Most Wondrous Battle Music: "Leap Of Faith" by Sham Stalin

Thank you so much HDSoundI! It's an honor to have my track "Leap of Faith" featured on this amazing channel. Your support means the world to me, and big congrats for 500k subs, Road to 1mil subs ! For those who haven't subscribe to HDsoundI, please do! 🙂

I hope all of you enjoy this track, and if you like this track you can get it from iTunes or from Spotify <3 !

Sham Stalin.

Okay, so does anyone know a video on this channel that’s very long and in the beginning it’s all calm with piano and at the 3 minute mark it gets intense? I can’t seem to find it anymore no matter how long I search. The picture is of a girl holding a ball of light like a goddess of some sort. If anyone can find it can you please find the title of the song?

This might be my last battle.
But it might be the last thing I'll do.
I am facing a ferocious beast.
my biggest enemy.
If I die trying to save my kingdom,
so be it.
But i am scared.
I need one and only one thing to get me through this.
I need …
A leap of faith.

Since I just saw Spiderman into the spiderverse recently, I thought the title was from one of the OSTs in the movie lol. This is epic though, didn't regret coming here.

Her life staring back at her,
As sharp and pointed as the sword
She wields in her defence
Only, its usefulness is as much as its weilder.

The crimson night as the witness
Readies to plunge forward
As sweet and peaceful memories
Hesitates her from her vengeful assault.

Soul Shriven
In a golden cage they keep me locked
Keeping me alive so i can suffer
My hatred prevent me from falling into the abyss
My hatred for my captor gave me the will to carry on and see the dawn
The sun rays that passes through my cage keep me sane
I will be free again
Even if it means to cut my wings off

In my many years of fighting interdimensional creatures, warriors, entities and friends, I realized that "darkness" is different for each living thing. For me, "darkness" was when I was bleeding to death, while my parents died right in front of me. How am I alive right now? That is a story for another time. Another thing about "darkness" is that it will, sooner or later, come for we all. It's good to see so much heroes here who seem to have got over it. Well, they are from a different dimension, but still.

How can you learn without knowing it, knowing that you can't know what you need to know. Now you know what to know when to take the leap of faith, know first what you need to know and knowing that you need that knowledge for the thing you want. Know your self first before you take the leap.


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