Mystic Gohan And Videl Lose Their Sh… NEW Dragon Ball Multiverse Episode 19

the following is the latest episode of
Dragon Ball multiverse Where gohan and videl finally let loose their full power. To find all previous episodes make sure to check the
channel page or the description that’s not your concern he’s stronger
than I thought this won’t be easy it’s like our this tournament we really came
for nothing you can end it I’ve given it all I have I’m exhausted
not me yeah take it we have plenty I’m not with the bad guys oh yeah
what’s of the headband there it’s a long story
what to hear no we’re isolated here let’s go into the public I can feel
piccolo there bastard I can’t feel the energy of the arena we
are very far away everyone searching a different direction don’t only focus
Horizonte we need to look up and down – all together I’ll take this side and you
take the other ok my body and I we’re taking this hemisphere tada
North quadrant is any lose South quadrant I’ll take the horizon line you
don’t have to participate in the collective effort where you can withhold
your comments I don’t listen to followers where’s your pride playing
dumb just to be different I want to be proud of that
not today if you were still the proud saying monarch it’d be you giving the
orders to the group the plan is good you have me barking contradictory orders
just we noticed I’ve grown past that that’s what you do within you you’re
driven by the need to be recognized how weak you want to see if I’m weak it’d be
humiliating for you you haven’t even reached my level of
transformation unlike your chakra sadly this is not the place for this
I pray ring for you finally our revenge match you’ve grown
incredibly stronger go on whatsoever I Bravo but you can’t use that handle I’m
right-handed yeah he’s not gonna hit me of that wounded hand
ah well played at that moment further away no you can’t leave this fight leave that
soft target alone and come fire a real warrior a real warrior don’t make me
laugh I’ve butchered your planet and the
wearers of your pitiful if the other universes we didn’t have to develop our
arsenal as much you’ll see they’re different what are you doing you can’t whistle in
rain 1 I lied to enemy’s energy level sufficient to bad I’m taking the shot
your are by easy to obey energy level very low hey you didn’t need me in the
end he’s still alive and it’s not foremost no energy what you’ve been very
helpful in increasing my power but I have no need of us
Kovach your men you can see you’re losing oh yeah eita and unappreciated knees finally I get to kill a human again what
you would say we’re gaining ground poverty is here I can feel his evil aura
his magics displacing our reality but not by much because he needs to control
his man I can feel abnormal vibrations I should be able to synchronize it there
and counter their effects and after a few minutes got it what boo attack it’s so master I had a vision
even through can’t defeat him but we do have a few minutes to prepare a trap for
him it’s their apartment they’re hiding like rats with a great poverty onwards
for master poverty copycat amateur ah it’s only you I thought we were in
danger bastard you’ll regret saying that your greatest
Bey how’s that a compliment no no you’ll pay for this this one goes
down like lost a job well done look how universe 2 apartment sure my
alarm didn’t go off I need to quickly go see the fights if
something goes wrong in the tournament I can save everyone by going back in time
I see the dark evil energy what’s going on my bento universe five apartments
it’s again a real mess outside I’d rather wait and observe I would get cool
off guard again thanks honey I’m not lips hey no one
moves give me a miracle medicine I know you
have some I’m tired of this crap I’ll go help them good you’re here on you you
have to intervene it’s lost it too long already
don’t you hate poverty no way my friend it’s much too interesting people are
suffering people are suffering all the time shortly before bobbies a time sure
three more max power should be enough to pin universe 18
I’ll handle universe 60 hide your energies and prepare for the attack no
you’re too weak stay behind you can fight some weaklings if you would kill
the cautions yes master we blow up the whole apartment
kind of went too far
take a breather you’ve earned it good teamwork yeah what would have been
easier if you’d allowed me to release your potential and accept your condition
senile old pervert you can go screw yourself
what was the condition who does she have to kill her dignity I believe okay
silence the ceremony is only the beginning
concentrate he was so concentrated on the action
he didn’t noticed a blockage I put in his head and I’ve got hours to fine-tune
it to be continued make sure to smash that subscribe button and have the
notification bell here to see the next episode in this series when it drops and
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which giveaway onto next video guys Cheers

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Your comics are epic, Its amazing that Dragonball Z has inspired you to do this, like just in the same way Dragonball Z has inspired me to write a Japanese style light novel that I plan to get illustrated into a manga

I notice more and more in your videos as you post them. It all comes together great man. Keep up the good work. Keep improving.

Best DBZ channel by the way u narrate the videos…ur multiverse videos r my favorite…keep up the good work..

I would watch this all if I hadn’t read it all already 🙁 I watch most of them at least keep up the good work Arj

Somewhere D J Khalid just said " And another one…." 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

And the buck-wild crazy chaos continues – great stuff !! Thank you for putting this together for us, #CALLMEARJ !!

well damn the kioken girl (i forgot who that is) is quite strong and it goes witout saying that this was a great video again

What a clusterfuck of fights. I don't even know whats going on anymore XD lmao i wonder who that evil dude in apt 8 or 18 is?

I swear YouTube turns off all my bells I am subscribed to. Pisses me off, just because there pussies hurt from 2016.

You guys better remember bra is so strong because she has the same blood as bulma, the same bulma who had the balls to slap the strongest God beerus


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