Part 2-Carbon Copy-The Return by Nicholson1968

his bravery wasn’t in being a warrior it
came from knowing what was in his heart he recognized what was Rodney stood up
for it hello this is Nicholson 1968 welcome to
part 2 of Carbon Copy the return well it’s been a little while since I
released part 1 and it got a lot of emails a lot of comments a lot of
feedback and I appreciate it one thing I wanted to share with you I
get all the time is like you know Nicholson you know I like the music
video that you do I like the ones where you don’t really talk and you do the
text and then I like you know I get all different kinds of feedback and just to
answer some of that so I have to email hundreds of people is I deliver a
message differently almost every time I do different things because here’s the
thing people receive information differently some they receive it in a
music video some receiving in a sermon some like
videos that I decayed things or whatever so that’s what I don’t want to be put in
a box per se and labeled you know of how I deliver and share information so this
one I do it differently I don’t just you know when you come here I want you to go
okay what’s Nicholson how is he gonna present this this time is he going to be
you know sounds of silence of transhumanism with the old pol and Simon
and Garfunkel music you know just things like that
I just wanted to address that before I spoke I showed you scenes from Justice
League which is a continuation from Superman vs Batman and I’ve tried to
waiting to see if anybody has caught this from the movie Superman versus
Batman but I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it’s not out there I just I haven’t
seen it at all and I wanted to point out something very significant in this movie
which speaks to what I’m going to talk to you later is the return the return of
who and that return is speaking of Jesus Christ and I want you to listen to the
video all the way even if you’re not a believer in Christ or you’re not a
spiritual person there is a message being told in Superman vs Batman that
they steal from the scripture plain and simple
and there’s a reason I’m also going to touch on is why does Christ return and
the churches are not doing a good job at all of telling mankind what is going on
because they’ve been infiltrated greed I mean churches of business now it’s not
about telling the truth it’s and some of them don’t even know the truth I’m not
knocking all churches I’m not knocking all religions I’m not knocking all
pastors but the majority mainstream religion churches and pastors are not
doing their job they’re not touching on what the enemy is up to and people have
a hard time out there well we don’t want to worry about that well you better
because the first rule of war art of war is know thy enemy if you have no clue
what the enemy is up to then how do you battle it you just sit back and you you
have to do your part and knowing what the enemy is up to that’s why I’m
sharing since 1999 on my blog since 2007 on YouTube transhumanism technology
humanity has been led down with technology to be controlled period
actually control not mine it’s deeper than mine control it’s physically
control the body with frequencies tones trans you mixing of man and machine it’s
coming yes and if people have followed me for years know this but so if you’re
new to this you might want to catch up for your children’s children say what’s
coming so before I get to the return and why he has to return let’s focus on
right now and share we D why does he have to return it’s this technology that
he has to break up and destroy this is the it is I touched on the in part one
its cube worship you may be saying to yourself if you’re new what is cube
worship it has to do with Saturn the north pole of Saturn this has been going
on for thousands of years North Pole of Saturn has a cube cube shape on the
North Pole now do I believe there’s a Saturn with a North Pole on a cube shape
on it don’t know I’ve never been there myself
I have no no clue all I’m sharing this information with you is why the enemy of
humanity believes it what they believe they believe in Saturn has a North Pole
cue point that’s why there’s so much cube worship around the world this is
where they believe the information of Technology knowledge is coming from and
where they’re getting it from this cult has never stopped its rights are still
present to this day Saturn has dubbed the Lord of the Rings where do you think
the movie comes from you need to look at deeper the deeper things behind this
stuff the Lord of the Rings it’s the reason why we exchanged rings at
weddings we put halos on the heads of godly
people I mean this is all in your face since ancient times sages gazed at the
stars of mind they’re having the glow and attributed them godly powers based
on their effect on humans before the Great Flood Saturn was regarded by all
mankind is the Supreme God and ruler of the kings in the sky at that time this
is what they claimed the occult researchers affirmed
that saturn ruled the kingdom of Atlantis and became the divine ancestor
of all earthy patriarchs and Kings goal has been perpetuated through numerous
gods during antiquity such as Chronos Saturn Hyperion Atlantis Hercules were
all connected with a great Saturn continent they were Kings that ruled
over countries on the western shores of met Iranian Africa in Spain okay notice
this about cube symbolism and cube worship when it’s used for this purposes
technology always revolving if you see cube symbolism it has to do with
technology somewhere knowledge technology intelligence you know then
the spiritual aspect of Cuban symbolism is in religion signifying other realms
other dimensions and then the third one is always sound and frequency cube so
our music videos you’ll see it in music videos cube symbolism so you have those
three major things that cube symbolism runs through technology spirit religion
sound frequencies tones all those three things and that’s what you need to
realize not everything that has a cube is evil I’m not saying that I’m just
saying that there is symbolism that is used in those three sectors all the time
