Nicholson1968 Gets Personal About The One Game!

Nicholson1968 Gets Personal About The One Game!

ladies and gentlemen what you are about
to witness is no illusion yeah yeah it’s Nicholson 1968 this video is a
reupload from the past youtube keeps taking this down and blocking in other
countries so after he worked it we edit it for you to enjoy thank you all years
of following me and the subs over the years as well this video is for the new movies and new
people to my channel especially that don’t know about Nicholson 1968 how I
got started and why not started please enjoy thanks hello this is Nicholson 1968 my real
voice no text-to-speech no robots no fancy music or visuals at this time just
wanted to put this video out to accomplish a couple of things number one
to tell you a little bit more of how i got started and wire i got started do what I did to also tell you that in
the future i’ll be trying to use a little bit more of live always to
explain some of the things that I been challenged in and videos only going to
be going away from my style that I was shown how to do but also to let you know
that this video is for everybody that is listening you don’t have to be a Christian
spiritual person is long things like that this is a video to let you know what I’m
about and just show you how i got started and why I got started doing this
and receive the information and and don’t judge me watch to the end of the video I’m going
to share because there’s all kinds of people hopefully sitting out you’re
listening to this side of my boys that i’ll tell you I was the biggest skeptic
non conspiratorial person that you didn’t didn’t didn’t believe anything
that I was being shown years ago and look where we are now let’s go come full
circle so this is what I want to try to achieve this video is to show you some
things that are supernatural no tricks no trying to lead people astray or
anything like that just me and you showing you how i got started and we’ll
start off with this is i will tell you I’m just a normal guy no holy righteous
or anything like that follow the southern part of the United
States as you can clearly hear from my voice that’s probably one of the reasons
i didn’t start with me being on camera or speaking I want people to see videos
with information and not judge me for the way I talk or the way I look and
turn off you know I didn’t want that just received the information you make
of it what you will put it on the shelf you may not understand some of it right
now and that’s okay but you put it on the shelf and in time if you are seeking
truth will be revealed to you and it will be part of a bigger piece of the
pole and not all information will be that way but those who are seeking truth
you start getting information and I always this is an example i put it on
the shelf and then you figure out how it fits into the bigger picture because
that’s what’s going on that people just look into 911 they’ll never say that picture if
they’re looking just over here in Oklahoma City volume they’ll never see
the big picture you gotta put a bunch of different pieces of the puzzle together
to see the bigger picture so i’ll start off with what got me started on this
journey and it was the same and right here I was shown in nineteen ninety
eight years before nine eleven it’s actually not living in roman numerals
I’ve been really think about it i used to have dreams and images shown to me
and i put in a pad beside my bed and kind of keep a journal sometimes I would figure out what it was
about and later and kind of things like that but this one I didn’t really think
about 1998-2000 rolled around 911 happened and still this was packed away I didn’t even realize what it was it
wasn’t until about $MONTH 2005 that I was moving and I looked at it and I
was like wow that’s not living in roman numerals or somebody trying to tell me
something at that point and like i said this point in my life I was on a
spiritual person I was raised baptist that’s probably my roots I was made to
go to church I didn’t agree with some of the church teachings it just didn’t make
any sense wasn’t that I didn’t believe in a higher
being or God or anything like that had nothing to do that it’s just most of the
Christians that I ever met were hypocrites judgmental most judgmental
people ever met and and i’m not going Christians I’m just saying what I’m just
telling my experience so I kind of stepped away from the church for a while
but it didn’t make any sense some of the things you know what and when it doesn’t
make any sense are you here is where you just gotta
have it just believe it no two Supreme man council steps in his ways and I’m
the type of person I gotta see it touch it feel it you know most of the time to
believe it and out so mean like back to the 911 so at that point it sparked my
curiosity about 911 and I watched a documentary called loose change very
good documentary i put it in a link I’ve got it on the website you can find it on
youtube but loose change Final Cut there’s different versions but if you’re
a beginner that’s a good way to start most of you listening to my subs you
probably everything 15 times and you’re waiting on that and that’s part of my
where I’m at how to make a video for people that are way ahead of being awake
and what’s going on in a different round and then there’s people that come to my
channel that are so asleep when they see my videos it just they don’t know how
they don’t have wrap your head around what you’re singing I mean it’s just that is kind hard to make a video for both type of
people that are just waking up and there’s some people that have been away
for four years and we’re all still waiting I’m still being shown things now
so anyway loose change file cutting the versions is a good place to start and
when I saw that the first thing that came to mind is man I’ve been deceived
about 911 and if I’ve been deceived about 911 what else have I been deceived about
that was started on my journey to looking into 911 studied the Quran is
long new-age the Holy Scriptures you know Christianity Mormonism Hindu is on
Buddha I mean you name it I study everything you know magical Solomon all kinds of things out
there and what people may disagree with that we know you don’t need to open that
door whatever and that’s fine if that’s the way you believe then I’m sorry but
I’m just saying you need to study all of the facts and all things sometimes and
figure out you know what’s going on you need to hear you know you know sometimes
it’s the old adage salesmen showed up to my door and was going to sell me a gun
and I didn’t talk to him a little but the next week i had to be involved in a
fight and I took a knife to the gunfight everybody had guns and I had in life
that out because I didn’t listen that’s kind of my maybe it’s a bad
analogy but sometimes you need to study me different things to get a broader
perspective on the world just you know and I could have done that you know grew
up in America and I could just which Christianity that’s the main thing
Christianity but you just can’t do that just cause you grew up in a country that
the main dominance is Christianity so when I went looking for truth I want to hear everything that I wasn’t
normally it’s supposed to and then make a judgment for layer so anyway this was
shown to me started studying in Christianity a little more because it
started matching up with a lot of the things that were happening in the world
versus a lot of the other stuff that didn’t really make any sense it was all good you know to a certain
degree and made you feel good whatever but some of the prophecies and things
that I found in the scriptures the Holy Bible matched up with a lot of different
things going on and what was very interesting was in the holy scriptures
that the 66 books i’m saying the King James the it was interesting that the
