Ray Hagins: The Demise of the Christian Faith.

the subject for today is the demise of the Christian faith the demise of the Christian faith now can I go on a b-bow and tell you what's happening within the past four months I've spoken with approximately 12 to 15 pastors from various denominations who have explained to me that there's going to drastic decline in their church membership now here's the deep thing y'all each one of them had pretty much the same concern or complaint as the others the three major reasons that I heard from these ministers is people don't love the Lord like they used to that's the first most common complaint I've heard and the first person I heard that from with my mom the second most common complaint that I've heard was that people are unstable people are weak minded or will commit themselves and the third most common complaint is there's a spirit of disobedience in the church today folk don't want to obey their leader now there's no doubt that there is a major decline in church attendance that's happening everywhere at one point I took it personal and I thought you know was in my ministry but I found out that it wasn't just my ministry it's happening everywhere but I submit to you and those who are watching me on television pastors teachers religious leaders but the major reason why people are becoming disgruntled this ContentID dissatisfied displeased unhappy irritated and angry with that church is because people are finding out the hope that they have been given is not real it's a false hope you see all nothing is more devastating to a person than to find out that they've been lied to can I get a witness nothing is more devastating to a person than to realize that they've been misled that they've been deceived or that they've been manipulated that's devastating so this is not about the fact that people don't love God like they used to God found out that people do love God this is not about people being unstable and weak minded and I do agree that there's some unstable people if you look at some people you'll see that they don't stay on the same job long they move from one house to another every three to four months some people are just unstable so don't expect stability when they walk into a church but this is not about people not wanting to obey leadership this is about people who have given their life and their substance to something that they are finding out does not stand up to the test of scrutiny doesn't stand up to critical analysis doesn't stand up to the challenge doesn't stand up to the undeniable evidence that is now coming to light you see in the past the masses were kept in the dark about what they had been made to believe in fact it wasn't until the mid to late 16th century when the incredible Bible was finally made available for the common man as they say to read we need to ask ourselves why did the Bishop of London send out an order that all copies of the Bible were to be confiscated why did he do that why did they send out an order that the clergy the clergy is to burn all of the Bible why did they issue such an order in fact if anyone was caught with a Bible the penalty was death by burning that's indeed stuff you're late 16th century if you got caught with a Bible you could be burned at the stake now of course I'm talking about the Christian Church and when I say the Christian Church I mean the Roman Church you see the truth is the clergy realized that if the people had access to the book and they could read it for themselves that the program of control would come to an end no longer could they control the people the income of the church would crumble the power of the church would crumble so therefore let's return the ability to control the minds of the masses back to the pulpit you're following this you see if people's eyes came open they would begin to challenge this the authority of the church in other words the veneration of canonized seats would be challenged the so-called Virgin Mary Oh would be challenged and if you challenge her virgin birth then it stands to follow then that you gonna challenge the credibility of this so-called virgin born baby they could not allow that y'all check this out in 15 15 what year did I just say one more time what year in 1515 Pope Leo the 10th write it down don't take my word for Pope Leo the 10th in the year 1515 set these words I quote him what prophet have not this fable of Christ brought to us in the pork now allow me to transliterate that here's what the man said look at how much money we've made from this tale about a figure that we created called Jesus Christ here we see one of the most powerful posts in the history of the Christian Church confessing the truth you see the problem is that the masses of the people don't know the truth that Pope Leo the tip knew the Christian faith was I say it again was the most influential belief system in the Western world for more than 1,000 years but guess my job it ain't is healthy today as it was 100 years ago and among black African people paint as healthy today as it was 10 years ago the reason for this is people are coming to realize the same truth that Pope Leo the tenth spoke about and thanks to liberation ministries and teachers black African people are coming face to face with these hard cold facts at a speed that has to be reckoned with God has revealed to me not the light of right knowledge I didn't say the light of knowledge the light of right knowledge is getting brighter and brighter and the level of faith that individuals supposedly had in this fabrication is diminishing because each day the light of right knowledge just brighter and brighter this is why the demise of the Christian faith is taking place you see one of our out-of-state Study Group coordinators called me the other day and explained to me that people keep expressing their dissatisfaction and how unhappy they are in their church we heard testimony this morning of a sister who said I stopped going to church you see people the program ain't working and don't know our coordinator told me that even though people have said they don't want to go to that church the dilemma is they keep holding on to Jesus