Prophetic Prayer: Divine Reversals And Rewinds

see good morning hallelujah from the Gold Coast of
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hallelujah we gotta start we gotta get started freedom yes good morning everyone Jennifer LeClaire
here with you author of our devotional mornings with
the holy spirit listening daily to the still small voice of God I’m the senior
leader of the awakening house of prayer in South Florida an apostolic center
church prayer house we’re trying to make an eternal impact for the glory of God
today’s devotion titled thank God for what he has given you my God my God my
God I could just say a whole lot about that but we’ll save it for another day
today’s devotional reads you don’t need to pray for peace because Jesus already
gave you his peace you don’t need to pray for grace because I the spirit of
grace dwell in you you just need a deeper revelation of what belongs to you
in Christ he has given you all things pertaining to life and godliness you
need only to appropriate them you need only to be mindful of what you have and
thank us for it thankfulness for his gifts of peace and
grace unlocks the power to walk in them amen thank God for what you already have
he’s made you a partaker of his divine nature his divine nature is not stressed
out busted broke disgusted and overwhelmed
it’s peace grace love joy come on fruit of the Spirit today’s scripture
references John 14 verse 27 John 16 verse 33 and Romans chapter 8 verse 6
and the prayer started for today thank you for your peace teach me how to
appropriate the peace you’ve given me teach me how to tap into that flow of
peace that passes all understanding help me set my mind on you so that I can
experience the peace that abides in me father we give you praise and honor and
glory today for you are worthy you are our peace you are our love you are our
everything we thank you we give you praise and honor we magnify your Holy
Name you are worthy you are worthy you are worthy you are worthy and all
the people on periscope are having fits because they say they cannot hear
unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about that so we go back to Facebook we
give you praise and honor and glory this morning God because you are worthy of
our praise you are worthy of all honor you are worthy God you are worthy worthy
worthy worthy is the Lamb of God worthy is the Lamb of God worthy is the Lamb of
God worthy is the Lamb of God we give you praise and honor and glory this
morning because there is no other god like you you are amazing you are awesome
you are all-powerful you are holy holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty who
was and is and is to come we thank your Lord in the name of Jesus
we thank you lord in the name of Jesus for who you are we
give you glory we give you praise we magnify you because you are the one and
only God the true and living God you are magnanimous you are so good that when we
don’t deserve your blessings when we don’t deserve your grace you pour it out
upon us anyway we thank you Lord that you will never leave us or forsake us
you are awesome you are mighty you are able to overcome every enemy we are able
to overcome every enemy in your name greater is He Who is in me than he who
was in the world I break and bind every distraction in
the name of Jesus I really wish Christians will just get on the ball and
just focus and stop just going off in circles on these periscopes and
Facebooks when there’s no sound beloved sign off and come back on don’t sit
there and and go in circles and miss the broadcast and distract everyone who can
hear okay we’ve got it we’ve got to really focus today this is a
breakthrough call the name of the call is the jay-bez breakthrough the name of
this broadcast is the jay-bez breakthrough and the enemy is actively
trying to resist the breakthrough about a million people who will listen
to this call there the enemy is actively trying to resist and there’s all sorts
of confusion and periscope and and so I’m coming off of periscope now
completely for the second time and I’m going to focus on Facebook and I’m sorry
periscope has no sound this morning but I can’t allow the fact that there’s no
sound on periscope to rob a blessing of the quarter of the 3/4 of a million
people who will live on Facebook so Facebookers let’s reset and hopefully
the periscopers will come over to Facebook but at this point we’ve got to
focus I’m asking you prayer warriors who have been with me for years to really
Zone in with me right now so that we don’t lose this breakthrough that God
wants to bring alright and I’m not going to look at the comments I’m not trying
to be offensive but when there’s no sound on periscope then you just get off
and you come to Facebook or it doesn’t it doesn’t do any good for all the
confusion and the and the binding and the freaking out going on it’s just it’s
not it’s not helping it’s causing confusion in my prayer atmosphere it’s
causing me to be distracted where I can’t focus on what the Lord is saying
so Facebookers let’s reset so we can get this breakthrough amen hallelujah father
we give you praise this morning we honor you as the one and true Living God Lord
we thank you that today you will help us to stay focused on you to stay focused
on your heart to stay focused on what you’re saying amid every time stealing
break through stealing distraction of the enemy we love you Lord with
everything in us we thank you Lord from the bottom of our hearts not just with
our mouths it’s not lip service we’re not thanking you to get something more
from you God we’re thanking you because of what you’ve already done for us Lord
we don’t have a what have you done for me lately attitude though we don’t want
to be ungrateful and ungracious Lord we appreciate all the blessings that you’ve
bestowed upon us though we appreciate you for who you are not just for what
