Ray Hagins: What Makes Religion So Powerful.

What makes religion so powerful? I would say Broken people that desperately needs another outlet in their life and those people that believe that someone else is responsible for their actions or that some entity will save them or solve their problems.

So Ray your Mother has a called out assemble them. When God said that a woman should remain silent — disobedience to the word of God even you and Mother knows the Bible at that and Yet she went and preach in the Church. Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.
1 Corinthians 14:34. Don't go reading other people emails only read the one's addressed you Ray Higgins. That's 2013 and now 2019 and you still reading other people mails in the Bible. Your trip to Egypt in 2019 i am talking about.. People this man is Joke.
Is right about one thing Religion is a Bondage to People and the Old Testaments is NOT for Christians and even Mark Matthew Luke and John Jewish program.
It's God Business and Lucifer Business. Today we are Gentiles again and No more Jews. Only God Knows Jews today. Everything is finished and nothing New under the sun.
Now People go make MONEY for yourselves. and Our Doctrine is taken from Romans to Philemon given to our Apostle Paul for everyone. End off.

Is he angry he didn't have the chops to build a "mega prosperity gospel" church?

IMO, like too many, his focus and time is misapplied.

The "Good News", as I understand it, is that the favor and wisdom of Most High is available to all people.

I agree with, "Free your African Mind" but…

Do your own googles when listening to this dude.

Trust but verify. ~ Ronnie

Reward means good but it also means punishment. So yes Jesus will give us our reward but what is it? Who wants punishment?

Even so Dr Ray, why would Any one have to face a judgement by god? Doesn’t god of the Bible know everything and is omnipotent? Lol. Why any judgement? It is all foolishness. Thanks for your insight. It helps to put things in perspective as we free ourselves from the restraints of false religious doctrine and beliefs.

Dr. Hagins, if you were a white slave master teaching black people what you are teaching. They would not have any doubt. They would all be smiling and yes siring and thanking the white slave master for waking them up. You see, they can’t get that white fakeJesus out of their heads. Dr. Hagins, you keep on doing what you are doing. Everyone is not going to wake up anyway! Peace Love and Blessings to you Dr. Hagins today and always.

The story of the fall of Adam is often considered to be an allegory.There is no physical evidence that Adam and Eve ever existed.This is the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions.Wake up people……It's all a lie……Haha!

And by "wake up" he means put down Jesus, God, and Christianity all
together. Hagins' "teachings" are essentially like a gateway drug to
other harmful drugs; he wants to first make you feel that you are
somehow "dumb" for even being a Christian at all; then, he guides you
into doubting the authenticity of the bible; at this point, you are now
suspicious bout the Lord Jesus Christ even existing, and then finally,
you will renounce God. Welcome to Hell.

"We didn't have crowns, but escaping Am'ut was good enough."

If this is true, then this statement alone contradicts the entire message that your trying to send out. Because Am'ut and the Romans you speak against are no different. Because both are using fear to serve religion. Fear is known for enslaving people's minds so where is this suppose to set anyone free?

Much love king keep it coming. My spirit lead me here.. I be sharing your video's to every body i come in contact with. Hotep Ase´

I am a student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and from his teachings I can say that Minister Ray Hagans is right and exact in what he teaches.Also the teachings of the Prophet Buddha, before they became Aryanised, say than man is his own saviour. All organised religions under white control, are TRICK BAGS for Black people and we should abandon them YESTERDAY.

Let's recap, no Jesus and a Religion that has mislead you. Reality Check, America landed a prob on Mars. The USA has a space weapon caller Haarp, based in Alaska that can control the weather, distort your thinking and show you an image of jesus in the sky to disprove the truth. phoenixstreetnews.com

786 Brother Hagins U have successfully exposed Catholicism=Christianity as Satan's big Lie… However until U earnestly study only English Holy Qur'an & the commentary translated by S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali, U & all other religious ppl r deceived by Satan including the Muslim majority tho all Holy Qur'an verses are guarded from corruption by our LORD CREATOR UNSEEN ALLAH MOST HIGH, the commentary in other translations r corrupted by revert back to barbaric tribalism Arabs and other enemies of Prophet Muhammad and His pure Family 12 Successors peace be on Him & them, please follow on Twitter @deputyMahdi, imam Muhammad1 https://youtu.be/5w19Ppifw7s

I personally think people are scared to leave religion because of the PUNISHMENT…NOT the reward. Would have been better to teach from that perspective. I very rarely hear people talking about the rewards.. I hear more about avoiding hell fire….. hmmmm

look at this morons he is commanding their feet to come ove r https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-S3HZGt1TU

Personally, it was the thought of "Hell" that kept me attached. Something about that fire and brimstone

Well I guess George Washington never existed nor Abe Lincoln or George Washington carver, or Harriet Tubman either all historical figures as is Christ Jesus. What a deciever, he used to be a pastor?

Our people are brainwashed and full of fear and hatred. These religions offer emotionalism a type of high.

The KKK/ White supremacist killing blacks Worldwide all day/24 hrs and then go back home to read the same bible he gave them as slaves.

For the last many years
I am trying my best to find out the difference b/w
Religion n Bullshit.
Yet Faaaar away from successful .

Great message. Quick question. Please clarify how the motivation to be righteous and be judged by maat ang different from being holy and judged by jesus?


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