Oprah Winfrey’s Top 10 Rules For Success – Volume 2 (@Oprah)

– There’s no such thing to
me as an embarrassing moment. No such thing. If I tripped and fell,
if my bra strap showed, if my slip fell off, if
I fell flat on my face, there’s no such thing as
an embarrassing moment. When you think about what it means to be a human being on the
planet Earth right now, that’s pretty awesome. Money’s worth nothing if it can’t buy you the opportunity to love more. – She’s best known for her talk show, which was the highest rated
TV program of its kind. Several assessments rank her as the most influential
woman in the world. She’s been ranked as the
richest African American of the 20th century. She’s Oprah Winfrey, and here’s my take on her top 10 rules for
success, volume two. Rule number five is my personal favorite and I’m curious to know which
one you guys like the best. And as always, guys, as
you’re watching the videos, if you hear something that
really resonates with you, please leave it down in the comments below and put quotes around it so other people can be inspired as well. Also, as you are writing something down, it’s much more likely to
stick in your head, too. Enjoy. (whooshing and banging) (triumphant music) (whooshing) – I think that success is a process and I believe that my first Easter speech in the Kosciusko Baptist Church at the age of 3 1/2 was the beginning and that every other speech,
every other book I read, every other time I spoke in
public was a building block so that by the time I
first sat down to audition in front of a television camera
and somebody says read this, what allowed me to read it so comfortably and be so at ease with myself at that time was the fact that I’d
been doing it awhile. If I’d never read a
book or I’d never spoken in public before, I would
have been traumatized by it. So the fact that we went on the air with the Oprah Winfrey
Show in 1986, nationally, and people’d say, oh,
but you’re so comfortable in front of the camera,
you can be yourself, well it’s because I’ve been
being myself since I was 19. And I would not have, I
would not have been able to be as comfortable with myself had I not made mistakes on the air and been allowed to
make mistakes on the air and understand that it doesn’t matter. You know, I, there’s no such thing to me as an embarrassing moment. No such thing. If I tripped and fell,
if my bra strap showed, if my slip fell off, if
I fell flat on my face, there’s no such thing as
an embarrassing moment because I know that there’s not a moment that I could possibly
experience on the air that somebody hasn’t already experienced. So when it happens, you
say, oh, my slip fell off! And it’s no big deal. I mean, like, I was on TV the other day and somebody says oh,
Oprah, you have a run. Have you not seen a run
before in your life? Well I get them, too, let me tell you. So I mean, yeah, I can’t be embarrassed. I can’t be embarrassed. Now, when I first started out, that was not true because I was under the, I was pretending to be somebody I was not. I was pretending to be Barbara Walters. So I’d go to a news conference and I was more interested in
how I phrased the question. And how eloquent the question sounded, as opposed to listening to the answer. I was so, which always happens when you’re interested
in impressing people instead of doing what
you’re supposed to be doing. And it took me awhile. It took me messing up on the
air on, during a live newscast. I was doing a list of foreign countries and I, there was all these foreign names and then Canada was thrown in
and I called Canada Ku-na-dah. And I got so tickled that I called Canada, I go, that wasn’t
Ku-na-dah, that was Canada. Excuse me, that wasn’t
Canada, that wasn’t Ku-na-dah, that was Canada. And then I started laughing. Well, it was, it became the
first real moment I ever had. And the news director later said to me well if you do that then
you should just keep going, you shouldn’t correct
yourself and let people know. Well I know, well who’s
ever heard of Ku-na-dah? So that was for me the
beginning of realizing that oh, you can laugh at yourself
and you can make a mistake and it’s not the end of the world. You don’t have to be perfect. Biggest lesson for me for television because then it didn’t matter. Didn’t matter, oh, sorry,
bra strap’s showing. What inspired me was
and is, continues to be, what continues to inspire me is a primal and fundamental desire to fulfill the highest expression of myself as a human being. I don’t want to die… Not having completely burnt out every single possibility of my humanity. I just, I just want to,
when I leave this planet, I want everybody to say you did that, used it all up, not
another thing I could do. There wasn’t another
person I could have given of myself to, there wasn’t