you can do for us God you are a doer God you are a blessing God you
and you blessin you blessin you bless lord help us not to have an attitude of
ingratitude but help us Lord to press past the flesh in the trauma of the past
season and really appreciate every single blessing that you pour out really
appreciate every single a word that you speak to our hearts really appreciate
every single path that you make through the wilderness lord help us to really
truly grab hold of the reality that you are good but you don’t have to do a
thing for us you are good you don’t need to anything from us you are good and yet
you desire with everything in you for us to receive so much of your love that it
continues to renew our hearts that it continues to renew our minds that it
continues to lift us up to a higher place where we can experience the best
life ever you died so we could have a better life you died so we can be with
you for eternity you died so that we could live forever sinless painless
without sorrow we thank you Lord we are grateful to you
we are so grateful to you Lord because there’s no other God like you you are
worthy we’re gonna keep praising him until I feel a release in my spirit
because I hear a whole lot of chatter in the spirit of people that are upset and
confused and I just want all of those who can’t even hear me on this call to
get the same breakthrough that those of you can hear me and there’s a lot of
people scrambling enough so I can feel in the spirit they’re scrambling and
upset because there was no sound on periscope and they’re just up frustrated
because they really want to hear this broadcast and I sympathize so much that
I’m gonna I’m believing that everything we pray on this Facebook broadcast is
gonna is gonna be flowing over and get into the spirits of those periscopers
who didn’t understand that they could get on Facebook for whatever reason
their phones our periscope or whoever whatever’s going on up there in the
atmosphere but I’m not gonna stop praising and worshipping until I feel a
breakthrough because I can feel all this confusion coming at me and all this
upset and all this frustration from people so let’s keep praying because the
breakthrough is coming Lord we thank you we thank you
you are worthy you are worthy come on you are worthy
if we can’t praise him a little longer we don’t deserve a breakthrough amen
we don’t deserve it anyway if we can’t praise him if we can’t stand in the gap
for those who can’t be on this call and break through all that frustration break
through all that upset then we don’t we don’t need to be walking in a higher
level I mean we don’t know in other words we don’t need to be walking in the
jay-bez break through father we give you praise and honor and glory we magnify
your name this morning for you are worthy we magnify you over periscope
breakdowns we magnify you over nervous breakdowns and we magnify you over
relationship breakdowns we magnify you over financial breakdowns we magnify you
over mechanical breakdowns we magnify you over mental breakdowns we magnify
you over physical health breakdowns we magnify you God we magnify you we
magnify you you are greater you are greater you are greater you are greater
you are greater you are greater than our hearts you are greater than our sin you
are greater than our troubles and you are greater than our woes you are
greater than our lack and you are greater than our physical the diseases
you are greater you are greater than our our shortcomings you are greater you are
awesome you are mighty there’s no other god like you you are so worthy you are
worthy you are worthy you are our deliverer
you are our standby always right there a very present help in time of need
you are our advocate you go before the throne and advocate for us you make a
way for us where there’s no way you’re a miracle-working God a gracious God a God
who always rescues us your arm is not too short that you can’t reach down and
deliver us from the miry clay even if it was our own fault even if we made the
mess even if we did the sin you can still reach down and grab hold of us and
pull us up to a higher place God we repent of all the wrong thoughts and the
wrong deeds and we ask you today God to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us
from unrighteousness and help us to ascend to that holy place help us to
ascend to that place where we can see from your perspectives help help us to
ascend to that place we can hear your voice with such clarity where the
demonic interference is so far away so far below us that we don’t have to
wonder is it God speaking or we don’t have to struggle to hear your voice god
help us to ascend to that place where you dwell lord legally we know we’re
seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus far above all principalities and
powers that is our position god help us to understand give us
recognition of our position God let us not believe below our means anymore
walking around like paupers walking around like beggars the Word of God says
I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging bread no we
don’t have to walk around like beggars begging you begging you pleading
pleading pleading o God if you just help me there’s one more time I’ll never ask
you for anything again come on that is not your portion that is not your
position it’s time to rise up it’s time to understand who you are it’s time to
begin to decree a thing and let it be established Oh father in the name of
Jesus we decree and declare that nothing shall be lost nothing broken nothing
missing that you are a God of restoration i decree restoration in your
life in the name of Jesus I decree reconciliation over your relationships
in the name of Jesus I declare repayment in every area where the devil robbed
from you in the name of Jesus I decree and declare a restoration of wholeness I
just saw a broken egg being mended it’s like a reverse time-lapse where the egg
