Patti LuPone Sweeney Todd "A Little Priest"

Patti LuPone Sweeney Todd "A Little Priest"

I just caught wind that Patti had some involvement with the new Steven Universe movie and I ran straight to this video!

Beadle isn't bad till you smell it and notice how well it's been greased.

That's comedy brilliance right there.

Omfg this is so good… Whatever drove me to listen this show performed by different actors over and over, has shown me just how different a performance can be. This is the first one I've seen where both of these psychopaths are having a blast.
Usually, at least Todd is solem, or at least more sarcastic. This one has both of them laughing their butts off talking about murder and cannibalism. Amazing!

Personally I wanted Timothy nolen to play Sweeney, he’s the best in my opinion. But George is good here

She's not "in it" mockery really. She's good, but the comic thing has to come down. She plays it here with him, whose wonderful, she's playing it like we all know the next line! It's cheap, safe and non-committed.x I think its a tad lazy, on her behalf.x A bit like Sacha Baron Cohen as Thenardier. It's lazy. He does well here, trying to bring it up, to her out front level, but after watching him with Lansbury, he's close to definitive for me.x She also oversings it. For christ sake just speak it!

The whole song is full of great puns and everything but the best line has to be "that those above will serve those down below"…

Ugh. What was brilliant musical composition gets reduced to atonal screaming in the hands of these two pros. Miscast to say the least.

Personally, I really wanted Timothy Nolen to play the role of Sweeney Todd. He is in my opinion, the best Sweeney! But Hearn is excellent as well!

This has to be my favorite rendition of A Little Priest: just compare it to the movie version (I know that different choices in style are required when adapting a musical into a film, but bear with me): Depp and Bonham-Carter look and sound like they are concocting an evil plan but they are a little too serious about that, you can still see a spark of sanity in them. These two? They have gone completely insane and we as the audience love to see that: they are laughng their asses off while singing about murdering people and baking them into pies for other people to eat!
And that's what's fantastic about this number.

I love Patti on this song. She really gets into the character. On worst pies at times she seems at times so focused on powering through the song…here she really hits all the subtle bits while still being vocally brilliant.

Someone put the 1982 version next to this one to compare the similarities between George Hearn then and now XD


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