Religious Israelis: Do you want to build the Jerusalem Third Temple?

Religious Israelis: Do you want to build the Jerusalem Third Temple?

Immanuel (West Bank settlement) Should Jews build the third temple today? Today? According to the prophecy
the Holy One, blessed be He is supposed to bring down
the temple, built of fire, from the heavens So the Jews don't need to do it? The Jews need to fix what
they need to fix He won't bring it down perfect What do the Jews need to fix? What they need to Give an example I don't know what they will need to My car needs to be fixed
So that? The Jew came down to earth, right? The Holy One, blessed be He
brought him here imperfect We need to do a circumcision so similar to that Do they need to destroy the
building that is already there? Before or… I assume God will do that I assume God will do that Do people have to do something? After God does …. we will know
Elijah the Prophet will tell us everything Eyal
Kfar Chabad I know… The best opinion the Lubavicher Rebbe in New York said this is my knowledge about the subject that the Third Temple is built already by God and he just needs to reveal himself reveal the temple and go down from the sky to it's place Where is that place? The place is the place of the temple
(Temple Mount, Jerusalem) We don't need to build the temple We need to do more goodness and kindness God orders the Jews and the non Jews the 7 commandments
(7 Noahide Laws) and then the temple that is built already is going to be revealed from the sky Now there are Muslim holy sites there what happens to them? This is because God is good and God takes care of all his creatures so when God decides to do it it's in a beautiful way it's going to be It's going to fit the will of the nations Meaning the Muslims will be okay with it? I think that it is something spiritual But won't the Muslims be angry
that the Jewish temple is there? Because God is the true when God reveals Himself with all of His power Everybody will fall down for the truth Including the Muslims? Everybody The truth is going to be so revealed so everybody is going to love it and understand the truth We are all settlers Should Jews build the temple now? Avi, Eli and Roy
Binyamin (West Bank settlement) My personal opinion is that
we need to wait until the Jews are a more united people United in what? United, together As a people, everyone following
the Biblical commandments and then it will be built
not now Unified meaning religiously
– Yes, the nation is not ready The nation is not yet ready
(Jews are not following the commandments) We aspire that the temple
will be built today but in a practical sense
it can't be built today because the people of Israel are divided and there is a lot of hatred between us so we can't build the temple because the temple must be
when all the people of Israel are united That's it Must it be in the place where on the Temple Mount
where the Muslims… there are Muslim places there
what do you do? It will need to … The Temple Mount was there
before the Muslims But today it doesn't exist The Temple will be built where the Golden Dome is now
the temple must be built because that is it's place The Omar Mosque (he means al Aqsa)
can stay where it is we aren't against where it is today The Dome of the Rock – the golden one,
not the silver one The silver dome (al Aqsa) can stay
where it is, we have no problem Can it be built next to it? The Omar Mosque (al Aqsa)
the silver dome on the side
(Note: Omar Mosque is a different mosque) We have no problem with that The golden dome will have to move
to make room for the Temple will be evacuated on it's own Who will build it? The Jews themselves? The Messiah Us by our own hands the people, the state, the leadership He said the Messiah There are lots of opinions from the
Sages of the Mishna and the Talmud about
the Messiah, who He is, when He is coming Most opinions are that the people
themselves need to build the temple Moshe
Rishon Lezion Should the Jews build the
third temple today? Are you asking if we should build it? Yes They say "don't guess when the end times are" meaning it will be built it will be when the Messiah comes and we don't know when It is supposed to come with love and we hope it won't come with judgement meaning it will be built, God willing from all the sanctity of keeping
the commandments, doing good deeds We are counting down to that day
we are the last generation So only when the Messiah comes? meaning not building it with our hands… Look, I am simple person, I don't know Your opinion That it needs to be the Messiah Whatever needs to be,
manufacturer's instructions of God like a refrigerator has usage instructions,
so do we and God willing, it will be built That's why in Chabad a Jewish movement that the whole world loves they say: '[let] the temple be built swiftly
in our days, and give us part in your Torah' God willing Can…what's his name?
Moshe Feiglin He wants to build the temple today
by his own hands Is he allowed? I…. I don't speak about others That is something I avoid But can a Jew build it today? In the book, it is written
what we can and can't do It's forbidden to calculate the end times I really don't know I am a simple man
I don't know how to answer that My way is to go according to what my Rabbi tells me and we pray and at any moment (the Messiah)
can arrive At any moment, at any second I don't go into what others do I won't say what is good
and what is bad I fix myself, not others what other's can learn from me, great Ruti
Kdumim (West Bank settlement) Should Jews built the third temple? Yes or no? Of course, I think we should
build the third temple and I hope it will be built quickly Should it be built now? by our hands? By the hands of Jews? How? That I don't know
you have to ask the important Rabbis That's problematic You have no opinion
on who will build it? how? No, no When it's the time to build
