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I can't help but look at this leader from the German government in exile and think he's just wearing this like horrible disguise like I'm pretty sure this is the fucking Kaiser okay so I'm really excited about this one we finally have a random ideology mod for Kaiser Reich I will say the only scary thing about this is yeah it feels like my computer is about to blow up after day one every single nation has to switch between the 12 ideologies just press f now to pay your respects to my computer because I don't know if it's gonna make it through this no but seriously it's totally worth it this is actually I think one of the best ways to play Kaiser Reich alright here we go let's do this thing I'm not even sure if that's gonna translate well but no this is not a screen shot this is just a frozen Hawaii for whoo okay so it looks like we made it now we got to try to figure out what's going on here of course let's go ahead and start off with the head honcho the German Empire who are now radically socialists led by Otto Hoffman which is kind of confusing because this guy was a senior member of the SS in Nazi Germany so I don't really get it maybe he went through a midlife crisis we also got radical socialists in France autocrats in the British Empire and social liberals in Spain the Italians are / autocrats in the north and social conservatives in the south we actually got to authoritarian democracies in India and then syndicalists national populous in Australia told lists in Russia and then more syndicalists this is by far I think the best new change Douglas MacArthur leads an authoritarian democracy in the US and oh shit the world better get ready because I guess a lot of people hate him in this scenario because he's like the first American dictator revolutionary Lopilato looks like they're being led by Freddy Krueger or maybe he's just a neckbeard okay so every time I play Kaiser Reich mock click or have you pronounced this looks like they're trying to audition for browsers because they're always in the middle of a gangbang okay so that is a super early Italian war I've never seen it pop up this fast and it looks like the Northern Federation is going to win this pretty easily Wow yep that literally took a week northern Europe for the most part seems pretty chill we've got market liberals and two social conservatives I mean we do have radical socialists in Denmark though and just looking around at some of these other countries it's definitely not all bad and Japan is getting themself involved in a very early war with what looks like communist Manchuria or something like that okay well I was gonna say MacArthur now has to deal with his toughest challenge yet but yeah that dude ain't around no mo John Garner has taken over as a social liberal and of course while this civil war is going on we need to watch Mexico because they sometimes like to take advantage in this situation Ireland has a pretty interesting looking fellow here I wonder if that's cracky smoking because I'd like to join Austria declared war on hungry alright this is a conflict I don't think I've seen in Kies right I mean one side are Social Democrats and the other are social conservatives I don't see what you guys are fighting about but uh the habsburg brought some friends I guess to help out you know I'm starting to think maybe it was pointless going over all the ideologies of each country Japan is now national populous with Hirohito leading and Korea decided to rise up and this is gonna be really messy because Japan is now forced into North Korea please be careful Japan I don't want to see you fucking go insane and start trying to build nukes while also starving your people okay so there goes Mexico yep they did it they declared the war but you know what I'm sure John here is totally happy about it I don't think he's mad at all yeah no he's fine oh yeah and also real quick New England's was just released this man leading Flanders just seems way too happy about all this please wipe that smile off your face you are Germany's bitch there's nothing to be happy about Russia's now going after Central Asia right before one of these two nations unify and oh wow okay I didn't even know Bulgaria was being destroyed it and they just took all their territory so I got to give it to Japan they did pretty good they managed to stay alive during their Wars but I don't know why this is called the Republic of China when you're a hito owns them but whatever oh man Oh hungry i I'm sorry dude this is just sad come on guys is this necessary I'm assuming they might have just not wanted to join either faction so I yep that's what happens when you try to be Switzerland and you're not Switzerland and by the way wilhelm ii is back in power and i guess he moved the country towards market liberalism russia is now fighting a much bigger front but i think they should be okay try not to declare too many wars that sometimes doesn't work out for you guys so the United Mexican states just peaced out and grabbed Texas New Mexico and Arizona and I don't think they're just gonna stop there Serbia has just been going absolutely nuts it's a little terrifying with the death of Hungary I think we'll now see just the death of the entire Austrian sphere okay wait a second who who the hell is that French community who are you guys going to war with I'm just gonna take some random shot in the dark and say some place in Asia Oh nope I'm dumb okay that's not surprising I forgot that sometimes this whole civil war happens hey but this is also kind of confusing the commune of France and the French commune come on guys you should probably just start getting along you're the same damn thing all right well regardless I think they'll be fine they traditionally win this eventually right guys come on you've got the EU for French flag you should dominate this once again I am severely disappointed in your actions