so I explained to her I said the reason for this my sister is because people have become bored with the powerless rituals that are practiced in churches believe it or not y'all fucker getting tired of that piece of look little piece of cracker not really understanding what it's about people getting tired of drinking a little tiny glass of Welch's grape juice not really understanding what it's about you see we have a generation of thinking people coming along explain to her even though people are bored with the rituals have one brother say to me at least they can warm the water up you gonna baptize me why you got to freeze me to death here we are in the 21st century and is still that ice-cold water in old-fashioned doctor streets people are tired of thinking now what is that supposed to do deep when you go in the water a crack addict and you come out the water a crack ass what meaning is that – getting wet and your life has not changed people are tired of these powerless ritual hmm and then was real deep as when people come to find out that the rituals are not based in what is real it's not based in what is true listen listen what does a person do when they find out that communion or what they call the Lord's Supper was not instituted by so-called Jesus what does a person do when they come to understand that this ritual was actually an honor of a white Pharaoh cup of telling me the fifth epiphany nickname you gotta stop see I wasn't taught that growing up I was taught that Jesus instituted this but when I did my homework could lord have mercy come to find out that almost two centuries BC they had a coronation ceremony for European Pharoah known as potala me v epiphanies and his nickname was Eucharist toast and where that's where they got the word Eucharist from at his coronation they instituted a ritual of eating flesh and drinking blood in the Roman Church carries that same ritual out in what is known today as the mass or communion don't take my word for it look up the rosetta stone write it down the rosetta stone go do your homework all of it's right there on the rosetta stone what does a person do when they come to realize that Barabbas and Jesus was the same person hey let me blow your man even though it's a fictionalized story they taught us that the crowd stood outside and said give us Barabbas but they didn't tell you that that Barabbas is first name was Jesus go do your homework oh it's a mind-blower and then when you do an etymological study of the word Barabbas you see that it is two words not one it's the word bar-abba they turned it around and made it Barabbas and Jewish custom the prefix bar means the son of means his first name was yes Seuss or Jesus when you put it together you got jesus the son of the Father what do you do when you find out that is running the same so the people stood outside and said give us Jesus the Son of the Father although fictionalised what does it do to a person when they come to realize that the so-called first man on this planet who we've been all taught to call Adam never historically existed that messes up everything when the beginning of your history starts with a fabricated individual then you come to realize that the whole system you believed in is fabricated in us a lot what does it do to a person when you come to find out that the word Adam comes from the Hebrew word Adama which simply means mankind in Hebrew not in Swahili time insult to injury what does it do to a person when they find out that what they thought was a unique original inspired writing is really nothing more than stolen copied plagiarized stories from much earlier accuse of other ancient cultural stories about thousands of years I don't know if y'all remember hearing not too very long ago about this young man who broke in the Catholic Church not far from here that was on the news he broke in the Catholic Church now that's the only reason why I made the news if he had broke in a Baptist Church would've made the news if he had broken in across Virginia charge was made but he broke in a Catholic Church and it made the news and they said that he threw an Imagine Mary down the stairs and defaced Jesus now let go it is still nothing didn't do any other damage inside that Catholic Church the only thing he did is he broke into the church and through the Virgin Mary down the stage and defaced Jesus now see you can't help see y'all being a psychologist I wonder why he did that maybe the demise of the Christian faith had already taken place in his mind maybe he came to realize that everything he was raised to believe was alive who knows he might have been an altar boy he might have to learn the Catechism and go through a training just to come to be humble he might even listen to own one accord on Sunday morning I don't know something made him angry we need to ask ourselves the questions just what is the Christian trait Wow let me define for you what the Christian now get ready listen y'all I'm getting ready to say some stuff that even though many of you have been liberated it's still gonna hurt when I say you know why because like me many of you so much of your life was into this program and the ramifications of such an attachment is still there for many of us but as my brother said so well on the radio this morning it's hard to compare a bucket of truth with a handful of faith I like that when you got a bucket of truth and a handful of faith you better hold on to that buck of the truth just what is the Christian faith the Christian faith is the belief in now Fogle any further please understand you believe in something because you don't know any better let me restate it for you another way when knowledge is present faint ain't necessary you don't need to believe that I'm holding a cloth in my hand you know I'm holding a cloth in my hand but now it's deepest when I show you my hand and say there's a cloth in my hand just believe it and you looking at my hand and you don't see no clock but yet you believe it anyway and you're willing to die for the fact that I'm holding a club in my hand and you looking at it underneath there oh oh that's where we were yes the Christian faith is the belief in check this