Psychoactive / Psychedelic Drugs & Spirituality | Spiritual Drugs

Psychoactive / Psychedelic Drugs & Spirituality | Spiritual Drugs

Hi everyone! This video is
going to be about drug use for spiritual growth, such as
psychoactive and psychedelic drugs. I’m sure many of us have
heard of the effects of certain drugs, or have even tried
them, but we often do so for the complete opposite reason we will
be discussing in this video. Certain naturally growing plants
have a chemical makeup that, when absorbed into the body,
commonly through ingesting, smoking, vaping and other means,
produce certain effects on the mind and body such as letting
go of resistance, promoting relaxation, and even allowing
one to connect more to their spiritual self and have
spiritual experiences. There are many plants that can bring about
this effect and are psychoactive and used for spiritual
practices. One of the most common ones many have heard
about is marijuana, from the cannabis plant. Other substances
contain psychedelic compounds too such as various psilocybin
mushrooms, peyote, and salvia divinorum. Another is ayahuasca
which can contain a variety of leaves from plants that contain
DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, as well as MAOI, or monoamine
oxidase inhibitor, to make the DMT active when ingested in
this fashion, as it normally is inactive when consumed orally.
DMT specifically is often a result of deep meditation and
relaxation, including sleep, lucid dreaming, out of body, and
other spiritual experiences. In other words, we can bring about
these effects on our own during moments of complete relaxation
and letting go of resistance. While theses are just some of
the spiritual drugs, it’s by no means limited to just these as
there are many out there that can be used for spiritual
practices. Many of these types of drugs for spiritual growth
have a variety of effects on a person. And, it’s not the same
for everyone as some people may experience something completely
different from another. One of the many things it does is help
promote relaxation, as well as have a hallucinogenic effect.
But the most significant one is to eliminate resistance. Why
this is crucial for spiritual development is because most all
of our problems are due to the lack and inability to eliminate
resistance and let go. Why you ask? Well, think about someone
who is constantly worried about things, past events, things to
come, everything and anything. If they were to just let go and
relax and release those constant thoughts, their problems would
be solved. Yes, this is true, but it’s not that easy
since once the person has been condition to constantly think
like this, and don’t know how to relax and let go, it become much
harder for them. Many of us that have these constant, intrusive
thoughts will tell you that it’s not as easy as it is in these
words, like just relax and let go. It’s the same as chronic
illnesses and a variety of other problems. It’s the cause of a
lack of ability to let go and release resistance. Learning
the ability at that stage can be extremely difficult, but it’s
not impossible. So, that’s why drugs like these are quite
effective at initially helping someone out of this downward
spiral and lack of ability to let go and relax. With that
being said, since it helps you let go of resistance, that is
where the spiritual aspect comes into play. When you let go of
resistance, you become more creative and more open to
possibilities and the world around you. It allows you to
live in the present, in the now, and not hold attachments and
thoughts that get in your way. This is the key to spiritual
development which is why these drugs are often sought out. Once
you remove your thoughts and beliefs of limits from the
equation, all resistance and things that are holding you back
are dissolved. This is how it takes effect since you begin
to see what truly is instead of what your mind produces from
past thoughts and various ‘what if’ scenarios. You can
accomplish this all by yourself without the need for any
substance. I have actually done a video about releasing
resistance so I’ll have an annotation and a link in the
description. This can help you learn a bit more about what
denial and resistance is and why we may resist certain things
and how to let go and be more mindful. Taking various
psychedelic plants when they’re in their original form can offer
a variety of benefits for the user versus using synthetic
drugs or extractions of the compounds found in the plants.
The reason for this is that doing the drug without the
source, the plant in this case, is not the same as doing the
plant and resonating with the energy of the plant. The
psychedelic compound in the plant is not the same as the
plant in its entirety. In other words, it’s not the entire
makeup of the plant and can offer an entirely different
experience. But the truth is, doing drugs to make you
more spiritually aware and for spiritual growth is never the
solution to your problems. It is not necessary and will never get
you to where you want to be if you cannot get there yourself.
This very well could turn into a shortcut for you to avoid the
work yourself as you become dependent on it. While it may
offer a variety of benefits to aid initially to get you on that
right path so you can do the work yourself, it’s never the
answer long-term since that is when dependency occurs and you
begin to search more for the experience it gives you versus
doing the work yourself and allowing the experience to come
to you. It can help if you are in such a negative downward
spiral of resistance because it can raise your vibration and
allow you to let go of the resistance much quicker than you
could on your own since you keep spiraling down. With that being
said, the effect it can have on someone in such a negative
state will allow them to release enough resistance so they can
face their problems effectively and continue to raise their
vibration to get out of the negative spiral. However, if
they depend on a substance to raise their vibration when they
are in a downward spiral, then they have not learned what they
needed to from the substance, which is a temporary aid.
Long-term usage is a shortcut that doesn’t result in the
proper lessons being learned for one to face the problems on
their own. At that point, they’ve become dependent,
or rather, addicted to the substance since they don’t
know how to face the problems themselves without the need
of a substance. I have a video dedicated to addictions that
may help in this area if you are having a difficult time or
problem with addictions. I’ll have an annotation and a link
in the description. Now let’s discuss why drugs like these
are often viewed with shame, disgust, or even being illegal
in many parts of the world. This has to do with the fact that
they are often abused. Drug addiction is a serious problem
