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Alhamdulillah. We are about to learn one of the greatest
prophets which was Prophet Isa (pbuh). He was the last prophet from Bani Israel. Since Bani Israel kept on making the same
terrible crimes that were forbidden by Allah, he stopped sending prophets from them after
prophet Isa (pbuh). Prophet Isa (pbuh)’s story started from his
grandparents Imran (pbuh). He was a very good religious leader for the
children of Israel, but he was not a prophet. His wife and prophet Zakaria’s wife were two
sisters. Imran and his wife (pbut) did not have any
child for many years but they did not lose her faith. With Allah (swt)’s blessing during their old
age Imran’s wife became pregnant. She was so happy that she promised to give
her child for Allah (swt)’s work. During her pregnancy her husband Imran (pbuh)
died. After a few days she gave birth, and she was
surprised because her child was a girl. At that time girls were not useful for any
religious work. So she prayed to Allah (swt) to save her and
her child from Satan and named the baby Mariyam, or in English, Mary (pbuh). Then, Mariyam’s mother gave Mariyam (pbuh)
to the temple of Baitul Maqdis since she promised to Allah (swt) to give up her child for Allah
(swt)’s work. Animal: So, at that time Mariyam (as) was
just a little baby? Yusuf: We don’t know how old she was at that
time. But she was brought to the temple by her mother
for prayer and work and get Allah (swt)’s blessing. So it could’ve been when she was old enough
to work in the temple but Allah (swt) knows the best, but you can get more information
in Surah Imran. At that time women were not allowed at the
temple to stay. So she needed a guardian from the temple. Many priests wanted to take care of Mariyam
(pbuh) because everyone used to respect her father Imran (pbuh) very much. But her uncle prophet Zakaria (pbuh) wanted
to take care Mariyam (pbuh) the most, since he was her uncle and at that time he did not
have any child. So as their tradition, they draw a lottery
by throwing their pen into the river. Everyone’s pen sank into the river but prophet
Zakaria’s pen was still floating in the water. You can find this story in Surah Imran verse
44. By winning the lottery, Allah (swt) chose
prophet Zakaria (pbuh) to take care of young Mariyam (pbuh). For her protection, Zakaria (pbuh) built a
separate room inside the temple. As she grew up, she became a very religious
woman. Our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said Mariyam (pbuh)
was one of the top 4 great women of all time. Animal: Who are the other 3 women? Yusuf: One of them is Asia (pbuh), who was
the wife of the Pharaoh and the other two were Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s wives, Khadijah
and Ayesha (pbut). When Mariyam (pbuh) became a teenager she
needed a private quiet area for her prayer. So she started to live on the east side of
the Temple. But some scholars say that she started living
on the east side of the town, which was a very quiet place. But Allah (swt) knows the best. Prophet Zakaria (pbuh) used to visit her daily
and taught her about Allah (swt)’s laws. One day he was surprised to see some fresh
fruits, which were out of season in her room. He asked her how the fruits got there. She told him that sometimes Allah (swt) would
send fruits to her. He was so surprised to hear that. After this event the very old prophet Zakaria
prayed for a good son to guide Bani Israel. Then as a miracle, a few days later his very
old wife got pregnant. Around six-months after that, Allah (swt)
decided to send a surprising news to Mariyam (pbuh) by an angel. She was very scared to see the angel and she
requested him not to harm her. The Angel told her not to worry and he had
very good news from Allah (swt). With Allah (swt)’s plan she would give birth
to a very good son. His name would be Isa, or in English known
as Jesus, and he would be a prophet of Bani Israel. She was surprised and asked, how was it possible? She was not married and she was not a bad
woman either! And the Angel told her, it is very easy for
Allah (swt) to give her a baby without a father. Animal: Why did Allah (swt) create Prophet
Isa (pbuh) without a father? Yusuf: To show Bani Israel a miracle and to
show them that he was a true prophet from Allah (swt) and so that they would follow
