Religion Doesn’t Cause as Many Wars as You Think

Hi, my name’s Father Mike Schmitz, and this is Ascension Presents. So one of the things that I guess probably you’ve heard before is a claim leveled against Christians or leveled against people who are religious and that claim is that religion causes wars, or religion is the cause of war in human history and that there’s that religion is bad for us is bad for people because it causes people to be violent. It causes people to enter the conflict their religion causes people Um to go to war. I get that. I get that I get that where that the source of that claim I think is not based in fact But it’s based in fear. Let me … See what I mean. Their fear is that if you hold on to a belief firmly And someone else has a different belief that they’re holding on to firmly that the only ultimate result is going to be some kind of conflict. That’s what the fear says. What do the facts say? There’s a book—actually it’s a three volume book—called the Encyclopedia of War written a number of years ago and in that book the authors chronicle, they document all 1,763 wars in recorded human history. Now out of those 1,763 wars Only seven percent of those (*stutter*) of war have come from religion. If you remove Islam from that equation, only 3.2 percent of all of those wars 1,763 of them come from religion. The fear says if you hold on to a belief firmly it’s only always going to end in violence, erupt in violence but the facts say 3.2 percent. And the interesting thing is … this is the, I think the thing that blows my mind is that we sometimes believe the fears more than the facts especially in this area. Because why? Because it’s easier. It’s easier to believe the fear than it is to believe the facts. I mean think about other wars maybe in the last century. World War II we’d say well yeah the problem, what was the problem with World War II? Well that the Germans. Here’s all these things that they went … or the Japanese? Here’s what they’re going through or the Russians. They were they were doing these things. When it comes to, you know, Cambodia or comes to the issue with China, those problems are out there. The problems, the issue is someone other than me. And what we forget is that we really as human beings are all the same; that the issue is not the Germans or the Russians or the issue isn’t others. The issue is me. In fact Alexander Solzhenitsyn, he says this he said the line between good and evil passes through the human heart. He was kind of paraphrasing in some ways a New Testament letter, letter of James chapter 4; because James asked the same question. James asks the question, “Where do wars come from?” James chapter 4 verses 1 & 2. He says, “Where do the wars and where do the conflicts among you come? It’s not from your passions that make war within your members. You covet but you do not possess. You kill and envy but you cannot obtain. You fight and you wage war.” Then what I have to do when it comes to the source of war, the source of violence, it doesn’t come from religion and it doesn’t necessarily even come from holding on to a belief firmly. It comes from my broken heart. It comes from that brokenness inside of myself. If I can’t be at peace with myself, then there is virtually no way I will be able to be at peace with the people around me. I have to ask the question, “OK. Am I driven by fear? Am I driven by envy. Am I driven by greed? Do I want to fight for, not what I believe, do I want to fight for just what I want more than I’m willing to fight to be a gift to other people? Good religion will never cause wars. Good religion would never be a source of war. Why? Because a good religion, heh, teaches the truth, it causes people to live goodness and create beauty. I think a lot of times we judge—maybe you don’t but maybe I do— we can judge a religion by those who fail to live up to it. But the real test of a religion is: What do the people who are living up to the great call of that religion, what do they look like? How do they talk? How do they live? The great greatest examples of what it really is to be a Catholic Christian isn’t … it’s not me, and it might not be the people next to you. It’s the saints. It’s those people who have looked deeply within I saw the brokenness in their own heart and they handed it over to Jesus. They surrendered it to Jesus so fully that he actually transformed their heart. You know the cause of war is what? The thing that we call original sin and we all have inherited it. It doesn’t come from race. It doesn’t come from ethnicity, doesn’t come from nationality, and actually doesn’t even come from religion. Original sin is something that we’re all born with, and that original sin basically means we all are born with a broken heart. That our members within us rage against each other, that I want but I do not possess, I covet but I cannot obtain, and so I want what I want. I mean, it’s it’s the it’s the, the two year old tyrant right who just, their their number one word is “No.” Some people don’t grow out of that. The saints are the ones who have handed that over to the Lord, and have allowed God’s grace to transform their hearts so much so that they actually live converted lives. But here’s the crazy thing. I still am called to be a saint even though I find the brokenness inside my heart. You’re still called to be a saint even though you find the brokenness in your heart. This is the most incredible thing, that God has made us to be glorious. God has made us for greatness, to be an image of him in this world and we have a choice, we can either live up to that with his help or we can reject that and live as lower than animals. I think it was C.S. Lewis who said it is fallen angels that make the worst devils. These angels have been created for beauty, for glory, for goodness. But they fail to live up to that. They reject God and so they fall lower. You know a bad dog is just a bad dog. A bad angel is a demon. And a human, a human being who—because of God’s holy spirit is actually meant to be a partaker in the divine nature, a fallen human being who rejects God’s grace— is possibly even worse. Because you’re made for glory. You’re made for greatness through the Lord’s grace. And you and I have it within us to either live up to that with God’s grace or, every one of us, to treat each other as worse than animals. Where the wars come from? Well, they come from my heart and they come from your heart. And that’s the reason why, because of the Christian message and because of the grace offered by Jesus, that human heart can be healed, can be redeemed, and can be transformed. From all of us here at Ascension Presents, my name’s Father Mike. God bless. Also be sure to like, subscribe, comment. If you don’t like this, so maybe you don’t like it. You could thumbs down. Thumbs down exists. But I never know why you give a thumbs down. If someone gives A thumbs down, like, OK I mean I get it. Was it like you didn’t like … I should have shaved. Is that a thing? I don’t know. Whatever. Peace.

