Passion Fights! | Doctor Who: Series 10

This is not battered cod.
HAI! I need you to leave
the talking to me. Why? Because you’ve a temper! I think it’s a great
Capaldi moment that because he’s given a
stern little lecture about how you have
to be aloof and cold and glacial. Always remember Bill, passion fights but reason wins! He would like to
think he’s remote and cold and frozen. He’s not at all. He’s an exposed nerve
of emotion and sometimes it overwhelms him. Who let this creature in here? On your feet, girl, in the presence of your betters. He’s enraged in that moment, at the way that Lord Sutcliffe talks to Bill. Just infuriates him,
so he punches him. I don’t think it was a
very powerful punch. I don’t think the Doctor’s a street fighter really. I think he got lucky. Hallo! Can I just say
this is very unlike me. I don’t normally do this. Yeah, he was aiming for charming. Basically. You know, Jon Pertwee used to do Venusian
Aikido on everyone. At the drop of a hat he’d go,
‘WAH-JAH!’ And you know,
‘HIH!’ And he’d hit people, so I think the Doctor has beaten people up. Not in a kind of kebab
shop fight sort of way, but in a kind of…
not in a chip shop fight. That would be funny,
wouldn’t it? Seeing Jon Pertwee having
a fight in a chip shop. I didn’t order fish fingers! This is not battered cod.
HAI! That’s what I should
have done to him, never mind punching him, I should have
HEY! HAI-AR! You’re not from the Fairford Club. HAI!

I love how peter is just like the biggest whovian in the entire universe it's just makes the show come to life more when u know he's gonna be a giant fanboy when filming each episode πŸ˜‚πŸ‘½πŸ‘½x

i laughed so hard when 12 punched sutcliff was so funny was awesome to now my favorite ep ever so far β™₯

I can't stop smiling at how passionate Peter Capaldi is with Doctor Who, this is one of the many reasons I think he's the best Doctor!

Doctor Who series 10 is having one significant problem. The motive for the villain isn't really anything clever making the stories kind of weak. Also the ways they resolve the conflict isn't really that clear. Series 10 episodes seem to have one motive and that is to take stabs at our society (which is great) and to fix plot holes or to acknowledge them. I really do love this series, it's just that one little problem that sort of makes the episodes kind of annoying.

So many levels to this Dr… No one has taken the place of John Pertwee for me in 40 years………until now. #KungFuDrWho

I love Peter Capaldi he's such a goofball and a whovian. I'm so excited to see him in action. He's really good at being the doctor. It fits well. Excited to see bill as the new companion but I do miss Clara and I hate that the doctor doesn't remember her. I'm also excited for season 10 it's looking AWESOME but why do we have to wait so long. Also Peter your hair is rocking it As usual. I just want to feel how fluffy it is. It's tempting not to stare at it. hey everyone ok bye now lol

From where I'm standing it seems that the sole reason Capaldi is leaving is because he doesn't agree at all with the way Moffat is treating the Doctor. Just listen to Capaldi in interviews.
After episode two in the aftershow he said that the Doctor shouldn't have been wrong because he should have an idea what will happen next (as other incarnations have mentioned to do…), now again he defends his on screen actions (punching someone) and trying to rectify them while feeling uncomfortable, knowing that the character he is acting as is not what that character stood for the whole of his life. I believe that hell bent was the tipping point for him. Killing an innocent, something the Doctor would never do (at least in Capaldi's mind) probably had him think a lot and then decide he didn't want to be that version of the Doctor. And it's just sad to see how someone so passionate about Doctor Who can get so disappointed.

I didn't like the story behind this episode… it seemed weak like the episodes in s8. The ending was incredible though.

This is why Capaldi is my favourate Doctor, he's just such a good actor to be able to nail the humour and irony in these types of scenes

Series 10 is amazing. This just shows that the problem with capaldi's run was the annoying Clara

Pertwee's Doctor didn't pointlessly punch people in the face.

This isn't Doctor Who. This is just cancer.

The Doctor punching that guy was incredibly out of character, and was pretty inappropriate with that combined. Considering we've had recent debates over whether it's acceptable to punch perceived fascists.

You ordered fish fingersπŸ˜‚ with custard remember themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If the Twelfth Doctor was consistently written/characterised like he was in this episode he would legitimately be my favourite Doctor. Sarah Dollard puts Steven Moffat to shame.

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Love that scene! He sure showed that pompous brat! One of the most awesome punches in TV history, well done Peter! When you never expect it, so well executed!

Besides, it is often no use reasoning with such extreme racists and bigots, you need to bring them down.

Loved this episode, and while I appreciate what this scene adds a lot to the doctor's character, it sort of worries me? After all, if it's okay for the doctor to punch someone because they have a different (albeit disgusting) opinion than isn't it okay for everyone else to do that? The Doctor is the wisest, bravest hero of the universe and him just flaring up (while it does show he has a protective nature and actual emotions) and throwing a punch is a little dangerous.
Don't like the way that massive fish ate that small boy? Punch it. Don't like the Rassalion runs Galifrey? Punch him. Don't like the way Danny Pink was once a solider and is dating your companion? Punch him.
Of course I know that would never happen but it's sort of a slippery slope? Not just for the show but for IRL. I'm all for violence in shows where appropriate, but maybe this scene would have been a little better if Capeldi did one of his brilliant speeches (like later in the scene) and raised his voice a lot, then there was a moment of silence and Lord Snooty (can't spell his name!) just called for guards? Though what do I know, I'm not a writer.
Don't take me wrong, love doctor who and appreciate the work you guys in the YouTube department put into running this channel! Thanks for uploading this πŸ™‚

This really makes me feel bad, being a new fan and all I won't understand however I do know all the doctors faces. Love Peters impression tho!

My first reaction to the punch was "I wish he had used Aikido", so I'm pleased to find Capaldi thought alike :D. I guess they chose a simple punch in order to emphasize it was a rash action – a more trained move might have looked premeditated…

I never liked that Ten didn't defend Martha, even when he was a human in the Victorian era he should have done something at least.

Funny, this. The show has been full of situations where black people have been in areas during ages where they might've been marginalized, The Vampires of Venice immediately sticking out, but the show didn't waste its time with that. It was just concerned with telling a good story. Ah, but let's just go ahead and use this long-running and beloved Sci-Fi series to virtue signal, that's the proper way these days, ain't it?

Genocidal murderers?
They get a pass.

Some random, not particularly offensive, racist joke from a 19th Century guy (to be expected, given the setting)?
Boom! Punch them in the face!

Also? Throw in some generic, widely known, not entirely accurate comment about "whitewashing" and call it a day.

Wait! Matt based himself off of the 2nd capaldi, the 3rd… the next doctor HAS to have a scarf and fedora

Peter Capaldi is personally so amusing, it's a pity his Doctor doesn't get to play that kind of humour very often.

Don't be mean to Bill! She's a sweetheart, what did she ever do to you? You blue-coated, Middle Ages asswipe. Also: Exposed nerve of emotion, or something? We were supposed to get Rebel Time Lord!!!


Ahhh this is absolutely fantastic~ Who wouldn't love this?? Huh?

Besides the guy who got punched in the face, of course lol


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