is broken and it’s just fooled it’s just it’s just it’s just like flowing all
over everything but I just saw a reversal of that so I
think I don’t know where I was if it was yesterday on the call or where I was or
if I was praying at yeah I was at the wakening house to prayer Atlanta Lodge
and that’s what the Lord put on my heart divine reversals hear me divine
reversals it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like a is if just it’s almost like
a going back in time like a rewind that’s the best way to describe it a
rewind you know when you realize how many of you had tape players or record
players when you were little and you just rewind it and you go back
and you get to repeat the same thing again but the Lord is going to restore
and repeat you’re not going to repeat the same old
cycles of the past season the demonic cycles this is he’s
rewinding to repeat like he’s giving you a second chance
like he’s restoring the place where you work so that you can do it again so that
you can give him the glory so that you can run the race even stronger so that
you can learn from the past mistakes in the past attacks and the past seasons
and walk into this new beginning with a new fresh perspective and a new strength
in the name of Jesus come on I just saw the egg unbreaking hallelujah
they say you can’t unbreak an egg well let me tell you something honey
God can Arriba can’t unbreak the egg God can undo the damage God can undo the
trauma God can undo the attack he can undo a thing he can make it as if it
never happened he can make you stronger than before it happened he can make it
he can do it he can have it he can show you he can make a way he can
do it whatever it is you’ve been through whatever it is you’re going through now
God can unbreak the egg he can reverse it he can rewind the situation he can
give you greater wisdom and he can restore more than you lost Jobe 42 Jobe
prayed for his friends and he received double i decree oh and declare a double
portion in the name of Jesus nothing is impossible with my God he’s awesome a
divine reversal reversal of fortunes the enemy came to kill steal and destroy God
came to give you life in abundance to the full until it overflows you’re
living on the wrong side of John 10 and 10 I decree and declare you are crossing
over from the first half of the verse two the second half of the verse
you are crossing over come on now from the kill steal and destroy to the life
in abundance to the full till it overflows you are crossing over from a
season of enemy attack in the wilderness to a season of abundant life an
overflowing grace and increase you are crossing over I said your transition
it’s up it’s your in the middle but you’re crossing over you’re crossing
over you’re crossing over you’re crossing over you’re crossing over and
there’s blessings on the other side oh sure da ba ba Chaka tombery sh t yeah
Katie Riley a Katara washed a cotton brushed off shake a tail yeah my
Shakuntala come on who’s crossing over with me who is come on listen come on
I’ll come oh so masha come on listen to me today I did this just occurred to me
today is a day of crossing over today is a day to pack up and move out today is a
day to get what belongs to you oh my god that the enemy had been holding and we
take it back you know why listen listen listen listen listen listen listen
listen listen I see why the enemy is fighting this broadcast so hard on
periscope today hear me Saints today after weeks and weeks and weeks and
weeks and weeks and weeks of the landlord playing games and not returning
phone calls in our collapsed building after weeks and weeks and weeks and
weeks of us being patient and praying and believing God and being kind and
being gracious to a landlord who I have no inclination to call us back after
weeks and weeks and weeks of waiting for property when other tenants already got
their property out of that building after weeks and weeks and weeks are
being held up and not being able to have church services and and and having
members go to and fro and scattered and having financial loss after weeks and
weeks and weeks and weeks of this attack today this morning at 10:30 were
accessing our old building and getting everything that belongs to us and were
putting it into a truck and we’re moving into a new building
I said today is a day of crossing over today is a day to go into the enemy’s
camp and take back what he stole from you put it in a truck honey and drive on
in to your new beginning hallelujah today is a day of
breakthrough today is a day to go in and well you know you’ve been patient you’ve
been pressing you’ve been crying out to God and he hears you to create thing
over your life and it shall be established begin to decree I am going
to cross over today even if you don’t see the natural you’re going to do it in
the spirit it’s a prophetic act come on cross over with me cross over to that
place of having your stuff in bondage of having your goods off in a in a demonic
a Treasury cross over with me I decree and declare that everything the enemy
has held up in your life be released in the name of Jesus I decree and declare
that all the things the enemy tried to hold back from you the things that
rightfully belong to you Dada ma sha allah masha can’t enter this
day i decree they’re loosed in the name of jesus as far as the spirit realm goes
i release them in the name of the Lord and I thank you Lord that these things
shall begin to manifest for your glory some of you are owed money some of you
have literal physical goods in a place that’s in some sort of storage or some
sort of uncle’s garage or some sort of whatever and you have not been able to
access it but the Lord is about to release it you know why because I
decreed it and I have authority and if you’ll come into agreement with my
declaration if you’ll stuck him on now if you’ll stop murmuring and complaining