Please pray for my daughter, Janeen. She is give birth to her 5th son date around September 14th. Pray for health baby and momma. God bless Ireland. You all will be in my prayers till the 25th. Let us know what the vote is…sat an will not overcome this vote. God bless Ireland and her solancty to Mary the most holy virgin mother of all….🙏💞

Greetings Father Mike. How I completely enjoy your words. You are so right, when a Man is driven to war it is mostly what he covets in his heart ; Greed & Pride Since the dawn of time et al Pantera (Respect) Man has also used the Bible to conquer and excuse his sin of coveting that which is not his. But Father Mike, Just this very moment it has just came to my mind that what happened in The Book of Revelations was and still is The 1st Book of War, which may also take reference in the Hebrew Bible as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls. In Heaven (the Holy fight between Fallen Angels & Arc Angels) Has passed down because of Lucifer. When he was cast out of Heaven God's Holy Angels said Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you It is here on this Earth where Satan roars like a Dragon and invades mans heart. It is a War between Good & Evil, and as a consequence, we as humans have become susceptible to the fuelling of the Coal which Satan fans upon us to keep that seed of Greed & Pride within our hearts. That's my take on War 🙂 Oh & Father Mike The Beard should stay My Battle Song Rejoicing the War that God Our Father has Already Won

Hey Fr. Mike don't worry about the thumbs down. Jesus had haters as well. So I am guessing you are in good company. lol

Father Mike, but does that mean we can’t protect ourselves cause I don’t believe I have evil in my heart to want to protect myself. Though I know the Bible and Jesus said if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. I paraphrased. But also the Bible says those who have no sword to sell his cloak. I can’t be for sure but wouldn’t God want us safe I doubt He wants us to be unsafe. The Pope says we firearm owners and firearm manufactures are evil. What do you think? Is it a sin to own a firearm to protect myself and my family? Is it something I need to confess to? I mean with evil people wanting to hurt people inside churches wouldn’t one good person with a firearm defending His flock be okay. I want your thoughts, Father Mike please.

You mentioned, a fallen angel isnt just a fallen angel, but a demon. So here's my "story". I lived in purity for 12-13 years. Being a good looking guy, I was never short of offers from girls. I never took advantage once. Long story short, Dad dies,severe financial distress, gets part of property stolen by an uncle, tons of other hardships follow, manages to graduate from college with decent grades, but then fails at just about everything afterwards (2011 onward). Depressed, hurt and fearful as hell,embarassed, low on confidence, I have pretty much disappeared from society to avoid meeting people I know to avoid embarrassment. Started falling into sexual sins(pornography, sex chat etc).Life has improved a bit I have been offered the job of procurement manager at a start up e commerce company, will be joining shortly…But I am pretty much addicted to all the sexual crap now. I'm almost 30 and I started falling into such stuff about 2 years back. I can't pray like I used to, I am trying, but I am just not able to feel any connection with God. I am ashamed and feel horrible about all the things I never ever thought I would do..I really don't know what to do…i must have confessed to priests already 200 times these past two years…So I feel like I am wasting my time and God's while I am praying/confessing. Fr Mike(and others), please pray for me. Joseph of the old testament was and always will be my greatest hero. It's too bad I have become what I have become….