last kingdom before Christ returns to break it up as a ripped a resurrected
Roman Empire and i find it very interesting that this image that was
showing me is the roman numerals of now let and then run so that started coming
together a little bit more for me still didn’t you know get the full picture I’m
just unlocking layers and layers of the onion of 911 so I prayed a lot start
praying going with Christianity thing because it was matching up and I started
noticing that the elites of the world there’s a lot of attacks on Christianity
versus I wasn’t that many attacks on the other religions I said what Jesus Christ
was doing what he did end up and like I said I went looking for truth where it
was going to leave me and usually where the enemy is focused that’s where the
truth is and they’re focused on what Jesus Christ was a bad one ed you may
disagree with that but I’m just telling you for my studies of things of what was
going on in the world that was very very clear so what I
started reading the Scriptures I and I and I started praying and getting real
serious you know I prayed about the mark of the beast operate about the key of
David I didn’t want to take the mark of the base what was the market the base
some of these prophecies that is kind of convoluted and you can’t understand
there are they symbolism or literal you know that kind of thing so um when I was
praying about it one day and you know it’s just saying you know tell me a
little more about though the the plans here I don’t want to mess up I don’t
want to you know go to hear all the stuff that you know preachers preach so
one day was just right down the road and her voice and not crazy or anything like
that but plain as day said put my son’s crossover it x it and add it so when I heard that I was like okay I
have no idea what that’s about I didn’t even think about this image I
just heard put my son’s cross on it x it add it and that you’ll get answers so
I’m like okay so it’s still didn’t hit me about a month later I’m driving
around and it hit singh I’m like oh man he must need to put it over this image
over now let so i went home and i put the cross basically like this over the
image of 911 so I’m like okay I’m looking at it I’m not that smart of a guy you know
help me out with this you know whatever but then when I was study remember all
the other stuff that people want to get involved and read you know don’t want to
read this i want to read that but i read in the animal tablet that all magic even
David Copperfield any magician all magic comes from one formula that they all use
and that is as above so below everything is based off
of that how they do things as formulated from that all magic formula as above so
below and you can integrate that so knowing that then i took that very
interesting concept of magic that and I applied it to this and I’m like wait a
minute this makes two sets of numbers were four numbers now one above and and
mirrored below is how the elite do certain things and again if you think
I’m smart then you got to thinking in you gotta understand what was being
shown was beyond me it was it is it was supernatural so I
took that applied it and then now it makes two sets of motors for work for
660 BC that said Roman numerals got that right there yet the four and the 6 up
above and mirror down same time 16 so it makes two sets of numbers okay so big
deal ok now I got two sets of numbers ok but
here’s the thing remember those sets of numbers are built in to 911 and a seal
hope everybody knows what a seal is that a seal is something that many on are you
the definition of seals opening something to a container unlocking
something their seals in the Bible notice that the seals in the Bible once
they’re open something happens their stuff in the seal this right here on
your dollar bill that right there is a seal this circle with the information in
it whether you totally understand what it is there’s been interpreted there’s a
message within that seal on you know just like this one that’s a steal there’s
information in their new world order you know you know there’s many
definitions that sucks but mainly I’m just trying to that there’s seal their
seals and the definition of seals so going back to this notice that in the
seal right above it under the stars is in the shape of this right here
supposedly that’s a Jewish star so what is a Jewish star supposedly which is not
doing right here on the steel that’s why i said earlier do your study at that
star isn’t Jewish and it isn’t start believing in you know it’s just that’s
not what it’s about so going back to this remember 911 star
are you doing is rearranging the seal whatever putting I found what they want
to accomplish you know like that what they want to accomplish they put in a
seal and they believe that they can bring it to pass now notice when i was studying ever
hears the star there’s a dollar deal and many people were saying this but for the
beginner Mason is building their Freemasons but Mason is built into this
Jewish stars that everybody seems to think that your star the ones that are
wait no that is not also it is it in the middle of this is a hexagram now notice
by their hexagram what is ahead when you put a hex on something so what do you do
here it’s magic decks you put a curse on whatever it is so there’s things like
this that are built into symbolism that is all around you you may not understand
it but the elites of this world definitely different understand it so
anyway we’re going back to let me go back to 911 well shown I was told put my son’s cross over it
and it times it things will be revealed to you things that I was praying mark of
the beast key of David a lot of things I was praying about at the time this is
what i was told to dick so right now when you stop what you’re doing pull up 911 attacks on wikipedia 911
attacks and wikipedia alright so if you go to sep tember 11 wikipedia she look
like this number 11 attacks and you should be able to show you something scroll over here to the age and just
keep it handy right here just want to look at right here information it’s
about 9-11 attacks okay now don’t you see these numbers
4466 he said times it remember the boys telling x 44 and do this on your own
calculator not just what I’m telling 44 x 66 you get 2900 429 004 write it down
he said added 46 and 46 and it’s 92 alright so you got 2904 and 92 built in
to 911 and it’s a seal ok 2904 + 92 yet 2996 that’s what you
get and bear with me I’m kind of new at this so now here we go now i’m gonna tax deaths right here you
see that 2996 you think I made that up you think I’m that good 296 they put in
seals magically what they want to come to now whether you’ve got some people
here that say nobody died in $MONTH 9-11 you know also remember you know the 19
hijackers they don’t count because you know what I was shown is whoever pulled
off 911 it was not Ben Laden was not had nothing
to do with that the 19 hijackers didn’t die they were no planes you believe
whatever you want to believe but it goes back to the 296 the actual real well I
mean the desk they want now that’s debatable some people said it didn’t I I’m just
showing you what’s built in to 911 again the 19 hijackers would bring it up to 29
not 2977 but their understanding there’s no hijackers on there there’s no I Jack
the planes anything like that goes back to the 296 showing you Detroit ok let’s go back there’s even more
information now these numbers the Twin Towers 44 plus 6644 + 66 is a hundred
and ten the twin towers or a hundred and ten store or work a hundred and ten
stories top right there plain as day ok the other part of this 911 was pulled
off to get Muslims Islam the the teaching of the Quran to battle the
teachings of Christianity Christians against the Muslims that’s what you’re
