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good morning Hank it's Monday nerdfighters often ask us if we're religious a topic we've been reluctant to discuss over the years mostly because the quality of discourse about religion on the Internet is atrocious that said many nerdfighters know that a decade ago I worked as a chaplain at a Children's Hospital and I was also briefly enrolled in although I never actually attended the University of Chicago's Divinity School so today I'm going to share everything I have to say about religion hopefully that will lead to a productive and thoughtful conversation although given the history of the internet and conversations about religion probably not okay hey so I would submit that almost all human lives are usually lived in a state of like functional nihilism very few of us believe that human life is devoid of all meaning and that all we should do is answer to our base urges and fulfill our basic desires and try to distract ourselves from pain or fear or unpleasantness but almost all of us act as if we believe that like I have this massive parallel processing unit that sits on top of my neck that I could use to like contribute to cancer research or write a novel or puzzle through quantum mechanics and I have this amazing body that I could use to plant trees or fight wildfires or harvest food for the poor and Grover that time I said I have an amazing body I don't mean that I have an amazing body I mean everybody as Ike it's amazing what our bodies can do but I don't usually do any that stuff ain't most of my free time is spent like watching television playing video games or searching for wools Christians Muslims atheists whatever all of us share this worldview almost none of us would abandon our comforts to help others almost all of us would acknowledge that much of our time each day is wasted in short Hank if we just judge humans by their actions we look like a bunch of nihilists but we aren't nihilus because we all feel called to make the world better to understand and observe the universe to make art to bring beautiful things into life to contribute in some way to the human experiment everybody wants their lives to matter to have meant something that call to meaning is the foundation of religious worldviews but it's also the foundation of successful secular worldviews which is why I don't really care to debate the existence of God with people I can't imagine you wake up in the middle of the night in your houses covered in smoke and you hear an invisible voice shout your house is on fire Hank in that situation I would find it like totally uninteresting to have a discussion about where that voice was coming from and how it got the house and was it god or a fireman I would just you know leave in short Hank for me at least debating the mere existence of God is a way of avoiding the deeper and more devastating question of how we are going to bring meaning to human life I think that's broadly speaking the point of religion religion is essentially a response to revelation and that revelation almost always calls us to embrace meaning or if it doesn't innately exist than to create meaning but that's also true for atheistic humanism we are all facing the same question what are we going to do with our consciousness will we seek to fight poverty or climate change or disease or war or spend all our resources ensuring that we have a beautifully manicured lawn with absolutely no weeds sorry I'm not a bit of a lawn kick at the moment because my next-door neighbor is not terribly happy with me for leading the country for two months during the lawn growing season it's just grass dude actually it's not just grass that's his problem it's also a lot of dandelions so what are we gonna do about consciousness and how are we gonna balance our urge to be more than nihilists with our need to blunt the sharp edges of consciousness with funny stuff like Paula Deen writing Paula Deen writing me or humpy Hank those are interesting questions Hank and nerdfighteria has been talking about those questions for years now some of us through religious lens some of us through a secular lens but the lens doesn't interest me as much as the questions sorry this video didn't contain many jokes to make up for here is a baby rhinoceros also as penance I will eat 36 disgusting sandwiches on Friday Hank don't forget to be awesome I will see you on Wednesday

That would be cool if Hank's house was on fire and that invisible voice was John's voice. But John wasn't there

1:33 Nihilism is the rejection of moral and religious principles, with the conclusion that life is inherently meaningless, claiming that there is no objective purpose handed to us by the universe or God. That doesn't prohibit a nihilist from creating their own principles, which might revolve around doing good unto others. Nihilism allows people to create their own identity and purpose based upon subjective principles.

I don't understand the active reference to Hank Green he makes like with Michael Stevens as he refers to his audience as vsauce which might an arbitrary word to describe the mere non directionalism or diversity of his audience or might have an extrinsic meaning which I do not know aaahh

When did religion make you not do good stuffs for the world?

Also, who created big bang?
Then you'd ask who created God..
God/ an UNCREATED BEING is UNCREATED that's why it/he/she demands worshipping/reverence and is the ultimate form of morality.
Be a good human. And find that Creator because you are someone's creation.

But there is no such thing as atheistic humanism. How can you know right from wrong without god?

We are born nihilists. We have to be taught from childhood how to not be self-centered. Suffering seems to be the only real cure. There is nothing more humbling than a good dose of hardship. It can clear the mind and purify the soul – if you can overcome the bitterness.

what I find amusing is that my Muslim friends are light-years more excepting of my atheism than anyone I've ever met that's Christian

that's just me but it's kinda odd given the media's 'hatred' for Islam

Compared to the rest of the internet, people in the comment section are actually relatively respectful. Nice.

God does not equate religion. The age of the papacy during the Medieval Ages was an age where religion dominated all aspects of life, not God. I believe all religions to not be from God. If you stop to think and consider, ALL religions originate from man's own imagination (Catholicism, Protestantism, etc.) They make up things that God does not desire for man to do. My point is, don't put religion and God on the same footing when they most certainly are not.

Is he dodging the question? Oh hell yeah. But I'm not mad, as much as I am sad. John isn't lying in this video. He's presenting us the lies he knows he has to believe. Because truth doesn't matter to him as much as happiness, and this thin knot of apologetics keeps him from existential crisis.

Me: I'm atheist
Person: Why do you say "bless you" when people sneeze?
Me: because I was raised to be polite and acknowledge that your heart just stopped
Person: but if you dont believe in god then you have no morals and shouldn't care,
Me: fine, if that's what you want, go sneeze yourself.

I like how here on this side of YouTube religious an non religious are not name calling or saying mess we act all civilized and we act like rational men( comment on this however you like, it will not affect me)

this is all fine and dandy but you fail to answer the question, do you believe in a god? and if so is it the god of a specific faith or you're just a deist or what


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