I get it that there are not a lot wars started by Religion. But wouldnt only one war question this particular Religion. Of course ITS the individual who participates, but they were fighting in the Name of Religion. E.g the 30 year Long war between Catholics and Protestants. How can you stand firmly in your faith in Jesus Christ and then so Stuff Like that.

Can you make a video about fasting for others? For their conversion or healing? The idea of "offering something up" for someone else is a little confusing to me. Thanks!

May all the people of Israel be reassured that He loves them.
Chapter 21
Those who overcome will be sons of God—The earth attains its celestial glory.

1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Religion is not THE cause as often as some people think but it does make things worse than they need to be. Just because the people didn't go to war over their interpretations of the Gospels doesn't mean that Christianity played no part. Christianity was a significant aspect of fascism and colonialism for example, two things which have killed tens of millions of people from the early 19th century to the early 20th.

Not even joking was talking about this with one of my non Christian friends in School and this is soooooo helpful. Thanks 😊😊

This sure was an eye-opener to me because I did believe that a big chunk of wars and violence was caused due to religious disputes and disagreements. Thank you Father Mike for clearing this up for me. This is something I definitely need to share with my friends because they believe that religion is a major cause of conflict, as I was led to believe before watching this video. Thank you Father Mike for always taking the time to nourish our souls with a piece of the truth. I have really enjoyed coming to listen to your words. And it makes perfect sense now that wars come from our own inner brokenness and from saying "no" to God and His Will.

That 3% of wars are some of the most damaging wars of all time. It’s a little bit delusion to pretend that the Catholic Church doesn’t haven’t an extremely violent past regardless of the current church’s stance on war.

Father mike please pray
for Ireland we are voting
on abortion next week.
please pray it will be rejected. and Ireland does not lose its catholic
soul. God bless you father mike.

Fr Mike have you considered making a video about the 8th Amendment referendum in Ireland? 🇨🇮

"Killing in the name of….

…F*** you I won't do what you tell me"
RATM nails it. St Perpetua had it right, guide the sword to your own neck rather than submit to the will of others. So-called "just wars" are not what Jesus was referring to when talking of the sword and Gehenna. How can you love another as yourself by killing them? No, religion may not cause wars; but, it has mastered the art of justifying them. Just wars, but no just abortion? Murder is murder is it not? You can't eat your cake and have it too.

Yep! My heart is broken in ways I didn't imagine possible. Patience and Faith are my saving grace; thank you Jesus!

…Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity were at this mornings cathedral Mass… calming……Pray for Bishop Barron ………..O my God I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee   I detest my sins sincerely Not only because by them I have lost all rights to heaven and deserve the everlasting pains of hell  Especially because they displease Thee my God Who art so deserving of all my love I firmly resolve with the help of Thy Grace nevermore to offend Thee and condemn my life again   Amen

Woooooow How is that every video is better and better. I'm so grateful to Ascension Presents God bless you all

“Religion Doesn't Cause as Many Wars as You Think” HMMMM…

How about this title, Religion Does Most Definitely Cause Death?
Instead of talking about the connection between religion and war,
will you focus on the connection religion has to the sinful hatred,
torture, oppression, violence, and murder of innocent people?
In this video at approximately 1:43 you state the following;
“we sometimes believe the fears, more than the facts”

At 3:44 you say; “good religion will never cause wars, good religion
will never be a source of war, why? because good religion… ha,
teaches the truth, it causes people to live goodness and create beauty”
Any are welcome to Prove me wrong. This UNDENIABLE FACT is TRUE!!!

The catholic church has tortured, butchered, crushed, hanged, burned,
boiled, decapitated, torn apart and drowned Faithful, Saved, Christians
by the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in REVENGE for being the
“ENEMY of the church”, for NOT submitting to the roman church and
specifically, it’s pope. This is UNBIBLICAL! This is BAD RELIGION!

Do the acts of your “religion” truly define “what it means to be catholic?
You say; “we are ALL born with original sin. Yet, your religion proclaims
the pope to be the vicar of Christ, holy, infallible, sacrosanct. Really?!!
“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate
your enemy.’ BUT I SAY TO YOU, Love your enemies and pray for those
who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.
For He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on
the just and on the unjust. Matthew 5:43-45———————————

If any require a detailed list of “historical facts and reports, papal bulls,
doctrines or canons” that show how the catholic church has always and
still operates in a manner CONTRARY to the teachings of Christ, just ask…


1 Thessalonians 5:21 but test everything; hold fast what is good.

Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves.
Or do you NOT realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?
unless indeed you fail to meet the test! 2 Corinthians 13:5

Why thumbs-down? Because you are a liar. You claim that wars come from our hearts and not from your god. Your god literally commanded multiple genocides, saying go and wipe out those people and take their land because I promised it to you. You should have just stopped at the statistics.