looking at right now Isis where you’ll say Muslim Brotherhood whatever it is since that time that that’s what they want ok now in the
elite with how they do language symbols and math totally different than the way
we talked because they don’t want install that way because that’s their
see knowledge is power ok and the Quran is made up of a hundred
and fourteen chapters they don’t have books hundred fourteen chapters okay in
the way they do man is it come up to what they want 11 x 414 11 x 4 is 44
right there the Quran 11 x 4 44 there’s a Quran
right here how many books in your Holy Bible that’s
right 66 the two are battling each other after
911 that’s what they wanted and its
continuing today meanwhile the true enemy sits back and laugh you get people
get Christians over here argument I society and beheadings beheadings man is
then you get the Muslims over here in it i mean and meanwhile Satan poke the
stick the evil one evil me in the elite secret societies the rulers of this
world are the ones that are sitting back laughing watching this girl destroy
yourself because neither one of us want to take the time here to know what God
shit me see the more you study about the rulers of this world and you know i was
doing the other studies of other religions and things like that this comes back with back to
Christianity is Jesus was taken up on a mountain when the spirit i was tempted
by satan and asked you know to battle down and he said he would give Jesus the
kingdoms of this world if you worship and now think about that nothing to
change and why christians that struggle with this is look this sorry you may not like the answer but the
kingdoms of the this world are been given to Satan the
secret societies the shadow government for an age a time their time is running
out you know I don’t like that I don’t have
the answer i don’t have the master plan of the timeframe I’m just saying the
rulers of this world right now the secret societies are still under Satan’s
you know rule right now because if they want and then they would be Jesus Christ
and there would be no reason for temptation was Satan gonna tempt him
with something that wouldn’t he is in the first place you know and a lot of
people have problem with that so that’s the whole purpose of Christ returning to
you know i’m not going to get into that but i’m just going to say I’ll leave
some scripture up at the top that will lead you to the temptation of christ and
there’s things but you have to realize that a lot of people have a problem with
waking up when i get to this part is if you if you’re still sitting out there
thinking George Bush is a Christian are such and such Putin it doesn’t matter
the to get to where you’re at and and the rulers in the political arena you
are a Luciferian basically you’re not a Christian because everything you do that’s when things don’t make sense to
people sitting in their DN right now watching Fox News and CNN like any smart
people like these such bad decisions well it’s not believe me it’s not
because they’re stupid it is cuz it’s down purpose whatever it is so you have
to remember that these are the builders who rejected the true cornerstone this
right here when we go back to Mason what they’re building their acts 4 11 i put
it up in the top volume there that the builders that’s what that’s what the
crew scripture is talking about builders who rejected the tree cornerstone
Illuminati freemasons secret societies they do not want to do
it the Christ way comes a man dies oh man that’s the way we’ve been shown he
came to correct what adamant he messed up . that’s it will come another time
where man will reach out his hand again and I’ll get into it later in this video
and that’s what is all over my website and channel is transhumanism those kind
of things that the masses the people out here don’t have a clue what I’m talking
that i was talking about this since 1998 one doing videos on but I was talking
about it posting you know before i started doing
videos people thought I was crazy talking about transhumanism downloading
your mind you know cloning those kinda things stand and still to this day I
still get comments of think I’m kook like okay just look what’s happening look at look at all the youtubers now
talking about transhuman his own look at go look at my videos look at the dates
the dad did stuff the date your way before most people were talking about it not that I was the only one I’m just
saying what God shared with me was you know something i was not adept to or
didn’t have any study on it at all I didn’t even know it was either i was
just being shown stuffs up now there’s much more that’s built into it has to do
with the first second and the third temple that everybody’s waiting for a
third temple be built over seas are waiting for some physical building for a
man to walk in and I i am god and i declare I’m God and about being but a
boom and let me just destroy everybody and it’s an abomination that causes
desolation in the temple of God now for all purposes they may pull that off they
may do that just for show but not the truth what’s going on God does not dwell in the physical
building doesn’t need a physical building and neither does Satan for that
matter it doesn’t need land he doesn’t gold it doesn’t need colors it doesn’t
need any of that is very clear the Bible when i was studying this one saying i
had to go with christian unity in Jesus Christ because nothing else makes sense
in it of what’s going on in the world today and the actual scripture does just
cause it’s not talking your traditional charts that’s why I’m telling you stuff
right now that you probably will never see in a church that is knowledge
directly from God if you can’t find this in a textbook and I’m gonna find it on a
documentary and sorry so you either take the information or
you don’t I mean I’m just sharing but going back to the temple guide i have
been shown around telling out friend about the more the base key of David
those kind of things don’t move to fall don’t want to leave
anybody is free so when Adam and I don’t know if you don’t know scriptures I’m just gonna take this information you
have to do studying for yourself this right here when Adam was created he had 44 chromosomes hit 44 he did not
have sex organs there was no need for sex organs because he was not created
yet he had 44 chromosomes and you’re going to say i hear people now where
does it say that in the Bible I’m just telling ok he created Adam with
44 chromosomes there was no need for the sex organs then he put add-on to sleep
and he reached in and grabbed some DNA or a real ask a scientist order really
is a river sport is called DNA even it’s in the middle of the spelling of it so after that he was created from that
river that DNA thus the other two chromosomes are
created which made a little total of forty-six we had X and the y which
determines the six of a human being are of the new temple Adam was the first
temple then Eve was created and then the sex organs were created giving human 46
chromosomes thus the second type of temple or the
second temple was built on the first 44 then when he decided to give Adam a
helpmate yet to create the sex organs than the next for the second stage of
man whatever you want to call it the second pillar second stage second temple
was 46 the third temple and where the enemy wants to go is 66 chromosomes
right here 22 of those chromosomes is a mix of programmable matter nanotech
third strand helix DNA plain and simple 6 x 6 36 three sixes that’s the mark of the beast that’s how
they do math 66 that’s when you see there I the circle three fingers up
three sixes 6 x 6 36 three sixes that is it also that is the number of skull and
bones and i’ll show you that this is a picture of the skull and bones secret
society 322 lot of people don’t know what it is well everybody’s asking what’s 322
skullenbones bush with Bush kari and mia let the skullenbones from Yale
