Reality and the Sacred

the internet is obviously in the process of making colleges obsolete. who would ever take a course from a random college middling professor when you can learn from this guy instead?

While watching this lecture I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and there it was – a lobster, telling me I was on the very bottom of the dominance hierarchy and If I didn't do something about it very soon my entire life would fall into chaos.

Then I woke up.

His seminars seem to be 20% psychology and 80% philosophy and theologist. I would call him more of a philosopher/theologist than a psychologist in his seminars.

It is interesting how he compares the nobility of taking psychology as a life skill endeavor in contrast to people attending a trade school. But he does not mentioned the white-collar or professional equivalent endeavors that are taught at the University which he teaches. Since he knows some of those people, and many are his peers and or maybe attending his seminars. I would say he shows some fear of offending them. The trade school students are not around to take offense so it's safe for him. He is not quite like the "I tell it like it is" guy you think he is. I've seen him do this politically as well depending on the political persuasion of his audience.

Wow so long ago! Still to this day, he’s a chosen “ONE” to teach and preach interesting theories and topics which are true! ❤️🙏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

ithought that the reason we freeze when we stumble upon something horrifying was to see and hear around us better

You are absolutely incredible Dr. Peterson! Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for your brilliance & sharing it with us. Your wife, daughter, son & soon to be grandchildren are incredibly lucky to have you.

Jordan Peterson is such a smart man but to think you know how the ancients thought or how smart they were is ignorant. They were higher technology than most people know, until the catalysm that destroyed the ancient world man had a reset. We started over and we're a society with amnesia. Look at the thousands of buildings around the world that are thousands of years old and baffle our brains till today. They built in ways we cannot fathom. If those things lasted and are in the condition they are imagine the technology's that didn't last the 1000's of years that it's been. They didn't build these buildings and castles and churches with no tech, that's CRAZY to believe seeing how we can't replicate any of it

Manly P. Hall roll's on, the masonic teachings of academic elite is intact! Touche Mr Peterson, Touche… Someone has to carry the torch, the light and you are most certainly worthy.

55:10 i ask myself that before every decision, is it going to be conflicting with my values, my well being , my happiness, is it going to consume to much time (free time is key to a happy life) to get to know yourself and to do those things that you find rewarding and to analyze your life situation and the impacts "positive or not" that previous decisions has had in your life.

If you have time? Please read this comment. When I was 14 yrs old. I was very afraid to even be here, I was insecure about everything, and I was a coward. I drank my first 🍺 beer. I found what I needed. Now I was afraid, I also turned into a high functioning alcoholic. Got Married and went to the Air Force where I drank all the time, just never at work. I did very well, got promoted ahead of my peers. 4 yrs later I left to start a my own Landscaping Design and installation business I did very well, I also reinforced my alcoholism and drug use had a family , remodeled a home to my dreams come true, beautiful wife, who loved to fuck, I had it all , I also developed a full blown addiction to prescription Meds and other drugs, and was drinking half a fifth of liquor everyday, til I drive my company into the ground, almost ran off my family filed bankruptcy and lost everything except the shirt on my back, now I’m broke , sick with emphysema, and brain damaged. I love listening to The Doctor Peterson, when he warns about drinking , he’s not just saying it. Be careful with the substance use and take you down. And ruin you. It did me. I hope this helps one person, I’m four years sober now and trying to get a degree in human Services:will see where it go’s.! Have a good one. 🕉

consciousness is absolutely self aware. death is not an end. you have lived forever. The Law of Karma powers the Law of Reincarnation. Gotta Love this Life.

"My I you are a barbarian." But thanks to the enlightening awareness of these results u interested me in life as I have become apposite of myself for so long…

I let jordan go on auto play and observed by going over the same videos from time to time from others reposting its like listening it for the first time because im absorbing different bits or analyzing it differently maybe do to different mindsets or moods im in while im listening im still very impressed and humbled by Dr.Petersons understanding and ability to expain everything he talks about

hey peterson, tree hugger, wrong about the heating up of the earth and Ford. study up partner and get it right.

This man should be a cherished mind In these troubled times. They don't teach you these things anymore because they don't want you thinking

I was thirsty. Spiritually thirsty and then Jbp came along my way.. Smart people can help others! Ty Mr. Peterson. You are a good man. Keep up the good work and a deep ty from the bottom of my heart for sharing your work and your thoughts. Excuse my english. Love from QC Canada✌

Jordan, I feel like giving you a hug, we need more people like you. This was the most engaging lecture I have seen. 🙂

I have listened to this lecture at least 5 times and hear the dimensions of meaning unfold with each listen.

Great lecture also terrifying like knowing the beginning of a scary book will have a equally terrifying ending but you still hhhave no choice to but to finish it.

Black and white are digital. All else including color and shades of grey are analog. Both in the same processor, at the same time.

Ark of the covenant contains two stone tablets with the ten commandments, some manna and Aron's rod. To say it contains God's word is incomplete.