I will give an opinion For now, I don't have an opinion Right now, there are Muslim places there what do you do with those? In terms of research, I know
the Muslim places there they are not real they were built only
for topographical reasons You can see the research… Topographically- because it is a high place on the Temple Mount you can see the research by
Professor Tamari and you can see how
he researched these issues and there it is very clear – they (Muslims) don't really have a place there
– You are saying they (Muslims)
chose that spot because it's high? Yes, because it's high
because it dominates the area it's a place where their visibility is very very high and not because there
is something religious there It is only from political considerations for religious dominance In that spot, because… But it's because it was Jewish before Yes, very true, Of course Of course, of course I am checking what you meant What is this about? The third temple Sarah
Immanuel (West Bank settlement) Should the Jews build it? They should try, they should try They should try
Nothing bad will happen First they should check how it was before If they have a picture, proof To just build on what they think it is… It was 2000 years ago so there is no picture They can try, why not But today, the Muslims have something there But they will need a lot of donations everyone should donate otherwise, nothing will… I am willing to donate
something small For the third temple?
– Yes Yes, why not? everyone can give something But now there are Muslims there We are 7 million people
if everyone gives 10, it is 7 million Ok? Good luck
Happy holidays You are religious?
– Yes Do you want to build
the third temple now? Maya, Livnat and Liraz
Petah Tikva and Yehud God willing Who will build it? There is a difference of opinion
on that What is the difference of opinion? It's complicated Who will do it, how will they do it The question is if
Jews will do it on their own or is it something that comes from God the Messiah It will come down (from heaven)? There is a difference of opinions on that What is your opinion? For me, it makes more sense that people will build it but no one knows Your opinions? I also think that Totally, it is both We don't know what will happen and we hope… I also think that is what will happen that the Jews will build the temple Will it be in the end of days? or before? That's why I asked "today" Good question but we expect and want it
to happen today today, tomorrow Ok, what about the Muslims there
who say it is their holy site what do you do with them? Good question There are bigger people than us
who don't find the answer to that So it is a complicated issue you need to study a lot to check the reality there are more and more
people looking into that Who? The Rabbis? There is the Temple Institute, the Rabbis the whole issue with the temple mount,
the government isn't exactly… they aren't succeeding that it
will be in our hands but I believe it is in the process,
in stages I completely agree with her Good friends I know less about these things but for that there are people bigger than us
who know these answers Should the Jews build the
third temple today? Dovid
Immanuel (West Bank settlement) A very difficult question Do you want it? When the time comes that
God wants it to be built it will be built on it's own
It will come from the heavens, all will be well and it will be it's time At the same time, the redemption will come and there won't be questions like that anymore What happens to the Muslims that are there? The Muslims will find the
true place that they deserve wherever they are supposed to be
they will be but they will have to leave the entire area
that belongs to us and go to the area that belongs to them Where do you know that from? It is written When the Messiah comes the temple will be built and all the non Jews will have to serve us Where is it written? in the Prophets… Do you want to build
the third temple today? Avi
Kriyot Would I want it built?
Yes, in the proper time Who will build it? Human beings? Hard to know Do you think it comes from
the Messiah or comes from people (daughter runs to him)
I think we have to end this That's it?
That's it Do you want to build the
third temple today? Ziv
Kiriat Bialik Do I want to build it myself? Do you want it built? We want it built today
We want the Messiah to come We cannot physically build it ourselves it will come (from heaven) through
fixing our deeds Does anyone have a different opinion? I know there are some who
think "we the people" "the people must build it"
Anyone want to respond? The people through their deeds that's the only way No, "with our own hands" Who says those things? What?
– Who says it? Moshe Feiglin says it Do you have an opinion on that? Daniel
Kiriat Bialik On what authority does he say that? No idea So how will I give you an answer? From what authority does he say that? That's his belief Can you invent things? The fact that he… So you say it must be the Messiah
– Of course must be the Messiah that's one of the ways that
we were given how it should be There are more ways [But] that we build it ourselves? By force, we will build it? that doesn't seem… What about the Muslims who
today believe it belongs to them? and doesn't belong to the Jews The Day or Judgement will come
and then we'll see Belief is a test in the end Belief is a test in the end Force and belief are… (Muslim) use of force and
the things they do is not exactly belief They (Muslims) rule there by force and
if someone hurts them there'll be a war So better not through war? rather through deeds? Of course, not through war is preferred
because war is only if you lose, in the end depends which war If we look at history there were wars but how were they conducted?
who went to war? what was the cause of the war? There are many things that… You don't have to invent anything The world existed and there were
things that once were That's how you need to behave,
like it was in the past