his advice, because at that time Bani Israel were not following Allah (swt)’s laws. So as a miracle Mariyam (pbuh) became pregnant. Day by day, a few people started to guess
that she was pregnant. At that time to avoid the public shame of
carrying a child without a husband, one day she left the house and started to walk to
a place, where there wasn’t any people that could see her condition. Some historians say it was close to Bethlehem. But Allah (swt) knows the best. In Surah Mu’minun verse 50 we know that,
Allah (swt) guided her to a safe place on the top of a hill. For her need, Allah (swt) supplied spring
water and food for her. One day her pain started when she was starting
to give birth to the baby. She didn’t know what to do and sat under a
palm tree. Within a short time, she gave birth to a very
beautiful son. According to some historians the birthday
of Jesus (pbuh) was Saturday April 17th, between 4 to 6 BC. But Allah (swt) knows the best. After seeing her son, she started to cry and
thought about how she would explain to everyone that her baby did not has a father. No one would believe her. Right after giving birth, she was very hungry
and thirsty. To solve her problems, Allah (swt) sent Angel
Jibrael (pbuh). From the distance down the hill the Angel
told her not to worry because Allah (swt) would solve all of her problems. Mariyam (pbuh) became very happy to hear that. The Angel told her to touch or shake the palm
tree and as a Miracle, fresh ripe dates dropped down for her to eat. Animal: After she gave birth, why did Allah
(swt) give her fresh dates to eat? Yusuf: For a new mother, dates are the best
food for their health and energy. So after that, with the angel’s advice, Mariyam
(pbuh), returned to her people with her baby. People knew she was a very religious person
but now they were surprised. They thought that she had become a very bad
woman. They were blaming her for that baby, and asked
her why she did that. Mariyam (pbuh) did not say anything and pointed
at the baby for their answers. People became angry. How could the little baby talk to them. Suddenly, in a miracle, baby Jesus (pbuh)
started to talk and said, that he was Allah (swt)’s servant and prophet. Allah (swt) sent him to establish prayer and
collect Zakat for the poor people, as well as taking care of his mother. You can find more details of this story in
Surah Mariyam, verse two. When the people heard that the little baby
was talking, they realized that he was a special baby and it was a miracle from Allah (swt). Some of them believed in him and his mother,
Mariyam (pbuh). But unfortunately some of them didn’t like
that. Some historians say, that somehow the King
Herod and some of his people thought, Jesus (pbuh) would be bad for them. So they planned to kill baby Jesus (pbuh). With Allah (swt)’s plan Mariyam took her baby
and moved to another place. Animal: Where did prophet Isa and Mariyam
(as) move to? Yusuf: From the Quran and Hadith we don’t
know where they moved, but some historians say, at first they moved to Egypt. After a year when King Herod died, they moved
to Nazareth, a small town in northern Palestine. Over there he spent his childhood. Animal: I am just curious, after Jesus was
born, did Mariyam (pbuh) get married or have any other children? Yusuf: That is a very tough Question. From the Quran, Hadith or any Islamic historians
we didn’t find proof that she ever got married or have any other children beside Isa (pbuh). But Allah (swt) knows the best. From the Quran or Hadith, we don’t find any
detail information about prophet Isa (pbuh)’s childhood, however the only story we found
was from Ibn Kasir. Usually Bani Israel celebrated a special event
called ‘Passover’, which was a big holiday. For an example like our Eid. So lots of people used to come to the Baitul
Maqdis from different places. When Isa (as) was twelve years old he came
to Baitul Maqdis with his mother on that special day. He went into the temple to hear speeches from
the priests. In that huge crowd, everyone over there was
an adult. One time he asked questions to the priests,
and those were so hard that the priests didn’t even know the answer. As Jesus started to grow up, he noticed that
some people are doing extreme terrible things in the name of religion. Yusuf: You remember about the law of Sabbath
right? Animal: Yes, during the time of Prophet Musa,
