Preacher Ralph Carver's Home Going Pt.2

Preacher Ralph Carver's Home Going Pt.2

don't worry everybody everyone in worship in church the business community cut by the clerk to make something to be forgiven of families and said if you live what you believe you will always have a respect of others it's certainly today to those of you my dad he lives what he believed he mistake he was constantly did his believe in hits anchor his Lord knew his gun not only church not only the bar their break when he uttered what he believed he made remarkably about that because he's always stayed and he was always in full belief of his salvation and his walk with God most everywhere I went bit me very seldom s would you how're you doing they would always say house well Brown how a man and very selling did you'd be a chance to say how I was blue but that was okay because they respected him they respected him and it's just I love and admiration then they were concerned about his well-being and certainly that's a blessing to me that they showed that compassion and concern for him and that certain was a awesome rigor not only in her family I mean I mean he's not only right right he was not submitted to this church he's not some lingering our business he's an awesome leader in this community it's gonna be hard to make a clock that don't have serious that's business time spent with you my dad he was my he's always that many times you have to travel back in the day when we were young to work provide for his family we didn't spend much time with even with limits we wouldn't like the winter but he was always goodness itself a man taught me manga working for dance for 1934 back to the basics Prince uni ones like that work hard mate so he experiment he instilled with all the hard work in her favor and I thank you tonight I think that it didn't it kind of easy sometimes we didn't burn everybody make it work I appreciate that from you but that is real passion was serving God passion in certain God and preaching the Word of God and certainly he done that faithfully here to talk Knakal since 1973 fully six years in the church and I mean just the boy came back you said meet you know her here today was involved when this kid was people there were the other knows come on every Saturday for meeting me we used to build this beauty because that had vision of a place beside the road just a common place not a necklace not funny polish before a brick church stained-glass witness he sees just a church that just the common man to come and just some simple percentages of each word my baby was kind of simple man but that's okay cuz I can't but certainly he loved the baddest and even woody you know what that's about how the church rules go out the church people what's doing still have to pass that's hard even doing baby what do you think to get out of bed so we start with respecting the preach him today my dad taught me a long hard lessons in mind something sometimes the hard lessons rewards us Bachelor I remember many years ago when the taconite was just starting down here in the agricultural million we beat them down there on Sunday mornings with a group of people and we had live music then have guitar that's body as a whole one Saturday and my sister she had a piano and my sister could take lessons the chat sure hung on interests in it and that poverty told me to come in the house so we didn't burn he said sit down here boy he said you don't learn how to play p.m. so he showed me about water to court on the vanity single play and why I did not well certainly and it was on their temporary major we're something Buddhist plaintiffs they've got real p.m. play and that was back in 1973 dad showed me what got him serving is a real blessing would he sit brother long even if real we will be a real musician appreciate you my mother had a bum with us about five six years old bye dad you coming to work another week easy head north he'd get out there work that gardening want to kick your time in yet be able to kill her out there's seaweed alone freshly peeled soul he's leaving footprints just a little more I've tried my hardest to fall apart still try to follow its footprints cuz I got over moocher looks foot breeches kept getting bigger and further apart and I just shouldn't take it but it wasn't meant to be it wasn't meant to be I mean attending but he was setting an example 3 and path for me the father and still doing that today but certainly no one and I mean no one will ever feel good skip to my day he's been good meeting people here this church and his service today yes and he was willing to believe and give people another chance he'd be tired by daily big stakes the only big news service today making placing mistakes fail along the way and he should love the compassion that's true master bring it back in the plug back and last week both Gina how's that doing today like today [Applause] I'll have science that's a real man way matter lines up grillmaster a long whole bunch of my family I just mark bass my father's over these days laughter tell me man we have the anguish to get forgetful felt any fish that grainy about 300 laqueer charlie families depend on me my operator's license in sales and beeping yeah lift up between oh here we come through their hard work like what do you believe in that little box that you're dominating this but no more no clothes no ropes right Nick wait take care that load always laughs always love even a kind of plankton have time vgu that's my not their most in life real life I'm gonna carry the love and all their lives and feel it lay this the right way range that's right way but no reason for sure we're gonna go jerk today or how y'all feeling is don't worry seconds for you yeah I'm saying he's done not knowing no he's not certain makes the whole lot better I appreciate their place make time here here take that staying up there the volumes about is worth every second

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