out a set of doctrines or teachings that were determined and decreed by bishops of the Roman Catholic Church not one of them was black you need to understand this they decreed these doctrines and teachings in a multiplicity of what is called ecumenical councils in fact y'all there are 21 of them starting in the year 325 AD the Council of Nicaea under the rule of Emperor Constantine in the fourth century and from 325 AD to to to the year 1962 a period of one thousand six hundred and thirty seven years the Roman Catholic Church been meeting changing their teachings and their doctrines over and over trying to readjust them to fit because they knew they were alive look at the person next you say the latkes stand before so long sooner or later the truth is going to come out from the first Council of Nicaea in 325 AD to what is called Vatican 2 or the Second Vatican Council in 1962 Roman Catholic Church has been adjusting the doctrines that they made up however despite the hundreds of canonical declarations and doctrines established by the Roman Catholic Church now here what I'm getting ready to tell you however despite all that the Christian faith hangs by the thread of one pivotal point and that is something called the resurrection of Jesus Christ later for other doctors that they made up later for baptism later for communion later for holy unction later on there's this one doctrine that hangs by a thread it's called the resurrection of a so called Jesus Christ how many of y'all got your Bibles I want you to read something with me turn in your Bibles to first Corinthians the fifteenth chapter and the fourteenth verse first corinthians the fifteenth chapter and the fourteenth verse one more time first corinthians the fifteenth chapter and the fourteenth verse if you have it sale shade somebody who reads nice and loud who got a good loud voice oh great Karen since you're standing right here what does it say big mistake already and if Christ be not risen what does it say our preaching is in vain and your faith is also vain that's all that verse says what a thing to say if he did get her if he had rose from the grave let's put it this way if I knew to somebody rose from the brain I wouldn't be saying if he didn't give up I'd be saying he got up believe it or not the question the challenge is and if Christ be not listen let me transliterate this for you transliterated it would say it this way if Jesus Christ died and never rose to life then Christianity is a fraud as painful in if he died and did not get up Christianity is a fraud you know why because the entire Christian faith hangs by that one string that's what that verse says if he did not get up from the dead our preaching is in vain and your belief is in vain look at the person next to you and repeat up to me and say I know it's painful and it's not nice to have to hurt you like this but how in the world can somebody who never existed get about the grain I'm sorry people I don't mean to be insensitive but I got to tell you like it is we're talking about a story that was fabricated by white folk by the Roman Catholic Church don't get angry with me because they lied to you one brother said I'm a become your enemy because I tell you the truth yes the tragedy here is believing in the supposed historical validity of this one central event is what has given many sincere Christians a genuine and eternal hope in the midst of a hurting and miserable world many people that you tried to reach with the truth the only thing they have to hold on to is the belief in that one string called the resurrection and guess what y'all y'all ever see the cartoons when when they hanging on by thread and then the thread or the Rope starts unraveling you know it is about to pop at any moment that's well that's why we are here the very thing I just described to you scholars know this and they put it in a movie called the body we showed it here the body it's a story as a movie about the fact that the resurrection never took place and the Roman Catholic Church was prepared to take military action to keep that line covered up go get the movie one of the tragedies in the movie was one of the scholars of the Roman Catholic Church when this evidence undeniable evidence was presented to him he couldn't take it and he went up on the roof of the temple and stood there and made the sign of distress and threw herself off the roof and committed suicide because he came to realize that if Christ be not risen then my whole program is in vain this is why churches are drying up this is why there is the demise of the Christian faith because people are starting to come to the realization of the truth that is a fabrication y'all I'm amazed it was coming out of my own mouth the 15 years ago I would have put myself in the face for saying something like what I'm saying right now but when you come to the knowledge of the truth when you got a bucket full of truth you can't compare that to a handful of faith in 1985 18 years ago 30 theological scholars participated in the first session of what was called the Jesus Seminar some of you might remember reading about this even to today this organization called the Jesus Seminar meets twice a year and the reason why they meet is to debate over the authenticity of the biblical passage at the close of each debate these scholars now let me show you how they do this so that no one will know who voted a certain way they do much like what they do in the Masonic Order they vote by colored marbles and they use these colored marbles to vote on the authenticity of Jesus's words or deeds now please understand the purpose of the Jesus Seminar was to separate historical fact from fiction and mythology the chairman of the seminar stated in their opening session and I quote him again you don't have to take my word for this go to the internet and type in the Jesus Seminar it all come up read it for yourself the chairman said these words and I quote him we are about to embark on a momentous enterprise don't hear this he says we are going to inquire simply rigorously after the voice of Jesus yeah after what he really said he goes on to say in this process we will be asking a question that