Allah (swt) made it a law that from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset they should pray
during that time and they should not waste their time by doing any work. Yusuf: MashaAllah, you remembered that. But day by day some bad priests made their
Sabbath law harder and harder, and it made it very difficult for the people. Sometimes during Sabbath, the bad priests
did not even allow to call the doctors for very sick people. That’s why many times people cheated and broke
Allah (swt)’s laws. So, to make the people’s life easy, Allah
(swt) decided to remove some of the hard rules. Prophet Zakariya and his son Prophet Yahiya
(pbut) were trying very hard to guide the Bani Israel to follow Allah (swt)’s law but
it did not work. One time the bad king and some of the Bani
Israel decided to kill those two great prophets. Prophet Zakaria and his son prophet Yahiya
(pbut) were killed on the same day, but unfortunately none of the Bani Israel tried to save them
and they even did not say anything to stand up against those bad people. So Allah (swt) became very angry with Bani
Israel’s action. But the Merciful Allah (swt) gave one last
chance to the Bani Israel with the miracle born Jesus (pbuh). On the same day when prophet Zakaria and Yahiya
(pbut) were killed, Allah (swt) chose Jesus (pbuh) as a prophet to guide Bani Israel. Everyone knew that he truly was a prophet
because of his miracle birth, so no one questioned him becoming a prophet. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
Animal: Did Allah (swt) send prophet Isa (as) only to the Bani Israel? Yusuf: Yes, Prophet Jesus was sent only for
the Bani Israel and you will also find the answer in Surah Imran verse 48 to 50. Even in the Bible, the book of Matthew chapter
15, verse 24, also mentions that prophet Isa (pbuh) only came for Bani Israel. Allah (swt) taught him all the books which
were given to Musa and Dawud (pbuh). Jesus (pbuh) understood the depth meaning
of Allah (swt)’s laws. Allah (swt) also gave him a new book of laws. And that was called the Ingil, or in English
the Gospel of Jesus (pbuh). From his hometown, in one gathering he declared
his prophet hood to the people. But unfortunately his own relatives and people
of the town started to refuse him and his message. Day by day, it became very difficult for him
to make others follow Allah (swt)’s law. Only a few people accepted him as a prophet. In those difficult situations, one day he
asked some of the believers to be his helper and protect him from the enemies. Some of the believers agreed to be his helper. In Quran those helpers are called ‘Hawary’. They were very respectful and very good followers,
like sahabas in Islam. Some scholars believe there were eleven to
seventeen great special followers that stood with Prophet Isa (as). They started to move from one place to another
to tell the people about Allah (swt)’s laws. During his work, he showed many miracles to
the people with Allah (swt)’s help. You will find some of the examples in Surah
Imran, verse 49. One day he was crossing a market place with
his followers and on the way he saw a blind man who was begging and said that he had been
blind his whole life. Prophet Jesus (pbuh) felt very bad for that
blind man. So he prayed to Allah (swt) to cure the blind
man’s eyes. When he touch the blind man’s eyes, as a miracle
in front of many people, the blind man was able to see the world for the first time! At that point many people instantly knew that
he truly was the prophet from Allah (swt).One day, in a small town he was giving a speech
to the people, and then a man came to him and explained his very deadly skin disease
and requested the prophet to cure his disease. Jesus (pbuh) prayed to Allah (swt) for that
person. And as a miracle Allah (swt) cured his disease
in front of many people. After see that miracle, many people started
to follow Allah (swt)’s laws. Animal: How long did Prophet Isa (as) invite
people to follow Allah (swt)’s law? Yusuf: Some historians say he was a prophet
for about three years. But some bible researchers also believe that
he invited the people to Allah (swt)’s law for only one year. One third of the bible talked only about his
last week of life on Earth. But if Jesus (pbuh) started his work after
Prophet Yahiya (pbuh)’s death, his prophet hood timing would be even shorter because
according to the historians, Prophet Yahiya (pbuh) died on June and Prophet Isa (pbuh)
