MYSTIC gives mind-blowing speech on human consciousness | Sadhguru Life Changing Speech 2019

nature determined a certain compulsive instinctive ways of functioning once you become human these lines have been removed you can act consciously that means what you call as human potential is not of any kind of measurable limit it can go as far as you desire or us as far as you have the courage to walk so when we say human potential unleashing human potential it is not about reaching the peak it is a trajectory because what our life is is a combination of a certain amount of time and energy time is rolling away for all of us at the same pace if you sit it rolls away if you sleep it rolls away if you do something it goes away if you don’t do anything it goes on me you’re happier miserable it goes away time is running out for all of us so it’s only the energy that you can do different things with if you bring your energies to a certain level of intensity and possibility [Music] what somebody does in ten years you may do it in money it feels like you lived here for a thousand years simply because you have managed your life energies in a certain way so for me a human being being impactful means how conscious have you become this is very important because if you’re in compulsive cycles then your energy gets wasted in so many things so eight hours means one third of life is gone in the remaining two thirds they have to eat they have to you know shower bathroom this that all this another two three hours gone so literally 50% of life is gone daily basis just for basic maintenance of this life 50% of the time is gone and maintenance the remaining 50% what they have if you look at every single home that they may would make with their body their thought process their emotions you will see a whole lot of it is happening in compulsive cycles or in other words if you a little sensitive to life you will realize you are the biggest issue in your life so this is one thing that I’m trying to do with people that you are never the issue in your life I’m not the issue my thought my emotion my body is never the issue my thought my emotion my energy and my body are my instruments of function they are not impediments in my life but I would say for 90% of the human beings their own body then the compulsions of the body the compulsions of their thought the compulsions of their emotions are ruling them most of the time so when you yourself for a problem well you’re on self-help why are we compulsive what is it that’s compulsive about us compulsion means we are going to the same place again and again that means we’re going in circles the nature of physical existence in the universe is such whether you take an atom an individual atom or the cosmic space everything that’s physical is always in cyclical moment so entire physical nature is born out of cyclical moment that means compulsiveness so do not misunderstand compulsiveness as something bad it’s the basis of your existence it is a good platform but you’re supposed to stand on the platform and act right now you have become the platform whether your body and mind works against you or works for you this is a big difference so there is enough evidence to show only when you’re in Pleasant levels of experience this happens best so obviously joy is first then growth if you are joyful constantly and you have no fear of suffering because you understand all human experience comes from within you and so you have managed to create the kind of experience that you want now growth is possible and brittle if you have the fear of falling down and suffering you will not go very high right now let us say your joyful if you look at your chemistry it’ll be in a certain way let’s say you are miserable if you check your chemistry it’ll be a completely different way now we have a technology that with which you create a chemistry of blissfulness so my chemistry is blissful doesn’t matter what’s happening privileges of the nature of your experience must be in your hand but suffering is something that you do in your mind so pain that happens in your body you take it in your mind and multiply it a thousand times or a million times and suffer it a million times over right now most human beings are like this what happened ten years ago they can still suffer what may happen day after tomorrow they already suffer they are not suffering life they think they’re suffering life they are not suffering life they are suffering the two most fantastic faculties that human beings alone have a vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of imagination it’s very common only in America I hear this I was raised as whatever cataleya called Baptist or Christian or Muslim or whatever else I was raised see you must raise only cattle and sheep you don’t raise human beings you have to cultivate a human being you have to give space and give support of love and support so that a human being grows because every human being is capable of a unique possibility if inspiration is what you need encouragement was what you need I am willing to talk but talks will not bring solutions they will bring some clarity solution will come only when you take a proper inward step that’s what inner engineering process is we are doing everything possible to deliver it in as simple and as practical measures as it can be done content of our life will not change our life it is the context of our life which changes our life because you content you have changed and you see people are not happy if your contact shifts from your psychological and physiological process to the life process that you are everything has changed because we must understand this as we sit here this is my body that’s your body this is my mind that’s your mind but there is no such thing as this is my life and that’s your life this is a living cosmos everybody is free to capture as much as they want if you capture substantial amount of life your very presence will become a significant life otherwise you will become a mediocre life this is the important thing it’s not the knowledge you gather in your head it’s not the muscle that you gather in your body it’s the life how much of a life for you this will make you significant in your very presence a huge oak tree standing outside it is not trying to create any impact it is just impactful if you go under its shade you’ll feel it otherwise also it’s impactful most people notice it only when it’s gone fundamentally if people understand that the source of human experience is within you joy or misery agony or ecstasy pleasure or pain everything comes from within I understand the source of my joy and misery than me then you know what’s the obvious choice joy obvious choice isn’t it so this one fundamental thing has to get across to all the human beings on this planet your experience