Power Rangers Mystic Force – Red Ranger vs Koragg | Episode 12 “The Gatekeeper”

(rock music) – Lasers, yeah! Whoa! Megi Staff! Come here! Aw man. – Huh? – Let them go! – Nick! – Claire! Hold on! Mystic Force Fighter! All right, Koragg. I challenge you to fight right now! – I never say no to a challenge. – Whoa! What? What’s happening? – Nick! Where are we? – Your challenge, my battlefield. – Fine with me. Come on! – I am ready. (suspense music) (war cries) – Come on! – Get up! – Mystic Force Fighter! Whoa! Megi Staff Striker! Whoa! It’s not over yet! – Right you are! – Try this, Fire of the Phoenix! – No! (groaning) – No! – Your magic is strong, but cannot compare to that of the master. Behold his power! Dark Magic Strike! (groaning) – Nick! – Now you know the power of dark magic. That kind of power will always triumph. – You’re wrong! There’s more power in courage. The kind it takes to keep going even when it looks like there’s no hope. That’s why dark magic will never beat us! – You fool, just surrender! – No! (epic orchestral music) – Huh? No! My sword! – Oh yeah! – No!

Well…that was actually pretty good. But, I think Nick should've just started this duel by pulling out his sword, instead of pulling out his boxing gloves. I'm just saying.

Here is a drawing of korrags sword That I done https://plus.google.com/114333109261496263331/posts/YZkMCJrhQDn

Am I the only one that wishes that Nick got an ancient mystic form by the end of the Mystic Force season? Would have been interesting since he has the same spirit as his father I think.

best power rangers season you should stop making power rangers with ninja or dino themes you should make another mystic one like mystic force

Koragg: Now you know the power of Dark Magic. That kind of power will always triumph.

Nick (Red Ranger): You're wrong! There's more power in courage. The kind it takes to keep going even when it looks like there's no hope. That's why Dark Magic will never beat us! (Grunting)

Koragg: You fool! Just surrender!

Nick (Red Ranger): NO!

Does anyone else wish that they touched further on the fact that Claire and Nick are cousins?

Most people say Mystic Force is dumb, but I love it mainly the suits, the magistaff, and the Megazords

I think Koragg was one of the greatest power ranger villains of all time, great design, great weapons, great color scheme, he had his own person megazord, and he turned out to be Nick’s father, such a well made character

that moment you got to beat up your dad to protect your cousin while your mom is letting guys work it out because something something magic prophecy

That moment when your dad kidnaps your mom so he can kidnap your cousin so he can defeat you, his son.


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