Red Priest – Vivaldi Fours Seasons – Spring – Allegro

Red Priest - Vivaldi Fours Seasons - Spring - Allegro

I heard Red Priest at Lancaster University some years ago with my wife and he recorder playing friends. They, and I, were enthralled by the performance. Yes it in probably not respectable Vivaldi but the live performance is mesmerising and non the worse for that. As a quartet enthusiast I love a break from convention. We were fortunate to enjoy live performances at Bangor recorded for Radio Three; some of what happened was electrifying. Ken Parkes

Red Priest are marvelous and Piers Adams , the recorder player, is astonishing. From the moment I heard the opening of this I knew I was in for a treat. To make one's ears prick up with the Four Seasons which has become over exposed in many ways, is quite remarkable. There is such life to this performance.

Si no le dan like ni reproducen entenderé lo que es obvio , la mayoría de los facebookeros prefiere espectáculo musical que arte musical

I met Piers Adams  at a recorder workshop at Vanier College in Montreal in 2011-12 or so; we all had lunch together after it was over and he seemed like a nice enough person. But this bastardisation of Vivaldi's Four Seasons is a horror. Glitzy, flashy, showy, no respect for the music itself–only a desire to use it as a vehicle to wonk-off in public. Feh. I'm sorry, but it has to be said.

bellissimo guardate sempre suonato da lui vivaldi il cardellino concerto con il giardino armonico!!!!


Following my previous comment it must have been 1992 as I bought his new CD 'The English Nightingale' which was superb and excellent for calming children with autism.

Saw Piers Adams in a solo concert back in the 1980's or early 90's and thought he was a genius back then. In the context of a group he has to be the Rick Wakeman of recorder. This Band are brilliant. well done to all concerned and thanks for posting.


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