Power Rangers Mystic Force – Titan Megazord vs Morticon Round 2 | Episode 12 “The Gatekeeper”

– That would be me! – Ha! – Hey, it’s Nick! – And Catastros! – No way! – Hyah! C’mon, Catastros!
Just like last time! Kyah! Centaurus Phoenix Megazord! Now, it’s my turn! Hiyah! – (roars) – Fire Tail! Hiiiiyah! (Loud fiery bursts) (Grunting) – [Nick] Come on, Rangers! – [Xander] Amazing Nick! – [Vida] Now that was cool! – You insolent little ants! – You guys ready? – [Rangers] Ready! – Let’s do it! (Battle Noises) (Mystic noises) – [Gatekeeper] My snow staff! (magic spell code) – [Rangers] Woah! Check it out! (electric humming) – [Xander] Where did
this energy come from? – [Vida] I don’t know, but it couldn’t have come at a better time! – [Charlie And Madison] Huh yeah! – [Nick] Let’s see what it can do! Hah! – Time to end this! *Grunts Dark magic strike! (battle cries) – [Rangers] Ancient
power, Mystic Spell Seal! (futuristic boom) – [Morticon] Huh! What? Woah! – How did we do that? – We froze it! – It’s gotta be… – Udonna!? – You mean the White Ranger! (magical whoosh) Udonna! Amazing! – Yeah! Now we can’t lose! – Cool! – Yeah! – Right! – Let’s go! – [Rangers] Together! (epic rock music) Hah! – What!? – [Rangers] Mystic strike! – Aah!! The great Morticon has fallen! But the master will prevail! – [Rangers] Check! Mate! (cries of pain) – [Octomus] Morticon! It can’t be! (Rangers cheering in triumph) – [Nick] Huh! Great job,
Rangers! Morticon’s gone! – Finally! – Forever! – Alright! – Sweet!

Just because Morticon is gone doesn't necessarily mean that it's officialy over. You still have Korragg and Necrolai and Octomus the Master to take care of, duh?!

I'll be honest. I wasn't expecting Morticon to die so early in the season. Especially since I was watching this on a DVD which had skipped a few episodes.

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At least his final words were better than in magiranger. There he just announced his name before the finger snap and boom. Also, what do you think of the theme? I personally love it since it's a good example of a theme that has aged well. No dated lyrics and the instrumenral theme holds up even today.

:36 Morticon "YOU INSOLENT LITTLE ANTS!!!!!!!!!!" I don't know why but that has always been a funny line to me.


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