Perfect Pitch vs. Perfect Pizz

Perfect Pitch vs. Perfect Pizz

Hey guys, you gotta focus on your faces… Not on the mic. That shows a HD mic there you have. That’s right. Why are we both wearing black? Because musicians in black. Yeah, yeah. Attentions on us now. Check out the merch. Yes. This is one of the most popular fresh… Cotton… I mean… By the way… I’m sick. So Brett will be doing all the talking today. Alright. I’m just gonna be here for spiritual support. Five Pronged Seal! DJs are not real – What? Oof. Oh man, that’s rough. What do you think? Oh, you can’t talk. Next one. Brett and Eddy in the future watching their YouTube videos. Was this the one from Singapore? Languages. Oh what? Why is it Teletubbies? Yes, Germans. Your language is a… Very… Blash. I don’t know what that word means. Clever guys. That’s very clever. Aw man… That’s one of those like old school Russian… Like, you know like a Russian teacher… – Do it again. Do it again.
– Yeah. I wonder if that works. Don’t try that at home! Please don’t try this at home. We don’t encourage this behavior. – Why?
– Wait, what are you on about? – That is Eddy Chen.
– Yeah. My name is Brett Yang. My name is Eddy Chen. Yeah. This is perfectly right. Ah, this is starting to hurt my face. Need some air. You’re back. “The good ones are – ” Are you serious? Well, you’re lucky your friend hid your name. Because… Ooo…. Your life would be in danger. You’d be in serious danger. Uh…Hahaha… – Oh, we actually got back to unison.
– Yeah, yeah. Mmm! Nice. Yes, that’s so true… So true. That is very true. It is expensive tuning a piano. Yes. Like… What – 100… couple hundred dollars? Aw man… I got so many bad stories about it. Aw man… When they say they tune it, but the piano’s still untuned. Aw man… Apologies to the pianist that traveled with us on tour. But having said that… Violins, we’ve got to tune every day. – And then when we change strings.
– Or make multiple – Yeah. Or… Yeah, we change strings a lot. Mmm, and that costs a fortune. Wow. – Alright guys, we’re gonna become a carb channel.
– Yeah, yeah. Let’s talk about bread. We have a range of breads online. Please go to TwoSet – Check out our breads. Oh my god. Oh, that’s cool. I’ve seen this image before. Dude… Dude, that’s sick. – That’s gangster. That’s so anime.
– The jump. Dude, can you imagine like the Tuba actually… Boom! Like a gust… Like a whirlwind that – Whirlwind move. Can someone actually please make an anime which is like… Just tuba. The main characters are tuba. Yeah, but also like just… – All the instruments are like super weapons.
– Yeah. – Yeah, they all have super powers.
– Like Dragon Ball Z. I once had a dream recently… Where we were both in a… Like a VR horror escape room combined… And… The only way to – Except it was real, it wasn’t just VR. But the only way to defeat the zombie monsters that attacked you is if you play violin… Like a certain loud enough decibel… The like – The music like kashh – – And then like destroy them.
– That’s so stressful. You’re like Argh! Eddy, if you don’t play loud enough, we don’t play right, they just like… – Oh… That’s so stressful.
– Tackle you. – Aw…
– It was very stressful. – Oh my god…
– That is like violin horror dream. And oh! And then… Kenny was in the dream and he got attacked by Beethoven zombie. No… Oh no… – It was the best dream.
– Oh god… I just love it. That’s true guys. You’re not practicing, watching this. You think you have time to get girlfriend… Hah?? Hahaha. Ling Ling already win competition. Ling Ling… Practice 40 hours a day. And you out there trying to get – Get the girlfriend. Hey, let me tell you the truth. The truth is… No girl wants you anyway, cause you come second place. Only first place. No girl wants man that not doctor lah. Ohh!!! – Oh, that’s pretty cool.
– Oh wow… Dude, that’s so true. I’m always asleep while you on your phone. Whoa. – Dude, the penguins we got.
– It looks exactly the same. The ones – They’re the ones we got. – They actually were.
– Yeah. Olaf! – Why is Olaf –
– They even have a – – Oh… Olaf is there.
– Wow… That must be Hong Kong. – That’s Hong Kong.
– Oh, dude I saw this. – This is my favorite image.
– That’s so cool. – This is actually my favorite.
– Yeah. That’s so cool – Wow…
– Neutral B and your… For – Looks like a back air? – Forward… Back air… Forward – Back air.
– Back air. – Yeah.
– It’s like he’s turning around. – Or just a dash attack-
– Dash attack, yeah. No, dash is – I think just a – Yeah. Side B or something. Wow. – “I really like the one with Olaf”. Me too, actually.
– That’s cool. I love the violin, it’s very good. Focus still on us? Yes, thank you. I knew these memes would come. And the size of the left hand as well. And also yeah, how long our fingers are, right? We to – We actually do that. Yeah. It’s legit. And the plane lands. Oh… No one will come save you. – No one cares if it is Paganini, Sibelius or Shostakovich.
– Oh… No one cares… – Yeah….
– But if you play The flight of the Bumblebee, the media is like wow. Wow… Got it. – That’s kind of true.
– Got it. That is true. Four piccolos is… Quick way to lose your hearing, if you wanna become Beethoven, just… Go for it. – Yeah. Four piccolos.
– Challenge it. Thank you to all you piano TwoSet fans. We appreciate you too. Dude… So mean… That’s so mean. Dude, that… I need to practice my vibrato. Me too, actually. That – – That actually hurts, a bit too close to home.
– I know… Wow, that’s so cool. Dude, There’s so many cool… Artworks lately. It’s like a print. It’s like a print, no? It looks like a print. Looks like I’ve got snot coming out of my nose, bro. Thank you Zus. This is really cool. Whoa. – Is that flat?
– Oh, it is flat. Yo… Sims got it. They’re way ahead of the time. Ow, bit my tongue… They’re way ahead of their – They’re way ahead of their time. That’s what you are supposed to say. Saruman… *Laughs* That’s right, Will Smith. I hope you’re watching this video, Will Smith. One day you want to learn the violin… We’re here for you, man. We love your movies… And we love the people watching this, guys… You guys fans are the best. – Thank you so –
– We appreciate you. Thank you so much for the support more than anyone else. Please buy our merch and we’ll see you guys next time.

