Pope Francis is a sinner as we all are. he has no right pointing his finger at our Lord and Savior. Disgusting. Jesus was the most righteous being to ever walk in human flesh. Truly beautiful I love him with all my heart. ❤️❤️

The Devil is a Liar, this sounds like what he is capable of !! we need to be way ahead of him and with the help of our Holy Father Jesus Christ whom I believe was crucified & did rise again on the third day, and he did this for us All, sounds like god had a brilliant Brain at a very young age, and very capable of getting himself heard !! it would appear, Francis, is not a Godly man at all, he is the one committing sin Shame on Him,he TWO will have to be judged just like the rest of us ,.

yeshua conquered sin, he was sinless, perfect in every way…..that disgusting ring leader of paedophiles will burn in hell for eternity…..thankyou lord for your gift of grace, and your love which keeps me going .

I read the website on the link on where the Pope say the bible is a dangerous book and I saw nothing wrong with it. He actually encouraged believers to read the bible more saying it was dangerous because of the persecution we face and the cross we bear which is not against scripture. So you should read through your examples before posting them.(Not saying that he doesn't say some very off things elsewhere as you can see in this video and other places)

May the Glory of God be with you brother Greg.  To begin with, I know you are aware of this fact, about who is the Biblical "HO" the book of revelation speaks of is , The Catholic church . No one has changed , added , customized the word of God like this so called church, they even came out with their own Bible, The Jesuit Bible, and you know what God says about anyone who adds or takes away from his words in The bible.  This turkey Francis is probably the most ignorant & stupid pope ever, it's funny enough the way he became pope, as you probably know, when it came time to choose a pope this last time, none of the qualifying contending priests had enough votes to become one, so, they chose the next one in line, this Turkey from Argentina he he he, it was like winning the lottery for him.  I like to mention that I'm a TRUMPETEER , a 101% fan of Donald J. Trump , because say what you will of him, at least he doesn't have blood on his hands like his predecessors , and no one has been loved for telling the  truth, you don't believe me,  ask Jesus.  I couldn't believe he had the guts to criticize trump on the Wall , like this is his country, a country without borders is not a country ,and even heaven has a wall . I'd like to ask this turkey from Argentina, how many refugees has the Vatican accepted , and why doesn't he get rid of the wall that surrounds the Vatican? I'll leave you in God's hands brodar Greg.

You misinterpreted.
Don't forget Jesus was born fully human meaning if his earthly parents were troubled,then as a humble and obedient son he might have just begged for forgiveness- even though he was sinless, since he had emotions too. What more as a 12 yr old boy. Food for thought

Job called his wife a foolish person, and he didn’t sin through saying that.. So how could Jesus sin through getting LOST at a temple..?

I wish people posting videos like this would stop suggesting or implying that the Pope accuses Jesus of "sinning" because he no where makes this charge or uses the word "sin" in his remark. This Pope has a bad habit of making remarks that can all too easily be taken out of context or paraphrased by his critics. Remember his comment about. building bridges and not walls to promote mutual respect and brotherhood between nation's. He did NOT say it was "unChristian" to have secure borders or to lock your doors at night. He makes the mistake of thinking that people are tuned in at his level of understanding and has been the cause of scandal and controversy since he was elected Pope. I'm critical of his repeated failures in this respect but he doesn't deserve to be misquoted! Nobody does!

In Catholicism, they emphasize on SOP, Church and Community and they always need intercessions.

For the Protestant, they emphasize on Personal Relationship with Jesus however way too many interpretations out there, way too many concerts and weird people speaking in tongues, doing healing etc. Prosperity Gospel comes from the Protestant denomination. They pray to Jesus. But shouldn't we be praying to God in the name of Jesus?

Stopp attacking the POPE. What he meant is that Jesus upset his Parents. That's not a sin. Where do you see that in the Ten Commandments? Who gave you the Bible people ?

Lord jesus was born of a miracle
Sinless the lamb of god who takes away sin. The great I am
Son of god . Devils tremble because of his name. Pope god got a beautiful place for u. Hell

You are not venerating your own mother becoz you are the product of her wedlock……that is why you hate Mary……too much self-righteous is tantamount to HYPOCRISY……and that's you putting down the Pope…..boy you are still young, you need more wisdom to learn…….A person with Little Learning is a dangerous thing……

Luke 2:49(nkjv)never mentions about Jesus beg forgiveness to Joseph and Mary..
This Catholic they were the follower of Lucifer because they against God….and pope Francis is curse for adding words to that verse 2:49 he add jesus beg forgiveness to his parents he add this words that we never found in that verse.