University I’ll tell you what is 32 and has to do remember shallow DNA so for base pairs 22 base-pair auto designs
are called DNA model but bass players are called autosomes but in each human
created from a man and a woman the natural way you have 44 base pairs of
course the two that don’t count we’re talking about the base pairs so
what they want to do is the illegal to add 22 more with a nanotechnology with
the programmable matter that would make it three strands of total to right there
plain as day while showing + 3 x 22 like I mean it’s even if the New World Order
people say they wrote the Bible they change this or whatever I want to do
this god is so good and it is so encoded that doesn’t matter if they change it the truth is still in it I’m just
telling your right now so 322 three times 12 is 166 we’re going to go a
little deeper into the 322 and a secret number of things that are shown to me
also i’m also doing study with the occult and the Satanic they do things
backwards so whatever the truth is a reverse it so think about this if
something is wrong reverse it you should get the correct
answer so let’s take 320 to reverse it the wrong way is three times 2266 the
temple that was talking of so if you reverse it two times 23 is is what 46s
146 is the correct way of a human being that’s the way that’s done so let’s take
it even deeper for those who don’t believe in the bible or over the
scripture anything like that i’m showing you some things 322 what does it say in the Bible and
the Lord God said the man has now become like one of us knowing good and evil and
he must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life
and eat and live forever okay that that verse 3 22 also was
chosen for a reason to buy the elite and such and and Satan the enemy mocking God
because that’s exactly what they’re trying to do they want to live forever
here on this earth and physical body is they will reach out their hand and they
want they’re building something on Good and Evil part of it is good part is a
part of it is dark part of his life whatever you say that’s one of the elite
secret societies Freemasons the Illuminati are dancing on a checkerboard
slower Katie . superbowl dancing on a checkerboard floor every Masonic Lodge
you see checkerboard floor the floor is a foundation anything above that
foundation your building on that foundation out dark and light knowledge
of dark line you’re building a temple with the wrong evil information included
in it this right here is a good decided no
talk about checkerboard floor michael jackson the album cover is blood on the
dancefloor about the bloodlines whether he’s telling you information for the
creators of this cover time information they’re showing you hidden information
black-and-red satanic control he is pulling to the 11.2 the 9 not 11 he is also standing in the place of the
twin towers and i’ll go back to the original album cover the twin towers are
not there the skyline is of New York the dust look in the background of 911 you
know that this is foreshadowing telling in his story not his story not Michael
Jackson story not cry story Satan’s story telling you his story that’s notice the hris is capitalized
they’re telling me things this was released in $MONTH 1995 well it was off
the album of history past future and presently 1995 actually blood on the
dancefloor the single was released in $MONTH 1997 still 19 now women was 2001
so the elite know what’s coming in it again if you still believe that on that
level was pulled off by an old man in the cave bin Laden somewhere overseas
with walkie-talkies I’m sorry have I feel for you and God is
not going to allow something built off of bad and good are dark and light good
and evil to live forever not gonna happen not gonna happen that’s what that virtually dropped it ok
so you know the secret of the checkerboard floor now everybody will
shake more floors will be doing my daughter can show you a typical floor yeah we do i’m telling you what it means
is based on and the symbolism of it they’re telling you whether you tune
into that or not that’s up to you but that’s what it means so what else can we share 46 is the
right way so the reverse of that this reverse it 64 should be drama once
unisys 64 say who the next one on the earth in those days and also afterwards
when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by
them they were the heroes of all men over now so there you go so if you’re
not a human opposite of that would be an f1 right that’s what’s going on there’s
two seeds on this earth people don’t believe it sorry I’m just changing the truth of
what this is all about the bigger picture the blood lines the two seeds people may disagree
with that there’s no seed of the serpent you keep believing that that’s why the
link to do what they do their part of this right here the Netherlands there
were on earth in those days and here we get and also afterwards the complete
reverse of 46 which is of human 46 chromosomes also 46 ok and it’s funny here we go Hosea 46 my people are
destroyed for lack of knowledge because now has rejected knowledge i will also
rejected the that there shall be no priest to me seeing thou has forgotten
the law of God will also forget that children notice that knowledge you’re destroying its giving more hand
46 just one piece of information for you also want to share a little information
of this right here is a Masonic tracing board of people have interpretations of
it and they’ve been good but i just want to show you my have been shown see
there’s a checkerboard floor in real time out there’s the third pillar of the
Third Temple there’s three colors in the back is one little jacob’s ladder the
ladder going up to the Sun the wrong sign there’s there’s the light of
Lucifer which is the light beer but there’s also Jesus Christ which is the
correct the correct line the correct sign him to say but what it was all
explained to you so what is sitting in all the launches and the symbolism
behind it of course on if someone comes up to you
a gentleman comes up and ask you are you a traveling man he’s asking you a
question and depending on how you answer that let him
know that your fellow Mason if you just say hey you mean I’m not have really
went anywhere this year he’s gonna know you’re not amazing but if he asked you
or your traveling man and you answered to him yes I I’m been traveling in the East
looking for answers there’s the east right there that’s when
we’re going to sonic lodge will see things facing the East notice when man
was thrown out of the name is east of eden he was thrown out east right there tip for you anyway this is the third
pillar this is what they’re trying to free mason mason is a builder on the
outside you build a physical temple on the inner secrets of freemason is
building another temple when we’ve been talking about 66 temple man where God
Doyle’s were saying most of the well Satan tues you in Scripture what he
wants to do and it’s playing a simple i can’t understand why Christians don’t
get this same tell you what he wants he wants to set himself up in the temple of
God are in the holy place declaring himself to be God they’re different
they’re playing simple he doesn’t he wants in temple of God so when you
answer the question was temple of God it clearly says in Corinthians that we are
the temple of God there it is it i mean there’s no mystery here I just don’t
understand why people still don’t see it that anyway the key is hanging off the ladder that’s
the key of solomon the ladder going up the stairway to heaven led zeppelin
songs about it as the deeper meaning right they’re going for it is it’s the
Tower of Babel symbolism again building a tower to heaven the wrong lane this has been going on for eons of
building another temple to be like God that this what’s going on in Revelation it speaks of the key of