for many individuals. Even with these drugs being illegal,
that makes a more enjoyable experience for the user since
they have to do it in secret and it creates and additional rush,
or high, for them in addition to the drugs. However, the
real thing to look at is the intention. Many drug users
and people thinking about doing drugs is for one reason, escape.
An escape from the problems they are having in the present.
Perhaps a stressful job, children, and so many other
things that can cause one an enormous amount of stress and
anxiety. The intention of escape is a negative one because it
makes on dependent on the drug they are doing. If you are
thinking about using any sort of aid like a plant, herb, or
drug of the sort for spiritual growth, there are a variety
of things to consider which I will discuss now. If you are planning to use a
psychoactive, psychedelic, or related drug to help with your
spiritual growth, the number one thing you must consider is to
have a positive intention in mind. Essentially what this
means is that you want to have a goal for yourself, a positive
reason why you are taking the drug. Negative intentions are
recreationally and for escapism. For example, if you are stressed
and resort to marijuana to take the edge off and relax you,
that’s a negative intention. As is if you do it just because you
enjoy the feeling it gives you. Positive intentions include
expanding your consciousness and perception and knowledge of
yourself and the world around you. These include things to
help you become independent and knowledgeable. If you do not
have any intention at all, what will happen is whatever you are
subconsciously thinking about. For example, if you take
marijuana to alleviate stress from an abusive relationship you
are involved in, then you will continue to manifest scenarios
in your life that will make you even more aware of these
problems in your relationship and harder for you to deal with.
In other words, you use the drug for escapism from anger and
abuse, and you will attract that to you more so with the
intention you’ve set for yourself. So, it’s best to clear
your mind a bit beforehand and set a positive intention that
can help you with the problems instead of escaping them. Next
is to analyze the effect it may have or has on you. In other
words, know what you are getting into before doing it so you are
more prepared. Likewise, this is where you lessen any fears you
have related to the drug as well since, as was mentioned a moment
ago, you should have a positive intention, so let go of this
fear. While you will not know first hand what effect a
particular substance will have on you until you actually do
it, having information about the effects it has, both pleasant
and unpleasant, and a plan laid out beforehand will help lessen
that fear and bring a more enjoyable, productive experience
that you can learn and grow from. And lastly, and most
importantly, drugs are never the way to spiritual enlightenment.
As was mentioned earlier, when you become dependent on
drugs, you often chase after the experience it gives you instead
of learning how to actually cope properly and doing the work
yourself and allowing the experience to come to you. The
dependency is the problem here since if you are doing drugs
like this on a daily basis, or regularly, and especially
long-term, it will cause more harm than good. Anything in
excess amounts have negative consequences. In the case
of these drugs, it makes you dependent, addicted, and unable
to properly deal with your own problems. These drugs are tools
that can help you during your journey. But, they are not a
replacement for the work you must do yourself if you wish to
achieve spiritual enlightenment. That work will always be in your
hands and no substance will ever get you there until you can work
on it yourself and learn how to bring about the experience the
drugs are giving you on your own. The truth is, while the
drugs can initially spark that spiritual development phase, and
spiritual awakening, which you must then continue with on
your own, they are by no means necessary to develop
spiritually. Don’t think that you have to try any drug to be
spiritually aware, because you do not. Only you can
do it by yourself. So you may be wondering, what
my view is on theses substances with what they do to someone as
well as the legality. My views are that I simply do not
condone any sort of drug for recreational use. If you do so
for escapism, it’s not something I personally believe in since it
doesn’t get to the root of the problem and teach you how to
deal with it on your own. The honest truth is, you should live
each day being independent and self-sufficient. That’s not to
say you cannot get help from the people around you to help you
through a difficult time and to ultimately help you help
yourself. But, it comes down to just that. If you cannot handle
something yourself, it’s time to learn instead of being dependent
on something else to accomplish this. You will never be able
to properly cope and deal with something unless you
actually learn and go through it yourself. So, my view is that I
would never recommend any drug of this kind to someone to help
them, but rather would teach them how they can overcome
the problems they are having on their own, without the need for
a substance. It may take longer to achieve that, but there are
many more lessons to be learned during that recovery phase.
As with the legality of such substances, specifically
marijuana, regardless of if it was legal or illegal, there will
be abuse. However, there are significant advantages to having
it legal, which would condone responsible usage on the user’s
behalf. Due to certain drugs being illegal, this makes people
want it more since they are told that they can’t or shouldn’t do
it. I believe everyone has the right to choose the life they
want to live and what to do with it. Ultimately, the choices
you make always affect you. It doesn’t matter if something is
legal or not since there will be people who will always go
against this rule. And having such things illegal only make
people want to do it more. So, I am for the choice of the user
and not a law that tells the user what to do. So in conclusion, using drugs
and plants for spiritual growth can be rather successful as
it’s a way to lessen resistance, promote relaxation, and allow
universal energy to come to you. However doing them are not the
solution to your problems. It is not necessary and will never get
you to where you want to be if you cannot get there yourself.
Dependency and addictions are a common problem when you are
doing it long-term and crave the experience instead of doing the
work yourself and allowing the experience to come to you.
Please feel free to share your own experiences as I always
enjoy reading them. I hope this video was informative and
helpful. Thanks for watching!