when you see it it’ll be there almost all the time if it’s used in an occult
way to send a message you look around Mecca they walk around a black cube look
at Jewish rabbis whaling walls what did they have on their head black cube I
have a page devoted to cube worship again I’m gonna say this whether you
wanna believe it or not doesn’t mean a thing they believe it that’s why they do
and what they do for certain reasons is because of their beliefs and the way
they have been taught in secret say things that have been handed down
secretly not on paper you’re not gonna see a documentary you’re not gonna you
know that’s the reason why they get away with what they do it’s communicating
Roli and through symbols and signs and other things other than the way we’re
taught mainstream we’re taught to write things down put it in a book all this
stuff I’m gonna show a bunch of clips and here’s the thing you won’t you need
to think about when I show you these things is this just coincidence
just as Nicholson just reaching or is it legitimately what they know when they
show it they put it in your face they communicate with each other as you look
on the screen after listening and you’re not watching the screen if you’re
driving down the road and you’re listening you need to look at the screen
because I’m not gonna I’m gonna tell you a story without telling you the story
I’m gonna show you a story you better connect the dots you better
understand who rolls with what this Brotherhood that I’m speaking of Saturn
cubed goes back to secret societies luciferianism Satanism all the same
different different symbolism in certain degrees but you better connect the dots
and here’s the other thing that just listen to what I just said they
communicate with each other see a lot of people go why don’t they put this stuff
in our faces well some of us can see it but the reason they put it out in movies
media news music videos whatever it is to communicate with each other it’s not
necessarily for us the mainstream say that’s the thing they put the stuff out
because they communicate with each other through this type of media say that
you’re looking at one thing but they’re seeing another just remember that it’s
not like I mean sometimes they’re mocking definitely have you got what it
takes to beat the queue but most of the time it’s out there for the secret
societies the people behind the scenes that know who they are quite well who
they are that receive the information so I’m going to go into a clip called
singularity with John Cusack and I want you to notice something John Cusack
they put actors in certain roles – pushing gymnast he was also in the movie
sale who see me Oh Jackson okay is in a movie sale that
with through phone signals phone towers for a time it controlled people took
over control their mind with frequencies tones singularity this movie came out
the system that is being pushed worldwide to control to have the network
in this movie is Chronos is the name of the system Chronos yes remember well I
just talked about Chronos and Saturn all the thing so I’m going to play this clip
I want you to hear it but then remember in the first you gotta watch my first
carbon copy part one I opened with an intro the visual intro from a Netflix a
series called altered carbon and in that I’m going to show you something very
very slick they do and this one saying lets you know who they get their
information from where is the technology that I’m speaking of where’s it coming
from is it coming from God is it coming from good spirits no this
technology for control of humanity that’s what Satan is called the Prince
of the air it’s bad stuff and you need to know about it so let me play this
clip from singularity be right back I stand before you to announce the first
true artificial intelligence Chronos tonight this night we enter a new age you know what Chronos is capable of
capable of saving earth through self-destruction
a century ago they were activated super machines programmed to eradicate a
plague that was destroying our well there you go in a nutshell
little trailer there for you the plague get riddles the earth are humans that
have to be wiped out by the AI that was created by humans sounds familiar
sound science fiction hmm now I want to rethink that okay so my previous company
was d-wave I’ll just show you a couple things we built what are still the
world’s only quantum computers that you can buy I did that for about 15 years it
was a lot of fun a big science project that we turned into a commercial entity
that was a warm-up for kindred so kindred is much much much more ambitious
than d-wave and what kindred is trying to do is build real AI so what you’ve
heard about AI is not what we mean by AI well we mean by AI is a software system
that can do literally anything that a human can do literally anything
and obviously computers are better at things than people in lots of different
ways so now imagine not only can they do everything that a human can do but they
can do everything that the best human at any task could do better than them I
stand before you to announce the first true artificial intelligence Chronos tonight this night
new age we are right on the verge of that transition now so when this thing
that I’m talking about happens it’s going to be exactly the thing that
you’re thinking about about those super intelligent AIS
so the one thing I can tell you is they’re not going to be like us so alien
means you know different these things that we’re building are not going to be
people they might be really smart they might be really good at all sorts of
different things but they’re not gonna be like us they’re gonna be aliens and
they’re gonna be I’m sorry to say way smarter than every single person in this
room in ways that we can’t even comprehend so this of course triggers a
lot of alarm one of the guys who talks about this is Elon who says things like
this like when you do this beware because you think just like the guy in
the stories that when you do this you’re gonna put that that that little guy in a
pentagram and you’re gonna have your holy water out and you’re gonna wave it
at the thing and by god it’s gonna do exactly what you say and not one thing