David which is the more only wanted his hope is the church age that remnant that
is holy and true the key of David that’s the only way it’s a doorway speaks a
heated open it can shut it shut it can open it that’s the key of David Howley in true here’s the key and song complete
opposite that’s why the Freemasons follow solid
because Solomon was to build it too busy building temples physical temples to
other gods David David was a man after God’s own
heart he knew the secret he knew where God well that’s what David gets the
kingdom now this david gets the kingdom Solomon was Eliza’s manly was a richest
man supposedly why did he get the kingdom he doesn’t David gets the
kingdom because he knows the truth the key of David that’s why all of the
movies like AI with hailey Joe Osmond he’s an artificial intelligent person
boy his name is David Prometheus he’s a trained jilin being his name is David
they’re telling you it is this is the wrong way built on knowledge of dark and
light ironing clay the mix of technology with the flesh possible it is the wrong
like that’s what they fall Key of Solomon they’re trying to figure out how
to do this thing i want to do but you know that and that’s why there’s a
compass there they’re trying to find the way the compass and the square all that
good stuff what they’re trying to build this is my logo right here instead you
know what it is for newcomers on the telly do you think I like transhumanism
no i do not trying to send you a message here trying to tell you the more of a base
right you’re half tech half play iron clay iron clay textplus we was a small
my logo is the way it is i like to use logo are really like scrawny to brawny
and it’s a good logo because it is the right way to his logo let me see if i
can find it real quick here screaming brownies logo this is how you accomplish
what God has in store for you you come as you’re into this world you’re going
to get eat up sorry trials tribulations is a test she just wore the crown of thorns bloody
beaten any any dying guess what next step he gets the real gold gold this is
refined this way the next step Satan’s gold fool’s go see this this is
what this is what Satan shit you don’t want you to take the next step he won’t you say here’s what it is all
about is your supposed to come and doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to
become a better man and be upgraded that’s just not the plan sorry is is is just not anything to do
with miracles take time magic people’s mail time with their strong magic and
miracles aren’t they the same no magic is instant magic is hocus pocus boo many
people rather have that you know fast notice with miracles in the way go I mean why didn’t God just say poof
caterpillar becomes a butterfly just skip just skip the step of being a
caterpillar just create a butterfly why don’t you just go ahead and do that
God why did it take you seven day I mean six
days to create everything and then you have to rest on the seventh day while
you just say poof say anything included in the miracle takes time it’s
done right its progression and that’s what we are right now we’re in another
were just honest a stage of development and we don’t understand everything and
that’s ok you know and this one jesus said there’s things and i can tell you
but you can’t bear you won’t even understand if I told you and it’s not
quick it’s not instant you know microwave is instant micro what you know
just think about it anything pretty much instant fast food everything quick is
pretty much bad for you and the only thing that is really good for you comes over time and development and
things of that nature and that’s why you know a baby has to take nine months to
develop and in the miracle happens you know it just doesn’t come instantly
sound you might want to share that with you share some things with you today
that i shared over the years that my videos but in a personal way i hope you
enjoyed the video hopefully hasn’t changed your opinion of me and what
about i do want to tell you that jesus is my Lord and Savior I’ve never got
away from that some people may doubt that the way I’ve seen things just want
to tell you that the reason I started the way i started with music and visuals
is when you going to reach people the younger generation you have to catch
their interest 20 seconds 15-20 seconds if you don’t have it they will tell you
out they will click off and go to something so I use the tools what satan uses i use
them against him and that’s why i was told to usual and it makes me happy when
I have people that emailed me and they say you know what I didn’t believe in
anything just like me i didn’t believe in anything but with your videos you
shell me that the evil is real and that God is really so if the evil is real
that that’s when it starts on the journal that i owe me that he was really
gives real there’s a really battle going on here that is actually in the spirit
room and it affects the physical round two but you know my get twelve-year-olds
fifteen-year-olds and kids that just say me and I would never even go to church
and I think Christians our cookie and whatever but your videos of showing i
mean it’s it’s worth it’s you know even if just one person gets it you know that
that’s worth it and I do want to say thank you again to my subs followers
they become a website fellow youtubers out there I can’t even begin to even try to thank
everyone comes out I’ll miss somebody there are so many so I don’t do that you
know most of all like to thank God for showing me what he’s showing me answer
my prayers how the things i was praying about you know it took time but the
reason it took time was he had to show me things and certain steps and that’s
the whole basis of people who have followed me for a while to understand
get from A to D you’ve got to understand b and c is if you just go straight to d
you’re not going to get you’re not going to understand and he had to show me
things and some steps once they start with let’s change 911 and you have to
wake up and keep moving forward a lot of people they stopped like I ok i
got this all figured out that’s what was the problem with
Christianity and most religions is they think they have it all figured out and
that’s not the way it works is truth is being revealed every day over time the
veil is being lifted more and more knowledge is being revealed you know during time but you know what
he showed me why he said he showed me i don’t know i’m not a holy righteous man
unless i am just someone that was seeking truth and you know it goes back
to why Jesus said also i need you to come to me like a little child and I
never really understood that when i was studying what I need to come to you like
a little child like on my knees and begging now let me what that means it
means he needs you to come to him with all of the man-made stuff out of the way
all of the stuff you’ve been taught by man you need to just throw it away for a
little while and the Goblet good that’s what i call it the Gallagher junk from
universities and and because the more educated you are Bob this world it’s
harder to see what i see that makes sense because the ways of this world remember the way you’re tall is Satan’s
way not the correct way and it’s for a purpose so come to him like a child was
like two kids in a sandbox they don’t know racism they don’t know Muslim they
don’t know Christianity Catholic they don’t know any they’re just playing in
the sandbox with other kids they don’t know color races is only until you grow
up in your Talt to be a racist or tall or religion that kind of thing so that’s
what that means but anyway thank you for tuning in give me some feedback what you think
what you like what you don’t like even and until next time this is Nicholson
1968 Nicholson nineteen sixty eight dot com nineteen sixty eight dot com