left the earth the next April. If that was the case, his prophet hood time
would be around 10 months only. But Allah (swt) knows the best. It is not important how long he guided the
Bani Israel. The most important thing was all of his extraordinary
work he did by Allah (swt). For Bani Israel, he even showed the big miracle
by the help of Allah (swt). One time on his way, he saw a dead child. The child’s family was crying. People asked Jesus (pbuh) to help the dead
child. Prophet Jesus did not have the power to give
life to the dead. So he prayed to Allah (swt) to give life back
to that child. As a miracle the dead child got his life back. Everyone was so surprised. How was that even possible! Many Bani Israel realized that Isa (as) was
a real prophet and they accepted him as a messenger of Allah (swt). Some scholars say, Prophet Jesus (pbuh) all
together helped 4 people to get their life back with Allah (swt)’s help. Some of the bad Bani Israel could not believe
his miracle and they claimed that he could only give life back to those who died recently;
maybe they did not died and only fainted. To prove his ability they asked him to bring
life back to someone who died a very long time ago. People showed him a very old grave and when
prophet Isa (pbuh) prayed to Allah (swt), as a miracle that dead person got his life
back and came out from the grave. We found that story from Ibn Kasir but Allah
(swt) knows best. After seeing extraordinary miracles from Isa
(pbuh), unfortunately, some of the Bani Israel even started to believe that he might be a
god. Nauzubillah. May Allah (swt) save us from that bad thinking. Animal: So, did prophet Isa (as) clear their
misunderstanding? Yusuf: Yes, in Surah Mayida, verse 72, Allah
(swt) told us, that Jesus (pbuh) clearly explained to the people, he was not a God. God is the one and only Allah (swt). Even in the Bible, John chapter 5 verse 30,
Jesus (pbuh) clearly told the people, that he cannot do anything by himself and the only
thing that he does is follow Allah (swt)’s order. In another section in the Bible, in the book
of John chapter 8 verse 28, Jesus (pbuh) said to his people, all the miracles done by him
were from Allah (swt). After seeing many miracles, even prophet Isa
(pbuh)’s close followers were also confused about him and Allah (swt)’s power. In Surah Mayida verse 112, we found some information
about that story. One time Isa (pbuh) and his close followers
came to a town and they did not have any food to eat so they were very hungry. People of that town also did not have enough
food. Then the followers asked prophet Isa (pbuh),
if he could pray to Allah (swt) to send food for them from the heaven. Since the people always challenged him, by
constantly demanding to see the miracles from Allah (swt), Prophet Jesus was very upset. He ordered them to be careful about challenging
Allah (swt), and they immediately understood that it was a mistake and became very sorry
for their behavior. Then prophet Isa (pbuh) requested Allah (swt)
to send some food for everybody and show the people a great miracle. So as a response, Allah (swt) replied that
he would send the food from the heaven, but after seeing the miracle, if anyone rejected
Allah (swt) and his orders, Allah would give them a very big punishment. Then Allah (swt) sent lots of food to everybody
and when the prophet’s followers saw the food, they asked him where the food was coming from. Was it coming from heaven or some other place? The Prophet warned them not to ask too much
questions and to be grateful about Allah (swt)’s blessings. Some historians say, Allah (swt) sent fish
and bread for more than 5000 people, but Allah (swt) knows the best. Day by day his followers became bigger and
bigger. Even some of the rich people started to give
away their money to the poor people. The prophet could also tell the people what
they ate that day and what they kept in their house for tomorrow to eat. Now remember Sabbath happens every Friday
as soon as the sunsets, so one Friday night, Jesus (pbuh) saw that there were some children
and they were so hungry that they were crying! So he picked out some fruits for those hungry
children. Some of the people did not like his action
because it was breaking the Sabbath law. Another cold Friday night Isa (pbuh) saw some
