"Religious Discrimination" Bill is code for anti LGBT

"Religious Discrimination" Bill is code for anti LGBT

hello everyone today I'm making a rather quick video to talk about a piece of legislation being offered by the Liberal National Party under the Morison government they are trying to prefer a religious discrimination bill from the name you may wonder well what's wrong with that shouldn't it be unlawful to discriminate against religious people that seems rather progressive for the LNP if the bill actually wanted to just stop people discriminating against religious people I wouldn't have an issue with it instead this bill is aimed towards protecting religious institutions to be discriminatory towards LGBT people as an example of some of the leaked proposals they want to roll back protections afforded to teachers in religious schools who are homosexual or LGBT generally if you're LGBT in work for a religious school should this legislation get written up and be passed according to the information that we do have it does seem like your job could be on the line if this is allowed to go through on top of this religious schools may also be given freedoms to expel students on the basis of LGBT status this is totally unacceptable and religion is a poor excuse for this they are free to believe homosexuality is a sin but they have no right to openly discriminate against students based on this all the teachers this has nothing to do with protecting the religious freedoms of institutions and instead allows for the discrimination against LGBT people they are not being asked to participate in any sort of homosexuality or any LGBT activities or anything they're just being asked to peacefully coexist alongside LGBT people and I don't think they should have a right to demand that they are able to expel students who are homosexual or to fire teachers who are homosexual or LGBT generally a recent issue which has brought this to light was a rugby player Israel Folau talking on social media telling gay people that they're going to burn in hell because he was fired from his position in a rugby team based on these comments I should be clear about this that he was fired because his statements directly violate the term set in his contract by his employers a lot of contracts have a social media clause and even jobs that I've done which aren't nearly as public as this have had a social media clause in there if they wish to fire me based on my behavior on social media and I think they have a right to not employ somebody who's making inflammatory remarks on social media if they see fit and it's not just that he was saying that he believes homosexuality is a sin or anything like that but specifically telling gay people they're going to hell is a rather nasty thing to say I think it's pretty bullshit for religious people to demand that they maintain employment with employers who want nothing to do with them as if this is about religious freedom when there is also freedom of association and if a company doesn't want to be associated with your remarks they shouldn't be forced by the government to associate with you and essentially what it seems like they're pushing for is for companies to have to associate with them the people associated with Israel Folau at least seem to be trying to make this about religious discrimination when in fact this is more about somebody going to social media and making very inflammatory remarks because he wasn't just saying he had whatever disagreements with homosexuality but he was specifically telling gay people that they're going to burn forever and go to hell and things like this like that's pretty extreme rhetoric like I know that that's the religious belief but I don't think that that's something you could say is not in any way inflammatory they're free to believe that gay people are going to go to hell but their employers are also free to decide they don't want to be associated with this rhetoric and take action against it I also want to add to this story that Israel Folau was given a chance to retract these statements and apologize any refused that opportunity the termination of his employment was completely avoidable if religious people don't want to be fired from their jobs for their views on homosexuality Noby asks them to go around advertising their position about this or to run around on social media telling gay people they're gonna go to hell or horrible things like this if they think that homosexuality is sinful I don't think that they really have a right to shout this from the rooftops and then act surprised if their employers say hey look we're not really done with this this isn't down with us we're not we don't want to be associated with this rhetoric it's going to drive people away from our brand you know I feel like a company has a right to recognize why that's a problem and not want to associate with it so the legislation has not officially been proposed and written up yet but we know it's going to be and I think that's a good time to make a position known about this the way we feel about it so I've linked a petition in the description set up by an organization called fara gendered org if you're Australian and interested in these issues you can consider signing up for their mailing list on their front page as it can help keep you up to date on certain policy changes like these ones and help you to be an informed voter so anyway thank you very much for watching I will see you in my next video bye I'm gonna pee myself okay my hairy rice

I read an article only yesterday on the BBC website revealing the results of a survey of around 700 LGBT people working in the physical sciences that apparently showed 25% of LGBT people surveyed considered leaving their profession due to discrimination and abuse in their work environment. With 50% of transgender people responding that they had considered leaving due to discrimination and abuse in the work place. So, maybe religion is more of an excuse rather than a cause?

Keep fighting the good fight,shame people are going against simple concepts like fighting for the small guy.

And LGBT discrimination is code for anti-religious.

You just preference one group over another.
This isn't principle or moral, it's partisan.

Hello Claudia, thank you for the video. I think this comes down to how these religious schools receiving their funding. If they receive anything from the public’s tax dollar then I definitely do not think that they should be have the ability to dismiss people. If they are private institutions though I would say that they have the right to do such a thing just as businesses have the right to not hire or associate people who would express such beliefs. I think this could be good in a way because it will eventually promote more liberal religious institutions to fill the gap left by those who have no qualms with LGBT+ people. That or these people will assimilate into a secular school system.

The problem is also that Christian conservatives have this perception that they're being persecuted which results in the God's Not Dead series and many other faithbased movies, even though that couldn't be further from the truth. This makes it even grosser when they condemn issues that actually persecuted groups face, especially LGBT folk they constantly target.

That footage of Ellen and her wife was really cute though. By the way, which movie is that footage of the man talking with his bird from?

Maybe if the LGBT activist community weren't such antagonistic pricks, we wouldn't even need religious discrimination bills.
Like seriously, how hard is it to go find another baker instead of whining like a brat and trying to get a small religious one shut down.

yeah this bill is bs and i'm glad that rugby player had actual consequenses for hate speech. but i'm not super comfortable with defending the rights of private companies to shaft their employees (particularly relating to what you said at 2:57). it's much more advantageous for a company to start firing leftist workers in order to prevent unionization etc. but if it's specifically only regarding hate speech, that's obviously fine.

Private institutions have a right to stipulate standards or whatever conditions they want to – you have no right to force them to accept or tolerate homosexuality if they don't want to. Freedom of association also cuts both ways, so your own argument cuts the other way, if an employer doesn't want to hire gays then they shouldn't have to associate with them, but when it comes to religious people it is completely fine? Reductio ad absurdum means this is either hypocrisy or doublethink. You seem to love the phrase "extreme opinions" – what does this mean? This is, in essence complete relativism – you haven't got a centrometer or a extreme counter, you can't designate certain things extreme and others moderate – it's all within context ; in terms of religious opinion thinking gays are committing a sinful act isn't extreme, it's fairly mainstream.

For full disclosure – I'm not one of these people, although I am on the whole pretty conservative, but I wouldn't force my beliefs of others, but I wouldn't force them to conform to my morality either – which is why I don't like measures like anti-discrimination or pro-discrimination legaslation. They both violate the fundamental right to associate only with actors you deem fit, the only thing in flux is what moral system they employ as a pretense.

Religious freedom is not a reason to discriminate. These bigots need to understand that they lost and they need to leave lgbt folks alone. The ending made me chuckle. You are missed on twitter. Have a lovely day.

This is not an acceptable because they can always go to public school. You are just trying to write an excuse for everyone think and behave the way you want them to. You are not the mother of the world.

There's no reason whya person who is LGBT would want to work for a religious institution and they can always work for a public school.


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