more but it never works out that way so this is an this is an attitude that some
are having this emerging alarmism about the way this is going to go but this
these words demons doesn’t capture the essence of what’s happening here yes
there are these massively intelligent entities out there but they’re not good
they’re not evil they just don’t give a shit about you even in the slightest the
same way you don’t care about an ant is the same way they’re not going to care
about you and these things that were summoning into the world now are not
demons they’re not evil but they’re more like the Lovecraftian great old ones
there are entities that are not necessarily going to be aligned with
what we want so this transition is really really massively important for
our entire species to navigate and going back to that thing that Sam Harris was
saying nobody is paying at this thing is happening in the
background while people bicker about politics and what what’s gonna be in the
health care plan in the US and underneath it all is this rising tsunami
that if we’re not careful is going to wipe us all out so there you go in gory
roses own words they’re summoning things they’re trying to tell you that they’re
not evil they’re not demons they don’t you know whatever he can splain it away
it is what it is and you have to know the truth about it for you guys that are
in the the truth movement or awake you’ve heard you’ve probably heard this
before this is nothing new I just wanted to share this person from newcomers
that’s never heard things about Saturn Lord of the Rings keep worship it’s all
the same Chronos that doesn’t matter it’s just packaged a different way so
you needed to hear this stuff this stuff that we’re messing with and summoning is
we’re not supposed to that that’s the bottom line but I want to make some
connections as I promised here what you’re looking at on the screen the
first painting is by Francisco Goya is called Saturn eating his son the other
one which was probably inspired by Francisco’s by Peter Paul Rubens Saturn
devouring his son so both of these paintings same thing is showing they’re
eating their offspring and why are they eating their offspring what where does
this come from the myth it’s a great myth that was foretold that one of sons
of Saturn we’d overthrow him so sad under Kronos
believed that if he ate his children moments after each was born that that
would you know kill the prophecy as predicted that but not he would not be
overthrown so that’s the great myth all right so let’s let’s move forward in the
Holy Scripture revelation 12 – I’ll read this to you and there appeared a great
wonder in heaven a woman and she being with child cried travailing in birth and
pained to be delivered and there appeared another wonder in heaven and
hold the great red dragon and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready
to be delivered for to devour her child as soon as it was born
and she brought forth the man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of
iron and her child was caught up unto God and to his throne so there you go so
you got scripture telling you that someone is trying to destroy someone
being born here that’s going to rule over the red dragon or Satan Chronos
whatever it is and when I tell you about the Greek myth is Kronos Saturn dragon
eating his tail going around Lord of the Rings
he thinks he can stay in control if he devours and destroys now I’m going to
take you to altered carbon which is in part one that I showed you the from a
Netflix series is throughout the show they sneak these pictures in the
background what hmm is it just random that’s what I want to show you is
nothing is random with certain things they use it as
symbol you know symbolism is I want to show you these couple of clips here and
as you show spanning through look it’s right here in front of you if you don’t
know what you’re looking for of course it’s just a random painting but see this
is what is really going on the one game is a lot of people say there’s no
there’s no Jesus there’s no Satan okay so I guess what do you want to believe
that’s on you I’m trying to show you stuff that the enemy believes now
whether you know it’s true or not it doesn’t matter but it affects us because
they believe it and they and they put bring forth things and they put it out
there to manifest is is exactly what’s going on here now is the snake eating
its tail Saturn eating his son it is trying to
circumvent the prophecy because Jesus Christ has to
come back to destroy this and overthrow this you understand they know what is
going on folks they know what do you think CERN and Switzerland is all about
you think they’re just out there trying to find the god particle and nothing
more to that wrong it’s about changing events time Chronos known as Father Time
in Greek mythology Mandela effect whether you believe that or not that
that’s on you but they’re trying to change events trying to change our
reality here in this realm to stop the prophecy that’s why there’s a statue of
Shiva in front of CERN there this serpent eating is till it’s all
connected that’s all it is is just connect the dots Oh what is trying to be
done here and people out there that are pretending that I get it I understand it
but listen to me that I know you don’t like organized religion I get it I don’t
either but the truth is the truth about Jesus Christ having to return to break
this up and they know it the demons know it that evil know it evil men know it
that things that are in Ephesians 6:12 principalities on high that are not
flesh and blood that we battle against so I’m just trying to show you from a
you know not a religious freak perspective I’m trying to real stuff
that’s being worked on that is hidden and packaged a different way and when
you get down to the root of it you see what’s going on I’m sure another clip we
need this coming out that is very interesting as well and then I’ll be
right back we have a visual engage artificial intelligence support
commencing circular rotation coppy crash investigation should include
the government’s lead investigator people need answers the families need