old ladies who were freezing in the weather. So he made a fire for those old ladies. That was another Sabbath law broken by Prophet
Jesus (pbuh). The religious leaders also did not like his
actions. Prophet Isa (pbuh) continued his teachings
to the Bani Israel until spring time. Bani Israel had a very big special holy day
that they celebrated during the spring time, around the month of April. It was called ‘Passover’. It was a celebration of gratefulness to Allah
(swt), for saving the Bani Israel from slavery in Egypt hundreds of years ago. Usually it was an eight day celebration where
there would be lots of people who used to come from different places to the Baitul Maqdis
in Jerusalem. Prophet Isa (pbuh) thought, that would be
the perfect time to go to the Baitul Maqdis and guide the people about Allah (swt)’s
laws. According to the historians, Prophet Isa (pbuh)
entered Jerusalem on Saturday, which was the first day of the ‘Passover’ holy day week. But Allah (swt) knows the best. By that time he already had many enemies from
Bani Israel, and unfortunately during that week, it was his final week of living on the
earth of his first life. Animal: Haa..really? He was very brave. Yusuf: Yes, he was. He always followed Allah (swt) order. In Surah Baqara verse 87 Allah (swt) tells
us, prophet Isa (pbuh) was always protected by Angel Jibrail or the holy book Ingil. He went to the temple area and looked around. He noticed that there were so many priests
and everyone there made money from the temple for their living. The rooms inside the temple were filled with
the priests and their people but only very few visitors were allowed to come in those
room, because it was very expensive for them. Every step in the temple visitor had to spend
money. Suppose a poor family wanted to sacrifice
a sheep for Allah (swt). So after they raised their sheep, when they
came to the temple with that sheep to sacrifice, the priests did not them allow to sacrifice
their own sheep because they had to buy a sheep from the temple people. Because of that only rich people were welcome
in the temple. The Priests and their people acted as if it
was a market place. And it was so bad that in the temple the priest
used to waste lots of food even though they knew that outside of the temple the poor people
were very hungry. Prophet Isa (pbuh) became very sad after seeing
that situation. He saw that the priests changed or misunderstood
most of the laws from their holy book for their own benefits. So Jesus tried to explain to the people in
order to save them from the mistakes that they were making. Allah (swt) sent new laws for them and corrected
some of their old laws. But unfortunately most of the priests did
not like Prophet Jesus (pbuh), because his teaching went against the benefits of the
bad priests. They started saying that Jesus was not a prophet. So he had to show many miracles to the people
to prove that he was a true prophet from Allah (swt) like Adam, Ibrahim, Musa and all of
the other prophets (pbut all). In Surah Baqara verse 49 Allah (swt) told
us, at that time Jesus (pbuh) showed a great miracle about Allah (swt)’s power. He took some mud and molded it into the shape
of a bird. After that in the name of Allah (swt), he
blew his breath in it. Suddenly Allah (swt) turned that clay into
a real bird and that bird started to fly. Everyone was surprised to see that. Many people realized that he truly was a prophet
from Allah (swt). But most of the priests and some of the bad
Bani Israel thought he came to destroy the laws of Moses and Dawud (pbut). But he told them that he did not come to destroy
the old laws. He came to complete the laws. Animal: Was he able to complete the laws? Yusuf: No, for some of the bad Bani Israel,
Prophet Jesus (pbuh) could not fulfill Allah (swt)’s laws. So finally he said to the people, he had many
things to say to them but they were not capable to accept Allah’s law. So Allah (swt) would send a final messenger
to guide not only them but to guild the whole universe. And his name would be Ahmed. And that is one of the names of our last prophet
Muhammad (s). We can find this story in the Bible John chapter
16 verse 12, and the same information can also be found in the Quran Surah As-Saf, verse
6. Another story we found in the Bible was Mathew
chapter 22, verse 36-40. One day an educated Bani Israel came to Prophet