and getting all mad and hot to trot over it
would I be shocked I have I have begin to decree a thing get in agreement with
God’s Word you’ll see it you’ll see it there’s somebody listening to me and you
were in some kind of business partnership or alliance I see more than
one person more than one other person was involved there’s three and maybe
four or five there’s more that’s not more than one person some kind of
business partnerships what kind of business
consortium some kind of business alliance and your portion as is being
held you were you were Rob’s and somehow I don’t know how they did it I just see
that you were robbed I don’t know who I’m talking to shout out you will rob
somehow you were Rob’s you were you were robbed you were you were cuts to cut out
of something you were you were if something was taken
from you the Lord says restoration is your portion even though the Lord warns
you not to get involved with those people and you did anyway he’s going to
restore it for you anyway he’s gonna restore it for you anyway why because
he’s good hallelujah or shaumbra Donna Baba she
yeah Katie rush i decree it i decree that your prodigal must be loosed of the
enemy I declare I decree that your prodigal
must be let go in the name which I said devil let him go let him go let him go
let him go in Jesus name Shaka Tom Basha Cora da bobba bobba sha
Katara Bosh a cool brush Nakata kinda Bosh stick it to ya I decree that ever
come on now watch this I decree that every battle over your natural
inheritance in your family line every battle every familiar familial war over
natural inheritances I say I decree that it will come out in your favor i decree
that whatever rightful portion is due you shall come into your hands i decree
that your portion of the inheritance will not be robbed from you I had to
create in Jesus name my shaco – come on we’re crossing over we’re crossing over
we’re crossing over this is a day of cross over and break through this is a
day of determining in your heart that enough is enough
she’s gonna go into the enemy’s camp and take back what belongs to you what are
you waiting for what are you waiting for I hear so many whining and complaining
and murmuring about what the devil did he’s laughing at us every time we do
that he’s laughing he says haha look I got them all torqued up father we repent
for complaining when you’ve given us authority we repent for complaining when
you’ve given us authority and every time we complain we come out of alignment
with your word which tells us to do everything without grumbling and
complaining we see the fate of those Israelites in the wilderness who
murmured and complained a generation did not inherit the promised land a
generation did not inherit God’s best because of unbelief listen to me every
time you open your mouth to complain unbelief opens unbelief seeps in if you
go in an ocean and open your mouth what happens water water goes in your mouth
if you swim around an ocean of complaint unbelief will fill your mouth and it’s a
cycle that can be difficult to break so father in the name of Jesus we repent
for complaining when you’ve given us a portion you’ve promised us an
inheritance this is a key to somebody’s breakthrough I’m telling you you’re like
why you got to go there we were all happy and declaring because this is a
key to somebody’s breakthrough this is a key to somebody’s breakthrough religious
spirits don’t like to repent so if this is bothering you look if you’re not if
you don’t need to repent and this isn’t for you so you don’t need to get
offended but people with a religious spirit they don’t like to repent I’d
like to admit they’re wrong but I’m telling you this is a key for some of
you for your breakthrough look we all do this okay we all have a
tendency when we’re walking through a wilderness or we’re going through a
trial to complain but when we complain we’re actually complaining against God
we’re saying I don’t like the path you’re taking me on I don’t he’s in
control oh we like to say O God is in control until he does something or
doesn’t do something that we wanted to do or does something we don’t like or
allow something we’d rather not endure you know with this ankle it was healed
and then my Achilles tendon got attacked when we were in Taiwan and I would get
up in the pulpit and and it wouldn’t hurt at all
except the day I was taught that I was preaching on the Python spirit I would
get up in that platform didn’t hurt a bit get up get down off the platform
agonizing and the devil was telling me well why won’t God just you know you’re
here on assignment for God why why won’t he just stopped the pain why is he
letting you go through this why is he letting you endure this agony if he
could stop it from hurting on the platform why doesn’t he stop it from
hurting when you’re not preaching you’re still an assignment but I heard that I
heard the enemy’s voice and I understood that the devil was trying to get me to
accuse God and you won’t you can’t decree out of your mouth the blessings
of God and complain against him in the next breath and think that you’re going
to see results so this is this listen I’m not dogging any but I do we all do
this okay we all do this but this is a key to some of your breakthrough because
you’re you’re you’re excited something you need to go back and listen to this
broadcast you’re excited about declaring you’re excited about the release of your
inheritance you’re decided about taking back with a double stole you’re excited
about crossing over you’re excited about all these things but then if you don’t
see them by the end of the day some of you will have a tendency to complain if
you don’t see them by next week some of you instead of praising God for the
breakthrough that we attained in the spirit some of you because you don’t see
it in the natural immediately will fall back into the same patterns of grumbling
