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Hey, guys. It’s Bex here. Welcome to 2014
and my brand-new videos for my series “You Have Four Minutes for Meditation.” Today we’re
doing a New Year’s meditation, but if you happen to be watching this on a day that is
not New Year’s Day, that’s okay because every day is yours to start brand new.
First I want to give you a few instructions on how to set up for meditation. I want you
to find a quiet spot. It doesn’t have to be a silent spot. Just get somewhere peaceful
and quiet where you won’t be distracted or interrupted.
Then find a comfortable place to sit. This can be on your couch, on a chair, or on the
floor on a pillow like me. Find your easy seat. This can be with one foot in front of
the other, one foot in half lotus, or in full lotus — whatever is comfortable for you.
Meditation is supposed to be easy, so I don’t want you to struggle with your physical posture.
Now that you’ve found your comfortable seat, I want you to begin by closing your eyes.
This will allow you to remove the distractions out of your line of sight. Then gently place
your hands downturned on your knees or upturned to receive the energy around you.
I want you sitting nice and tall, so with your next inhale, go ahead and breathe your
shoulders up to your ears…exhale your shoulder blades down your spine. Hummmm…
One more time. Inhale up to your ears…exhale down your spine. This will place your shoulder
over your hips. Your chin should be parallel to the floor. And we are ready to meditate.
New Year’s is a time for renewal, a time for rebirth. Let us first imagine a white light
that will bathe all of the events, struggles, heartaches, and even victories away. Imagine
that white light entering the top of your head and filling your entire body with goodness
as it passes through your face. It fills your head, your torso, past your heart, your belly,
your hips, down past your legs and into the floor.
This beautiful white light is filling you with peace and calm, cleansing you of any
worry, regret, frustration, disappointmentl and again, even happiness and victory attached
to memories of the previous year. Today is our day to start brand new.
Continue to pay attention to your breath. You may hear noise coming in from your environment.
That’s okay. Allow them to float into your mind, and then gently push them out like you
were batting away a floating balloon. Use the same method to deal with thoughts
that may arise. They float in, and then you bat them away.
At this point, I’d love to give you a New Year’s mantra, an offering, a gift from me
to you that I want you to repeat, either out loud or in your head, as you inhale and exhale:
“Whatever I’ve done, wherever I’ve been, today is my day to start brand new…”
“Whatever I’ve done, wherever I’ve been, today is my day to start brand new..”
“Whatever I’ve done, wherever I’ve been, whatever has been done to me, today is my day to start
brand new…” Continue to repeat that mantra, aloud or silently.
Allow it to fill your heart. Allow your breath to follow the words.
You can stay here in meditation, or with your next inhale, you may open your eyes…
And that’s it. There’s your New Year’s meditation. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please
leave a comment before. Check back every single week for brand-new meditations from me. Or
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will give you a whole list of beautiful mantras that you can meditate on.
Thank you so much for watching. I love you, guys. I’ll see you again soon!
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I was skeptic at first but then I tried it. I can say, i feel really different , more happy. I guess meditation works. thank you so much!!!!

Great video!! Everyone should take the time to meditate! Bex, what`s the name of the song that plays all the way at the end of your video?

Definitely trying this tonight. Currently going through IVF (in vitro fertilization) and the stress and anxiety about this process is literally driving me insane. Need to clear my mind so hopefully this meditation works. Thanks will be subscribing to you!!!

I had never done this before. I thought it was going to be difficult because I have trouble concentrating my mind is always going hay wired. Wowwww amazing i5 was clear of all thoughts and noises. Thanks. Hope to see more.

I know nothing about meditation but i hear quite often tha it helps. This is my first ever meditation video. Thanks i am gonna try now.

Holy usually I have so much going through my head when I'm trying to meditate or something but with you I was able to pay full attention! Thank you!

first time I've mediated. I felt so peaceful and calm! I've made it my resolution to meditate and find peace within myslef. I'll be back. πŸ™‚

Our 6th grade class just did this meditation! Thank you! We liked the affirmation at the end! We are wondering if you have any guided meditations with affirmations that also include background music?

This is my first time ever meditating. Been trying to find a solution to cope with the anxiety I've been dealing with recently. I'm glad I found you. It wasn't easy to stay focused but I'm glad it did made me feel better. I kept repeating the mantra and I was overwhelmed with emotions. Am I supposed to feel that way? I'm glad I found you.

why some people explane for meditation to inheal tho the nose and exhale to the mounth and other inhale tho the nose and exhale tho the nose ? what is the right way to breath in and outh ?

This really helped with my stress and self doubt. I had suicidal thoughts because of anxiety and I looked up how to get rid of anxiety and came along this video. I am now meditating for 1 hour everyday and feel great. Thank you so much❀️

Literally just did this today, I've never meditated before but I feel soooooo much better! It's amazing I can't believe I have never tried this before πŸ™‚ Xxx


i was tearing up, im not sure its like.. every memories came one by one and.. gone for a while.. im not sure is this right or not

thank you for the meditation because I was thinking at the same time and I have been a bad person to my mom and dad so thank you so much

I'm watching this in 2017, need to learn new things in my life, i feel alone, bored of life, i need a purpose. I'm tired of everyday being the same, I just needed to say this:) I NEED a new meaning for living

How pleasant this was. It's not the new year for me, but I am start a new journey in my life so the mantra was very encouraging for me. Thank you for this video!

I'm glad that i found your video. My first time ever meditation. I've been through a lot these past months. This help me to see the brighter future. Oh I cried on the mantra moment. Thank you for creating this channel!

I've never felt so calm before, even when falling asleep cause even then my mind will be running wild with thoughts😊

Loved the video but would have had love a little more silence between the mantra just to have it fully sync in..will be watching. Thanks gkr sharing

I just used this vid and it help with my fear of the benchmark I’m taking tomorrow thanks so much for the help and I’m going to try it out soon

~but this gave me a bit of a backache and it was hard to keep the phrase in my memory.
-But overall good video tutorial!
~even though I couldn't see half of it

It was my first time meditating.I usually have a hard time relaxing but I was able to relax I'll try it again. Thank you

i feel so relaxed I don't know if I did it right , I just concentrated on your voice , I opened my eyes and felt like I had been asleep , even though it was a few minutes , thank you :o)


(Ignore this, this is just a fast shortcut to the part I like to listen to when meditatingπŸ’—)

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