Jesus (pbuh) and asked him what the most important order from Allah (swt) was. Jesus (pbuh) replied, to obey the one and
only God Allah (swt) and to be good with the neighbors and love them from the heart. He had basically three fundamental missions
like other prophets. 1. To tell the people that there is no god except
Allah and he is the one and only God and strongly believe in him. 2. Follow him as a prophet and messenger who
was selected by Allah (swt). 3. Follow all of Allah (swt)’s laws. If Allah said Halal, enjoy them. But if Allah made something Haram for us,
never ever do or take them. It was the same mission for any other prophets
that Allah had sent from Adam (pbuh) to the last prophet, Muhammad (pbuh). Prophet Jesus (pbuh)’s mission was getting
better and better. Lots of poor people started to follow him. So for the temple, the bad priests’ businesses
became very bad and they could not make money even during the busiest week of the whole
year. Most of the Bani Israel priests did not like
that and became very angry. So they were planning on how to stop Isa(as). At first they started to say bad things about
Jesus (pbuh). The bad people were even saying that his birth
was not a miracle and his mother also a bad woman. That’s why he didn’t has a father. In different places the priests and their
people tried to stop him. Sometimes they threatened him too. But prophet Isa (as) and his strong helpers
did not stop. When the priests saw it was impossible for
them to stop. They made a plan to kill Prophet Jesus (pbuh). One of the priests advised the others not
to kill Jesus (pbuh) like they did with Prophet Zakaria and his son Prophet Yahiya (pbut)
because people started to believe in Jesus (pbuh) and they might not like that. The people even could blame the priests for
their bad action. So the priests made a plan and went to the
Roman governor. He was given the responsibility to control
Palestine. The priests convinced the Roman Governor that,
if they cannot stop Prophet Jesus (pbuh), even the Romans would be affected because
they could not make money from Baitul Maqdis and they would lose their control over Palestine. So the Roman Government became angry at Jesus
(pbuh). Then the Roman Government and the top priests
decided to kill Jesus (pbuh) by Crucifixion. In that situation Prophet Jesus (pbuh) became
worried. He did not know what to do. In Surah Imran verse 55 Allah (swt) explained
that situation and told to prophet Isa (pbuh) not to worry and gave him five good news. Allah (swt) said,
1. The Bad Bani Israel could not kill him. 2. For his safety Allah (swt) will take him to
the second sky. 3. Allah removed all kind of misunderstanding
against him by Bani Israel 4. More people would be follow him and reject
the Bad Bani Israel’s priests. 5. And Allah (swt) would solve all of their misunderstandings
in the Day of Judgment between Jesus and those who don’t believe him as a prophet. As planned, during a Friday evening, some
priests and their people took some soldiers and went to a house where prophet Jesus was
teaching Allah (swt)’s laws to some of his followers. The house was locked from the inside. So they surrounded the house to arrest prophet
Isa (pbuh). The bad people were telling Jesus (pbuh) to
come outside, otherwise they would break the door and arrest him. It was starting to get dark in that room where
there were about 12 to 17 other people that were with Jesus (pbuh). But Allah (swt) knows the best. As Allah (swt)’s plan, Jesus (pbuh) asked
his followers, if there was anyone who would be willing to die for him and as a reward,
Allah (swt) would grant him paradise. A young man stepped forward and agreed to
save prophet Isa (pbuh). Isa (pbuh) asked two more times in order to
make sure that he found the right person and every time he asked, that young man came forward. Jesus (pbuh) became very happy with that young
man. With Allah (swt)’s miracle the young man was
transformed to looked like Jesus (pbuh). At that same time a hole opened in the roof
of the house and suddenly Jesus (pbuh) fell asleep and as a miracle he was taken by moving
up to the sky. In the Surah Nisa verse 157, Allah (swt) strongly
says, the bad Bani Israel could not kill or crucify Prophet Jesus (pbuh). After that miracle everyone came out from
the house. It was already night and Sabbath had started. When the bad people saw the great young man
that looked like Jesus (pbuh), they arrested him and took him to the place where they wanted
