Power Rangers Mystic Force – Red Ranger vs Koragg Battle | Episode 5 “Whispering Voices”

(phone beeps) Magical source! Mystic force! [Narrator] Calling Mystic Rangers! (inspirational music) Ya! Ya! Magi Staff. Ha. (grunting) (opponant grunts) (blades clash) (both grunting) (blades clash) (grunting) (explosion) You are not as formidable an opponent as I thought. (blade stabs) (grunting) Your powers are weak. You have not learned
to harness your magic. Your defeat will be swift. I’m not as weak as you think, pal. Watch this. Power of the phoenix. Ya. What? Ya! (grunting) (crashing) It’s on now! Ha! You are more powerful than I expected. Wolf attack. (shooting) (groans) (crash) (laughing) (blades clash) (both grunting) You will be defeated today. That I promise you. (blades clash) (both grunt) And now, young ranger. You will meet your destiny. No! (blade clashes) Hang on, buddy! (yells) Nick, you alright? We know you didn’t
steal the money, Nick. We’re sorry we jumped to conclusions. Actually, it was Xander’s fault. (laughs) We let our imaginations
run away with us. It was all of our faults. Uh, yeah. It was. Maybe you should have
thought of that before. Look out! Now that you are all here, I shall finish this.


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