another deed I could have done. – Sure.
– There wasn’t another, that you just want to, you want to say I want to fill it up! You want to take this
whole human existence, which, when you think about it, Godfrey, is really pretty damn miraculous. – [Godfrey] It is. – It is.
– It is. – When you think about what it means to be a human being on the
planet Earth right now, that’s pretty awesome. So I just want to, I want
to take that to the max. I want to say no need
to come back as a human. Angel status. – I know you hate this phrase, but what is your brand, do you think? – I’m the love brand. (Piers laughs) – Aren’t we all, darling? – No, I’m the love brand.
– Aren’t we all? – Oh, I’m the love brand. – You like to shower love around? – Yeah, it’s really, that’s
what it is, I’m the love – Love that!
– And connection brand. That’s what I am. – You’re a bit like Barry
White was the love god, you’re the love brand. – I’m the love brand. ‘Cause ultimately,
everything that I’m saying, whether it’s in my magazine, whether it’s Gayle on the radio or whether it’s the Oprah Winfrey Show and now everything about the channel OWN, it’s about opening your
space, your heart space, so that you can love more. You know, that’s really all money is for. Money’s worth nothing if it can’t buy you the opportunity to love more. You can’t call in sick. You can’t ever give less than 100%. And if you are sick, which I
have been a couple of times, that’s when you got to pull up to 110, 120 because people have come
from all over the country and this is their moment. They’ve saved their money, they’ve bought the airline tickets, they got new outfits, they called their sisters,
their cousins, their aunts, their mother-in-laws, their mothers, and that is why they’re there, to see you. So I feel a sense of responsibility,
a sense of obligation, a sense of respect, reverence,
honor for those people. First day I went to school,
I was in a classroom. By the time I was, you
know, six years old, didn’t go to school
until I was six years old ’cause I was living with my
grandmother at that time. – [Godfrey] Sure. – But she had taught me how to read, read the Bible, Bible stories. So I went into the
classroom knowing Nicodemus, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I could spell all of those words. I thought I was, you know,
I was preaching to the, to my kindergarten teacher.
– You learnt all that? – (laughs) So she’s like who is this girl? So I was never placed in an environment where I was ever made to feel inferior. I always felt like I’m the
smartest kid in this room. And because I was never placed in a, never put in a position where
I was made to feel less than, I didn’t grow up feeling
less than, you know? – Right, and the rest,
as they say, is history. – And the rest is history.
– ‘Cause we know from there– – And it’s all about what
you believe, you know? I say this to, and I do
something on my network now called Life Class, the
fundamental key to success is what you believe is true for yourself, not what you want, not what you desire. It’s what do you believe, you know? You could say I wanted, I want to be the most
successful person in the world, but if you believe that
there’s a glass ceiling and you’re going to have a hard time kicking through that glass ceiling– – You’ll keep yourself down–
– You will be defined by the glass ceiling. And the great beauty and gift of my life is that I was never defined by the box that other people tried to put me in. Fame comes with the mission and purpose. You know, you cannot define
me or try to put me in a box and you can’t look at my life unless you look at the whole life. So I am a negro, formerly. Born in 1954 in Mississippi at a time when it was an apartheid state. And to be sitting here with you as your first guest in 2011 is a miracle that is beyond anything I
could actually do for myself. So there’s something greater at work here. And the thing that’s greater at work, the force that has, enforces, that have made this happen in my life, along with me working as hard as I have, is it’s bigger than I am
and fame is the vehicle from which I get to have this platform. So do I like that? I appreciate it. If I had been what I
thought I was going to be and that is a great fourth grade teacher, I would have also liked that because at the core of me, I am a teacher and I am happiest when
I feel that people are getting something, learning something, enhancing themselves in a way that they’d never thought of before. And that’s really truly one of my favorite moments on television
or in any experience, when I’m just one on one with a friend or somebody I don’t even know, being able to share something with them and they think I never thought of it, gee! Stedman and I were in a hotel watching some bad television and I was complaining about