Keep in mind, more people died under atheistic communist regimes, than ever died under religious ones.

Hey, at least you know the difference between race and ethnicity. It gets really annoying when people don't.

The world is increasingly secular/atheistic and loves to hate religion and the Catholic Church especially. Over the centuries myths have been created which have gained traction in the retelling via textbooks, historical fictions, and the film/tv industry. We have all been subjected to inaccurate and biased views of historical events and, like it or not, an anti-Catholic sentiment exists and it’s time for us, as Catholics, to lift our game. Many Catholics would not know how to respond when someone throws the word Crusade or Inquisition at us. If I may, I have a couple of suggestions for my fellow Catholics: Check out Church Militant’s FBI (Faith Based Investigations) on the Crusades and the Inquisition, and if you have time, read Triumph, The Power and The Glory of the Catholic Church (a 2,000 Year History) by H.W. Crocker III, and Seven Lies about Catholic History by Diane Moczar. There are other great books and, as Father Mike mentions, books about the Saints are awesome. If you like to study, Dr. Taylor Marshall has a great online Theology course as well as informative Podcasts.

I can listen to this Priest all the time and it is always inspiring and educational. Greetings from Germany an be blessed.

I'm having a problem with religion because I'm reading a book called when all you ever wanted isn't enough. 1st the you shall not worhsip idols, actually means don't turn yourself into an idol either. And the other one was in eccles, 3:19 in my own brief life I have seen this, that a good man perishes inspite of his goodness, and a wicked man endures inspite of His wickedness, so do not exert yourself to be especially good, for you may be dumbfounded. Eccles 7:15 – 7:16. In the end a bad man is the same as a good man, a rich man the same as a poor, a fool as a wise man, and every man as every other man, because we will all die and no man won't face death sooner or later. Plus only some are chosen to see God and to go to Heaven others will never see Heaven, in a world like that not even the strongest of faith – can make our lives matter a week after we are dead. The problem I have with religion is the above and that most things in religion are so set in stone, but God is a living God, and has changed but religion has not. Man only lives for so long, and since relgion hasn't grown with God, man is further away from the creator then he has ever been. He will blow through His life with a false salavtion which will take him no-where by believing in a God that most relgions have killed by not allowing for God to be alive and present in peoples lives in the here and now. We follow old stories of men who's bones aren't even dust, whose stories for the most part do not help us through are lives today with the problems we will face during our times. most of the religions in the world need a serious update to make our Lord a living and not dead God.

These are just propoganda spread by Anti-religious Atheist websites. The most mass murdering people in history were Atheists. You only have to look at the 20th century for that

Fr. Mike, I’ve been wondering why there is so much violence shown in the old testament? Love your videos btw.

hey father mike and ascension presents! i have a Big Question, you know the revelation where it says those in the book of life will be judged on their works and those who will not be found in the lake of fire? well what does that mean? like are peoples works not good enough to be in heaven? will all works be in heaven? will every one written go to heaven? are our works written in the book of life at the same time? are they separate? thanks! 🙂

Hey Father, I am a non-denominational Christian missionary raised in Turkey. I am currently in Cyprus, studying Greek to read the New Testament. I have this urge to research more into Catholic Doctrine and theology. I know I am feeling convicted, but I am honestly scared to take the step, because I was raised to believe that the Catholics are not bad, but that their theology is not biblical. I am really curious and am humbly asking for help or guidance. If you can help me at all I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Fr. Mike, You have such a way with words. God speaks through you to my broken heart and gives me the want to be a saint. Thank You 🙏🏻God Bless you and your ministry!

Nailed it again Fr. Mike! Thanks for addressing this and taking this back to the heart of all war–the human heart. Blessings!

I always thought that the South Park episode, “Go God Go”, was a great way to satirize people, who assume religion is the cause of all conflicts and act like a world without religion would be an instant Utopia or that atheists cannot also act irrational/bigoted/violent from time to time.