borders the sacred that may even be blasphemy for many in our society he continues by saying as a consequence check this out as a consequence the course we shall fallow may prove hazardous look at the person next to say they realize this is dangerous keep another say the course we shall fallow may prove hazardous he goes in to say we may well provoke hostility but we will set out in spite of the dangers because we are professionals and because the issue of Jesus must be dealt with since that meeting in 1985 18 years ago this group of thirty theological scholars I didn't say thirty Baptist preachers who ain't get out of high school I didn't say that I didn't say thirty folks who just got up and say the Lord called me to preach thirty theological scholars of the Jesus Seminar have concluded in a quote that the resurrection of Jesus from the dead the virgin birth all the miracles found in the Gospel accounts and over 80 percent of the teachings normally attributed to Jesus are all false anybody attacking in they white folk black man come along and try to tell his own people the truth and his own people want to destroy him it goes on to say all of the mayor all of these biblical records have been rejected because these scholars have determined that they are merely legendary accretions with no historical foundation look at the person next to you say when a people don't have a patch they must create myth to supplement the facts of their existence we're out of critical and sensitive point in history brothers and sisters the last has landed the truth has risen and people are about to lose their mass the lie has landed because it can't fly around forever the truth has risen because truth press to the ground we don't rise again and people about to lose their man cuz they don't know what else to do some will say well the Bible said this was gonna happen Bible said they're gonna be a great falling away well brothers and sisters I do agree yes an apostasy is taking place but that's a good thing I'll follow what I'm saying there's nothing wrong with the word apostasy where you see the word apostasy simply means to abandon or turn away from what you used to believe oh shuts now so therefore in context of the destin'd definition of the word apostate or apostasy oh yeah I have to confess to you I am an apostate guilty of the charge of apostasy you know why because I have abandoned the lie that was true to me turned away from the lie that was talk to my mother dead turned away from the lie that was taught to my grandparents abandon the lie that was taught to my great-grandparents yes I am an apostate but that's a good thing cause before I became an apostate I was in bondage before I became an apostate I don't have to try to be what racism said I'm supposed to be Oh shucks y'all don't hear what I'm saying just like me the eyes of my African brothers and sisters are coming open to the truth no longer my African brothers and sisters can you allow yourself to be psychologically and spiritually to see no longer my African brothers and sisters can you allow yourself to walk around in the darkness of European propaganda no longer my African brothers and sisters can you allow yourselves to attack each other to destroy each other all in the name of a religious figure that never existed don't ever say no longer my African brothers and sisters can you allow yourself to put your trust in what is not real no longer my African brothers and sisters can you allow yourselves to continue to give your finances and your support to a program that has been designed to perpetuate your enslavement no longer my African brothers and sisters can you expect a God that don't look like you to try to make things better for you can't do that no more yes this religious program that was a sign to us called Christianity it's about to die it's about to kick the bucket it's enough to breathe his last breath it's about to pass away and the reasons of that job is because one truth can be used as a foundation for a mountain of Lies but God is sending messengers to our people over the diastole chosen to dig down into that mental of life and grab that one truth that the mountain of Lies was built on and despite the resistance despite the opposition God's messengers are getting the powerful truth let me close without telling you what's happening here good lord help me today that entire mountain of lies it's starting to shake got a time mountain of Lies it's starting to crack and break up under the weight of that one truth that's been shadowed top of the mountain of Lies so I tell you brothers and sisters you gotta be careful pastor ray be careful mentor Jim be careful from Eldridge be careful from Stuart be careful brother sinners be careful every last one of you be careful because this is a dangerous point where they don't want that note to the lies to come down get it's coming down rounds a little boy we used to sing a song say time we're gonna tear your kingdom down well it's coming down it's coming down doggone it oh yes it is it's coming down so I'm asking you today lift up your head and rejoice with me because the reverberation of the truth is going to awaken a people some of you are in pain because those who you've tried to communicate with don't want to hear what you got to say that ain't your problem as long as they're not deaf as they can hear I'm reminded of brother Elgin his testimony he used to say to me brother doc my wife is having a hard time with this but I need the computer on so she can hear the teachings that's what does it your truth the reverberation of the truth people may not want to respond to it let us open that once your ears once it reaches your eardrum your brain takes over from that point your brain grabs hold with your eardrum hair even though it messes with your paradigm you may walk around with your lip hanging out but your brain is digesting put your eardrum curved I got news for you I'm happy today I'm happy because I see the awakening taking place our people gotta wake up because God's truth will not return to him boy but it will accomplish that what it was sent to do and because of that Africans and Africa will be free ashay