the state of television, talk shows in particular. And he said why don’t you change it? Why don’t you just get your own network? And I thought that that
was a ridiculous idea. And then he started to talk about it and he wrote some things down and I saw the word OWN, and I thought OWN, O-W, oh, that’s my, those are my initials. And I said wouldn’t it be something if I could create a network
that was really about mindful, and I underlined
the word mindful, television. – [Barbara] 15 years
later, those scribblings came closer to reality
when she was approached by David Zaslav, the president
of the Discovery Network. – My view was if we want to do
this, you have to be all in. She paused and then she said
to me, “It’s meant to be.” And we shook hands and
that’s how our journey began. – At first I thought oh great, a network, oh gee, this is the dream I had, oh, and I actually showed
him the piece of paper where I’d written it
down and Stedman said, and as that started to settle in with me, I thought whoa, what is this
I’ve gotten myself into? This is a lot more work
than I ever imagined. – Are you scared? – Very scared. I was very scared. And I would wake up in
the middle of the night, literally (gasps) like clutching my chest. Like what have I done? What have I done? – What if you fail? – That’s what I was afraid of. That’s what I was afraid of. The reason why I made the
decision to go forward is because I believe that people deserve to have value-centered inspirational
programming for themselves. I believe that television
has become, in many ways… Banal, it has become… Insipid. And not every, not all of it, but I think that I have
something to offer. I did this at the end of my show. I did my favorite guest of all time, and that’s hard to do out of literally thousands and thousands.
(Godfrey mumbles) They supposedly estimated
that there’s like 35,000 people I interviewed
over the years, but… There was one woman, out
of all the celebrities, out of all of the… Famous, non-famous, infamous people. One woman–
– Who was she? – Who was she? Her name is Tererai Trent. Listen to this story. I’m going to try to shorten
it for you, Godfrey. – Please do, please do. – Okay, Tererai Trent, born and raised in a village in Zimbabwe. 11 years old, she’s doing
her brother’s homework. She wants to go to school,
her father says no, – ‘Cause you have to–
– You’re a girl. – [Godfrey] You have to
educate the boy first. – Yep, that’s right.
– That was the tradition. – That’s right, the boy
has to go to school. You can’t go to school. So she starts doing
her brother’s homework. She does her brother’s
homework, he goes to school. He gets all As on his homework yet he doesn’t know the
answer to the question. The teacher comes to the village to say what is going on here? This boy doesn’t know the answer
but his homework’s perfect. She finds out that Tererai,
his younger sister, is doing his homework. She begs the father to
let Tererai go to school. The father says no,
she can’t go to school. Finally, he marries her off. She marries at 11 1/2 years old. She gets married. She has three children by
the time she’s 18 years old. A woman comes to the village from an NGO, Heifer International, and
asks what are your dreams. This is going to make me cry. Finally you’re going to make me cry! – [Godfrey] (laughs) Got it. – Asks her what are your dreams? This child has never thought
about what her dreams were. She says write down your dreams. She writes down her
dreams on a piece of paper and she folds ’em in a tin can and she buries them under a rock. The first dream was to
be able to go to a school in the United States of America
and get a college degree. She ends up, through
some miracle of the NGO, going to the United States.
– Wow. – She gets a college degree. – Wow.
– Yeah. She gets a four year
degree in three years. Tererai Trent. She goes back to the rock in Zimbabwe. She writes her next goal
on the piece of paper. She buries it under the rock, she writes I want to get a masters degree. She goes back to the United States, she gets a masters degree! By this time, she now has five children. She’s married to a man
who still beats her. – Oh, incredible.
– Incredible. She goes back to the United States. She gets her masters degree. After the masters degree, she goes back to the rock in Zimbabwe. She writes down her final goal is to get a doctorate degree. And last year, she
became Dr. Tererai Trent. – Where did you find it? – Where did I find it? I found her in Nicholas
Kristof’s book called… Something the sky, underneath
the sky or the sky. I found her in Nicholas Kristof’s book. – [Godfrey] Incredible. – Mm-hmm.
– Incredible. – And I was reading the story. I had Nicholas Kristof on the show, Nicholas Kristof, the famous
