Pluralism of Religions "Willed By God" – Pope Francis

Pluralism of Religions "Willed By God" – Pope Francis

you hi everyone Charles here with you Monday afternoon the pluralism and diversity of religions color sex race and language are weld by God in His wisdom this claim is part of a February 4th inter-religious document signed by Pope Francis and the great Iman of al-azhar imam muhammad al fayeed who is considered one of the most liberal sunni clerics in egypt and you know I read somewhere that this is the fifth time that these two people have met together so they must be have some kind of agenda going I guess or trying to clarify some things or whatever according to Genesis 11 God will the language difference as a punishment for sin the document goes on saying that divine wisdom is the source from which the right to freedom of belief and the freedom to be different the Rives this means that Francis considers Aztec human sacrifice rituals as a God willed religion as well as Islam or Judaism which explicitly contradict the church regarding the Trinity and Christ's divinity a claim that God wills the existence of mutually exclusive religions implies that Francis's guide equally wills the truth and the denial of it and therefore is like the devil a principle of contradictions well I've been sort of keep it up with everything that's been going on there and it's a little confusing you know there for insects of of Muslims and I'm not familiar with their name so it's a little bit hard for me to follow I was actually waiting for for one of the major agency news agencies to publish something you know like something that's you know understandable as far as you know what he said and what he's trying to do but you know no doubt all this is about you know the one world religion and you know bringing peoples of different faiths into this one world religion that he has in mind you know that he's talked about over the years you know maybe not calling it that but you know pretty obviously that's what he's got in mind here and to what end well you know some people think it's a good thing a lot of other people think that it's just a religion or you know quote-unquote religion based on you humanism or you know humanitarianism like secular me humanitarianism and hence you have his interests in everything from global warming to migration to healthcare and you know many other kinds of secular concerns where he seems to put a lot of emphasis on these past five years so I'm going to go ahead and wait for some kind of analysis of from one of the agencies about what all this is about but you know it's becoming clear that this interfaith meeting you know now Jews and evangelicals are involved with this also so you know there's a political overtone here also you know like I said it's a little complicated so what we'll see what some of the analyses are here in the next few days and I'll be making the video or at least one video about that for you all right so we'll talk to you again soon bye

Bishop Fulton sheen predicted that a false teacher would arise from the ranks of of Catholic bishops and create a worldly church. A church without content devoid of the faith. And here we are Francis once again moving us away from the true church to a new church where there is no objective eternal truth.

Bergoglio is so disappointing, so weak of defending the Church, its Truth and the Magisterium. Pray we get a better Pope soon, as the Church is in such crisis, and Bergoglio seems hardly to care. His deficient leadership will come more to the fore when the US investigations into sexual abuse and the cover-ups by priests, bishops, cardinals etc., are completed, and the prosecutions begin.





no doubt can possibly exist after that….!!

No excuse people their book is online all over free…
Blasphemy. .against The …."" Trinity"".
read the..""HADITHS""
Jesus.Christ. and I quote…""Hates Christians…and RETURNS TO…
""MURDER ALL THE CHRISTIANS…""with his own hands..

Islam is Not of God. Period.
Quran is not a Word of God.
The Qur'an contradicts itself.
Islam's messiah is the
Anti- Christ.

This is absurd.Both of those men are traitors to thier respective " faiths". Islamdenies Jesus Christ as the son of God. Pope Francis thinks that's just fine. We have a big problem. A problem only God is able to resolve. Pray much. Prayer and penance in all of its diverse forms are the only weapon against this level of apostasy ,pride, greed, etcetera.


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