Meet the Puritans and Puritan Theology – Interview with Dr Joel Beeke

Meet the Puritans and Puritan Theology – Interview with Dr Joel Beeke

You’ve done a couple of books on, big books on the Puritans. You’ve done a lot of
books on the Puritans, but these two in particular
are worth mentioning. So I’d love to hear you describe
what these books are doing. – Yes, well this book,
“Meet the Puritans,” that gives you the life story,
not of all the Puritans, but of all the Puritans
who have been reprinted– – And how many is that?
– in the last 50 years. – 150 of them.
– 150. – And there’s 700 titles
that have been reprinted in the last 50 years. And then we give a little
summary of each one, usually about that long,
sometimes a whole page, sometimes a few lines, of
what each book entails. And the publisher, and
the date, and so on. So it’s a bibliographical
tool, to help you be guided in your purchase of Puritans. But you should also read it. Their life stories are very, very moving. You should read it together
with your daily devotions. One story a day is what we recommend. So it’d take you about half
a year to read the book. This book is the biblical
teaching, a Puritan theology, and it’s subtitled “Doctrine
for Life” because always, in Puritan thinking, theology
is for your daily life. And so it looks at the regular,
traditional, six-fold order. The doctrine of God, of man,
Christ, salvation, the church, and the last things. And it picks out 50 areas
where the Puritans stood on the shoulders of the
Reformers and enlarged on their teaching and have something really substantive to say. So it’s not a total, systematic theology. But it picks up the cream. And then the last eight
chapters, we talked about how the Puritans took all these
doctrines and apply it to their home life. One chapter to their
prayers, one chapter to their meditation, to their conscience,
to other practical things, to show how they connected
doctrine and daily life. – How wonderful. And they go together as a bit of a set. – Yes, yes.
– They can. – That’s why the covers are
sorta like matching covers. And we recommend that
people buy both volumes. If you wanna get into
reading the Puritans, which I hope you do, that’s
a good place to start. Read these two books, get
also the Puritan documentary that we have coming out in a few weeks. That’s a two-hour movie on the Puritans, which has together with it
a basic 150-page intro book on the Puritans by
Michael Reeves and myself, 35 additional lessons on
different aspects of the Puritans that are 17 minutes long
each, and then a workbook, a 200-page workbook on those 35 lessons. That whole package will be
available for $125 in U.S. funds, and that will really introduce
you well to the Puritans, together with these two books.

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