This is off subject, Why is pope Francis saying that homosexuality isn’t a sin?, he has also said that there is no hell, furthermore he has said that his words overrules the Bible, god isn’t pleased this is biblical pope Francis is the ainti pope

HI . Is it a sin To bury your soul?. My Soul is from the 4th Realm From Zion. it was very powerful I couldn't control it. it must not know what the Eye does. O she Habit ovet Do tel O Nero su Zu Judash u Jeshu te Ehe. I'm concern if this is a sin but I had no choice and God never answered my preyers. They don't know I exist and if they know they will do everything to take me. but they don't know my Soul nor my name. my Soul"s name Scares All deamons.

Would you do a video on vegetarianism? Or taking a life even if it's an animal life? I would like to understand what the Bible says about this and your idea. Thank you!

#askfrmike Will you do a video about forbidden foods in Leviticus? I have a friend who denies that the New Testament lifts those restrictions for things such as pork.

Fr. Mike, I go to a catholic school, and we watch you during religion next week we’ll be learning about Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. So can you do a video about that🙏

i usually do not comment but I do love your, video, it answers a lot of questions, and helps me in unimaginable ways…..however I do not like that you removed Muslim from the sats, they are a religion as well and even thou they are cover the more than half of the wars caused by religion , i do no think you should exclude them ………..but i do like what u said……especially about judging the religion base on those who dont live up to the standards of the religion……but keep the videos coming

The problem isn't solely a religion fighting for dominance which your source is attributing as how religions cause wars. Its also the ideology of religions that dictates to people how and why wars should be fought. For example the Vietnam war fought by the United States and the Vietnamese Communist regime fought for the control of the country; which wasn't fought directly for the dominance of Christianity but the Christian principles that America had led them to want to stop the rise of regime that didn't fit into the then current ideology of many Americans which stemmed from beliefs rooted in Christianity. So the argument of your opposition isn't the direct conflict of religion but the religion's impact on certain people's ideas of what a good wars to fight are (including all religions not just Christianity). This is why many people including myself say religion is the cause for most all of wars ever fought in recorded history.

Father, can you provide the source of the numbers you use? That there have been 1,763 wars and that 6% are religion based? Thanks!

An interesting video. I can definitely appreciate your views and I love how articulate and well-thought out your positions are! 🙂

Gracias for this beautiful ministry. I have learned so much from your
insightful messages. What a grear wonder and blessing it is to be a Catholic!!

Peace and warm regards. God can deliver us from brokenness like covetousness that cause wars within that sometimes spread to without.
Christianity places a great emphasis the Sacredness of every human life. How much we stand up for this is another matter; especially with the provisions granted by The Constitution. Atheistic communism, fascist socialism caused more deaths than any ideology. Now a days we literally have a war on helpless babies by so many who have power over their lives and brought about laws 'legalizing' their murder. So, godlessness, and not recognizing the Sacredness of the life of every human person has historically been way more dangerous to human life than religion. And ultimately, (I will not touch on a precept of a certain religion that when it comes down to it – after making friends – destroy other religions, and the people that belong to them if they do not convert; except to say that makes it very dangerous in the hands of the powerful); those who actually caused the wars (not self defense or seeking to liberate the oppressed) did it for political or other power wielding reasons.
We all must strive to be assertive peace makers; even if it means a harsh cross. I pray for strength from The Holy Spirit if it comes down to it. Current events; while there have been reprieves; show that while we admire those who stand up for religious liberty there seems to be increasing acceptance of oppressing religious liberty. I don't know what this may mean to me personally; but I need God so very much if I am called to stand up to the current tide.

I got in big trouble with this one today after morning Mass at fellowship.
Please pray for me, I should have just agreed to disagree, pointed to this video by electronic conveyance to my friend. But like an idiot I kept talking and talking and talking trying to clarify things 'off the cuff,' with many of the things I said taken to mean justification of abuses in The Church. At least he accepted that clarification, that I don't justify anyone's prudential judgement that goes against the teachings of The Church causing hardships, oppression, deaths, and the like.
I'm going to give him my copy of 'Seeds of The Word,' by Bishop Robert Barron; so maybe he will accept that there is a lot of propaganda almost imperceptibly grown for a long period of time. Because of what happened to Galileo, he also thinks The Church was against advances in science. I said, I didn't think threats of torture should have been used; but Galileo, in a climate where the Church was battling ideas dangerous to many people, he was rude to the hierarchy of The Church and did not help matters. And I asked what is wrong with caution with new ideas? I don't know where people stand on nuclear energy; but taken as a whole — we can destroy each other very fast — they have no idea what to do with stockpiles of dangerous nuclear waste with long half-lives — and God knows the vast increase with bad health effects directly related to nuclear energy. Personally, the scientists at the Manhattan Project, who cautioned against it, along with others were right.
Humankind has shown much lack of patience and prudence since Adam and Eve. The point is; that many thought Galileo could be right, but asked for his ideas to be censored. It was difficult, and it could have been handled much better. But The Church started the University system. Even many clergy helped advance science.
And so many things discussed too rapidly with mostly preconceived notions not even dented. I guess now I wrote too much; please pray for me.

