More Sea Life! A day tour of Mystic Aquarium. Part 2 [KM+Parks&Rec S01E10] [4K]

Mom look! I know, right! Oh, I see it! Roxy! Inside Roxy:…getting dark Mom: Oh, just cause I’m looking at the light in the sky. Argh! AHHH AHHH Mom: Alright, where’s that beluga again? Okay, let’s go this way. Roxy, let’s go this way Tragen: Let’s go see the penguins Mom: There’s penguins? Oh, there’s penguins Roxy: Go down here… [gasp] Look at how friendly! oh my gosh are you kidding? unknown person: yeah he’s very, like, happy today aw wa-ha …scared you? [?] Whoa whoa Whoa, there’s another friend. Roxy: I think that’s the…[inaudible] Mom: That’s his roommate? unknow:…no choice. Mom: No choice in the matter, that’s true. Better be best buds! can you imagine? Tragen: Hello Roxy: Bello! [minions hello] Bello! Whenever he sees a girl, he goes like… Mom: He’s so pretty Roxy: awww Tragen: Hi Roxy: Hey He can’t get you, that’s big glass in the way I think he likes the reactions he gets from the humans. 1984 researchers at the National Marine
Mammal Foundation in California noticed something quite unusual around an
enclosure where they kept a beluga whale known as “NOC” No! NO! NOOOOOOO! they claimed that they heard voices of people talking eventually a diver went into the tank
where NOC was being held. NOC, the beluga whale… was talking to him. Incredibly the
whale reportedly told the diver to “Get Out” NOC decided that he was people, and
began yammering and low clipped bursts that sound strikingly akin to human
speech Roxy: He just copied me! Tragen: Wow… unknown: Oh cool Hi! You’re sweet. Hi. Mom: Does he have a lot of teeth? Tragen: Ah, no… unknown:…squishing his head lump Did you see it? Mom: Oh, he’s pushed it up against the glass, yeah. unknown: …push it up against the glass. Also, that head is also very good for breaking ice. …in their natural habitat. Mom: Yep, that makes sense. Tragen: And it also… …and it also can attack things from far away. So it might be…[inaudible] Roxy, we gotta go this way to the
Penguins! Ready? Penguins! What’s through there? so little oh here we go, up here up up and away. I assume it’s for sea otters or something… something’s missing out there. Where’s the penguins? Oh, guys! Tragen! Roxy! Look! Roxy: Come on announcer: ….and her trainer Chrissy you may notice something different about coral [?], she’s up on deck there. Take a look at her hind end. she actually only one hind flipper. Coral came to us through our animal rescue program here at Mystic Aquarium. and when she did come to us, she was a stranded animal. and she had [?] because she had an infection in her left hind flipper area. announcer: …the conservation and education programs that we do here at Mystic. announcer: You guys coming here to visit the aquarium is helping us to do that… Mom: So these are little baby seals What is that? That looks like a big sea lion Sea lions, it’ll say over…over there. Tragen! Alright, you ready? I know that’s what we’re looking for? Penguins that way? That way, up! Penguins! that way They’re this way! There they are! Penguins… Alright, where are these penguins at? [gasp] I see penguins! I see penguins Ah [disappointed] What did you find? How did you get up all the way up here Well, I stayed up and you guys went down. Yeah, I saw one swim over there. Hi, guys! That’s okay… It’s a crummy day, everybody wants to stay. Oh, we can go inside too? Staff: Yep, that’s our underwater viewing area. [inaudible]…before we have to run back Good call thank you Ah look at them look at them look look look Wow Mommy, can’t see I know, my glasses got all foggy too. Tragen, can you follow them? I want to clean off the glasses Whoa! Look at that one go! Look, that was a fast speeder[?] Wow. you know where…you.. Roxy: Like that [?] Mom: Oh, that one turned around right in front of him that was so perfect. Mine Wha.. Hi, he says. Mom, look! I know, right? Look at this! I always wanted to see what a penguin looks like [up close]. Well, this is a penguin up close. Does this open [inaudible] …or eggs here. Aw. Yes, that is what a nest would look like. At least for these penguins not all penguins have nests like this. so what did she say that we could do that would help save the animals? I don’t know she said….oop…oop She said there was recycle right? We need to clean up our planet and we need to think about turning off the lights when we leave a room. Roxy: COME ON! And then if we see an animal that needs help… we should call the right people to come help it. or…tragen, you could have that job. You want to work at the rescue clinic? yeah yeah this is where
all the animals come to get rescue. See… they talked about what they have here. So, they have harp seals, gray seals… oh sorry! Harbor seals, Harp seals, Hooded
seals and then you can look at the chart at all the different animals they rescue
along the Connecticut shoreline and Rhode Island, and Massachusetts Look, that’s the key. So, the harbor seal The Gray seal the Harp seal and, the Hooded seal. oh, and they have a bunch in there too. sorry, they…shouldn’t say a bunch, they have two OH, there’s one in the water! Look! There’s someone dancing right here Look, in the tank! Right there! Look in the water Can you see it? There’s a seal in there dancing! Oh, I can see his head! I can see his head Hi head! I want to see! That’s a gray seal Okay, main gallery, here we go Main gallery? Yep, we just went all the way around. Look, there’s a Nemo submarine Yep, here we go Wait for Tragen. Wait for Tragen. …is that one coming to you? so close Oh, here he is! Ah, I got it just for real. Aw…I want [inadubile] Tragen: OH! Mom: Nice, Tragen! It’s slimy… Oh, here he comes. Here he comes! All the way up? I like that one That one’s [nice] How about this one? How about this one! Unknown:…I missed him…how did you do? one of the employees said they’re a lot
like cats. they only want to be pet when they want to be pet. Unknown: Here he comes Cats in the sea Roxy: He wants to be petted, pet him! Mom: Oh, hey bud! Roxy: Oh, you’re so cute! Mom: That was perfect! He’s got his face and everything! Roxy: He says thanks for petting me! Mom: Alright Now, that’s a way to end our trip to the Aquarium, huh? Roxy: Come on, mom! Mom: Was that awesome? Yes! But also slimy. all engines running

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