I've fallen in love with you I can't eat, sleep, all I keep think about is you and my gf hate it. Do you have any advice to help me get over this crush?

Hi Autumn! I have been using cannabis for medical reasons IE pain, depression and PSTD.. I was also believe while under the influence that it is the closest thing to a after life. Aware relaxed and willing to love and let go and process the pain I live with physically in my life. I am not saying I run to it for comfort. I use it as directed once a day if needed. Cannabis can also aid people with getting clean from hard drugs. I was on several meds for the things listed and above. I had gained 50 lbs and was having serious other issues. In so many words I was addicted to the prescribed meds. I gave them up and went a natural route and I am thankful for natures healing. Thank you so much for this video.

I sometimes smoke marijuana and it helps my anxiety a great deal to be perfectly honest. I agree that it doesn't solve the problem but it can make it a lot more bearable.

I have something called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (I have faulty collagen) and I've recently learned that people with E.D.S. typically over-produce adrenaline so I think my anxiety is mostly caused by that. Therapy never really worked for my anxiety because I can't just stop my brain over-producing adrenaline. The E.D.S. also causes me a lot of joint pain and marijuana also helps with that.

I just don't think there's a one size fits all approach and what helps me may not help others and vice versa.

I love your necklace btw 🙂

thank you, what you said will be noted but I think I would like to develop more spiritually considering I feel I am not yet well educated in that field of knowledge but your videos are very helpful and interesting to learn more about an amazing person such as yourself.

Hey autumn. I really like your videos but i would really love to see your lifestyle. Like Where you live, what goes on in your daily lives etc. I mean i don't wanna go into your personal details and dont wanna make you uncomfortable. But ya i really wanna see you outside your home. Btw you are really amazing and doing an amazing job…. 🙂

I love your videos so much Autumn, they have such a good content and can teach people so many things. Also you seem like a really lovely and kind person, its inspiring. I hope youre fine and you keep doing whatever you want to 🌙

WARNING! It can be fatal if you are using DMT, LSD, Psilocybin and other psychoactive drugs when you use SSRI or SNRI or other medicins for depression or other related diagnosis. Always research on the web if you are about to try any psychedelic drugs and see how they mix with your medicins.

Thanks Autumn!