New York Times writer. And she wasn’t there. She wasn’t a part of the show. I’m reading this story, I
can’t believe this book, this story of this woman,
as I’m reading the story. So when we go to do the show, the producers have Nicholas Kristof on. They bring on other guests
but this woman isn’t there. I go how could you not have her there? So we tape another show
with Nicholas Kristof, we go back, I go find, we’re going to find that
woman, Tererai Trent. And this time, by this time she’s living
in the United States. We followed her back to
Zimbabwe to the rock. We pulled the tin can
from underneath the rock. And that is my favorite guest of all time. – [Godfrey] And the worst? – I don’t have a worst. I don’t have a worst. But the reason why she, and
as I said this on my show, the reason why Tererai
Trent is my favorite guest of all time is because she
represents, in that one story of the little girl in
a village in Zimbabwe who had a dream and the heart and depth and discipline to pursue it. She represents everything I tried to say in every show in 25 years. She literally, through her life story, sums up the message that I was trying to give to every single one of my viewers. You can, you can. Keep trying. Don’t give up. – [Godfrey] You have to believe. – You have to believe. The thing that I do best, Piers, you didn’t ask me that question. Oprah, what is it you do best? – (clears throat) Oprah, what
is it you do best? (laughs) – The thing that I strive to
do best is be here, be now. Right here, right now, with you. The reason why we’ve had such a good time is ’cause I’m not thinking
about if somebody else is. But I’m not thinking about
how much time do we have left and how many questions
you ‘re going to have and what are you going to ask me. Just be here, be now. So that I can enjoy this experience. And so I don’t have a lot of, I don’t live in the past. I don’t carry the past into this moment ’cause I do the Oprah Show. I learned how not to do that. That’s what all of those years of non-therapy but paying attention to the guests on the show, the way they live their lives, what the experts had to
say, what I’ve learned from paying attention. – Have you ever seen her before? – [Oprah] We’ve been
driving for a long time. – [Gayle] Does she look
like Oprah Winfrey to you? – She does.
– Yes. – [Gayle] That’s her. (laughter) – No, you’re not. (laughter) – [Gayle] She doesn’t look like herself? – Yeah. – But you really are? – Really. Staying in the tipi. Tipi one. – But don’t tell anyone we’re here. (laughter) – Okay, what’s the ZIP code for me? – Oh my!
– 60606. – I’m Oprah!
– I know you are, honey. But you really are you. – I’m really Oprah, I
really am, I really am. – No, you’re not. – Yes, I am, I am! (women scream) – You be the penis. – Yeah.
– All right. (laughter)
It’s limp, it’s limp. – Nobody has ever said
that to me in my life. (laughter) I have been talking to
people my whole life and nobody has ever
said, “You be the penis.” This is a letter I wrote to Anthony Otey. (laughter) I was such a geek. (laughter) It says, “On today, June 22nd, 1971, “I’ve decided to voice
my thoughts on paper “to prevent my brain
from becoming disrupted.” – Oh my god.
(laughter) Voice my thoughts on paper? (laughter) That was in high school? – That was in high
school, June 22nd, okay. (clears throat) Today– – She’s always been very
dramatic, don’t you think? – “Today is my ninth
anniversary with Anthony. “Nine months today. “Never thought I’d make it this far. (laughter) “My father says,” oh, there we were. (laughter) There’s me with the flip. That was the Marlo Thomas That Girl flip. “My father says stay at home and rest. “Doesn’t he know that love knows no rest?” (laughter) – [Gayle] Nice vest, Anthony. – “That for those who love, time is not. “I love Anthony, I really,
truly, truly love him”– – [Gayle] Truly, truly, truly. – “And I don’t give a blank.” I used the blanks in case my
father ever found the letters. I wouldn’t be cursing. “Whether or not people think it’s proper “or whether I’m too
aggressive or flipped for him “because I don’t think God will mind. (laughter) “There’s so much hatred in the world, “I should think God would be happy to see “a little love flowing
every now and then.” (laughter) – Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this
volume two edition. If you liked it, you
might want to check out volume one as well. It was pretty spectacular. I’d also love to know what did Oprah say that had the biggest
impact on you and why? What are you going to take from this video and immediately apply to your
life or to your business? Leave it down in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do. I also want to give a quick
shout out to Maria Pasca. Thank you so much for
picking up a copy of my book, Your One Word, and for