and complaining and then you’re forfeiting or you’re negating the decree
because you’re saying I don’t really believe what I decreed I was just
feeling a goose bump in the moment I was just feeling hyped up in the moment I
was just feeling the anointing in the moment I was just feeling grace and
faith in the moment beloved we’ve got to hold on to this we’ve got to hold on to
this this momentum that we gained this morning I was going to decree the
jay-bez breakthrough off to save that for tomorrow because the Lord took us in
a different direction how many of you know that the Lord knew that periscope
would have no sound today and he knew all of the confusion and the frustration
in the upset of the three or four hundred people that couldn’t hear he
knew they would be that not all of them would come over and that some of them
would be very disappointed and I’m so sorry about that but he wants them to
get it on this jay-bez breakthrough so he took me in a different direction
which was equally as powerful but we had to press through all of the atmospheric
confusion in my prayer my prayer atmosphere and I thank you for all those
who did it but I want you to understand that everything manifests every all
breakthrough start in the spirit before the before you see them in the natural
and so many of us what we do is we decree a thing we feel God we have faith
we understand that he’s moving you know that you know that you know something
shifted but because we don’t see it we begin to complain and then we negate our
breakthrough and then we’d be and then that actually hurts our faith because we
believed for a thing we thought we did but we didn’t understand that as soon as
we released unbelief out of our mouth our faith was watered down so father
help us not to complain let our tongue cleave to the roof of our mouth if we
begin to complain against anything or anyone at any time and I decree and
declare that we have grace to resist complaint that you’ve given us grace for
all things you never tell us what to do without giving us the grace to obey so
father we lean into your grace we lean into the grace of Obie
it’s to stop all complaining I’m telling you this is such a big issue I think for
at least 30% of you this is why you’re not seeing breakthrough and if we can
get our mouth in line and keep agreeing with God just long enough we’ll see the
power in that and maybe that will help to break that cycle of complaining as
well hallelujah father we give you praise and honor and
glory we magnify your name today you are awesome you are awesome you are awesome
help us not to complain help us to walk out the breakthrough that we declared in
the spirit today help us to walk walk it out in the natural the breakthrough we
declared the restoration the divine reversals help us to walk it out help us
not to complain if we don’t see it tomorrow or next week or even next month
but help us to stay the course knowing that just as Daniel had to wait 21 days
for that prayer answer sometimes we have to wait that long or longer but the walk
of faith determines and demands that we stay the course and that means the words
of our mouth you out of the abundance of our heart the mouth speaks so father fill us again with your spirit
hmm fill us again with your spirit God fill us to overflowing with your spirit
God fill is to overflowing with your spirit fill us to overflowing with your
spirit Oh bless us indeed enlarge our territory
let your hand of power be upon us and keep us from causing pain in Jesus name
listen I’ve got enough faith for all of you this morning I saw it so clearly
listen I saw it so clearly I saw it so clearly today after weeks and weeks and
weeks and weeks and demonic attack after demonic attack after demonic attack over
this building today we will get our stuff out of that building and whatever
the devil has held up for you listen I want you to keep decree it that he’s got
to return it because that’s what we did just kept occurring it was it annoying
to have to wait yeah it’s annoying when people don’t call you back and the city
tells you well you could have got it a week ago but you’ve got to get the
landlord just to call us it’s yeah it’s annoying when someone is purposely
holding you up when they know they’ve shut you down when they know that their
negligence has caused you issues it is annoying but there’s a thing called the
righteous anger but righteous anger is not fleshly anger
so righteous anger should drive you to decree with all the more boldness
knowing that the enemy cannot resist God he’s got no business trying even to do
so he’s got no weight or authority so instead of getting mad in the flesh you
need to get a righteous indignation in your heart when the enemy is holding
back your blessings you need to keep decree it until you see it Amen you got
it amen hallelujah God is good I’ve got to
get ready so I’m going to I’m going to cut this a little short today I do want
to give you an opportunity to give I’ve gone way over in prayer because we had
to reset the whole broadcast because periscope seems to be down and I knew a
lot of people there’s just so much confusion people binding and loosing
which is not a bad thing but sometimes technology just doesn’t work that way getting I kept saying no sound no sound
there’s nothing I can do about it Saints next time that happens don’t stay on
there for 10 minutes telling me there’s there’s nothing I can do about it so
just switch over to Facebook that way you don’t
miss anything and you don’t create inadvertently I know you’re not doing it
on purpose but when you have 300 people upset and in turmoil saying no sound and
getting anxious it’s releasing something in my prayer atmosphere you understand
so I’m not mad at you about it I’m just trying to teach you when those things
happen you want to sign off and sign back on if that doesn’t fix it then just
come on over to Facebook I know many of you really prefer periscope I get it in