God Reveals himself means One Eye Dhajjal, Messiah ud Dhajjal, that's they are awaiting for… If they don't believe last messenger of Allah azwajal, they been punished with wrong belief. Messiah Ud Dhajjal will become a punishment to them and prophet Jesus peace be upon him, son of alone virgin marry will kill messiah ud Dhajjal and every jew in the world will bring to justice. This is written and sure will happen. 👍

Fun point of reference – Araunah the Jebusite agreed to sell his wheat-threshing ground (Temple Mount) to the Israelites for 50 shekels. What can I get for a hundred? On a serious point, we're better without the Temple, I hope it does not get re-built.

01: 40 So the Castro brothers have a relative living in ISRAEL. The big-bearded man bears a lot of resemblance to Cuban dictators. When they were Young. These Orthodox are quiet and calm people, This is at least what they appear in the interviews. I need to review my concepts or my preconceptions.

Zionists don’t really wish to physically harm Palestinians. They only wish to deprive them of their basic human rights, such as self-rule in their own state and freedom from oppression. Zionists can only feel "Jewish" in a Jewish State by depriving non-Jews of human rights. According to the concepts of Zionism, a Jew from Brooklyn who has never set foot in Israel is the legitimate owner of this land, while a Palestinian whose family has lived here for generations is a stranger, living here only by the grace of the Jews. “A Palestinian,” a Zionist will say, “has no right to national self-determination since he doesn’t exist nor own the land in the country of his birth. Zionists aren't shy to say that Palestinians, in fact, all non-Jews, have one major disadvantage – they weren’t born as Jews so they don't deserve the privileges reserved for only Jews, but can only serve the Jewish State as the "hewers of wood and the drawers of water" .

You're all correct, it's just the language which is complicated. The great Aryeh Kaplan would've written "as it was written in ..". But my t-shirt says "Ani lo yadat". Study Ye'hezkel and Rashi once more.

Ah. A great song to play on loop is the British band Stornoway "Lost Youth".

Feiglin has stated many times that the Temple will be built only by God and not by man or the government. The only change Feiglin would bring is Israeli sovereignty on the Temple mount which today is in Jordan's hands ever since it was handed over to them back in '67.

Israel is so insecure that it feels threatened even by Palestinians gathering together to pray for deliverance from it's tyranny.

For some reason I thought it was only the ultra-orthodox guys who were pushing this. Seems like just about every Jew wants the 3rd temple in some way. Am I right or were these selective interviews?

Our true Messiah will come and bring everlasting peace. No he never came before but once he does the whole world will see the Glory of Hashem and he will bring down the 3rd and final temple.

The most disturbing feature of the K0sherite youth is that he can ethnically cleanse the entire Palestinian population on Friday and then joyfully attend a ‘Peace Now’ demonstration in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening. Like a ՖՖ soldier he is often blond … often blue eyed with freckles and a snub nose … But then unlike a German soldier he likes to walk in open (biblical) sandals in a ‘free swinging lazy slouch …’. Basically he is kind of a compromise between an SS commander and a caricature of biblical Moses or Jesus. A kind of Nazi in jeans, a puss in boots.

muslims are BILLION AND 800 MILLION
a Professor Ziv Herzog he is israeli an he said once :(We should not continue to look for evidence that does not exist at all)
if jew the ZIONIST TYPE OF THEM wanna make mistake just start hurt or ruin the holy place for

This goes for any religion, but let's say nobody heard of Judaism or what entails being Jewish in terms of a belief system and the first interaction the public would have with a Jew would be one of the respondents in this video, obviously the first thing to come to mind would be to equate these people with absolute insanity. Most people today think a scientologist is crazy or a man on the street corner shouting that he is the messiah is crazy, but are they really any more insane than someone who follows Judaism or Islam or Christianity or most other religions to a T?

JERUSALEM will ALWAYS be the capital of ISRAEL and has been the capital of the Jewish people for millennia. No one can take that away, it simply is so.
Am Yisrael Chai. 🔯 ❤️ 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 ️

One day God will lift the veil from your hearts and you will then see that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God!

May the LORD our God protect the Holy Aqsa Mosque from any evil. The evil Antichrist shall bring with him your own destruction and dawnfall, for his time is so near.

You will eventually get that trip to Bora Bora Corey! Thank you for the consistent, great content 👍

wow what a brainwashed lot these people are,and i believe the fairies are at the bottom of my garden


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