making that really fun and interesting promo picture for it. I really appreciate the
love that you put into it. Thank you guys again for watching. I believe in you. I hope you continue to
believe in yourself. And whatever your one word is, much love. I’ll see you soon. (whooshing and banging) – This is what people don’t know. ‘Cause you can’t tell everybody. I am who I am, one black woman, my hand in God’s hand,
trusting in that word ’cause that word never failed me. And I got to where I
am and I stand as I am as Maya Angelou often says, and often said, and says in
her poem, too, Our Grandmothers every time you see me, I come as one but I stand as 10,000. (crowd cheers) Every time you see me. I come as one but I stand as 10,000. So it’s just not me standing up here, it’s every, it’s my
mother, my grandmother, her mother, the mother before her, her grandfather, every uncle who prayed. Every sister who cried. Every aunt who sacrificed. Those whose names made the history books, those whose names never
could make the history books who allowed me to come as
one and stand as 10,000. (applause) So oftentimes when I walk into a room just as cool as you please and I can’t see another black
face in a 50-mile radius, (laughter) I stand and sit at the boards as one but I’m bringing the 10,000 behind me. (crowd cheers) Because I not only know who I am but I also know Whose I am. (crowd cheers) And so anything you hear about me that feels good, sounds
good, you think about. I wonder what Oprah’s doing. How’s she doing? I am living the dream. (crowd cheers) And I want you to live the dream. Because I’m not living the
dream because I’m special. I’m living the dream
because I was obedient to the call of the dream. (crowd cheers) So I want you to leave here today thinking about what is the dream for you. What is God’s dream for you? What does the Creator’s
dream hold for you? So often, we spend our
lives wishing and hoping and hoping and wishing
and desiring things. This is what I know for sure. You don’t get what you wish for. You don’t even get what you hope for. You get what you believe. (crowd cheers) So what is it you believe and know to be God’s dream for you? So I’m living the dream. I’m living in the space of the dream. And the dream’s good, dream’s good. (crowd cheers) The dream is greater than anything that I could have imagined. You know, when I was a little girl, my father, on Sunday
mornings, after church, he was a deacon so he
thought he had to say goodbye to every single person. We were the last car
leaving the parking lot in the green Oldsmobile. And we would drive through the
white people’s neighborhood. And I used to dream the dream, driving through the white
people’s neighborhood. We’d drive through the
white people’s neighborhoods and you’d see their fancy houses. Some of ’em had gates. But all of ’em had trees. And I remember when I
first came to Baltimore, (crowd cheers)
I met a friend… Hello, Baltimore in the house! (crowd cheers) When I first came to Baltimore, I made friends with a wonderful woman named Arlene Weiner. She was the wealthiest
person I’d ever met. And I went to her house
and parked in the driveway there was a Corvette and there was a BMW and there as a Mercedes. I went whoa, Arlene’s rich. And at Arlene’s house, once I got inside, I could see from her kitchen window six trees in the front yard. I thought oh rich people have trees. (laughter) When I get rich, I’m going
to get me some trees. I’m not just going to get me, everybody want to get cars
and pocketbooks and shoes. But I want me some trees. So as life would have it, I was standing in my kitchen window about three years ago in California, making coffee in the morning. And I was looking out the window and I saw the six trees. (crowd cheers) But listen to me. I was making, making, making the coffee. I saw the six trees. I went out on the porch. To actually count the six trees. And this is what I noticed. That I could dream the six. But beyond the six trees
in my kitchen window, are 3687 trees. How do I know? ‘Cause I had ’em counted. (audience applauds and laughs) I had ’em counted. ‘Cause I said I want to know
how many trees out there. I dreamed the six. That’s as much as my small
mind and my imagination could hold for myself. I dreamed the six but God can see beyond the six. (crowd cheers) Can see beyond the six because there was a bigger dream for me. And I’m here to tell you, there is a bigger dream for you, Essence. There’s a bigger dream. And so the key, the secret, the magic is to surrender to God’s dream for you. (crowd cheers) To quit fighting against
and pushing against and disallowing against
and resisting against and trying to tell the
Creator, the Universal Forces, Divine Intelligence what
you are supposed to do and get still and know for sure what His dream, The Dream is for you.