I like how honest guy is, and how he didn't make a video about Islam yet, he simply doesn't know enough about, and its great that he doesn't gonna say the usual (religion of war) crap.

Islam is going through a hard time, its core got hijacked by saudi long bearded kill loving leaders who love to kill their enemies aka the kafirs (kafir doesn't even mean a non believer in arabic, I'm an Arab and I confirm that).

and the outer image of Islam is ruined by the ignorance of some Muslims and their violent nature.

its hard times, but like this father said wars in the name of Islam are still a mere 4%. thank god, it ain't worse.

Can you talk about the Spanish inquisition. I don't know much about it and Protestants always bring it up. Thanks!

Yes, the TRUE religion (Catholic Christianity) doesn't cause wars. The problem is, there are a lot of people in the world who reject the Grace of God and whose religions or philosophies are in outright contrast to the word of God. But the nature of a religion is to be absolute. If your religion says "convert all the infidels to Allah through the sword" and Catholicism resists that by refusing to deny Jesus Christ as Lord, there is a conflict by virtue of a clash of non-negotiable values. In other words, Truth and Falsity are objectively at war with each other, and Satan has his armies unfortunately. There are other types of religions (like Buddhism) that operate by principles that make them easy to live in relative harmony with other types of beliefs (they don't believe in violent conversion) but ultimately beliefs DO matter. Even wars fought over greed, aren't they really just wars fought because of certain principles considered higher or better than others? No person sincerely worshipping Jesus Christ would start a war over greed, so it is generally people, nations or cultures that operate according to other principles in which greed is an acceptable reason to go to war. Of course, they are wrong, but the point is, the view we have of life conditions everything we do, and religion is indeed a part of that.

There is a book out there, uh, oh yeah….THE BIBLE!  I've read it through, several times actually.  The Abrahamic religions are staunch proponents of war.  The very premise of their beliefs are rooted in war.  It gets deep in Gen. 15 when the dreams of conquest and the voices in Abram's head get specific about who's lands he is to conquer.  Then jump on in to Exodus and the "conquering voices" leap into action with a single declaration in Exodus 15:3 "The Lord is a man of war:  The Lord is his name."  I could go on, but you know how it plays out from there.  The truth is that the God of the Bible is bloodthirsty.  At every turn he has required the spilling of blood.  From animals to humans, and ultimately, his own "son."  Spare me your feeble attempt to walk backwards and undo what has been done for millennia in the name of your god according to your own holy script.  And what of Constantine's charge, "In this sign you will conquer?"  If you can dismiss the voices that told these men to kill and conquer, then I can gladly dismiss the rest of the so-called "inspired, god-breathed scriptures purportedly derived from like voices in the heads of deranged men.

Silly man lol I was on fb today .A friend of mine put up a picture of a angle holding a cross and that Bab whatever that devil statue thats in Arkansas.In the equally of freedom of religion .I said to her as a artist they both look like they should be on a castle ledge .Yea i knew this was a trap going in .Then I went on to say .Im sorry I forgot not everyone is from Washington DC .I even seen old blue prints .My father and grandfather .Worked on Wh the smiths all sorta places .My dad was name contractor of the yr so i some time come home with pictures that he worked on
The Art museum is great .so as i was saying .I seen me some art .That how i took the pictures .She pressed me more I told her I dont deal in whats in peoples heads .You are what you think you are or you are a fool .I except people when I met them just as they are .accept them where they are .

"The only thing worse than an atheist is a Christian who leaves gods grace" (paraphrasing).. this is how religion uses "fear" to make sure even ones who they already convinced, never leave! God might be kind to those atheists if he feels mercyful BUT if your in the church and leave, you will be worse off then an atheist… fear, fear, fear..

