Mystical Penguins

i’m laurie macha curator of mammals and birds at mystic aquarium well my favorite penguin right now is
purple red she’s one of our chicks and she is a full sibling of one of our
original birds what is the most common question surprisingly enough is are they birds and yes they are birds they have
feathers they lay eggs but they just don’t fly there have been several different names for
african penguins right now the name that is most commonly
seen is african penguins they’ve also been known as the black-footed penguins and of course because of their donkey be
like sound they’re also known as the jackass penguin one fact that most people don’t know that i
find interesting is that most of the penguin species do not like snow cold
and ice most of them are temperate zone and prefer
warmer weather how can we tell between males and
females well it’s really not easy to do visually you can’t see a difference so
what we do is we take a blood sample and we send it off
for d_n_a_ testing and that’s how we learn the sexes or if a female lays an egg do the penguins know how good they have
it here i’d like to believe so but i don’t know they really don’t have
anything to worry about they have veterinarians seven days a week their
hand fed they don’t have to hunt their food and they have the best
medical plan that anyone could ever have

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