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Oprah Winfrey show

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…..I love the way O repeats Tara's name over and over. Dr. Trent now. I love Oprah. I love that little girl from Zimbabwe. Perfect.

….the 'LOVE BRAND'. This woman has a very accoutable position, it seems Oprah has earned every penny spreading love and joy. Oh my God, Oprah Winfrey is chilling, she is also on spell check.

"Angel status" 😀 that was very very funny! My favorite is number 1 "Be authentic", I think this message reflects perfectly what Oprah stands for : not being so serious about yourself by caring of what other people think of you, instead concentrating on you and on your dreams. Love her! Thanks for the video!

LOVE OPRAH, what an incredible woman!!! …"You are what you believe", " Don't give up" and "Live in the moment" are my favorites.. Thanks for sharing Evan!

So awesome !!! Oprah is my mentor . She gives me so much to look at in my own life. I try to absorb as much as possible from her well of wisdom. She's always a blessing to me.

Wow. “I never grew up to feel less than”. I feel u Oprah. Parents need to be careful about what they are telling their children. Your only job as a parent is to raise gods and goddess, let them shine. They come ready, let them be, let them lead. Your rules are illusion, not so needed. Changing them is only hurting them. Molding them as society says is only shunning their gifts. They are closer to the veil, let them be. Let them follow their instincts and learn from them.

The very first thought "there's no such thing as an embarrassing moment👀that is the simple go ahead you're ok truth Amen ,🙄Coming from Oprah Herself ThankYou 👀☺

That bonus clip is EVERYTHING!!! That just shook me. Thank you for all of these compilations because whenever I am feeling discouraged or low I tune into your channel and before the end of the video I am inspired and ready to keep going. Again: THANK YOU! Your videos are awesome. 😊❤️🙏🏼

Well done Evan for capturing Oprah 👍🤗
Keep it up Evan sharing and motivational videos for the masses who are wise enough to Listen 👂❤️

Hi Evan, I do agree that tip number 5 is the best one, but it's also important to not blow up this tip into making you think you're something that you are not. And this brings me to tip number 9, Live in the now. Tip number 5 and tip number 9 go hand in hand, because it is important to ask who you want to be, not what you want to be, but it's also important to stay in the now so you don't end up giving yourself delusions about who you are.

Be authentic is my favorite. I always have to focus on being myself and creative. I follow Ms. Oprah for years.

24:47 "God can see beyond the six( the dreams you have for yourself). Because there is a bigger dream for you. The key is to surrender to God's dream for you… quit fighting against what the creator has… And get still and know what His dream is for you. what is God's dream for you?"

Oprah Winfrey #BTA12

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