Who's is francis???I think the beast is with us, , i wonder why the catholics still believe in pope and calling him saint.Jesus didn't come to fulfill his parents will on earth but father in heaven.this guy is really ant-christ otherwise he need to undergo medical examination or prayers.

Catholic Hold On To our Faith Or You Will Be Lost To Lucifer For Eternity For Anti Christ Can Only Get The Weakest Ones Amen 🙏🏻

Will pope will go to hell for calling Jesus Christ that he is a sinner because he isn’t and we true Christians now that

How proud was I when my son's Latin teaches demanded he be called father and my son asked me for the scripture reference against such a thing and wrote Matt 23:9 at the top of his Latin homework. He hasn't been demanded since!

Strange my Bible doesn’t say that ! I think I will ignore the Pope ! If You Cannot Believe The Bible , Then You Cannot Believe The Pope !Because The Catholic Religion came From The Bible ! I Think The Pope is a Lair ! I Totally Believe In The King James Version Bible From The First page to the last page ! And I Believe The Catholic Pope is Full Of Poop !

And then I saw a little horn which spoke pompous words and it even intended to change the laws,That's the pope

It's the time for lucifer & his angel to appear. Pope Francis is a lucifer in disguise, but all the lnnocent people under him must come out before its too late to save their soul. O JESUS save all the innocent Catholic believer, AMEN

after watching this I just remember about the prophecy in the book of revelation chapter 17 verses 4-9.

It says and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.
And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.
The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

Consta no livro “O Evangelho à Luz do Cosmo”, psc Ramatis/Hercílio Maes, essa questão, com a resposta de Ramatis:
“- Conhecemos uma profecia que diz: ‘quando a hora chegar e o Crescente invadir a Europa, o Papa casar-se-á com um homem que vêm vestido de mulher’! Poderíeis informar-nos a respeito dessa predição tão excêntrica ou cabalística?
– Presume-se, conforme as profecias, que até ao final desse século (o ano era 1970) os chineses e certa porcentagem dos povos árabes (sabemos hoje que são os muçulmanos) deveriam invadir a Europa, penetrando através do Tibet e Manchúria, depois atacando Paris, Roma e Londres. Evidentemente quando isso acontecer, o Papa em vigência no Vaticano há de buscar outro país para continuar a gerir o seu comando católico, uma vez que os invasores cultuam doutrina religiosa antagônica à Igreja Católica! Impossibilitado de permanecer na Europa, ou sediar-se em qualquer país não católico, será o Brasil, fundamentalmente religioso, a esperança e a solução mais recomendável (…) o povo brasileiro essencialmente mais fraterno e afetivo, então há de oferecer o clima desejado para a futura sede do Vaticano. Evidentemente que quando isso acontecer, também deverá se comprovar a profecia excêntrica de que “na hora dos tempos o Papa casar-se-á com um homem que tem o nome de mulher’ ou seja, transfere-se para o Brasil, que tem nome de homem, ou masculino, e situa-se em Brasília, que tem nome de mulher, ou feminino, e consequentemente o local melhor escolhido, por se tratar da capital federal brasileira.”