answers the people can wait good morning mission supervisor Mackenzie Wilson
good morning arty I’m pleased to report that all systems are nominal on the Mars
Lander craft let’s see if we could find out what happened let’s give it a shot
launch countdown initiated why are we launching five hours early who
authorized it I did our T’s taking lead on the crash investigation you are
living in his world now we created AI to help us not to beat us ever needs to be
smart not human I have an origin unknown what are we
looking at artificial intelligence or alien intelligence be prepared for every
possibility warning unidentified satellite detected firing
please tell me I’m hallucinating sorry McKenzie I’m mission controller
are we friends who knows what is capable this is an international incident no no
no you have to stop them the human race must adapt or perish it’s everything we were warned about there it is in a trailer the cube from a
movie just released 2036 origin unknown so everything that I’ve been talking
about even in the trailer says we were warned you know what you’re warned if
you’ve been following me for perfect 15 years you’ve been warned
it’s AI everything technology where man takes it too far and it’s just some
danger I’m not against technology in general it’s just taking technology so
far and allowing it to have too much access two months ago Victor found out
the university had my DS and stole it some sort of virtual a little more
complicated suit she’s hooked up to this thing and she’s what she’s somebody else
all right think of it as a way to try new things
you can learn a lot about yourself and other people explore your limitations how does Tony Fred that lease money
not what I asked they’re thinking about giving you a race it’s a bit of money we do it all the
time don’t push them and just see what they
do when they really think they’re along it’s okay you find you a bigger house Oh and society
your loss why aren’t you doing anything what’s it look like I’m trying to do I
feel like I’m going insane just don’t lose yourself in there you know you’ve changed man I don’t
wanna die well I hope you’re starting to put the
pieces together there’s another trailer for you in control another movie like
cube controlling it’s all about control and merging the virtual world with the
real world that’s that’s the in game here the one game is the battle for your
soul humanity trying to control it and manipulate it so now to the real reason
behind the return and the good news I’ve shown all of this stuff the negative
stuff the real enemy in our faces in this realm and the good news and it has
to do with the return what am I talking about is the return of Christ for his
bride the bride is the church his people speaks of that in Ephesians 5:25 through
27 husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for
her that he might sanctify her having cleansed her by washing of water with
the word so that he might present the church to himself and splendor without
spot or wrinkle or any such and this is what I wanted to share with you that the
enemy knows the truth and they and they use scripture to tell a story and twist
it in in Batman vs Superman Superman is symbolism for the Christ figure there
notice in the movie he has held up as a false god the world turns against him
they don’t believe him he is held into court to testify tell tell a story he
also he actually comes up against the foe and he dies but he kills this folk
kills this enemy to save the world sounds familiar doesn’t it but one thing
happens is he dies but then he is resurrected he comes back to life which
is in the next movie Justice League and he comes back but here’s what’s very
interesting that most people don’t catch this is well um GG shit I wanted to
share with you is in the movie he sends a wedding ring to Lois Lane which was
his girlfriend at the time so he sends it in his symbolism he sends it in the
mail knowing he’s probably gonna die and after his death she receives it opens up
the package and it’s a wedding ring but it’s to let her know that he’s
returning from his bride and one day they would be married she’s right there
in front of everybody’s face they don’t make the connections like I said I don’t
know if anybody’s touched on that but I wanted to share that and it is very
important right now since you get your house in order that he will return for
his bride and the enemy knows it I shown all of the stuff and these two projects
and my work for the last 10 to 15 years showing and a lot of people out there
don’t believe it they want to keep going down the path that other people wrote
the Bible and all of the stuff and it’s only because organized Church and
religion don’t have the answers and they’re not teaching the truth you have
to understand Genesis 6:4 the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and
afterwards that’s that’s number one you better understand it if you don’t you
need to research it number two don’t you know that we get to judge angels when I
go and judge good angels we’re judging bad angels why find out connect a dot
what a lot of people think that God is a vicious God because he told us to wipe
out other tribes and things like that well guess what if you understood the
mix of the Nephilim with that bloodline and why it had to be wiped out we’re not
talking about humans wiping out humans we’re talking about something much
deeper than there so when it’s taught incorrectly then you see
as God is a vicious god and he just wants to kill other people
another race it has nothing to do with that it’s totally misunderstood and
totally twisted is there was a bloodline a race here on this earth that was
corrupted and then that’s the truth and why and once you understand that and you
connect the dots and what is going on with technology transhumanism the body
the mind the stuff is being tampered with tampered with in present day right
now then you get it the one game everything else is smoking mirrors love
you guys appreciate you being patient I hope you enjoyed part two Carbon Copy
the return Clarke had this sent here so he could surprise you you don’t give don’t sigh cuz my TV set skeezy I mean