is entirely determined by you karma means action that means when we say your life is your karma we are saying your life is entirely your making hundred percent what happens in the world there are many many forces involved what happens within me it’s 100 percent me 100 percent isn’t it if you don’t take out of this then you’re an accidental life when you’re an accidental life the anxiety is very natural so this is why consciousness means this that you have taken charge of the instruments of life which on most fundamental level is our physiological and psychological space you take in charge of this now your health your happiness your joy your ecstasy your misery everything is in your hands you exercise them as you want do you want to live in a beautiful world needs what beautiful does not mean just a beautiful view of the ocean or something else beautiful means human life here is pleasant within every human being the question is not about what I wear what I Drive where I live how I am within myself see what we can do in the world is a question of times in which time of history we exist accordingly we do things if we were here hundred years ago we would be recording all this stuff all right we would be doing something different but human experience is constant whichever generation you are you can either be blissed-out or misery always forever it has been so on it will be so a child is not a legacy it’s a life and it is an individual life it has to be what it has to be to cultivate a child so that they know that the intrinsic intelligence and being human is more important than being influenced by this or that it doesn’t matter what it is say people have have divided the universe this is important this is not important this person is important for me this person is not important this is important for me that’s not important for me you divided the universe you will never know anything this way indiscriminate focus indiscriminate attention it doesn’t matter who I speak to Who I am with I am the same way indiscriminate only when your attention and involvement is indiscriminate does the universe open up to you but they won’t believe it in this entire universe most people like only three or four things when you’re so constipated in your head that you lack only three or four people are three or four things in your life how do you want to open up to the existence because life is happening because of its openness this is a fundamental difference between death and life is people are thinking is just breath all right on one level that is also openness whether you allow this to happen or you don’t allow it to happen whether you did it consciously or unconsciously but it’s happening isn’t it openness is on every subatomic particle is in communication with everything that’s why this is going on breath is happening so much is happening in connection with everything it is only in openness you’re alive as you close doors you are dying in installments dying in installments is torture see life is fantastic if you’re alive and fully alive but I’m saying everybody dies you and me will die right if you dead is the game is over but if you’re half dead this is endless torture to yourself when you are being tortured of course you’ll share it with everybody else [Music] and you understand life as a race if you’re in a race what subjective you must reach the finish line quick isn’t it yes what is the finish line of your life death there you have it this may not be a conscious process but life with the new is understanding it like that when you see you must understand this whether you are conscious it of a conscious of it or not any human being right now if you make yourself miserable you must understand you are sending a message to every cell in the body that I don’t want to live you might not have articulated it in your head yet but when you become miserable you notice suddenly your body seems heavy and it’s like it doesn’t want to get up from this chair have you seen this yes when you’re happy you’re willing to bounce at everything and do everything bend backwards if necessary why this is happening is the message has gone to every cell in the body this guy wants to die they’re all thinking okay what can we do to help him but by then of course you’ll recover so you want to die you want to live if you want to die you want to live the body is getting confused because you must understand this is a very intelligent body it’s taking instructions from you every cell in the body has an enormous sense of memory and intelligence if you keep sending wrong messages if they act you did because you’re sending contradictory messages you are not dead you’re half dead you can give it any number of exotic names essentially you have turned your intelligence against yourself this is supposed to work for you but now you turn it against yourself it’s working against you what we can do in the world is subject to many realities of the times but how we can be within ourselves is always a possibility so what is always a possibility must be manifested whether you will run faster than mr. bolt or not whether you will climb Mount Everest or not this is not the point those things are subject to individual tastes and individual likes and dislikes but will your experience of life on this planet be pleasant or not at least this one thing we must determine that every human beings experience of life on this planet is pleasant that much we must do and it’s doable [Music] you

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Compulsion, becoming the routine instead of having one, is basically a result of Maslow's pyramid.
If you are deprived of something, it becomes your compulsion. Getting out of the rut, one step at a time, is the only way of finding the inner peace.
Practicing mindfulness is a life long journey, without a destination.

Awesome video! Very deep. β€œYou can go as far as you desire, as far as you have the courage to walk.” πŸ”₯πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

We can be part of society and be withdrawn at the same time..Gods way contradicts our ways, as we can be happy and sad at the same time, don’t think of it in terms of emotions, don’t think of it at all. Just be part of His plan…
Blessings to the Hero’s
Thank you MB’s

Hahaha please also google about the controversies he faces in India before posting about such people.
Its easy to talk the talk

Main Idea:
We are meant to allow the fullness of life to flow through us by giving all of our attention to living totally in the present.
The present is the only place we can break out of unconscious cycles and act rightly, consciously.
Then we realize that it is within our power to choose a joyful or miserable experience, regardeless of external circumstances.

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