many ways I prefer periscope for these prayer broadcasts as well and you know
that it’s just it’s just it is what it is but every once in a while technology
fails so let’s not allow it to get our goat and I’m so proud of all of you
because you all pressed through and I see many of you are on Facebook amen
let’s not allow it to get our goat you always spot binding and loosing is
good but I know there are some people that don’t use pears that don’t use
facebook and they’re up really upset this morning cuz they missed this
broadcast and I grieve over that I’m sorry for that but there’s nothing I can
do about it thank God for replays amen hallelujah it’s also going to be on
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3 0 3 hallelujah father I ask you to bless
this offering in Jesus name or bless your people under breakthrough today
those who are sowing a breakthrough seed or whatever seed they’re sowing bless
them multiply it back to them in the name of Jesus help them Lord help them
Lord help them Lord help them Lord to see the way that you see multiply this
back to them God in Jesus name Amen amen amen amen
hallelujah God is good I want to remind you just of a couple quick things and
I’ve got to get off here I’ve got to get off here what am I trying to
supernatural debt cancellation service it’s so I it’s not ironic it’s God that
the first service that we’re doing the first night service we’re doing in our
new facility on September the 29th is supernatural debt cancellation I’ve got
such a revelation on this because I have conquered the debt mountain I’m
debt-free on five properties and 23 acres of land all debt-free I want to
teach you that but I want to I want to believe for debt cancellation miracles
which we’ve seen so many times hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt
cancellation not counting my own through our ministry if you can’t come in person
to South Florida come online a Hopf TV if you can’t come in person come online
at a Hopf dot TV you can’t come in person come online at a Hopf TV amen
seems like there’s something else I want to tell you I am doing a video
presentation with Johnathan Ferguson and it’s called where is it
Snoop Dogg’s gospel deception and mega Christian compromise and this is going
to be a barn burner we’re going to really expose some things going on and
Christian music and how pastors are compromising for the sake of money so if
that interests you if you will if you’re one that likes
here about and understand how to avoid deception anybody can fall into this
then go register my presentation on five seven seven nine new births and serpent
warfare arising that’s on September 25th you can sign up for these things on
Eventbrite Jennifer LeClaire surging against spiritual
witchcraft that’s Friday that’s tomorrow you want to learn how to conquer
witchcraft and get witchcraft break breakthrough prayers come to the
awakening ounce of Prayer last meeting in the hotel Morrison but if you can’t
come in person go online a hop TV if you’re not on my mailing list would you
please get on there I could really do these announcements a lot quicker if I
could just tell you to refer to the email so get on my mailing list go to my
website Jennifer LeClaire. org that way you don’t have to worry about
remembering these things you’ll just get the email and you can just click through
the email with no problem I’ll still do announcements but but it’s easier for you to read not have
to remember because you’ll just get the email so there’s lots of stuff there
Jennifer LeClaire. go take advantage of that make sure that
you’re not signing up for an in-person event listen we can’t undo that once
you’ve done it okay we can’t apply what you put on Eventbrite to an online event
our developer charges us a lot of money to make manual changes like that so
there’s just no way for me to credit you for some donation you made on Eventbrite
to put you in an online basically I’d be losing money doing that and that’s not
being a good steward so you guys don’t really need to read like with the
supernatural debt cancellation for example it says live attendees online
viewers so if you don’t read then you’re signing for the wrong thing but I can’t
do anything about that because I’ve got to pay the guy $40 to make the change
and the online event is $29 so it doesn’t make any sense you guys got to
read what’s your what’s your signing up for okay it’s right there in big bold
letters so that kind of stuff happens all the time and there’s just nothing I
can do about not only that it’s an administrative nightmare
I can’t advance the gospel when we’re getting questions all day about you know
I signed up for the wrong thing well I can’t help that read grace god I know
you probably think I’m me and I’m not trying to be mean read read it read it the address on on these event brights
need to get updated Sierra needs to do that this morning all these addresses
for Awakening House of Prayer events need to get updated on these on this
Eventbrite because they’re all the wrong address and people gonna go to the wrong
place amen we don’t want that that would be
our fault that would be our fault people will be reading and they’ll read the
read the wrong address if we don’t update of course we couldn’t
update it till today but now that we have everything set now we can update it
amen and we’ll send out emails as well all right I gotta go I’ve got to get on
a few things and I’ve got to leave to go with traditionalists I’m believing for
you guys I know that you spiritually mature ones understand about prayer
atmospheres and I so appreciate how you jumped in and I felt the shift or what
some of you sees in prayer warriors you jumped in and began to to press with me
and I felt the shift and then we had our breakthrough amen so God is good I’ll be
back with you tomorrow maybe even later today with a Facebook live god bless you

