“Poor Unfortunate Souls” from Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID on Broadway

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” from Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID on Broadway

Ursula: And I fortunately know a little magic, it’s a talent that I always have possessed And here lately, please don’t laugh, I use it on behalf of the miserable, lonely, and depressed, pathetic Poor unfortunate souls, in pain, in need. This one longing to be thinner, that one wants to get the girl And do I help them?
Yes indeed! Those Poor Unfortunate Souls, so sad, so true They come flocking to my cauldron crying “Spells, Ursula, please!” And I help them? Yes, I do! Now it’s happened once or twice, someone couldn’t pay the price And I’m afraid I had to rake ’em ‘Cross the coals Yes, I’ve had the odd complaint
But on the whole, I’ve been a saint To those poor unfortunate souls!

They should have picked a heavier woman like Ursala was in the movie and made a better costume. Still thanks for sharing I'd love to have seen the show!

I love her take on the sea witch. She has personality and just because she isn't overweight isn't a good reason to trash her.

Do you trash Flounder because he's a 10 year old boy and not a small fish? No

yeah that's the other thing that brought me down, no movement. It really stilts the character.

@SuppScott OMG thnx SOOO much for that comment! I was beginning to lose hope in the audience of TLM on broadway!!! I LUV Sherie Rene Scott, and I could not understand how these people could think otherwise of her!

just FYI two things: 1, I think it would have been hard to move around at all in the outfit if they chose to do her big. 2nd, I think they were using the concept of the sea witch from the original storyline. In the original story, the seawitch was a THIN Beautiful women.

I think with the gargantuan money bags that Disney holds at its expansive waist, I would say that they could have invested in some creature movement…Other than the psychadelic blue/green bckgrd, there is nothing to suggest underwater activity…like have Ursula moving on stage, her tentacles flopping out here and there, not 2 much… and seriously, what's with Ariel's stupid fins??? God, can't even talk about it…the voices are good but come on, HELLO, did any1 see the Lion King??? Exactly.

OMG! Was no one paying attention? You can actually UNDERSTAND her this time. And I think she either had a little accident with the black magic or triton did this to her .

i dont know if its the costume or what but she seems so stiff and not doing much. and its not as ….evil seeming like in the movie

@Doubleohmags While I think it would be awesome if Ursula were played by a drag queen, I couldn't really stay mad at them for casting Sherie. Yes, the part shouldn't have been written that way. Yes, the part didn't show off Sherie. But it was Sherie. Rene. Scott. I'm sorry, I can't help my fanboyism.

That said, if someone asked me, I would TOTALLY be Drag Ursula for a production of this. I think it would work, too. 🙂

she did a good job acting-wise, but I don't think that she was the best choice for casting. She had a much more subdued and smooth Ursula instead of the sinister and suavely deranged Ursula we've all grown to love in the animated movie, and I don't think she could've mimicked that. I wouldn't want her to mimic it, I would want her to create her own Ursula even bigger than the movie, but she can't do it. It was a poor casting choice.

I actually am wondering why they didn't consider casting a man for the Ursula role? The performer needs to be big, with a big voice, preferably lower register. A man would've been perfect! I'm sorry, but not many females on Broadway would've done well as Ursula anyways! If this is the closest they can get, then they should've considered casting a man. She did a wonderful job, the best she could, but I don't think she was the best choice overall.

Alot of people are putting the poor lady down for being too skinny or outta character. I love her cause she created her own Ursula. It wouldn't be Disney on Broadway if they put the original Ursula in there. It be just Disney XD

I like her version a lot. She can't do much – because, hey, the costume's heavy, but her little gestures do help. (Although, her corset should have been secured at lot more, because at fifty seconds, she has to readjust her top.)

firstly, being the size of movie ursula would be unrealistic for a broadway performer, so quit with the "she's not fat"…
secondly, SRS is a brilliant actress as portrayed by her work in the last five years, she is a seasoned Broadway performer and is obviously extremely closeted by her over bearing costume..
thirdly, yes you all love movie ursula but this is her interpretation, witty and sarcastic and the director must have liked it to cast her, her voice is brilliant also… So stop the hate!

HAHAHA! Love this song. i am the stage manager for this show. First time. If anybody has some good advice for staying organized it would be nice! Haha.

Oh dear, I'm playing Ursula next year in a Scottish tour of the production and I am slim. I will think big thoughts to make up for it. Gx

omg what the heck are these people saying???!! SHERIE WAS DIVINE! She just did her own version of the role! god, if you want Pat's version see the film!

But she wasn't originally a Disney villain. This was a fairytale to start with, and in that fairytale her weight has absolutely nothing to do with her character. And given the variety of character and costume they put into this musical that strays from the film (a black king trident, for example), I see no problem with a curvy woman who isn't that overweight playing Ursula the sea witch.

While I understand your point, Sherie Rene Scot has a great voice, character and a sense of humor. Those little ad libs you see her do are all her.
Check out others to see what I mean.

Perhalps her size doesn't matter? NO ONE has as an amazing voice as Sherie & no fat woman could of played the role as well.

It seems like the stiffness could've had something to do with the limitations of the costume. Some things you just can't help, ya know? And I thought she was great regardless of her weight.

She doesn't sound evil to me at all… Come on. If she's singing this sweet in Disney He wouldn't be my favorite villain.

Well guys have you seen faith prince's performance? I say she did very well her movements and acting was in the right timing, though her singing wasnt very good I mean it must be difficult with all of those contraptions<<< did I misspell it? Still her acting was very good, I love sherie's singing but her movements are a little bit stiff, not that I say its easy doing a stageplay but its juat what I have observed.

I don't mind she was kinda "stiff" in this part. Those who have seen the show, know that she does plenty of other choreography.


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