in Saturday/a holiday evening/a family celebration in that day.
That's why his wife adviced him to give up "spending" time.

God doesn't have anything to do with people becoming atheists. Organized religions are entirely to blame for people turning away from God.

Love all the scenes of Jerusalem in the background. 🙂 There's nowhere on earth more special than Israel's eternal, undivided capital of Jerusalem. ❤️ 🇮🇱

Jews are Synagogue of Satan and their Father is the Devil. If Jews worship the Devil, who is God to them, how will they go to Heaven, when they reject Son of God Jesus Christ the Messiah? That which enters the Church of Christ will enter the Heaven, Jews reject the Church, ergo they will not go to Heaven. Although many Jews will accept Christ when they understand that their Messaih is actually Antichrist.

The human eye can only see 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum … so we can't even see most of what is right in front of us …. yet somehow we "know" whether an afterlife exists and what it's like there? Seriously? "Why are humans so goofy", would be a better question…

You white devils are gentiles and the gig is up. The Most High say his people are oppressed.

They are not religious so they not consider religion, they say do good go heaven, this is there sayings nothing truth, the truth is whoever follows God and his prophets will go heaven 👍👏🙌

what a stupid isolated arrogant and Racist people! It seems that I will go to hell after insulting a bunch of chosen people by God aren't i?

There's a difference between Olam Haba (עולם הבא, the world to come) and Heaven. Olam Haba means they stay on Earth as it pertains explicitly to the Earth in another age. The first two Noahide laws expressly forbid atheists. Although interestingly there's no requirement to believe the Jews are the chosen people in any of the noahide laws. Not sure where our mate with the artist wife got that one from.


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