At 24:14 there's a B7 on the wall behind the guy. B is 1 and 3 together. So B7 is 137, the 33rd prime 🙂

There was a deity named Hubal worshiped in Kaaba ( The Cube ) before Islam. He was the greatest of 360 idols, and he was shaped like a human his image was made of red agate stone , his right hand broken and replaced with another hand made of gold.

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Great sequel. You have a gift to discern and disseminate vital truths every Christian needs to understand. May God use you to bring unbelievers to the Truth as well.

@ 33:19 behind Lex, is not only the painting of the fallen angels.. But that statue at first, I thought it resembled the dog head (Sirius). But longer I looked at it.. It looks like a bust of a dragons head with wings. Complete obvious to anyone awake, what that screen shot is showing. Thanks for posting another great video on my birthday. 😏 on the 5th.. Yah works in mysterious ways.. ❤Blessings to you Nicholson! Much respect sir. Much respect. 😊👍👍👍

Hi Nicholson, can I upload this 2 part series to help wake more ppl up? I of course will give you credit

What are y'all gonna do when the Messiah Yahshua returns and you see he isn't white? Will you become atheist? Will you shit your pants? Will you try to fight him? Or will you serve that wooly haired man whose skin looks as though it burned in a furnace?

Mind boggling! I wonder though in these times how it is that we should live in light of these revelations! We as a family have come out of the "church" as what we see going on is contrary to the scriptures and believers increasingly introduce things that are more in line with Hinduism and New Age practices. I am not a scholar in the scriptures but I am not able to see any resemblance between what is going on in the "church" and how believers lived in the early church or what is taught in the New Testament.

Brotha… I actually like it when u talk us through wat u do… It helps to understand ur work and wat u do… U are more engaged with the subs and that I would have thought most people would like… Not just another vid where u can't take ur eyes off the screen cause u have to constantly read… So yea brotha u do good work… I shall pray for u and all of us to get our houses right, Lord knows I need to do better…. But I won't lie it's hard that's why we must keep prayer and our faith…. Plus there isn't many folks that are Southerners so I like to hear it… U mind me asking what state ur in? I'm from good ol deep South of Alabama

Nicholson ..Great Video , I love your work! Question ….have you been following #Qanon this year…if so any comments on Q and #The Great Awakening. #WWG1WGA

There is also an 8 symbol from Netflix series called Orange is the new Black. The tittle itself is obvious.

