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so I understand everything you said why
do you think we come from God into this world I mean what’s the purpose there
must be a purpose otherwise it all seems quite pointless because if the point is
you come from there and then you like travel travel and you go back and the
way to be happy is to get back so why did you leave to begin with what’s the
point of it all that’s a question that is you know all pervading everybody asks
that 15 days ago I was in Stanford speaking on science and spirituality the
same very question was almost the first to come up it’s natural when you see all
this maze around you wonder why are you here well a very beautiful story that I
heard of which kind of appeals to me to answer this question
there was a billionaire this billionaire had a 15 year old son one day the father
was out of the office and the Sun was scavenging the office when he came
across a newspaper which was 15 year old edition and there was an article there
billionaire adopts orphan child that boy was shocked does this refer to me this
my father’s name and the age date matches when his father returned he
asked him father is this article correct the father said yes it is he was down
fallen the son said father I am NOT your child no my son I adopted you why did
you do that so the father said son I am a millionaire
I’ve got everything that money can buy but I did not have anyone to share this
with I have adopted you so that I may be able to give you everything that I have
so similarly our source that Supreme Lord like I said is an ocean of infinite
bliss he’s perfect and complete and himself however out of his creativity he
creates his tiny little parts so that he can share with us everything he has his
divine knowledge his divine bliss his divine love
however he wants us to work our way towards that creation and the Vedic
perspective is not of one lifetime it says it’s a journey that did not begin
upon birth its continuing from lifetimes you are slowly over multiple lifetimes
attaining that perfection and if at present the experience of misery is
greater than that of bliss you may feel discouraged and say oh it’s so useless
but if you could know the whole design and what you would get at the end of it
you say oh so wonderful so amazing one day I will have that infinite love bliss
of God okay

Wonderful explanation by Swamiji about human existence. God is perfect and complete by Himself. He doesn’t need any external resource or company to make Him happy. God created us, souls to share His divine knowledge, divine bliss and divine Love with us.

To attain God we have to work our way toward the divine path. It is a journey of many lifetimes in progression. Swamiji says the end result is we attain perfection wherein we attain divine bliss for ever and are freed from the cycle of life and death.

Swamiji says the path of God realization is not easy, but when we finally attain the Divine bliss of God, we realize all the effort, pain….is worth it. This bliss is for ever, and it keeps increasing. Very inspirational answer.

No amount of answer will satisfy the human curiosity. If we truly wish to seek we will wholeheartedly endeavor.
And it's silly to assume that we will succeed in the first attempt.

So very wonderful!! I did have in last the fortune of hearing Swamiji share this story previously and…SO SO happy to find it again. It lights up my heart to think that God wants to share with us … and it inspires me to grow and learn. So many many thanks Swamiji!!🙏🏼🕊💗

Swamiji answered the question with great example!!
All the stories Swamiji share with us makes us understand all the complex topics in such an easy way!!

Our intellect can not comprehend the purpose of our life unless we get such kind of precious knowledge !!
Thank you so much Swamiji

Thanks Swamiji for your explanation. You simplify so much for us to understand through your teachings. Radhey Radhey 🙏🏻

We have been given an opportunity to work towards the highest level of perfection – the bliss of loving service to God. When we have arrived this far for career success, wealth and so on, why not strive for the only thing worth striving for?

If we could only develop faith in this grand scheme of God's creation – that would be the first grace. Will try! What other logical explanation could there be…? Thanks so much for sharing the thought provoking story of an orphan child.

Swamiji's astounding response to a curious student's question.
Worth listening repeatedly to Swamiji's response. Radhey Radhey.

Swamiji beautifully answers the question regarding the purpose of our existence, which is to elevate ourselves in each life until we attain true knowledge and the divine love of God. Thank you, Swamiji!

Perfection to spiritual journey is not one life time process. Therefore, we should not discouraged if we are not reaching to the point of highest acceptibility. Thanks for the knowledge!

The answer given is only for satisfying the ego. In reality there is no cause and effect. Everything is seemingly appearing and disappearing on the screen of consciousness, just like the snake in the rope or the water in the mirage. Aum shanti

What is the guarantee that this is true ? The explanation is not pointing to the eternal query..

She asks whether it is pointless or is there any purpose. Answer should have been given clearly. However, guruji only explains how it all could have been done with an analogy. But not on how it is as per his Saadhana and truth.

People wanted that..

Let me offer my answers as per my following with Indian Rihis and saadhana.

Answer : yes, life per se is pointless.

Why one should be born , travel and reach god again and come back ?
Answer : It is of no particular purpose.

Then why all these are happening ?
And : No one knows. But it is Mischievous. It is a play. It is also called LEELA. LEELA (Play) will have no purpose. Play will have only one purpose and that is FUN. This creation is also having no purpose, at large.

This mischievous , non committal phenomenon is wonderfully explained by Indian RISHIs by creating god Krishna character..

Krishna by character from infant to adult is extremely mischievous . He was shown as a thief of BUTTER to start with and a non committal lover , yet loved by one and all.

He was neither committed for PANDAVA, nor for KOURAVA before Kurukshetra war started.

If you observe Krishna character, it fully describes how this universe is being played by the divine.

I wish all of you meditate, meditate, pranayama, Bhajan, participate in Satsangh, Being with Guru. This is an amazing life friends..!!!!

In this video Swamiji gives an answer to a question that many seekers of truth begin with. How he relates the story of the adopted son of a billionaire to move us toward the truth is fascinating.

Ye to english hi jhadta rhta h gyan vyan kuch ni h. Isse accha to jagatguru kripauji ka pravachan accha lgta h. Oye mukundananad ji bolte hi rahoge ya sadhana bhi karoge

Beautiful answer by Swamiji.Main purpose in our life is self realization and God realization. After that automatically we get Divine love.

Human birth is most precious and is the only one to get knowledge. God created human to attain him by seeking and seeking.
Thanks swamiji

Swamiji when I first seen you near kusuma pond near in front gate at that time I thought ur like some one others like sarathi sura some fraud but when I watched ur all episode I have no word to describe how I felt for u so amaging sant u have for me

It is hard to believe that God actually wants to share everything He owns with us. So encouraging. Never heard of this possibility before. Gives a strong reason to work towards Seeking God as the first priority for anyone feeling lost in this world.

The ultimate goal of human life is to attain the divine love and true happiness which we only can get from God..

The main purpose of human life is to attain Dvine bliss….
Swamiji gave wonderful analogy for the soul and Super soul as the Billionaire father and adopted son…..
Radhey Radhey

I believe that A.R.T, music, writing and comedy r my passions and r spiritual gifts thank u God ❤️

Swami, I have a question, Why do we need to attain "Moksha" as an ultimate and whats the benefit of attaining soon and why this kind of challenge? (i.e logic behind)

The true purpose of human existence is to share the love of God with HIm and to enjoy his infinite creation keeping Him in mind always!

Do all the answers to this question that what's the purpose of life given by all different gurus match with each other's answer

Beautifully explained about the purpose of human existence with an exemplary story of billionaire father n his son..


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