This is what educators should be doing with our young adults. Most are instead polluting our youth with senseless dogma. Here is JP getting it done and doing the heavy lifting. Profs should emulate this man instead of confronting and criticizing

God damn it, with this amount of revelations, it's so hard not to go into "teary eyes" mode.
The sense he outlines somewhat easily is hitting me continuously like a unstoppable truck.

I love what you teach. I don't understand why you refer to God as "he". Isn't God just God without gender? I realize it is common and historic language but it feels wrong.

Can anyone help? I still don't understand the tie-in of the old man who accidentally touches the Ark of the Covenant. How does that relate to the refusal (or inability) to accept the order-chaos dichotomy?

Your world is chaos whether you get the grade you expected or not, the fact that we depend on a grade to predict our future outcome is bullshit to begin with.

Psychology is not sacred nor is it science. It is pseudoscience. The shaman, the priest , the intellectual
all use words like magic spells.
For those of us who do not believe in magic, we instead rely on our observance of natural law. Sacredness like love itself, is a projection of the Mind. The only things that I truly consider sacred would be the entheogens or plants that work with our minds chemistry to awaken our deeper selves. Christians are clearly cannibals as they mock the eating of body and the blood of Christ.
Tribal peoples eat the fruiting bodies of mycelium, or they mix a Synergy of plant materials to make Ayahuasca Etc. Should you like to step into the world of the esoteric you might just learn something about the universe and about yourself. More specifically you might actually meet the godhead… so ready your questions as you prepare for your journey…😉

Very thought provoking and interesting. I’m way to old to be a university student. But suffering can lead to Joy. Although feelings are fleeting. But the story of Christianity isn’t suffering, it’s being a overcomer and the joy and peace of knowing and being in the presence of the anointed one. Not measurable in simple biological functions of the mortal body.

In this time of cheap technology, any idiot can broadcast themselves over the internet, and call it whatever they want to be. What a difference it is when we get the opportunity to listen to an actual intellectual who has a message of profound value.

"Every time you tell yourself a lie or act out a falsehood you disturb the pristine integrity of your nervous system, and the reports it will then give you about the nature of the world will be more distorted as a consequence. So yes you have a moral obligation to follow the dictates of your conscience, but you also have a moral obligation to make sure your life is straight enough that you can rely on your own judgement, and you can't separate those things."

Absolutely Beautiful! One of the greatest teachers of our time. All you have to do is listen to be inspired. Thank you JP and YouTube.

absolutely brilliant, I would like a recording of every single time Mr Peterson has spoken, I wish all good things on this greatest speaker of all time.

If you say it right.. you'd be right in what u say When the man touched the ark God didn't strike him dead NOTHING UNHOLY CAN TOUCH the holy ghost . That's why he died . Today under the new law of grace by faith ( I know it dont matter to you but for me correcting you because HE IS MY GOD the holy ghost dwells in GODS PEOPLE MADE HOLY BECUASE of CHRIST AND HIS SACRIFICE and our being owned of him were made holy by him therefore. Able to have the HOLY GHOST WITHIN US 👌👍☝️ godhead. Pardon

If only my life had afforded me any opportunity to go to university when I were younger …man I would have paid any amount to attend this mans lectures .. I find him absolutely PROFOUND AND AMAZING .. SO PASSIONATE AND HONEST .. INTELLIGENT BEYOND ALMOST ANYONE I HAVE ENCOUNTERED….THANK YOU DR. Jordan Peterson …. You have enlightened me in so many ways ….

It's pretty scary when reality has been distorted for so many young people especially Americans to the point that when they hear the obvious coming from the distorters they believe they've been enlightened to a truth they have been denied. If you believe the faiths of the world are all forms of enslavement or deception you ought to read the Talmud! America has been infiltrated by a very evil cabal that will walk each one of us up to a cliff and push us over when we are not looking if we are not careful. A fake ally using psychological warfare tactics on American soil. In our schools, On our TVs, and this enemy of Christianity and ultimately every religion in the world has usurped the most powerful nation in the world with less than a handful of bullets( JFK, USS LIBERTY, & 911) .. This shill should title his tours and books "The art of the shill! ".. Count how many times he brought up the Talmud in his scripted socalled lessons? Americans should always use critical thinking when letting anyone into their minds. There are enemies of the people of this great nation and our religious beliefs operating in the homeland.

Because of the popularity of Dr Peterson lectures and lots of praises about him made me curious to watch some of his lectures, and so far i have noticed time without number him making references to the bible as if biblical accounts are factual. He referenced the man who wanted to help stable the ark of the covenant struck by god as if it happened. I will need some help if he reads my comment to make a stand, are you teaching that all what transpired in the bible are inspired or made up stories?

I just got started on social media in my 80"s and Jordan Peterson is one of my favorites. He certainly is handsome at this public lecture. He is aging now, as we all do. Stressful decisions should be carefully made aware of.!! Priority" Mr, Peterson! TAKE CARE.

If you have a look at the faces of his students and their giggling silliness you will know that his dissertation is meant for you, and wasted on them. Never giggle, kill dragons.

marvellous. dr Peterson has been saying these things for Years.. over and over and over. maybe one day we'll 'get' it (do it, live it, and change the world).


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