The Son Of Man did say that he has a new assembly, and it's the one "not" made by human hands.
Thanks again for sharing N1968… Shalom.

TRANShumanism; TRANSport (vessel, to a destination), TRANSceive (past and present, transmit/receive), TRANSparent (see through, false, empty). TRANSgender (baphomet, alchemy, merging of man and woman), TRANSlation (convert from one medium to another)…

Thank you for your teaching, Nicholson. This coming payday I will start sending support to  May I respectfully challenge everyone to do the same?  Even $2 or $3 X 500 = 1,500 …will help create these enlightening videos.

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Nicholson,your vids are eye opening and well researched.however you spoke of Mark Dice revealing Kesha is a satanist and made a few disparing remarks.Dice is a satirist,he points out the obvious and how stupid this generation is.for instance interviewing beach goers in CA and saing things like "when we were liberated from China in 1776 besised Jesse Ventaura can you name anothe founding father. Or this one Donald Trumps son was just in Africa hunting triceratops,should he be cited for animal cruelty.So Nicholson,yes you are very discerning,but don't lose your sense of humour

i feel like its all a message to yourself to help you figure out your hooked up to a computer right now. this is the "matrix / simulation" and some one wants us to know

You are called to do this…the way you do it…your unique way. God is using you, don't EVER doubt that!! This is so vital in today's world with Entertainment in our faces 24/7…be it in movies, tv "programming", Cable shows, music & music videos. I've spoke to many Christian friends & family who are CLUELESS to this type of info you & others have exposed.

METATRON'S cube matrix is virus that must be unplugged. There are IT professionals on this planet who have the power to do that. Let's hope and pray they WakeUp to their role in ending this hellish takeover.

Nicholson 1968 trust and truth is all we want, thankyou for your time and understanding trust in the father above Lord God and yashua Jesus Christ, blessings to you from goudhurst Kent UK

i love your vids .. im 38 . was healed by the lord in 96 @ 16 yrs old , went thru a lot of spiritual warfare at that point . satan in my dreams attacking my family . mocking me . i had a vision in 96 . and it was basically when man can bring a dead man like example cryostasis back like walt disney pple will start losig faith in god and turn to science . then the sheep was cloned a yr later ,, i didnt realize how deep it goes back then with the occult by i watched and prayed always looked 4 signs etc .. my next vision happened about 4 to 7 times and my visions have come true . i dreamt 7 months before my ma got sick she had 48 to live was rusged by ambulance , she spent 48 days in 2 hospitals and exactly 48 in vitas ! i also dreamt of 9/11 two months before . i live in bpt ct . i was in a big city not bpt , abnd there was shootings pple screaming fires pple jumping out of bldhs and a terrorist looking man shoots me and i awaoke . i also dreamt many other things like quakes in ct the day before they happ . im not a prophet . im just saying i may have intuition the lord shows me .. anyways it was 98 to 2000 . i was always with my couisin . it was night very dark . abnd we felt the worst quake and heard trumpet like sounds etc . so we were scared . we went home . to our surprise nobody was raptured ! kids babies family my aunt other super devoyed to christ all looked like they just buried theur son .. we go outside and it looks like theres 3 planets and the earth is off axis , maybe nibiru . i thought new heaven new earth . they were soo close u could touch them .. then i would awake .. the odd thing is i remember we were older in the dream . not old but there was babies not yet born and family seemed older . i dont know it happ about 4 to 6 times . i asked the lord to please stop . it was terrifying .. ibe backslid many times , usually when my faith was soo pure thats when the warfare comes in ..

yes its communicating with each other like gang symbols or witch languiage . but alsi they always mock or have to forewarn us like job . when they made a deal . i think there s always a warning on purpose cuz satan lovesd to boast or its a covenant .. im not sure ..

dude, brother you know whats going on, I can hear and see it. its nice there's ppl really listening and investigating God's WORD, lots of amazing things are happening and you notice that so many ppl are chasing their tail's. but your not, you are awake to absolute truth. a teacher, wake more ppl up by showing them truth. I see whats going on like you Nicholson1968 we are rare among humanity, the enemy cant fool us quite so easy.
he can still fool us by tiring us out with nonsense, be strong and study deeper there is still much to learn in our bibles, go deeper. God bless you and your findings.amen to the faithful and true till beyond the end of this world. peace always.