triad syndicate please try again next time all right Mongolia this is a pretty good start I'm really hoping for some great things from you guys I mean you are a social liberal I'm just gonna disregard that you have a lot of experience taking over half the planet so I think you'll be fine yes okay what is going on kingdom of Serbia just took 22 states also these two places were just annexed okay Alexander the second I'm gonna need you to calm us down I've never seen anything like this before yeah cool it on the viagra you're getting too big your erection has lasted far longer than five to six hours speaking of seeking medical attention yeah this Dutch East Indies guy probably should see a dermatologist I think something's going on with the pigmentation of your skin okay so now Japan is gonna go after the Philippines but we also have the Russian Republic declaring war on Mongolia and that might have been a very bad move now you guys got a deal with this massive front and these guys are not gonna be easy to take down I don't really understand this but I guess Canada is eating New England's I mean honestly it's a genius move I just wasn't expecting it the Mexicans have now pieced out for the southern half of California and now the US has just eaten each other alive four days of the videos now I have just been so sick of seeing North America be uninteresting and now at least we got something going on so the Kaiser is kind of in a pickle because after he declared war on France the Italians joined in and there goes more land for Serbia Albania was annexed so the autocrats just got gypped while the Pacific states and the combined syndicates of America took the middle of US territory and this has got to be easily the most interesting border Gore I've seen in this continent it looks like Ukraine is next for the Belgrade pact this faction is becoming super opie and Germany is now fighting a two-front war against Poland let's see how well that works out for you damn it well okay this is definitely gonna hurt Mongolia's chances of rebuilding their empire japan is now gonna crush them from the east it's kind of surprising to see only four factions have formed and it's 1940 this is the newest one though the Scandinavian defense Union which I don't know exactly how much that's gonna help especially because Germany is gonna die and that means no more market liberals in Central Europe this might be the first time we ever see the Ottoman Empire not get taken out they've actually just annexed Arabia that's incredible oh and actually there's another faction the bonus heiress team axis whatever and I think they might just be strong enough to take out Brazil oh man okay well Germany looks absolutely hideous but goddamn it is nice to see the Prussian Republic back I don't even care how weak you guys are or if you are a puppet to the commune of France I love you and I'm rooting for you do they have the prussian idea group like additional combat ability or discipline which one is it so yes german africa has just become the german government in exile and now France is I guess going after the kingdom of Spain the social liberals by the way one in this country but I don't think it really matters much anymore and there goes those damn Mongolians no more tearing down shitty walls and yep okay I think we all expected this not much of a surprise here and I think France just thinks they can go crazy at this point they can just declare war on anybody but I don't know guys you better be careful this is bleed or not the war I'm most interested in La Plata versus Brazil with the little faction here okay this is kind of crazy I just noticed this most major countries in the new world have some sort of left-leaning government I mean there are a couple of random things out there but yes they are for the most part socialist radical socialists cineq lists whereas in the old world that's definitely not the case we have a much bigger mixture also real quick just look at the mess Russia has gotten himself in not only Japan but now just declared war on the Ottomans and Finland oh yeah and these guys I can't help but look at this leader from the German government in exile and think he's just wearing this like horrible disguise like I'm pretty sure this is the fucking Kaiser I mean he has no other choice he's been banished to Africa I forgot to mention the Belgrade pact for the most part are all democracies so I guess they are technically the good guys kind of right we also have a lot of national populism in the old world so that's a thing anyways guys I think we're gonna have to end it right there but we had a very chaotic game I think the two most dominant countries have to be the commune of France and the Russian Republic both of which are in pretty big Wars though so who knows what's gonna happen I mean maybe the actual winner here should be Serbia and their faction because this was kind of amazing to see them do this and the new world I think for the first time ever was more entertaining than the old world and yeah I never thought I'd say that before anyways guys don't forget about the milfs please don't ever forget about the mills they are coming in hot boys and it is it is gonna be something else we're almost at 175 thousand subscribers so it'll be here soon thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you next time and of course big thanks to neo y own destiny fucker 9000 Jacob W Elfie storm blade Ethan J Kirby humour demon name ear Stefan M and free cruise for being my crack daddies if you want to support me you can find a link to my patreon in the description down below thank you so much for helping crack boy

I saw this video so many times and only now I noticed that in 1:08 next elections of Spain will be in year 59141.

German Empire:
Otto Hoffmann
Next Election:
September 59141
I'm pretty sure he's worrieing about getting not reelected 😛


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