Power Rangers Mystic Force – Enter the Legendary Warriors | Episode 20 “Dark Wish”

Power Rangers Mystic Force – Enter the Legendary Warriors | Episode 20 “Dark Wish”

We should have done our
best to defeat these guys when we had the chance. We took the easy way by using Jenji. Face it guys, we got lazy. That’s what the Tribunal
was trying to tell me, but I wouldn’t listen!
(grunts) [White-cloaked Woman] Seems
the rangers have finally taken responsibility for their actions. And learned that the easy
way is not always the best way. A valuable lesson
merits a valuable reward. (grunting and yelling) [Jenji] Daggeron, they’re okay! Go, Rangers, go! (grunting) They have more power! We sure do! (yelling) Let’s show ’em what we got! [All Rangers] Legendary
Source, Mystic Force! [Announcer] Galwit Mysto Neramax! (epic music) [All Rangers] Hi-yah! (yelling) Elements of earth, Green Legend Warrior! Yah, ha! Yeah! Element of wind, Pink Legend Warrior! Yah, ha! Yeah! Element of water, Blue Legend Warrior! Yah, ha! Element of lightning,
Yellow Legend Warrior! Hyah, ha! Yeah! Element of fire, Red Legend Warrior! [All Rangers] We call forth
the power of light magic! Mystic Force Legend Warriors!

The Magic is Legendary Source Mystic Force and the magic word is Galwit Mysto Mirmax and become Mystic Force Legend Warriors

Galwit Mysto Mirmax : Finding the true mirrors in your heart and overcoming them to reach your maximum potential? Idk, mirmax just sounds kinda cool

They also get sailor moon staffs with rotary phone dials on them it's just as the ancient legends foretold

I have a comment and a question. My comment is that Vida's voice sound so sexy when she shays "element of wind Pink Legend warrior". And my question is what kind of Bird is suppose to be on the Yellow Ranger's helmet I know that it is suppose to be a Phoenix on the Red Ranger's helmet but can't figure what kind of bird is on the Yellow Ranger's Helmet.

Power of Mystic Force, hear my call! Legendary Source, Mystic Force! Now I tune Majestic Dragon with Super Megaforce 1, 7, 4, A, & R trains plus Mystic Force Red, Pink, Green, Blue, & Yellow Rangers from Power Rangers Mystic Force in order to Synchro summon Majestic Super Megaforce 1, 7, 4, A, & R trains! Magical Source, Mystic Force!

They should have made it so they have to listen to their cell phones after each dial, "To call your zord, please press 1 followed by pound, if you would like to call your zord already engaged in megazord transformation, please press 2, for all other inquiries please stay on the line and the next available Harry Potter Knock Off representative will take your call.

One of the top 10 moments/powerup reveals. And a scene that never fails to give me chills!

Also, I NEED Lightning Collection Mystic Force Legend Warriors!

I’ve always wondered if they got their legend warrior power from the tribunal that’s that mean the gold and Phoenix ranger(nicks dad) got their power the same way and how come undana(probally spelled her name wrong) never showed her legend warrior form does she only use it in very very serious situation or she never earned it?? Can someone explain I need to know please

The Best Costume & Powers Of Power Rangers. Enjoyed Every Single Character. I Love The Pink Mystic Ranger Her Scene Is So Beautiful 💖

They have very dramatic movements, I notice that with a lot of the power Rangers Shows. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just something I noticed.


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