i don’t even play the violin! i’m a saxophone player but i love classical music and watch y’all’s videos every day!!! keep up the awesome work Two Set!!!!

And our church had to tune the piano every two months or maybe even every month. Now they just changed it after yearrrrrs, to a keyboard. Much cheaper.

I am a pianist but you might have lost a lot of us when you downplayed Chopin and Lizst in the rankings 🤔

8:22 watching TwoSet when you’re not even a musician because have an appreciation for classical music and you love Brett and Eddy

08:08 There's actually a passage in mahler's 3rd symphony where all the flute players change to piccolo and play them in unison

In Germany we have marching bands called 'tamboucorps' which are basically 50% piccolo and 50% drums

throwback to when we played at a jazz club and the piano was so out of turn it was PLAYING A NOTE DOWN

it was so painful

The legend of PagaLingLing meeting the Devil:

Once upon a time seven year-old PagaLingLing was in their bedroom. PagaLingLing had just finished their chemistry, physics and calculus study, and it was time to practise violin. PagaLingLing had to learn all 24 of Paganini's caprices before dinnertime or else they wouldn't get anything to eat… "No rice for you if you don't practice la… hmmmm…"

There simply wasn't enough time to learn and perfect all 24 caprices before dinner… that would take young PagaLingLing 40 hours of practise. PagaLingLing wished there was more time to practise and was willing to give anything to have more practise time.

Suddenly, PagaLingLing's room filled with smoke and the Devil appeared. The Devil offered a deal to the young PagaLingLing – the Devil would use his powers to grant the young PagaLingLing an extra 40 hours a day in exchange for PagaLingLing's soul. PagaLingLing considered the offer.

The bedroom door crashed open and PagaLingLing's mother was furious.
"Who is this la? How come you have friend over when you meant to be practising hmm? You want bubble tea when you don't even practise? Your mother very disappointed. Bringing shame on family after all your mother has done for you hmm… No rice for you la."
PagaLingLing's mother grabbed the Devil by his ear
"and you a very naughty boy la. Distracting my precious PagaLingLing when they need to practise la. Your mother teach you no manners, teach you no respect hmm… you bad influence you never grow up to be a doctor like PagaLingLing… your mother must be ashamed of you la…"

The devil broke free from the grip of PagaLingLing's mother and vanished without having captured PagaLingLing's soul… but from that day on PagaLingLing had an extra 40 hours a day to practise violin after completing their study, so they could have rice for dinner"

(Hopefully you like the story 🙂 If this comment gets enough likes, we may get a video of Eddy reading this story to Brett with reenactment of the story… also I don't have reddit so feel free to post on LingLing40hours)

5:46–5:51 I was thinking of Ging Ging from Nathan Doan 😂 I thought that's who he was impersonating.