Fr. Mike is a little too quick to dismiss the role of religion in warfare. The 16th and 17th century wars of religion took the lives of millions of people, with percentages that rival the World Wars. We can't defend faith by manipulating statistics, nor can we ignore the role that Christianity has played in empire building, enslavement of people, and acts of terror. We can only repent from these evils, not cover them up. Nice try Fr. Mike.

Religion is to judge others, right? That's how grew up perceiving it. One is better than another. One is holy than another.

He fails to mention the amount of people killed between all those wars. Battles that occurred at the beginning of written language were no where near the amount, in terms of military soldiers, of wars occurring in the last 1000 years. WW2 (religion played a big part in that as well) by itself was accountable for 80-100 million deaths. There's no way the first 500 battles of human history would account for this one war out of whatever number he said. Something like 2000 battles.

Why then did my Uncle Leo Calebrese, St. Pope Leo the Great, syaTY THE hOLY roman Empire. Back then, they were stealing from the church with these different invaders. Yhey also killed many nuns, priests, laand many Catholic too. So,m he used diplomacy back then to get help for standiung up to this and thT. bUT IT DID NOT HAVE TO REMAIN UNTIL THE SECOND COMING.

bUT if you really met me and I took you to where my Uncle Leo's home in Wilkes Barre was,you would realize they were poor.

I would like too know, how do you claim to love your brother and send your brother and children to die for your corporation , religion is the beast created by men to only benefit men, America is not a Christian nation it's a nation taken over by Christian terrorist who breed serial killers and call it freedom

…pleading with all my heart for someone from Ascension Presents to offer the following to a certain
…Bishop, who justly wishes to engage Jordan Peterson; but made an unqualified statement recently
…. after he binge watched Peterson's videos, I suppose to prepare for a talk with him;
… namely that we needed 'The Enlightenment.' B. Barron has a wide audience, isn't this an erroneous damaging thing to do?
____[I left this reply, after another one was 'marked as spam' because in another video
__ he hemmed and hawed giving tentative favor the the persecuted Church in China
__ claiming he was't sure because he wasn't on the ground, there. (I suggested he go there, in that one.)
__ Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of his work; but this is too solemn in The Law of Christ,
__ to just let go, yes?
"The European Enlightenment,

however, much sustained by a shortsighted emancipatory pathos against the

“myth” of religion in the eighteenth century, was based on a confidence in

human reason’s capacity that is in fact grounded in Christianity. Without

Jesus Christ, modernity’s trust in the reasonableness of human endeavors,

such as providing justice for all, or achieving technical mastery and economic

progress, must suffer shipwreck, as postmodernity’s underlying melancholy

so eloquently demonstrates. Thus much of contemporary philosophy adroitly

sidesteps the great metaphysical questions that have preoccupied major thinkers throughout history. In this sense, Ratzinger inveighs against a theology

that shies away from the semantic breadth and wealth of the term and the

person called Ho Logos. In “Jesus of Nazareth” he wants to free theology from

the stranglehold of pedantically believing only what the historical-critical

method supposedly deems viable. Such a critically unreflecting hermeneutics

deceives one into assuming the exclusion of God acting in the world."

The Theology of Pope Benedict XVI: The Christocentric Shift pp. 270 (c)Emery d Gaal 2010

(pleading for devout learned discernment)

Reflecting on post modern 'melancholy.'

When some praises 'The Enlightenment' in a world that has showed it's immense detrimental effects; especially with an informed conscience responsible for showing the true Light of Christ, the real source of authentic peace; isn't encumbered upon him to convey this? I would really like to know what you mean by we needed 'The Enlightenment.' It seems to me your video would leave some ignorant to the myth that religion, especially the myth of 'the arrogant exclusive' Judaeo and Christian religions with their bigoted oppression/persecutions/wars are hindering true freedom/peace and safety. The most dangerous myth of our day. Especially since the unjust wars & atrocities done by hypocrites of The Divine Revelation; resulted in way less heart wrenching tragic deaths than worldly ideologies.

The so called 'Enlightenment' quite often uses hypocrisy of opulent Christians; while not exclusively this opulence; for class propaganda warfare — always resulting in warfare, oppression, persecution, and atrocities. Some examples are, Communist Russian 'breaking a few eggs to make an omelette,' murdering millions for their brand of Utopia; Communist China doing the same thing; and now 'Enlightened' Utopian ideologies & political agendas contorting The Laws of Nature or even The Light of Christ to their ends; with much complacency and/or pandering to those who foster this because of convoluted ideas social justice — the brutal painful mass murder of tens thousands of helpless children in the womb or just outside of the womb. Then after sinking into more and more gradualism, despite persons like John Paul ii directing not to do so; make claims that the urgency of now is not working; let's put that in the background and focus on more widely appealing social justice — while the Law of Christ commands the focus be to help all consciences for all the oppressed, persecuted, and being crushed in murder.

