Power Rangers Mystic Force – Jenji and Solaris Knight’s Past | Episode 17 “Ranger Down”

No sign of Fireheart. I’ve got more bad
news, Jenji is gone too. Well, maybe he’s looking for Fireheart. I don’t think so, he left a note. I’m not looking for
Fireheart, I’m running away, no one cares about me,
your ex friend, Jenji. This is our fault, we were spending so much time with Fireheart
that we forgot about Jenji. Something he’s familiar with. You see, Jenji was
banished from his homeland. Cast away by the ones he loved the most. Who would banish Jenji? He’s great. Jenji was the strongest and the most popular cat in the land. Rexican, the very jealous King Cat, had a witch cast a spell
over the entire village, convincing everyone that Jenji was evil. Everyone turned their backs
on Jenji and he was banished. When I met Jenji, he
was a wandering nomad. All alone. I’m rich! Look at all this loot! After I sell this treasure, I
can have whatever I wish for! Oh wow! Something’s great gotta be in here, I wonder what it is, pretty
heavy so maybe it’s good. Stop, don’t touch that! What? That’s an evil trap, if you open it, you’ll be lost forever. Yeah, I’m not gonna fall for that. Wait, don’t! What have you done? Help me, it’s sucking me in! Woah! What happened? Where am I? You opened the box. I told you it was evil. The only way I can save you,
was to put you in this lamp. Hey, thanks, but I’ll be going now. No! You can’t leave or you will turn to dust. I can never leave? It’s not all bad, you’re
a powerful genie now. You can grant wishes, I’ll
protect you and keep you safe. I want to get out of here! In time, you’ll learn how to come out, but only for short periods, I’m sorry. What have I done? If Jenji doesn’t return to the lamp within two hours, he’ll be lost forever. Necrolai’s back. Go Rangers. You guys go, I’m gonna look for Jenji. He doesn’t have much time.

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Seeing Jenji makes me wish for more characters with quirky but simple attitudes. They're just fun to watch. God,Ninja Steel sucks…wait…Neo Saban sucks in general.


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