You know I always love watching your videos, I really appreciate how you went into the serious risks, pros and cons of taking these substances. At first I was like, NO don't do that! But you explained it so well!! I am a shamanic practitioner in training as well as a graduate student studying to become a spiritual counselor. I have never used drugs for spiritual purposes. I can enter an altered state of conspicuousness very easily, into a trance, just by going to a drumming circle, being in nature, listening to music, while meditating also I can enter a trance. I have tried marijuana in the past and I have visions but it can be terrifying, I was also very unstable at the time. Now that I am more spiritually and mentally healthy perhaps I will try again with the tips you gave, thanks! Blessings, Sif

I really appreciate this video, it's very interesting. it's refreshing to see a video that is more about the facts than a person's own opinion on the subject

Just gonna say, psychedelics are rarely (if ever) addictive. Unlike drugs like opiates, functional stimulants, benzos and alcohol etc.

hello autumn. I'm not quite sure how I come across you videos but I bit. and I love them. you have helped me so much within such a small time and I thank you. if possible please add me on Facebook. thank you again pretty one. x James wadeson.

I'm really enjoying all your videos. You have some interesting point of view about the subjects you argue.

And, I can not forget to praise about your beautiful eyes. Sometimes I watch the videos only to see how amazing and mysterious they are.

There is a free PDF floating around on the net of Carlos Castenada's complete Don Juan series. I found it with a Google search.

Hi, Autumn! I recently found your channel and love your videos. I was wondering if you have ever though about doing an ASMR video. As in-tune and spiritual as you are, I think you would be good at creating a relaxing video environment.

I agree, you have such a relaxing voice, its like you are massaging my brain with your voice. You are so in tune with so much, and so young. The way you speak is very soothing, you really should be a counselor or therapist. I just found you're channel by accident, I watch as much as I can each day. You are truly a wonderful person and thank you for your help through youtube. I have learned more about myself in the past week then the many years of therapy I've been through.

i used to smoke weed but cant ever since i took shrooms nd had a horrible trip. now hen i smoke i get sharp pains in my head i tense up and get serioisly depressed and worry about my life. i also can not focus on anything

Well done Autumn. And, in my experience/opinion profoundly accurate.  This subject matter (especially the broader subject of spirituality and its lead role in self-actualization) is so rarely discussed in the Trans community. Let alone in this on-line setting. Thank you!

I have a lot of respect for you. Especially after this. Good neutral stance portraying exactly how our relationship with drugs should be. From ibuprofen to spiritual drugs. Big like. I don't understand the hype about them anyways.

The only bad thing about these drugs is that if you have hallucinations you might not have good hallucinations you might see scary things. I've had people say they have thought they saw demons and crap and some people will think there being chased and run into the road and get ran over because they thought a demon or something was chasing them even though it wasn't. But I don't know some people it might be good for them in there spiritual growth or health. By the way I love your video Autumn!

I am almost 100% sober today. I have used basically everything aside from some obscure things that I was not introduced to. DMT was the best. My friend and I achieved a psychic union. I would love to experience DMT with you. 🙂

cannabis has definitely been that plant for me, man, it has been a ride. the drug that once raised my vibration and gave me spiritual inspiration now just significantly lowers it into a almost psychotic like state, it's a VERY spiritual experience but it's too much for me now, how does this happen? 🙁

It would be good for you to know that psychedelics are not just for temporary relief.
If you combine them with human connection, which means the presence of someone who you can trust at least basically is the really healing element.
So, that's why, I suggest you to experiment with MDMA to let go of your resistance to love and be loved in a way in which you learn who is the real use.
So, your video is very well done but it appears that you haven't spend so much time studying the issue. At least not like me (hundreds of hours studying and tens of hours experimenting after the age of 54). U had very little experience before because I wasn't that aware of the extent of the potential of psychedelics for healing.
Please, remember that if you heal through the proper use of psychedelics you won't become dependent on them.
Again, the substance is not the healing process, it is the tool to open your heart and to have access to your forgotten memories and feelings but you do it in a setting in which you get really unconditional love.
The fact that you put marijuana besides the real psychedelics that you mentioned shows you didn't do deep enough research and experimentation.
For example, consummers of ayahuasca are happier and less prone to addictions.
The fact that you need to eat every day or at least every week doesn't mean you are addicted and that eating is an undesitrable thing.
Psychedelics can be used wisely even in our daily life without decreasing at all our quality of life and making us feel bad if they are unavailable.
I can eat bananas every day and if for some reason there are no bananas available I feel good anyways.
Whe we use psychedelics for healing we make progress instead of coming back to who we were.
You won't say either that vitamins are addictive, they are necessary for thriving. For those who have had traumatizing experiences, the combining of MDMA for exemple with psychotherapy is amazingly powerfull and non addictive.
I've had a client who healed from Anxiety Disorder after suffering for about 50 years, in just four hours of interaction.
So I advise you two things… Look for the video "How Psychedelics are Saving Lives" and "Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong".
So, The same way you need nutritious food to satisfy your need and eat less, use psychedelic drugs to heal your hunger for human connection and stop needing them the way you eat to satisty your hunger for food.

