Power Rangers Mystic Force – Power Rangers protect Matoombo | Episode 30 “The Return”

– There! – Then you’ll fall! – Let’s help him! – Vi! – No! – Vida! – We can’t let him do this! Matoombo! – It’s over, you will be the
Master’s body, like it or not! – I’ve gotta do something! – Vida, no! – Come on, Solar Streak! – For the Master! – All aboard! – Come on Jenji. Let’s get out of here. – Vida! No! – I can’t believe she did that. – Nothing Vida surprises me anymore. – I can surprise you, I may have all the answers that you seek. – Oh, Daggeron is gonna put me
in the gatbox for doing this. – Come on. Come on, sit down. Are you alright? – Yes, I’m much better now. – Good. – No! – Matoombo! It’s over, you cannot
escape me or your fate! – We’ll see! – Yes, we will! (intense music) You can’t defeat me. For the last time, get out of my way. – Vida, duck. – Magi Staff, Energy Vortex! – What’s happening? No! I will have you down, Matoombo
and get you for the Master! – The Dawn Dimension,
to the sleeping lake. – Tell us how to get there. – I am not like the others,
I crave knowledge, not power. I’ll send you there myself, after you tell me what I need to know. – How do we know you’ll still help us once we’ve given you the
information you want? – As gesture of good faith,
I will send one of you to their destination, right now. Only one. If given the answer that I seek, I will send the others. – I’ll go. – I should be the one to go. – But she’s my sister, I’ll go. – I’m not afraid, I’ll go! – Remarkable. But I will send him. – It’s so beautiful here. – Yes, it sets the mind at ease. – Vi! – Xander? – Surprise! There’s no way to run, traitor! Surrender to the Master or be destroyed! – Legend Warrior! He’s firing too many! – One is too many! – Matoombo! – You took the hit that was meant for me. Why? – Fools! Get out of my way! – Yes! – What is it that you want to know? – A simple answer to a simple question. We are much more powerful than you, yet time after time, you have defeated us. Why is that? – We’re better than you,
how’s that for simple? – Careful, the wrong answer
will cost you everything. – You wanna know why we beat you? Here’s why. Yes, you’re more powerful,
yeah, you’re bigger. – Yes… – What we have that
you don’t, is something that no wizard or witch can ever give you. – No spell can bring it
forth, you can’t buy it or borrow it from someone else. – You can’t teach it. – Everyone is born with it,
they just have to step forward and claim it as theirs. It’s in the heart. – What is it? – Courage. It’s when you put someone else’s
wellbeing before your own. – And why would you do that? – Because, because you just do.

Okay…this definitely does feel like I am watching an episode that is being directed by Jonathan Tzachor, and is being written a Japanese screenplay writer who had worked on the sentai, before. Because clearly this reads "Everything must be copied and pasted from the sentai, note-for-note!" all over it. I mean, really. The past 29 episodes of this season didn't felt like they were just copying-and-pasting from the sentai, note-for-note. In fact, they actually felt more original than the actual sentai series that they were adapting from at the time.

Hell, even SPD felt more like an adaptation of Dekaranger than an original series of Power Rangers back in 2005. But, at least it had vetter executions for Broodwing's character, and yeah, it only had one episode plot that was transferred from Deka Break to Sky's character for a lot of reasons. But, at least it has some redeeming qualities that I can enjoy from the season. But, here?! We're like down to the last three episodes, and so far, they just want the finale to more like Magiranger's finale for no reason, other than the fact that they were told that now Disney decided to slash the budget by reducing the number of episodes from 38 to 32 at the last minute.

That's just weird.

I dont get it. Leanbow defeated that flyıng dragon thingie, and lose to matoombo. How is that lizard thing stronger than matoombo then?

I had forgotten about this episode; It was almost angelic and honorable. This is what it means to be a Power Ranger and/or a true, good, virtuous person. I have done this time and time again in my life. Circumstances were always more powerful then me and time after time I get thru and win. COURAGE!!!

Vida rocca did a great job defending motumbo she had a heart even though shes hot headed she use her head and her heart to lead her to the right place thats why vida is my favrioute ranger.


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