There actually is an anime and manga where people use instruments as super powers. It's called "Violinist of Hameln' which you guys have reviewed. the old anime is not up to par with the incredible manga, (mostly because the anime cut a lot of the comedy out) so if you want to check out the manga, it'd be cool. (I do wish they would make a proper anime for the manga but since it's so old, I doubt it'll happen x.x;;; )

The 2set community (almost) summarized in one video
1. The HD Mic!and two figures in the background
2. Eddy's perfect pitch
3. Brett's perfect pizz
4. My name is Brett Yang
5. My name is Eddy Chen
6. Don't disrespect Hillary unless you want to die
7. Ling Ling
8. Missing Eddy talking in his Chinese mom voice
9. All the talented artist in this community
10. Flight of the Bumblebee surpasses all in the media
11. Everyone knows violin charades(and the iconic font)

I love this community. Thanks Brett and Eddy for all you've done.

Judge me. Am I productive?
I have two set in the backround and I'm practicing and writing this at the same time.

you should teach my uncle Dan Reynolds violin. Then he can be as good as his drummer who also knows violin. My uncle is the lead singer of imagine dragons

There is the word "Violine" in German as well, "Geige" is a slang word, but more used than "Violine". I think Violine is High German… Anyway, Greetings from Germany!✌

Lol I don’t even play piano or any other classical instrument…. i play guitar 😂😝 I still love ya tho twoset!

i'm just a kalimba-list (´-﹏-`;)

because the other instruments i'd like to play are too demm expensive(TдT)

How much does it cost to repair a piano? Did you guys go to conservatory? My Dad once tuned the family piano (the other times they hired a professional). I asked where he had learned how, he said "when you go to Juilliard, there are things you're expected to know how to do by the end, such as tuning a piano." It took a week or two, with the wrench and a tuning fork.

hahaha I play tuba and I always pretend to shoot my friends with it and i watch this and i saw that and i laugh

I play clarinet, why am I here?

Because you’re funny, that’s why. And my clarinet is malfunctioning and doesn’t want to play anything above a b natural and anything below a g.

8:27 This is me! I currently play the piano but I love watching your violin videos XD

Btw, I used to play the violin for 4 years before I started playing the piano. I'm sorry for abandoning the violin 😞… 🤣

I don't play violin or piano, because I'm from the woodwinds family BUT I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH ❤

@TwoSetViolin watch Sound Euphonium!! The main character isn't a tuba player per se, but she's a euphonium player and her friend is a tuba player!

I just got back from my choir tour, and it was someone's birthday! We sang it in the restaurant, and it was the best I've ever heard!

I remember the first time I broke the bridge off my violin when I was just starting. I was like 6 and I was TERRIFIED. I was literally sweating as I went to my teacher and all I could manage was incoherent noise and an apology.

Watching TwoSet even though you play viola and have to hear all the hate
(Jk I love you guys even tho you hate viola)

100 dislikes…..

Must be that guy and his noob gang that said Hilary Hahn isn't a good violin player. I'm sure he plays the viola.

Or when you watch TwoSet but you used to the play the viloin but your emotionally scared for life by the teacher you had so now you play guitar.

5:10 he was talking about his dream and made me remember of the book called "This Savage Book" by victoria schwab, its an amazing boom in a fictional world where someone do crimes it create a monster, they separate crimes in 3 groups and each group have a different monster, when it have a mass killing it creates a monster similar to humans but the thing that make them monsters is that they eat humans souls through music.. The main character play violin, i really recommend this book

In a way I'm glad my grandma forced me into classical piano lessons, if I didn't, I wouldn't have a love for classical music, I never would have found your channel, nor would I understand music humor/memes.

PS You guys are awesome! 🙂

Is it weird that I'm watching Twoset when I don't have a background in playing classical instruments or music in general?
Ughh, I just love you guys❤️


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