Hi Autum, i have been watching your videos for awhile now and you help me so much.
I love how open you are and how Real you are to yourself.
I Have never understood why they call you this.
I wish i had a friend like you 🙂
My favorite video was the Online dating Catastrophe video, I found that person to be very mislead and found u inspiring in how you tried so hard to not judge those "girls"
hope i get a reply would like to get to know you better.'
Love, Daniiii 🙂

As much as I see you as someone gorgeous in and out of makeup, can I say I LOVE the less heavy eye makeup. when you put dark eye shadow and eyeliner around your eyes it makes them look smaller and more sunken in. I love to see your eyes so bright and shiny!! it suits you alot more. 🙂 so pretty!! (even try popping a light color like white or shiny gold in the corner of your eye near the tear duck. it makes it look much brighter and more awake. !) LOVE YOU HUNNI!!!!!!!!!

Hello, I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed your videos. I am a 40 year old single BBW, with Bipolar 1, panic disorder and PTSD. I am also a highly spiritual entity that is extremely sensitive to energy. I have my own personal belief that many people with mental disorders and severe issues are many times "sensitives". This hyper awareness and sensitivity make our normal functioning in life very difficult . I want to thank you for your very informative videos and feel you have a natural gift to change and help others. I feel you can be a healer and touch many lives with your energy.

I´d recommend extra caution with anything stronger than cannabis especially if one has mental disorders and/or is emotionally traumatized. I speak from personal experience, I´ve experienced a semi-bad trip and don´t even want to imagine what a bad trip would be like. Overall they have been useful to me though. Do the research and start slow. Goes probably without saying to most but these things you can not over-emphasize. Not saying psychedelics should be feared but their very powerful effects shouldn´t be underestimated.

You are intelligent, extremely beautiful and very candid about your past and present Your inner beauty shines through. I admire your honesty and willing to share and thank you for that. I hope that you have a positive and more peaceful rest of this year!!!

I'm that constantly worried person. I need to let go so my problems can be solved. but I hold on with anger….always. I just feel like if I hold on I won't get hurt. don't wanna let go but I should try


Ok so I took a super long break on smoking and I just started back a day or so ago and I smoked so super strong weed and man I was tripping balls I thought my aunt boyfriend was trying to kill us cause I barley know him an I was just going threw this paranoid state of mind and it was a cloudy day so as time went by I told myself to go down stairs and just mellow out in the kitchen and once I did so I went into a deep spiritual conversation just out the blue about the beginning of man and how we got here and the more spiritual I talked the more the sun came from behind the clouds not saying I made the sun come out but I did at the time and I just began to talk about earth and how beautiful the grass and trees was it was a scary but wonderful way to come back into smoking

I support drugs for people who are ill due to stuff like Parkinson's and whatever. I support it for people who cannot calm themselves down without the usage of medical drugs and medicine.

However I agree with what you're saying completely and I wrote a post of my Tumblr side blog (in celebration of 4/20) about how it can overstimulate you.

Awesome video. I'd like to try DMT and magic mushrooms for spiritual reasons. This is becoming more and more acceptable in the spiritual community.

im a transgender woman. we are not our person, we are only the one who controls our thoughts, and some brains are damaged so we cant control this human. Angela has PTSD

My guess is that you've had a very good upbringing which is great nd it has a lot with your psychedelic experience. but I have a lot of really bad issues. I think going To Peru for the ayahuasca will be my last resort because as much as I've tried to be spiritual and had no results.

Im very aware or what my issues are and have no choice but face them but am unable to do anything about them though I've been "spiritual" much of my life. Psychology and upbringing as well as Taosm are the only things that that make any cense to me, but still I can't succeed with any control over my life (addiction) in terms of changing it. Sad.

Currently, I live in Alabama, but to me it's kind of biblical hellhole and even trying to connect with nature here dosn't work.

Much of it is good advice but I don't agree that all drugs would lead to addiction and they can't be a long term way to spiritual enlightenment. Example is mescaline cactus which has been used for thousands of years by native American shamans and from what I know used it regularly throughout their lives with extraordinary effects. Salva divinorum is more complicated but the same applies. DMT is also what I consider a positive drug. And another thing is most people who try them for recreational purposes rarely very rarely try them more then once since its not what the average drug user is looking for


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