Thanks so much for this, it explains so much. I have been awake for years, but still had a lot of questions, most have been answered in this and your other videos. God Bless you for taking time to share this.

This is your most powerful vid imo. Of course it's getting removed by the matrix! Have you looked into Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley yet? I can send you his book! You gotta read it man! Only other guy on the net talking about the hermaphrodidic nature of Adam in the garden. He was talking about it in the 30's! If I send you another Mail on your site will you get it for sure? I sent one before, but there was no response. I figured you get a lot of mail though so no worries, but you gotta check this out man…Elohim the Archetype Pattern of the Universe.

Here we have The Holy Spirit sharing Love and Grace in a man who goes by Nicholson 1968…Luke 8:17 is a key verse to reveal this journey to anyone caring to go down the straight and narrow path that leads into the Kingdom of God…Thank you Nicholson 1968 for sharing this gift and taking me aboard the Truth train…Come Jesus/Yeshua and I look forward to joining all of my brothers and sisters in those new bodies prepared and waiting …I can see home and the porch light is on…. Hal.

Do you believe the bible is a trusted source of wisdom?
I dont know to be honest, I was raised in Christianity but why the ones in power wouldn't just manipulate scriptures for their convenience and mix lies with truth and call it the word of God…

I have been following you and your back up channel for 3 years or so. The quality of your videos are nearly unmatched. I have watched more than my fair share of you tube videos in this category. I see and recognize the things you portray in your videos in commercials, movies, and video games. Just putting this out there you are appreciated man.. Thanks..

Great teaching, and I like your accent, it seems very HUMAN! Is there a way that I can send you information? I have some stuff that might interest you regarding transhumanism and how the Mark might is being implemented.

Also in the King James Bible there are 44 letters in the first verse of Genesis. And 44 letters in the last verse of revelation.

This video so amazing

Peace brother

God bless. you really make things so much easier to understand. I have to say Thank you for your hard work. I have a strong feeling that so many people who were doomed( and probably didn't even know it…) have been spared the horrors that will consume so many at the end will be able to escape the lake of fire that wasn't even meant for us to burn in, due to the amount of time and self you sacrifice to produce your videos. you are appreciated and you have made a huge difference. thank you . so much! Best, Melissa M

albert pike three world wars .have you ever??or c.s.lewis. that hideous strength h.g.wells techno crats??technology would usher in lucifer??elites would control the masses..h.g.wells promoted new world order..hive mind think..when lucifer .satan demands people take mark of beast .your d.n.a will be changed..plugged into one mind..satans mind …think the strain??paul mcguire has a new book mass awakening .thanks for your body of work..GOD BLESS

As a pretty advanced truther, I'm always looking for videos to show people who are new to this…This is a great video for beginners AND for everyone. Awesome as always, brother.

Great job! And I appreciate what you said about the Bible holding true despite any changes made through history. A lot of ppl are trying to say it's unreliable bc it's been changed, which is rubbish, bc God did not give them eyes to see His mysteries to begin with, therefore they wouldn't have sense enough to change God's truth. They may think they do, but again, they're blind! They're just trying to cause ppl to lose faith.

I have watch, used, spliced and made my own videos from your videos for people who want to know, (the ones I splice and join and condense etc are for personal use from my laptop only), I can assure you that I watched this and I learn't or re-learn't some more. Thank you very much.

Hey Nicholson1968, what is your opinion on what I would call the "reverse" conspiracies of Satan? By which I am referring to how elites specifically take the truth of any given subject and replace it with a lie so bad that is actually the complete reverse of the truth. E.G. "health" advice that causes sickness, "teaching" that creates ignorance, etc., etc.

You're story and road traveled is so similar to mine it's spooky . Every path I decided to look down always led to spirituality to the Creator and JC and the Enemy . The spiritual battle on this planet is what brings everything together every question ,every action boils down to that . It's what's actually brought me closer to the Almighty it's the blatant overwhelming attempt to eliminate him from everything . If the Bible and the Creator was such a myth and a fairy tale why is so much energy spent on deconstructing his teachings, promoting the enemy and amplifying blasphemy.

I thank you my friend, I pray that many, many people will see this video. If I was on FB , ect. I would definitely share all your video. May our Father Bless You and keep You SAFE! Until next time!

glory to the most hello brother this video hit things right on the button right now I'm not in shock that I'm watching this video clip because not too long ago I Surrender completely and ask the Lord for the next step that he needs to teach me and I wanted to ask you I've been seeing for 4 4 4 for the past 5 years now but this year since I've been trying to find more biblical text using the number 444 the signs did subsided , but honestly from a sister in Christ to another brother in Christ I really would like your opinion on this thankx a lot.

Wow bro! You really did your homework. By the way. You ARE a righteous man because, when you believe in Jesus you are made, as a gift, "the righteousness of God in Christ." 2 Corinthians 5:21. God bless you bro 👊

I must tell you something. I'm at 15 minute marker and paused video because the Spirit has me so overwhelmed I feel like I'm ab to explode. and I see Christians speaking ab confirmation, confirmation, confirmation. ok. so at the beginning of video I'm like "okayyyy nicholson get on with it my Brother" forgive me.. I've been askjng Jesus to help my patience. anyway.. I'm looking at that picture and somethin was telling me there's something more to this picture. and before you said "as above so below" that exact thought came to me without you even putting the cross over it. I tell u what sir.. you are definitely on the right path. I thank YHWH for finding you. thank you! I hope Jesus blesses and keeps u!! ♡♡♡

Have you ever looked into Helena Blavatsky? She talked about a NEW RACE and how all other races would have to die off. She mentioned something about men laying eggs….7 beings over time….another continent arising….look into
antarctica…supposedly another continent there….in the center of the universe….her publishing company was Lucifer Trust and was changed to Lucis Trust…I believe the UN has something to do with Lucis Trust as well….something is there with all of that

Mind blowing information right here.I caught one of your videos a few weeks ago and it really resonated with me but I couldn't find your channel and I didn't catch your name…then I was listening to Ritchie from Boston and he mentioned you're channel and as soon as I checked it out I was excited that it was the same person I was searching for. I really feel you're coming from a place of truth and that discernment has had to be fine tuned over the years. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for fighting the good fight brother!