Thank God for those who emulate Dietrich von Hildebrand, Bishop Sheen, Dietrich Bonhoeffer; Maximilian Colby, Edith Stein, Pius xii, Leo xiii, Pius x, The Underground Railroad necessary because of gradualism in abolishing slavery, Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr, author of Letter from Birmingham Jail (obviously where I borrowed the terms 'gradualism' v. 'urgency of now'), and others.

None of them would make a deal with a regime that fosters the murder of Holy Innocents; and now has increased oppression on persecuted The Church in that nation which would never do so.

I do appreciate & think you present good compelling videos, that help in the re-Evangelization. And I have seen divisive harsh angry remarks of those who know your work. I do not like those. I have also heard from those who do not say anything directly regarding your work, who are well respected reasonable devout persons in the re-Evangelization. It would seem to me, that for us to bring us closer to what Jesus Christ pleaded for in The Last Discourse; we need for all parts of the re-Evangelization to address certain solemn things with the same compassionate assertive voice. Not everyone who thinks you need to work on assertiveness; in apropos solemn events of our time is an angry uncharitable person. Some have insights from Grace guided learning.

We need compassionate assertive debates, that is for sure. But I'm far from the only one that sees a contrast between those that are complacent to the status quo by fostering gradualism; sometimes with the well meaning intention of not sounding 'divisive' but 'inclusive;' but do not see how much this fosters malaise. What is wrong with appeals for a more concerted assertive Light of Christ voice?

"Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn
‘A man against his father,
a daughter against her mother,
a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’" Matthew 10:34-36

Onward Christian soldiers… God's on my side,so I can kill in his name. Religion is a cancer that needs to be eradicated.

Religion like catholic and other things should not exists, it should just be love and other important thing that brings fruit of good

Religion Doesn't Cause as Many Wars as You Think…do you mean the few millions killed by religious wars are acceptable? religion makes no sense even when it's trying to defend itself. You should be ashamed to convey ideas that corrupt peoples minds.

I wish there was a link to the Encyclopedia of War that Fr Mike references in the description. I'm trying to.find this book trilogy. Can anyone help with a link?

Religion is dangerous when it's man-made and not scripture-based. "Religion should unite all hearts and cause wars and disputes to vanish from the face of the earth, give birth to spirituality, and bring life and light to each heart. If religion becomes a cause of dislike, hatred and division, it were better to be without it,.." ~ Baha'i Faith

Remember Ghengis Khan, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Attila the Hun, Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin etc… had nothing to do with religion yet left millions and millions of bodies in their wake. Yet according to anti Christians we are the cause for the all the death and bad in the world. It’s funny because when I ask them to name Three wars that were started because of religion all they can name is the crusades that happened over a thousand years ago

Take those comments I'm AM worse than a Demon which I do not believe in also. I am not a Religious person I just do not Practice anything or any Form of Religion and I do not practices any non-religion. I just follow the laws do what I feel is the proper and correct thing that being a human with Humanity and caring for others and respect for others does. No Light or Darkness Guides me in my doings I follow my heart and my thoughts and my feelings. In Todays, world Religion is the most thrown around concept from Good to bad from hate to carrying but I see a lot more religions caring more hate in their words today than I have seen in the past. I may not follow religiously but I do follow and try to read what I can read. I work a lot to keep my world turning and the world for others around me. SO dedicating to anything besides being a Good person to the best of my abilities should not require me to pray or to go to a place of worship. Just doing the right things in Life and making my opinions heard and listening to others opinions is a must I do not need to follow their opinions I just need to listen to their side! To say Majority of us who feel the same as I do are lower than a Demon in which I only believe in movies and Video games. This statement is an immoral statement coming from Fr. Mike Schmitz! this is my Opinion I speak for myself!

I believe religion is the cause of all wars especially Christianity. From biblical times , the Middle Ages to 9/11 these were all caused by RELIGION. Don't come and tell me that your "Church" is a utopia on earth. Your organization has killed millions around the world just for power and money. Never will I trust a church again or a man with a collar.


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