We need to pray against the gathering of witches that is to occur today! David Heavener has a report on this (does not state where it's taking place cuz he does not want to promote it), but at the end of his report he prays a powerful spiritual warfaring prayer that we must all stand in agreement with….go check David out on Youtube!

Amen and SHALOM! I declare the victory in the Mighty Name Of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. I receive the Blessing and this prayer and I will glorify GOD in all with all. AMEN. Job 28:22! The double camp has been established to teach the youth and they will no longer be lost or alone. In the BLOOD OF JESUS…

Before I even listen Jennifer, and I listen every day, there's no rewinding some things. It is especially hard to rewind when everyone around you is winding the other way. Prayer Warfare is all I know. And I guess that's the reason I'm stuck in an 8 by 10 room. But if that's where Jesus wants me right now, rebuking the devil out loud, then I'll have to adjust. Have you ever been isolated almost totally for a period of years?

If your word is wrong my life and my son is at stake. I have faith in the Lord but I have a feeling that I need to be guided in the right way right now. I'm sorry really, because that's a lot of responsibility for you. God bless you and give you the peace that passes all understanding

I know this is so hard not to do but when there is confusion in the camp and anger we've got to find a way to not fuel the flame even if we're broadcasting

Make no mistake I'm not giving up and the Lord has been merciful to me and my family my two sons and I continually try to change my complaining or heartache into Joy. He's told me out of fires just like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. My face won't die, I just don't know how to live

I Jennifer, could you please include those people who can only get on YouTube? I can't seem to access periscope or any other forum

I just got it you don't have to include YouTubers for Jesus to know that I'm here, and that I'm desperate for my family, not for my own life. And the words are seeing are coming to me on YouTube as well. God is surely speaking through you, so again the peace that passes understanding. I apologize and repent even to the Lord, that just because you didn't name the only platform I have, that he can't break through. He does coma he can, and you're doing a great job

Praising you on YouTube Jesus and thanking you for sending are messengers, regardless of technological difficulties

Amen, I Am Crossing Over for the Lord is giving me back my Money AND my stuff was in storage and taken away, but the Lord has said that I will recover ALL and get my SPOILS also!!! Amen!!! BREAKTHROUGH IS MINE!!! The Lord has given me Exodus 14, and Joshua 3&4!!! Amen!!!

Amen —–thank you, Lord that I'm in the season to cross over!! Restoration & recompense from my Father's hand! My portion of my inheritance will be protected! My family will see breakthrough!!!!! Praise God!


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