Obama: "My Muslim Faith"

Obama: "My Muslim Faith"


When you're voting remember he backs Biden along with Hillary he is a Muslim he also wrote a book you really need to research that book

Isis is JV comment makes better sense now. He built ISIS up to fill in the power vacuum in Iraq that he caused by pulling our troops out early. It also explains why our equipment was in Iraq for ISIS to use. ISIS attacked Christians in Iraq and syria using our Humvees. His secret Service code name was Renegade. (He chose it himself) So what is a renegade? 'Renegade'.
1. a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
synonyms: traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer;
adjective: renegade
1. having treacherously changed allegiance.

Ole Barry being a Muslim explains his absolute HATE for the Israel and the Jewish people. It also explains why Beeerock Obama has gone down in history as the largest funder of terrorism in the entire world.

When he gave 1.5 billion tax payer dollars in the middle of the night illegally and unconstitutionally, Obama became a terrorist…and with that money tens of thousands of people have been and will continue to be murdered by Muslim extremists!

Do not ever forget that!

Oh sheeple! SMH! Only sheeple would take a comment out of context and event an entire narrative around it. Watch the entire interview and stop being sheeple.

After seeing this for the first time and after having voted for this fuck it's not surprising that Hollywood defends him. They sympathize with Islam which is ironic because liberals claim to open politically. Islam is the polar opposite.

Read the snopes on this, they deny it being said with a lot of other articles from different sources, yet will not comment on this video…. Snopes is a liberal fake news site!

lips dont match words. Technology peeps! poor technology in this instance if you ask me. IDK if he is or isnt but this video is hacked up.

I wish all politicians had that beeping lie detector (from job interview sketch) it would beep every time they open mouth. My Muslim faith, my Christian faith beeep, I want my to sons…

What a fraud, he had to lie about his faith, his wife's trannisms, even had to borrow other people's children into the lie. Just think, all of those lies, only to be president, what else is under the bastard's cover. What a shit shame, adding to a long line of bad to horrible American presidents. I'm not sure this president thing is working for US, as in the USA for the people. Surely we must have some recourse, to not be fooled by such bastards and bitches, all the time, generation after generation.

If I Had Known Mr Obama, Was A Muslim ,I Would Have Never Voted For Him.

I Felt Very Decieved And Betrayed By Mr Obama , Who Is A Liar About His Faith As A Christian .

I Am So Ashamed I Ever Voted For Mr. Obama And Asking My True Living Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua To Forgive Me ,For Being So Blind .
Once I Researched I Couldn't Believe That Mr. Obama Could Be So Desceving ,Now I Pay Close Attention To What People Say .
Needless To Say After Mr.Obama I Don't Trust People's Word Anymore .
I'm Very Watchful Of People Now And Not So Trusting .
The Only One I Trust Is My Living Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua ,My Holy Bible , And My Own Family .

The leftist media still refutes this fact and pretends this video doesn't exist and that Barry never wore a Muslim ring an didn't go to Muslim school in Indonesia when this is admitted. Nobody slips like this unless it's true. Ask any psychologist.

My father once said, after Jimmy Carter was elected president in 1976, that "America just elected a guy who was a one term Governor of a second rate state, Georgia." – (My apologies to the citizens of Georgia)

I'm glad he wasn't around to see the biggest con in Modern American Politics – The appointment of this Illegal Muslim Manchurian Marxist.

The election of Slick Willy is a close 2nd, and would NEVER have happened if Perot would have stayed out of it. Perot and Bush split the Conservative Vote (which totaled 56.3%. Clinton only received 43%) thus allowing Willy to win. He also won re-election in 1996 with 49.2% of the vote. HOWEVER, only 49% of the registered voters actually voted.
So Willy won re-election with less that 25% of all potential registered votes!

"Turnout was registered at 49.0%, the lowest for a presidential election since 1924"

Come on people, Give Obama a break, people forget which Religion they practice all the time….and have to be reminded the LIE to tell the American people, by a big Democrat Campaign Donor that is interviewing him.

Stephanopoulos knew the potential Obama's Freudian slip had to hurt him in the election so he promptly steps in ! It's comical to watch. The media and Democrats working as a team.

A real journalist would not have 'corrected' Obama, but instead let Obama 'correct' himself or let it go and let the people decide. What it showed was that Stephanopoulos was a Clinton/DNC coffee boy, even 10-15 years after the fact.

In Italy, after pooping in an alley, a Muslim man washed his anus at a public drinking fountain. In Scotland, Muslims at a university defecate in showers and trash bins instead of toilets. Bosses at Strathclyde University’s state-of-the-art Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) had to send a memo ordering Muslims to stop pooing in bins and showers. About 400 students and 250 staff at the £89million science hub have had a ticking off over disgusting toilet habits. Chiefs believe the centre’s multicultural population may have caused the problem, which has left the building’s cleaning staff kicking up a stink. “While I appreciate that the TIC population is multi-cultural and different countries have different practices, here in the UK the accepted practice is to use only the WC.”  The largest numbers of these (Muslim) people are in India (626 million), followed by Indonesia (63million), Pakistan (40million) and Ethiopia (38million). In England, Muslim-takeaway-chef-prepared-food-wiping-bottom-bare-hands-doesn-t-use-toilet-paper-cultural-reasons A takeaway chef wiped his bottom using his hands before preparing food because he does not use toilet paper for ‘cultural reasons’, a court heard. Mahbub Chowdhury, 46, from Swindon, was found to have a filthy bottle in the kitchen of Yeahya Flavour of Asia, which inspectors concluded was covered in faecal matter. When questioned, he said he filled the empty milk bottle with water from the kitchen taps before using it to clean his backside after going to the toilet.


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