Please, my English is very poor, but I'm very interested in your videos. Would it be possible to activate the subtitles and simultaneous translation? With that I would suffice. Thank you

Thankyou 🙂 This is the first time I have listened to you… Pleasure!.. I get you.. What you say totally makes sense to me.. I personally went through a lot of crap & kept saying why?.. I'm a nice person, Sadly it's seen as weakness so over & over again I just kept attracting drama!.. I am spiritual & I do mystic arts in many forms "But". never boards!… I give guidance, Help others!… Anyway, I found my suffering & retreat opened up my avenue of knowledge to a much higher level… It helped that I've travelled & have enjoyed a lot of cultural experience…  The awful things that just kept happening has resulted in me having several mental breakdowns over time.. Then one day I just said please God, Don't you think I've been through enough?.. Please just make it stop, This isn't fair, what's the point of being alive if I can't live?.. Show me what I should be doing.. what should I be learning, because I don't wish to be coming back to this dimension again!.. For everything I have seen & learned the one thing stopping me from being my higher self was pride!…I'm a spiritual warrior, A fighter!.. Adaptable!.. But never ever asked for help… I had to teach myself that its ok… It's allowed!… It doesn't make me weak… I asked for the true meaning of being here & like you understand things people just can't comprehend!.. I don't watch tv, So i'm not dumbed down, I see the chem trails, I spread the knowledge about the prison we live in, & yes although the bible has been tampered with by greedy men!… There's truth..

I pray HIS protection over you and your loved ones…Yes, so few understand the Star of David is ungodly. Thank you for being obedient.


Nicholson thank you for this video! You are only one of the few people who understand what's going on and you see what I see! I also came to the conclusion that Jesus is Lord by seeing Him getting attacked and degraded by the media (along with other reasons). Why doesn't Allah, Buddha of Krishna get attacked? Why do secret societies hate Jesus? He must be someone special! So sad that most truthers can't make this connection! YOU'RE MISSING THE BIG PICTURE

Thank you, Nicholson, for every amazing video you are moved to work so hard on to share with us. Thank you for being brave as King David and believing that through our Father in Heaven you can do all things through Yeshua, Christ Jesus, Who strengthens you. Your sincerity and honesty is so refreshing to me in this Day of great deception. I like your southern, soft voice. When I listen to you, it's like I'm home with a dear brother. I am from Georgia, U.S.A. I, too, prayed for a long time asking Father, "What is this mark of the beast?". The Spirit compelled me to read Daniel about the iron and clay. Then God showed me about Jacob's ladder and what it really meant; the ladder being the symbol for DNA. Then He showed me about the 2 great keys, Solomon and David, and how they are different and what their spiritual meanings are. Then, Father led me to your videos. Wow! Can you imagine how much I celebrated finding you at that point?! Along with what Father was showing me and then watching most of your videos, I knew God was talking to me to wake up. He told me, "This is very important! Pay attention!" Not only me, but many others are being awakened to all of this, Nicholson. Thanks again for everything! May Yeshua, Christ Jesus richly bless and protect you.

You can't make this stuff up, I can't make this stuff up. Only the Father and Son could reveal it to those who hunger and thirst for the Word of God. Thank you. And bless you.

I applied your same logic of reversing numbers to Genesis 3:22 and I came up with Revelation 2:23. It says, "And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works."

Nicholson- I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the information you have shared. I have been seeking " Truth", for a few months now, and so many of the missing pieces of the puzzle you have shown me in this video.
Thank you, thank you. I believe God has spoken to me, but I didn't know where the voice was coming from. I was lost in the ways of this world. I hope to be able to pass on your message to others, who need a better understanding like I did.
I truly mean this: May God Bless You and all your work that you provide us lost sheep. I Pray I have enough faith and strength to overcome the "Big Deception" I believe is coming in the near future.

50.00 min. thats why for example building a nice body , a good physic ''naturally'' takes time. alot of time, dissepline, dedication, sweat equaty an much much more!! not like going on drugs to reach the same gaol QUICK!. its the distance travelled where we as people learn. life is a marathon, not a sprint. its like the molding off clay. and then at last, wenn you have crowlen treu the mud, to finally reach higher ground. than its givin to you. you earned it. you get to keep it. its yours. done by your hand. not a 3e party……..

I was baptized in Catholic Church n that's where I started going to church on Sundays. But later on I started questioning d images n giving reverence to them n other things I saw n hear there that didn't seem biblical. So I started my journey to finding out The Truth n learn. I went to different churches n asked questions being baptized. I became a mormon, a taoist, buddhist, even atheist. But atheist wasn't really for me so I repented. I read Quran too. Then I went back to Catholic Church but didn't kneel or pray in front of the images. I left again n just read d Bible now n pray directly to God. Also, I watch Christian channels like JD Farag, Ahavat Ammi channel of Rabbi Shapira, Jonathan Cahn, Perry Stone, Kenson Kuba, n other Christian watchers n learn from them. I believe in Yeshua Hamashiach our Lord And Savior, The Way The Truth And The Life, The Son of God The Father The Lamb of God Who died on The Cross, Who Taketh Away The Sins of The World, Who Ressurected after The Third Day And Will Come Again To Gather His People, And I believe in The Holy Spirit or The Holy Ghost, The Comforter, The Helper Who Reveal The Truth To us by discernment. In The Name Of Yeshua Hamashiach, Amen. God bless you

