Rationalism vs. Religiosity; the players.

Rationalism vs. Religiosity; the players.

What do you think of Veritasium's theory on the polarisation of the U.S election? That the internet, social media and its algorithms are to blame as many people now see/read only from agendas they already subscribe to…

I'm curious to hear what you think. Appreciate the videos.

The thing is that atheism, the in its minimal form, is fundamentally contentless. This is why most people combine it with other ideology (Marxism, communism ), however, and positive idea must be based on premises that are not of themselves provable. Thus the insertion of content collapses atheists main defense mechanism. That is the reason for the modern impasse.

Molyneux, McInnes, and BPS have also been occupying my YouTube attention lately – thanks for posting your thoughts on them, I can relate.

Also, I like your outdoor "studio"👍.

Count me as one of those who dislikes Stephan Molyneux. I've lurked FDR forums and seen his manipulation at work. For me, he's the anarchist equivalent of William Lane Craig.

I am not sure which is the bad word…anarchist or Utopian.
IMO… neither would work or is achievable.

I just left this comment on a different video.
As a US citizen, I looked at this presidential election this way….
There were two turds twirling in the toilet that just would not flush. Personally, I am glad that Trump was able to float longer and out stank Hillary.
The Kennedy turds floated for decades with their personal and political drama and need to "cling on" and be relevant.
I was very happy to NOT see that happen with the Clinton's…
Then again…there is the Chelsea dingle berry still out there swirling around the upper level of water within the porcelain throne.
Trump will not destroy this country within the next 4 years. Nor would have Hillary. American politics always goes on. It will be very interesting to see what happens within the next 4 years.
Trump will throw some kinks in there…but at least it will not be…
business as usual.

As to Trump on religion as our new president….
He has got to be the worst atheist out of the bunch who was forced to pretend to be a Christian in order to get the Christian vote. The man can act when it comes to business deals….he sure as fuck cannot act when it comes to pretending to "pray" within a group of fundies and waddling around like he actually feels the "holy spirit"

On a side note…
I hate winter! It looks very cold there behind you. I live in Virginia Beach, Va….I love the ocean…and I hate the cold.. BRRR!!

I think you should have a look at the upcoming debate between Sam Harris (atheist) and Jordan Peterson (theist). I have hope far more thoughtful arguments are going to come out of that debate.
Personally, In response to your previous video and the last arguments in this one:
I think we have moved faster than we should in the last century into secularizing many our social activities along with our need to secularize our politics. Modern age has done this without providing an adequate way to explore the inner self (our motives, needs and goals) in the same way science has done to the outer world.
This has created a vacuum for viral ideologies to take hold, communism, radical feminism, rising popularity of Islamism… that fulfil the need of humans to have quick and dirty rules of thumb for our moral guidance.
Average Joe that works 5 to 9 picking strawberries or delivering mail does not have the time to sit around thinking about all the ethical ramifications of the trolley problem. He is worried about how he will feed his 3 kids tonight.
A shared moral fabric is essential to the formation of society. The bonds of trust between people can only be formed when I can have a fair belief that your behaviour will be as ethical as mine. If religion does not fill this role, the next best thing will, if there is no best next thing the worst next thing will.

I'm subscribed to 2 of them, I'm not subbed to Gavin McGuinness. I enjoy listening to both BPS and Stefan Molyneux . I mostly became aware of them through their stance on Islam.


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