Nicholson, i wanted to show you this because this is a glimpse of the actual one world religion, that has been around already for a very long time, which for almost 100% of people of all faiths, it supercedes what they think they believe in. and this has been going on worldwide. yes there will be modifications to it, but its already here.

Somehow I was not subscribed to this channel anymore. That's upsetting as it is one of my absolute favorite channels. Keep up the great work

plural noun: sigils
an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power.
a seal.
"the supply wains bore the High King's sigil"
a sign or symbol.
"a 1925 Buick limousine, the sigil of Tom's naturalization"

maybe people could just google "black cube" & view image results…results may depends on the algorithm
(ˈalɡərɪð(ə)m/Submit noun a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.)

devise (v.)
early 13c., "to form, fashion;" c. 1300, "to plan, contrive," from Old French deviser "dispose in portions, arrange, plan, contrive" (in modern French, "to chat, gossip"), from Vulgar Latin *divisare, frequentative of Latin dividere "to divide" (see divide (v.)). Modern sense is from "to arrange a division" (especially via a will), a meaning present in the Old French word. Related: Devised; devising.

Matt 24:22  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

very informative… everything makes sense! ive been awake from this matrix sinve 2016 and ive never felt so FREE through Jesus Christ! Allelujah Allelujah Allelujah all praise to Jahweh… thanks brother this is an amazing two part series u made

" The so – called ( Great Flood ) ? Are you outta your damn mind?! Just how did the 3 toed sloth get from deep in the jungles of South America to deep in the desert of the middle east? How did the Asian wood turtle get from Asia to the desert? How did the little Pika get from the Himalayan mountains to arrive in the desert? Oh okay GOD transported em there! Yeah right. I find it so damn amusing that people just like yourself turn and look to a book written by the very ones whom you claim are so – called Satanist's or Luciferians !

I saw a movie from shaking my heads u tube channel which was called destruction of the third temple.  Since it was all your content I wanted to comment on your channel so you might get the message.  I don't know if you are aware of the mandella effect or what I call the kjv effect where many bible verses have been supernaturally changed.  I saw in the vid that you used the altered text when you put mark 2:22 22 "And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles"  It used to make sense when it said old wineskins,  the word bottles is stupid and makes no sense.  Please check into this STUFF which is another word that has been put in the old kjv bibles which is part of the strong delusion!  Somewhere in Timothy it states they will be turned unto fables and sure enough words like unicorn and aliens are now in the oldest kjv bibles out there.  I'm sure there will be much more to come in the near future so the passage in Amos 8: 11-12 will be fulfilled where it states there will be a famine of hearing the word!    Please check into this matter and put something old school together to expose this recent miracle like the wolf lying with the lamb and other STUFF to help wake the sheeple.

Thank you for this video, it gave me insight in to areas i was not thinking of, but was needing too, so thanks Nicholas for caring enough to take the time to do this, there is nothing more important than figuring out how to come closer to our Father, His Son the Word and the Holy Spirit, which, these three Spirits are of one Body, which is Love, just as we have one body, but with different members of that body, like hands and feet, they are seperate from one another in their purpose, but yet they are both of the one body and this is how God is made up of the three Spirits joined together in one body .

All I say check out geodie rose and D wave this man is gonna open up a very dark place in to our reality.
Sounds like a movie.

Wonderful effort here, Nicholson 1968. Your dissection of this stuff is cutting edge. You had me since your break down of 9/11. Keep it up. We need more eye openers. The dominoes are falling. Will just have to see how long it takes for the last one to fall, and how the mask of the deep state/ shadow government/CIA/cabal is ripped off for all to see.