Conforme o livro “A História de Um Anjo” o Anjo Gabriel recebeu de Jesus a missão de vir ao mundo com certas missões próprias para a Transição Planetária porque é chegado nesse mundo o fim dos tempos dos perversos, e dentre todas as missões, todas bem sucedidas, o Anjo Gabriel visitou os Infernos, que são as cavernas herméticas no interior da Terra e de onde espírito denso algum consegue fugir, e libertou incontáveis Espíritos, que se arrependeram, para terem novas chances de se regenerarem, antes do fim da Transição Planetária e assim muitos Espíritos muito atrasados, que talvez há séculos, ou milênios, não vieram à Terra se reencarnando e daqueles que conseguiram muitos se dissolveram junto à Sociedade, à Política, etc., e por isso vemos o domínio da Ignorância… isso justifica os inúmeros buracos ou fossas misteriosas que aparecem nos solos em todo o mundo.
Assim inúmeras pessoas são muito atentadas, principalmente na sexualidade, são alunos “burros” que não têm o mínimo interesse por nada, por estarem perdidos, nesse Futuro, como se fossem trogloditas; o que podemos e devemos fazer é termos pena deles, darmos-lhes os maiores apoios, sem que se sintam mendigos, sem os julgarmos, pois são privilegiados, são os primeiros a ganharem a Misericórdia Divina, mas a maior Alegria de Jesus e de Gabriel é que o Rei Infernal, Joachab, também pediu socorro, não desejando ser desterrado, pois, sim, queria continuar a servir a Deus não mais como um diretor do inferno, mas como um Guerreiro da Luz, então
Ele ganhou também essa oportunidade de se regenerar, voltou a se reencarnar próximo ao Brasil, na Argentina
E quem sabe se o profetizado Papa do Fim do Mundo já nos é apresentado?
Isto está no capítulo 12 daquele livro.

This only shows that this head of the Catholic Church doesn't know anything about the Bible ! Maybe he hasn't read any verse in the Bible at all !!!

Perdón pero sí estás faltan.de fe piesa lo que quieras sí tiene un.corazo quebrantable amor

Jesus is holy not a sinner me and everyone on the earth was sinner but Jesus is only a holy lamb and who is able to clean our sin through his holy blood so he did it a live a suffered life for us everyone

The pope is still a human, like you, like me..only God can read our minds and hearts. We humans are not perfect, Jesus commanded us to love one another. Does it mean we have to select whom we love? We have to love everyone, pray for everyone..Jesus loves not just the good but even the most sinner. Don't quick to judge..let ua love one another and pray for one another.

Jesus took our sins that's why He as for forgiveness
And when He said "Father forgive them for THEY don't know what THEY are doing.
He didn't say WE don't know but THEY" which is you and I.
May God forgive us in Jesus name.

Jesus I pray that Pope Francis will turn away from his wicked ways. I pray that he will have a supernatural encounter with you Jesus. I thank you Father for visions and dreams, and revelation. In Jesus's name, Amen!

Pope Francis will go but the Catholic church will stay. I can assure you nothing will change . He can't change the fundamental doctrine that builds the Catholic church , his days are numbered but the church will survive till the end of time.

Yes Evolution is a new belief of theirs. One Priest in my own church preached that Jesus's Resurrection was a form of Advanced Evolutionary Mutation! On Easter of all things! What was even more astounding is noone seemed upset by this except me! That was the nail on the coffin for me! I'm trying to find just an old fashioned biblical church but there are so many Protestant erc. Churches to sift through. I want a church with reverant prayer, hymnals, and eschatology. Is that too much to ask?! I'm attending a Pentacostal church my husband goes to, but aside from the preaching which is biblical the music is all shallow contemporary crap to engage the young! What about the ppl who tithe? Also I don't see young adults coming in droves and the young preteens often leave during this music. I am a good singer and can't hear myself sing so I give up and can't hear my husband either!

if jesus was a sinner he wouldn't have died on the cross for all of our sins so the pope needs to think of calling Jesus a sinner when he sins more than Jesus

For all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God. God sent Jesus in the sinful flesh so yes he was a sinner sent by God to be a sinner but without sin because his sin was covered. Jesus came as a thief in the night too…So we can't deny what that He was a sinner who became sin for us

The Pope Francis is the sinner! He has the masses for one of his sins; kiss his ring! That's a form of idolatry, worshipping false…like in days of old worshipping the sun…it makes me cringe when he has people kiss his ring; oh and worse yet call him father…..if priests were allowed to marry in the catholic faith priests would not become lustful sinners etc and get away with it when the pope covers it up….

Do not mislead people, niether pope will say that nor jesus is a sinner, christian belief is strong and will be strong in the world

Astonishing…. But I only have one doubt… Do we humans ask forgiveness only when for our sins or also for hurting others. I believe Mary and Joseph would have undergone pain after his missing for 3 days. And as a loving son he would have asked forgiveness. Here it's not about sin, it's about his love to the parents. Pope never said he presumes Jesus asked forgiveness for his sin.


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