to kill him. Because it was Sabbath night, they were in
a hurry to do their work. So they could not realize that the man they
were going to kill was not the real Jesus (pbuh). Within a short time they crucified the great
follower of Isa (pbuh) and killed that innocent young man, which was a very tragic moment
for Bani Israel. However the Bani Israel was a fool since they
did not realize, that was the last prophet from them. Within a year Bani Israel killed the great
believers of Allah, which were Zakaria, Yahiya and the man that looked like Jesus (pbut). It was their last chance that they had in
which Allah (swt) was merciful towards them. Unfortunately, no one came forward to stop
that evil act. Allah (swt) did not like Bani Israel’s behavior
and became very angry at Bani Israel. As you know the people of Bani Israel were
previously special and blessed by Allah (swt). In the Quran, Allah (swt) mentioned many prophets. You would be surprised, that more then 70%
of the prophets came from the root of Bani Israel. But for their biggest mistake, Allah (swt)
decided not to be special to Bani Israel anymore. In Surah Imran verse 55, Allah (swt) promised,
the group who believes in Jesus (pbuh)’s prophet hood would be always bigger than those who
don’t believe in his prophet hood. Animal: So, does that mean the Christian group
will always be bigger than Muslims? Yusuf: No, Allah (swt)’s promise is, those
who believe in Jesus (pbuh) as a prophet, that group would be bigger. There were lots of Christian people who believed
Jesus was a prophet and all of his miracles were done by the supreme power by the one
and only God. And all Muslims as a whole also believe in
Jesus (pbuh)’s miracle and his prophet hood. If we add these people, these two groups make
a much bigger group than those who killed Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Bani Israel’s family root came from the branch
of Prophet Ibrahim’s younger son Ishaq (pbuh), but for their biggest mistake Allah (swt)
decided to send the last and final prophet to complete Allah (swt)’s laws from the root
of prophet Ibrahim’s oldest son, prophet Ismail (pbuh), and that is where the root of Muhammad
(saw) comes from who is the final and last prophet. His name was even mentioned in all of the
other religious books. From the Quran and Hadith we can also confirm
that, Jesus (pbuh) will come back to Earth again and start to spread Allah (swt)’s final
law, the Quran to all the people and he will also believe in the last and final prophet
Muhammad (pbuh). According to great mathematician Isaac Newton,
the last day on earth of the great respected prophet Jesus (pbuh) was Friday April 7th
in the year of 30 AD. But Allah (swt) knows the best. After Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s story, InshaAllah
we will try to do another video about Prophet Jesus’s return to the earth for the second
time. This is the end of our prophet story for today. This project was very difficult for us since
we wanted to make sure we had the most accurate information about each and every one of the
prophet stories. For more than six months our research team
worked very hard day and night to write the story of prophet Isa (pbuh). For this story we had to use many great Quran
Tafsirs of the world, many historians and also Palestine’s old history. As you know we always try to present very
complicated issue in an extremely easy way so that we can teach Islam to young children,
Muslim Adults, along with non Muslims as well. If there was any unintentional mistake, may
Allah (swt) forgive us and accept our effort. If you like our work, please help us to continue
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the whole thing. Assalamualaikum.

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اللهم يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي على دينك


Do you have a lot of family it is from Allah I love Allah ❤️🕋🕌❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

before i am 35yrs..i am christian..since i watch true story and read short of chaprter of Quran..about Propet Issa.. i immediate embrace Islam and do Shahada…

manshaa allaah my brothers and sisters Inshallah I will try to help people to become Muslim I love all the prophets I am glad that I am Muslim. …..☺😊


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