Powerful Mindfulness Guided Meditation

Find a comfortable seat. This can be on a chair or on a floor, you
can use a cushion or a folded blanket for underneath your hips to make yourself really
comfy as you are going to be here for a little while and it’s best to settle in a way that
you don’t have to move much but if you do have to adjust, that is totally ok. The goal of this mindfulness meditation is
to achieve inner calmness, expended awareness, a place where there are no expectations; some
call it enlightenment. We are going to do this meditation to regulate
the nervous system, quiet the mind and relax the body. This meditation can also improve your brain
function and memory. The easiest way all of this can be achieved
is through the use of breath and using an ancient Vedic mantra Soham. Soham mantra is perhaps the most natural mantra
as it comes with the breath Sooooo is the sound of inhalation and the hummmmmm is the
sound of exhalation. In Sanskrit it means ‘am that’ or ‘I am that
I am’. You do not need to make the sound or say the
mantra Soham out loud. Soham mantra is practiced quietly, in your
mind as you inhale and say, in your mind sooooooo and then on exhalation, in your mind say hummmmmm. During this meditation practice mantra Soham
at a steady, slow speed, with exhalation somewhat longer in duration than the inhalation. Be aware of, and eliminate pauses and jerkiness. Gently allow the breath to slow down naturally
and to be smooth. Breathe with the diaphragm and after few breaths
you can breathe from the base of your spine into the top of your head, and on the exhale
– from the top of your head down into the base of your spine. Breathe up and down, through the created stream
of breath energy. Feel your breath beginning and ending at your
nostrils, cool air with the Soooo and warm air with the Hummm. Breath is the connection between body and
mind. When working with the breath it helps the
mind. If you eliminate the irregularities from the
physical breath, it has an extremely beneficial effect on the mind as well . When the breath
becomes smooth, continuous, slow, and quiet, the mind comes along, and also becomes calm
and peaceful. The body also comes along, and relaxes much
more easily. During this meditation pay attention only
to the mantra Soham. As you say the mantra in your mind, different
feelings, thoughts, including stress, may show up. You may even have flashbacks of what caused
stress or even PTSD in the past. As these things occur, acknowledge it and
put it aside. After you acknowledge and accept any negative
thoughts or sensations then redirect your focus and consciousness back to Soham mantra. Use Soham mantra as a way to redirect your
energy away from draining and negative thoughts towards a sense of awareness, which will bring
you back to wellbeing. By spending time every day practicing mindfulness
through this meditation, you will find another version of yourself who is peaceful and calm
and who approaches life with more ease and effortless flow. Everything will become much more lighter;
you will find yourself living a life with many positive and effortless manifestations. So let’s begin. Sit up and have your spine in one straight
line, however make sure it’s not tight and you are relaxed rather than tense. Adjust your cushion if needed. Your arms are a heavy part of your body and
to stop your shoulders from rounding let your arms rest either on the armrest of your chair,
or on your knees or simply on your lap. After the sound of a bell start to focus on
your breath and saying mantra Soham in your mind as you inhale and exhale. I will stay here to guide you.

when i get stressed at work, just put my head phones and and start at the beginning…even having your voice, in the back ground…my stress has dropped, like a lead balloon….if you could do the sooo hum from the 7:30 point until the end…it is so gentle and relaxing…your voice has become an everyday thing for me…do you have any DVD's out or anything in that vein…even cd's…i am still old school in that aspect…again, thanks for being born

Is there music only file of this meditation, the music is one of the best I've meditated to… Absolute stillness…thank you very much for creating this.

Impressive how you transmits tranquility and clarity in every word that you say, one of my best decisions was put your voice in my daily life. I'm really grateful Rasa :)! I wish all the love in universe to you.

This is absolutely lovely thank you for the mantra but the breathe is so distracting as it is impossible to stay in time with it! 🙂 Thank you for putting the music up on it's own to practice with. <3

hey rasa! i just wanted to say that i thoroughly enjoy all of your meditation videos! i just started a couple months ago and its really made my life a lot more stress free especially when i deal with high anxiety, anyways thanks a bunch im very grateful and keep up the great work! much love from canada!

This is by far the best meditation I have found!! I've been consistently meditating for about 4 Months to help with my depression and Anxiety, and I feel that I have finally found a meditation that I have found significant relief with, better yet I have found a voice so soft and soothing I love this:) And will be and avid listener of this video and hopefully some more upcoming meditations:) Thank you so much Rasa:)

I almost by accident found your meditations, They have been a true gift to me and I listen to them frequently. Thank you so much for reaching out.


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