Mormon missionaries in Montreal

Mormon missionaries in Montreal

homogeneous whisper sister Smith and sister Landon are missionaries from the Mormon Church they both come from Utah and came to Canada to serve a mission for 18 months sister Smith is 20 years old she left her home while she was still in school although he was not her plan to serve a mission she was able to make her decision last year our prophet made an announcement about us being able to go earlier and I felt like so scared but so peaceful however sister Landon has always considered becoming a missionary because of her rich Mormon heritage my grandmother had served a mission my mother actually served a mission and my dad and my grandparent you know like missionary work is it's a very big part of our family the two women wake up every day at 6:30 during the week they do Street contacting all over Montreal oh yeah see the Montreal I feel like the Lord has put people in our past that are ready for the gospel we meet people all the time who say that they are looking for a morning would you feel something like this when they managed to get the person's information sister Smith and Landon arranged an appointment with them at the church the goal of the lesson is to teach newcomers more about the mormon book and see if they would want to get baptized another way of reaching out is done in the Metro the strategy is pretty recent in Quebec we do meet interesting people but I think sometimes they think that we just want to hang out with them or that we want to go on a date or something understand our purpose at home the sisters map out where members of the church live and where new converts live so that they can plan their time effectively every week the mission the whole mission that's off Quebec in Ottawa we take like the numbers for how many have been baptized for that week and last week it was it was 14 for the entire mission although the sisters still have a few months to serve they enjoy their religious experience to the fullest

Thank you sister missionaries for your service.
And I thanked two young missionaries who knocked on our door 48 yrars ago. Thank you for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to us and our people in Indonesia.

Hello Elders, Sisters and LDS of the Canada! My names Marcos. I was missionary too. I was Elder De Oliveira. I'm very happy for that. My from is Brazil. I'm looking for members to make friendship. Good bye.

I always respect the lds missionaries for there work I just don’t accept the church teachings still I love and respect lds people there definitely very Christlike .

The LDS missionaries always they are working,,im from mexico and we have many cultures and 5 of them are very important and 52 languages and we speak spanish too ,and we recive the members of LDS with joy because they are a good people and the book of mormon is true and i compared some verses with our ancient culture and that is true

The LDS missionaries are hard working folk, too bad its all a crock of crap!  Did you know that Aboriginal peoples are decedents of 6th century BC Jews from Israel? and that men dressed like 17th century Quakers live on the moon? 

Fuck sake people rly are dumb just learn who founded the mormon church and youll realize how much of a lie it is just like any religion on this earth. Plz prove me wrong and ill show tou exactly how youve been deceived.


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