That EXACTLY how I feel!!!
I feel like I have WASTED my existence on a FAKE belief. How can anyone recover faith….?


U hv successfully gave me back my life, May our ancestors continue to bless you with more knowledge and wisdom to get black folks to think! Ase

What is This New Age Bull Crap Deceptive Teachings…… Your Soul Will Be Destined to Go Straight To Eternal Hell in the Afterlife, to be Completely Separated from God forever and ever. You Must Believe in the One True God of this Universe and That He Sent His Only Begotten Son to Save you from your Daily Sins, You must Repent or your Spiritual Soul will Be Lost Forever in the afterlife. Believing in the Egyptian Maat, Isis, Horus, Osiris, and the Emerald Text will Not Save your Soul Either! Ray Hagin is a Bonafide False Backsliding Ex-Christian Preacher! He has a Lying Spirit Demon coming out of his Tongue.

Peace on earth and good will to all Asiatic, the end of time and the for feeling of prophecies.the United of Asia . GOD gave us demeaning over the earth as Lord's .and we is to keep everything in law . But we stare off into the gods of Europe who we knew nothing of .[Noble Drew Ali] said we are returning the church and Christian back to the European nations .πŸ˜†πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ‘ , truth don't need know support . Give our life a willing sacrifice for the son's of men's .What was done in science must be undone and science . reverse we been going left with Roman now it time to go back RIGHT πŸ‘. Each one teach one spread the news. shareit . Love u for the truth

Some Jesus that was created by the Piso family Roman Kings fake Jesus fake savy name Jesus fake only begotten son of God fake Jesus fake first born Jesus fake fall

β€œHe that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.”
‭‭John‬ ‭3:36‬ ‭

Then he defines the anti-Christ in 1John2:22:
"Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? ( the Messiah) He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son."

2John 9-11 states:
10 "If there come any into you and bring you not to this doctrine receive him not in your house, neither bid him God speed."

"Stolen Legacy" The TRUTH shall set yβ˜€οΈu free. Ahshay. I once was BLIND now I THINK. πŸ’šπŸ—πŸ•Š

The Church gets into everything except the Truth. Those who control what you learn, control your behavior.

The sun rises from the "dead/underworld/grave" each and every morning. On a annual basis, the sun rises from the "dead/underworld/grave at the spring equinox. The religious year begins and ends at the spring equinox. The end times, end of the world, end of the age happens during the intercalary days, just prior to the spring equinox; this is repeated every year.

He is speaking the truth, look at the atrocity that black people had to endure look at the conditions of black people now 1619 to 2018 almost 400 years and still no resolutions or liberation still waiting to be liberated all blacks suffer through our the world these are facts people we were taught to not look upon ancient Egypt in the movie the ten commandments moses staff devoured the pharaohs staff teaching us that they were evil but there is Egypt there is Egyptian artifacts berreial graves Egyptian writings on the ancient Egyptian pillars but the bible and all its stories there no or very little evidence. My position is do you believe in the bible or do you believe in GOD the bible's GOD has emotions hes emotional the all knowing GOD has human conditions really why would the all knowing GOD look to the Roman Catholics church to be the landlord over all religious literature.


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