Power Rangers Mystic Force – Yellow Ranger vs Necrolei Vampire | Episode 8 “Stranger Within”

Power Rangers Mystic Force – Yellow Ranger vs Necrolei Vampire | Episode 8 “Stranger Within”

(muffled music) Good girl, you have brought another ranger for us to control. Do your thing, Flytrap, but leave the ranger to me, he’s all mine! (evil laughter) Welcome to the dark side, ranger. Nice try, Fang face. But you’ll have to get up mighty early in the night to pull in over on me. Ear plugs. No matter. (intense music) Hang on, Vi. Take a seat! Good night, Ranger. (shrill screeching) Just kidding. Your little vampire tricks
won’t work on me, Ranger. No, you don’t. Alright… Let’s try a big trick. Magical Source, Mystic Force! [Announcer] Galwitt Mysto Ranger! Game’s over, Necrolai. Flytrap! Rough, the game is just beginning. Flytrap, destroy the game! No! Ouch, that had to hurt. Go, my servants, go into the
night and destroy the city! In a few hours, when the sun rises, you will all turn into ash. (evil laughter) Chip, Chip… Next time, don’t save me. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the one in order to save everyone else. You could have stopped her. Chip, always the hero. No, I’m not a hero. Just a friend. Remember when we were seven
and the kids picked on me for bringing that superhero
costume to school on halloween? You wore that costume everyday, you even wore it to prom. I looked good too. Anyway, you stuck up for me, you told them I was your friend and they’ll have to go through you to get to me. Like it or not, I’m your friend for life. So, even if you’re a vampire,
I’ll never give up on you. I’ll fight those that try and hurt you with my last breath, you have my word. Will you fight with me, Vi? Do we even have a chance? Technically, no. But, we’re fighting with our hearts and, well, they don’t even
really have hearts, do they? And Vi, it’ll be a shame
not to use your new powers. Ha!

"Your little vampire tricks won't work on me"
"Alright, let's try a big trick"
That has to be one of the greatest comeback lines in this entire series.

Majestic Dragon now tunes with Super Megaforce R train & Mystic Force Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers Mystic Force in order to Synchro summon Majestic Super Megaforce R train because Magical Source, Mystic Force!

I ship chip and Vida so cute together and stranger within is my favorite to part episodes out of all of mystic force but yet I do love all the episodes all escaped the last to there sad because mystic ends 💕🦇🧛🏻‍♀️⚡️🌪

0:00 not sure if they should show a tattoo on Mystic force power rangers, considering its for children 👶 to watch.


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