Thank you for all your hard work and hope people can see the deception of transhumanism. The King of Kings Jesus is the son of the Father in heaven. Great video again

Look Nicholson …iam Muslim please check your informations before speaking we don't worship the kaba the kaba have its own story and I invite you to go and check it its better ….but yeah good things as always ive been watching your videos …good job 👌

Nicholson congratulate him on his great channel!
Please include your excellent material with subtitles !!!
Thank you! Greetings from South America.

You are blessed for working to expose the Adversary's tactics. And you do it with REAL style. I will promote your work until YT finally decides to stifle the REAL Truth Movement, a platform truly free from agenda and misinformation. Thank you!!

I pray you get this comment. Check out the trailer for the new Godzilla( King of Monsters) movie! In that trailer it shows humanity being destroyed and a woman saying " We must release the Titans to save the planet". This is more programming. So it shows all these beasts frozen in ice and being released to cleanse the world. Sound familiar? I hope you check it out. Great video as always. God bless you in Christ's name.

Amen. Numbers 13:32– And they gave the children of Israel a bad report of the land which they had spied out,saying," the land through which we have gone as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants, and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great stature. 33-" There we saw the giants (The descendants of Anak came from the giants);and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight ,and so we were in their sight".

Thank you, your videos are just clear and easy to understand as we live on this planet, but we are truly citizens of the Holy Kingdom, which is warring against all this evil. I'm so glad you are here and shining LIGHT!

❤The dot's are connecting brother, thank you! The holyspirit reveal's all thing's to the Light,which are hidden in the darkness by the enemy.

This black cube they keep throwing in our face, appear's to be representation of the symbiotic black suit(Venom=Poison or also a demonic force), (which originated in spiderman around the 60's or 70's i believe)
now this suit came from another planet right, & took control of the person. In the exact same fashion as the A.I. system or black cube referenced by these fallen angel's who are led by the enemy or {symbiotic black suit/or black cube/or Lucifer's A.I sytem. Now in spiderman the suit gained control by completely consuming the person from the outside, but the cube is now a symbol of the venomouse black suit consuming humanity from within, through the A.I system.

♡ Almighty Father Ye'shu'a has blessed you with eye's to see & ear's to hear nicholson continue vigilant & be strong in Christ brother♡(you are not alone-the truth live's on)

They  have  to  tell  us  what  they  are going  to  do  , it is  part  of  their  magic  .  They  tell  us  through  movies  , TV.  and  various  ways.

God bless jesus & jesus bless god, so we can all better serve the jews blindly & loyally….smh @ the indoctrinated comments…lol

That is exactly what I have been pointing out to people for 12 years. Its now about what I believe in, its what they believe in that we should be taking notice of….

Marriage by a ring is Luciferianism. Its not Christian.

What shape is the holy of holies. 1 kings 6:2-20. What is the shape of Zion Rev 21:16.
Using the spirit of discernment I am seeing the spirit of fear not a spirit of love power and sound mind.

What if Satan wants to have his conscienceness uploaded into a synthetic, enhanced, a.i., humanoid vessel, so he can rule humanity as the antichrist himself?

Nicholson, have you seen the movie called "Mind Gamers" yet? it has a lot to do with what you are exposing.

Who knows the time frame or chain of events? It appears the global currency crash will usher in the digital world currency which may reveal the anti christ, then it gets real. As currencies across the world struggle and fail, we might be very close now.

I wanted to comment this on your "SATAN "The Shape I'm In"Special Edition HD by Nicholson1968" video but cant so will do it here.
This sounds like the series Altered Carbon

I'm a recently born again Christian and been having many questions about the world some that I already did a lot of research on before I came to Christ and knew already and some things I didn't know at all or needed confirmation, But I just wanted to let you know that you are a beacon of light for those who don't know a lot about these kinds of subjects or scared of them/think its crazy like occult symbolism and knowledge, ect. and you are doing the right thing and a great job, I respect you stating your mind and opinions openly and honestly man and the Holy spirit personally led me to this channel to watch specific videos to confirm many things and questions I have…He really shall show us the truth and the truth shall set us free indeed, God bless you man, I'll support however I can brother

hope all is well with u Nicholson havent seen anything from u in awhile can u post a vid to let us know your ok i know its a lot to put into making material for your channel but I and im sure many others are looking forward to your work thanks for all u have done in your research and much love


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