Pigeon – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

[ running footsteps ] [ music ]

In Order For Someone To Come Up With This Idea… There Has To Be People That Does This Kind Of Stuff!!! … Help Me Understand!

When I saw this video when it came out, it was the hardest I have ever laughed. I don't think I actually ever laughed so much. 😀

He must have been pretty quick to be able to punch that bird. Like has anyone here actually tried to catch on on foot? They fly away before you can get within 1 meter of them


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정의의 싸움이다 – Священная война (корейски) – Sacred War / Decisive Battle (Korean) [HD]

I have translated the song you can find it in the description I am too lazy to create the subs but some day I will.

Plays God of War Once

Yo, I’m about to go get some food from the store bro, you wanna come? Why do you look like that? That is none of your concern boy, but I will accompany you on your journey Here. This dagger, your mother told me to give it to you when you …

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So I’m dying to see what’s inside. Don’t worry I’m not here to eat you. So we are now about to try our first alpaca. So that was an absolutely fantastic lunch. Thank you so much you know Caesar we really appreciate it and Julia his wife, thank you. And, …