Several years ago I discovered your site.. I was not understanding a lot of your videos? Why? Dont know.. I was listening to Anthony Patch and Richie from Boston in Ky and a Watchmen conference.. I was drawn to your site, and was very pleased to discover this video.. I was brought up in Church but went willingly till satan got his hooks into me while I was in my teens.. I was drawn back to Christ 13 years ago when I was told I had 6mos to live after being diagnosed with bladder cancer.. I refused the operation and was led by God to go natural, and never suffered,, 3 yrs ago I was told there is no sign of cancer.. When I was told I had a short time to live.. The verses Yea tho I walk thru the valley of death I will fear no evil for tho art with me thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou anointest my head with oil , my cup runneth over. …This played over and over morn, noon and nite.. I was given the gift to search the 3 major relegions.. Then SDA, LDS, THE King James vs other versions.. God also gave me a STRONG desire to read the New Testament, over and over for months.. Over my 70 years I have been to almost every denomination.. It wasnt till i began reading the Bible for myself I gained understanding..One thing that stood out was when I spoke with other Christians They would say I am Methodest, or Baptist, etc.. I felt I was a Child of God and He would be my Church.. I broke away form the denominational view, and to this day tell people I am a follower of Christ.. Everyday God shows me how he has protected and looked over me all my life.. I still sin, but catch myself and always ask for Mercy and thank God for the understanding.. When I discovered my new Life.. I use to try to correct my errors then after a time.. I realized God does the changes and I turned my Life over to him totally.. I am getting a little winded here.. I have felt for a while out bodies are the Temple that The Bible is speaking of.. Not the physical temple in Jerusalem. I see from your video how satan wants to destroy us by adding the third strand of DNA.. This makes a lot of sense..Now I feel this is probable the most valuable realization a person can understand. I see this in the distruction of the twin towers and the rebuilding of the One Tower in its place. The Masonic 3 pillars also indicate the same.. It is so obvious..It took me a while to understand how so many could be infected by satan with power and wealth over Gods Love and truth.. But the Bible is very clear about Love of money over Gods truth..I thank God daily for calling out to me, giving me the ability to understand, and the Promise of everlasting life after I leave this earth.. John chapter 17 is my favorite. It explains everything to me.. Christ praises God for those who were given to him and those yet to come..He calls us Brother, Friend His Children.. I now understand where you are coming from. I understand and feel exactly the same. God Bless.. Love and Mercy.. Alan

I appreciate all your videos, first time I comment but the Lord is showing me the same & it can be lonely sometimes because christians are putting God in a box. GB!

Wow 7 years ago thereabouts I was painting a picture and I had to keep painting XXI XII XII XXI backwards and forwards.. I saw how it mirrors.. it was so weird.. I know it'snot exactly what you saw but It reminded of that time.. weird. I was just beginning my walk with the Lord back then .. 12 21 21 12 21 12 12 21

ooh my gosh NYC is getting a New Area Code Spring 2017 "due to overpopulation" 332 to me that says a depopulation event is planned for NYC Spring 2017. I live in Brooklyn Downtown Brooklyn.. gee maybe it's time to head for the hills.. PS: Thanks this was very informative and edifying..

I am sorry to take up so much space but I have to say 46:00 the irony Satan is saying the the SAME things exact;y he did in the garden getting THEM (the ones who are to this day rejecting the corner stone, Jesus Christ) to take from this tree to live forever.. (and really they will die) same exact only this time with with Technology.. You can be as gods.. .. wow

Nicholson, you have helped me see so much so I shall help you see the truth on 'Jesus' it is a pagan term, Yahusha is the true name. And YHWH is the true name of 'God'

Excellent, Nicholson1968! Richie played this on the drive home and it was just amazing. I need to watch it again so I can see the full effect of the graphics. Thanks again and God bless!

also… there's a black cube in the middle of those X's of the Roman numerals. or, hexagon if you look 2 dimensionally.

Hey Nicholson1968….. you do a fantastic job, keep it up! I too found you through Richie from Boston. I started my awaking over a year and a half ago and going down the rabbit hole makes me feel very blessed and honored that Jesus entrusts me to wake others up as well. May God bless you and keep you safe.

What an outstanding message.  This is so good.  This earth has went from a spinning sphere to a flat plane for me within the last couple years.  I have witnessed the quantum effects that have changed the past and present within the last couple years.  The one thing that has not changed for me is my belief in Jesus Christ.  Your message helps to strengthen that belief.  I wish more believers could comprehend this, but they cannot.  Thanks for sharing.  Keep doing what you are doing.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have been along the path I am on now. I wish others would wake up and learn all religions and not judge. Thank you for sharing your visions and knowledge.

seeing your vídeos since 2006 i believe. one of the most credible sources on YouTube. Hope ppl value your amazing work before its too late. God bless you Nick. All the best and many thanx for All the precious pieces of information you shared with us

Nicholson don't concern yourself with how people perceive you. People must come to their own truth and have a true heart seeking it. Your videos will always make sense to those that are searching for true answers. Don't doubt yourself. You do great work. Leave the rest to HIM. Just be the vessel.

your stuff resonates with me and others I have shared with like NO other collection of truth out there..God bless ya 68

Thnx for sharing the supernatural knowledge given freely to you by the Holy Spirit. Your definitely making a positive impact on me! I'm very grateful to have found your website. It has strengthened my resolve to just let go & let God.

You can tell you are a sincere person who cares if ppl turn off because of your voice, there is nothing wrong with it and ppl that are that shallo are the ones that are blind and not for them. thanks for the information and enjoy your videos!!

Awesome, clarified a lot which I have seen and read made simple and to the point. There are many sleep walking. My prayer is that they will wake up to the truth. God bless

People who belong to the light do not fear this stuff. For He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. What does it benefit a man to know what is occurring if he hath not God? If you do not know Jesus than all you can do is watch what happens. Become one with God thru Jesus. Seek and you will find. You say know thy enemy. I say know thy savior. Seek and you will find. May God bless all who find Him.

46664 (Nelson Mandela) jail cell number, cern/mandela effect connection to the IXXI – just putting out there for anybody to see, I personally don't know, just popped into my head.

Thank You for being you, my brother. I think its truly by GOD'S path I'm on your site because my email is perrinaus1968 and my eyes were open 6 months ago making GOD my true father, so thankyou again I look forward to more in the future


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